Sxy house maid and the Dons episode 4

💜Sxy House Maids💜


🎩The Dons🎩

Episode 4

✍written by. Madu Shadrach

So Bianca’s first thought was to run into Don 4’s house to find out what Tricia is really doing in there.

So she quickly ran forward to Don 4’s house but immediately she get closed to the house.

Her mind stopped her from moving forward anymore.

She realized that her boss may get upset with her if she didn’t go and derivers the files to her.

After all it is not a big deal, it us just to ran in and handover the files to her and return back immediately.

“I think I should return it to her then I will need to come back here quick”

“I know that they will still be busy with whatever they are doing till I will be back”

“So in that case I should deliver my message first in other to secure my job” Bianca concluded in her mind.

And then ran forward to Don 1’s house in other to deliver Megan’s message to her.

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Meanwhile Cara was still busy watching some Tv show with a plate of pop corn in her hand.

She was eating it while she was watching the series.

And then Tricia was added in a view as she stares down from the upstairs.

In other to check the position of Cara first before trying to escape.

And as she can see now, Cara is so concentrated on the movie.

So what she has to do now is just to run down stairs.

“So… the way to do it now, I will ran down stairs with my empty foot”

“I won’t be wearing anything so that my footstep will not be heard”

“So when I get down I will follow her back and then I will follow the back of the house”

“And from there I will make use of the back door and run away”

“Wow that’s a perfect way to get out of this place” She said in her mind.

As she then slowly and gently removes anything that she wore that will be making noise.

Most especially her footwear, so she removed it and started walking down slowly.

And just as soon as she get down from the stairs Cara changed her direction to a different one.

And Tricia couldn’t move anymore, because she is being hooked.

With the new posture of Cara, she can’t be able to escape again.

Because if she tries so, she will get caught by Cara immediately.

So she stood still at her back figuring a way she can use to escape.

But she discovered that it would be very hard for her to escape without Cara noticing.

“I just think I should just wear my slippers back and then make her to see me”

“And then I will pretend like nothing happened”

“Maybe I will act like I arrived in from the back of the house”

“So maybe like that she would believe that nothing happened”

“But how stupid will she be to believe that nothing happened”

“Oh… this may really go even beyond my expectation” Tricia was still arguing with her mind.

But Cara changed her position of sitting once again.

And just as she shakes her body to change her posture.

Tricia almost fainted, thinking that she is about to look at her back.

But she didn’t she only changed her direction and seat back the way she sat before.

And then Tricia placed her hand on top of her chest as she calms her self down.

Although since Cara has changed her direction by herself.

There is nothing to worry about “Oh thank God, she just settled this by herself” Tricia said in her mind.

As she then followed the back door and ran out of the house.

But while Cara was watching movie she heard a noise from the back door.

She then stand up and stares at her back, she wondered who it could be.

“What could that sound be? or isn’t that sound from this house?”

“Maybe it is the owner of the house” Cara said as she relaxed and continue watching her film.

But something still whispered to her in her spiritual ear telling her to go and check.

“No… I don’t think that it is Sophia’s husband that made that noise”

“Sophia’s husband is supposed to be upstairs not down stairs”

“And I heard this sound just right here at the back of this house”

“I think I should go and check what really happened”

“Maybe something else caused it” Cara concluded as she stand up from her sit.

And then followed the way that the sound was made.

And when she got to that place she saw the back door opened down.

Wasn’t even closed not to talk of locking it, so she silently reached closer to the door.

And when she get to the door she opened it wider and stepped out of the house.

And then stares at the back of the house to see if there is any reason why the door should be opened.

But she saw nothing She didn’t see anyone inside the backyard.

“What then made the door to be opened? someone opened here?”

“Okay someone followed here to outside so that… no…. I think”

“That the door wