Sxy house maid and the Dons episode 21 – finale

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🎩The Dons🎩

Episode 21

✍written by. Madu Shadrach

★Don 2’s House★

Tricia was shown as she packed up her things to the door.

And then knocked about two times at the door before the door was opened.

“Trust me I am very very sorry okay, I came back very early”

“Am sure that I came back just right after you guys”

“Just that my colleague needed my help that is why I have not been here since” Tricia started explaining immediately Don 2 opened the door.

“Come on it is alright, I don’t even need all this explanation that you are doing here”

“So am very very okay with the time you come back, so…”

“Stop stressing yourself explaining anything to me okay?”

“So… you can bring in your belongings… or maybe I should assist you” Don 2 said to Tricia as he helped her and carried the bag.

“Oh thank you so much sweetheart, but please give me some few minutes I will be back” Tricia said as she turns to walk away.

“Wait a minute, where are you going again, did you forget anything” Don 2 asked.

“No I did not actually forget anything, I just told you that my colleague”

“Which is no other person than Bianca asked me to help her out”

“There is something she wants me to do for her, don’t worry”

“Just give me a few minutes I will be back” Tricia said as she still tries to walk away.

“Hold it there, come in first, don’t worry you will go and see her”

“Just come in here for a few minutes” Don 2 said to Bianca.

“But I just said to you that my friend is in need of my help so what are you saying?”

“Just let me go and see her I will be back in a seconds” Tricia responded to Don2.

“I know that you really need to help her but don’t worry, I won’t waste your time”

“How can you get here and you will not even enter inside and you will go away again?” Don 2 asked.

“But it all still the same, when am back I will still enter” Tricia said to Don 2.

“No no no, I just want you to do so now, come on, come in”

“I won’t waste your time I promise you that okay?” Don 2 said and then Tricia agreed.

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“Okay, there is no problem, let’s go in then, since you keeps insisting”

★Don 4’s House★

Sophia was seeing at the kitchen as she was laying helplessly.

And she was sleeping, even herself doesn’t even know when she slept off.

And Cara was at the corner, and it looks like she dished out her own food and head straight to the dining.

And seriously left Sophia sleeping in an ordinary floor of kitchen.

So when Cara get to the parlor she brings out some soft drinks from the freezer.

And then arranged it well in the pan which Sophia was used to arrange her food before.

And she arranged it very well and then carried it and heads straight to the dining.

When she get to the dining Axel was busy eating the food that was served to her by Cara.

Although it wasn’t really intentional, because he was threatened by Cara.

That if he doesn’t eat the food she will expose his secret to his wife.

And that this what she has been using to control both of them.

And Sophia and Axel is never aware of that, and maybe they could have manage to confess to each other and regain their peace again.

“I hope that you are enjoying the meal?” Cara asked.

“Cara you promised that you will call Sophia to join me?”

“So where is she now?” Nixon asked.

“Sorry but she is sleeping and I think that I don’t need to bother her” Cara said and Nixon did not interrupt.

Because he knows that she doesn’t want to call her at all
So he didn’t even bother to disturb her because he also needs peace this mind.

★Bianca And Tricia★

Although after everything, Bianca came back to Megan and they discussed how to get rid of Cara.

And it was finally agreed that Bianca will also be compensated with a very huge amount of money so that she would find her way out of the house since none of the Dons are interested in her.

Tricia too was also promised a huge amount of money also

But she refused because she choose to be with Don 2 forever.

So after that night, according as planned, this is going to be an easy job for them.

A one day work of course, Sophia and Megan left the house and told their husband that they want to travel.

And that was how Bianca and Tricia went to meet Cara at house 4.

And luckily they met her trying to seduce Sophia’s husband.

“Wow wow wow, good!” Tricia shouted when she saw them and so as Bianca who was at her side nods.

And then Axel run upstairs immediately as he was just so ashamed.

“So… you can’t knock before entering peoples house?” Cara yelled at them.

And then Tricia and Bianca stared at themselves “Alright sorry” they said as they tries to walk away.

But was suddenly hold back by Cara “Wait guys, please”

“Whatever you see today, I don’t want it to go viral” Cara said to them.

“What has we seen? you didn’t do anything wrong”

“Sophia deserved what you are doing, she is too heartless” Bianca and Tricia started saying bad about Sophia.

And without suspecting anything Cara thought that they are rightfully behind her.

And they become her greatest friend that minute as they started tricking her to leak the secret she was not supposed to leak.

“But Cara you are really that brave that you are trying to have sex with the Don here?”

“You are not even afraid of what if you get caught by Sophia?” Tricia said.

“Come on, even if I get caught, nothing will happen”

“I got her and Axel trapped, so they are under me now” Cara bodily replied to them.

“Like seriously? you got her trapped? how do you mean?” Bianca asked?

“I caught her having sex with Megan, can you imagine that?”

“With her fellow woman?” Cara said.

“I can’t imagine that but we have also caught them but not them”

“I mean the other wives that have been sent away, we have caught them doing the same”

“But how were you able to use it against them?” Bianca asked.

“You mean you have caught many of them? and you didn’t do anything?”

“You are dull I must say, it doesn’t require a special skill”

“All I did was to record her with this my phone” Cara responded to them as she shows them her phone

“Wow that is so smart of you, I think that is what we need to do too”

“But what if she sneak in to steal your phone or have you made some other copies?” Tricia asked.

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“No I have made no other copies but I can’t let her made away with my phone”

“I always knows what am doing okay?” Cara responded to them.

“Really?” They asked with smiles as they know that they have gotten the full details which they needed.

And Cara was still busy discussing with them while they were nodding their heads.

And in few minutes time she left Bianca and Tricia at the parlor but when returning back.

She didn’t see them, she searched for her phone but she couldn’t find it.

And then she realized that they were sent by Sophia to spy on her.

And she also realized that there are people smarter then her.

She was there looking for her phone seriously when Sophia drives into the compound.

The same thing with Megan they came back at the same time which means that Tricia and Bianca must have contacted them.

When Sophia entered her house Axel requested to know why she came back.

“Sophia you are back? why so soon?” Axel asked when he stepped out from inside.

“I have come to take Cara back to her mother, her mum has been disturbing me about her” Sophia said.

While Cara was busy saying that she doesn’t want to go but Sophia dragged her out.

And forced her into the car and she did not even drive her to her home.

She dumped her at the main road and when she returned back to home she saw her husband Axel kneeling after her.

He confessed to her about what he has done with Tricia.

And Sophia was so angry that he didn’t speak up on time.

He knows that he is going to confess and yet he allowed Cara to mess up their family.

But anyways she knows that she has many things which she needs to confess too.

But she knows that if she does so Don will never forgive her.

He may end up sending her out of the house so she just accepted him like that and promised that she has forgiven him.

And they started living their sweet life again with the hidden secret.

Sophia couldn’t hold any grudge against Tricia because she also makes it possible to restore her home back.

Tricia later married Don 2 and Bianca was finally given some money which she used to go and start up life.

Megan and her husband continue living peacefully with the hidden secret among themselves.

….The End….

Hi guys that is the end of part 1. note that this is not a season novel, it is just part.

part two is coming earlier next year where Bianca teamed up with Cara and returned back heavily.

Part 2 is tougher because many secrets is going to be revealed.

Homes will be broken and unexpected will happen

•One Thing You Didn’t Find Out In This Story?•

Are you aware that Tricia and Sophia are far more smarter than Cara and that is why they have lived that long in that house but has done more abominable things that your hated Cara.


•Don’t disclose your secret to anyone, keep it to yourself.

•Know the kind of people that will come to make friend with you, hope you see that friendship ended the reign of Cara?

•In the future or present, please be sure that you know the kind of person you want to spend the rest of your life with, be sure of what he/she can do.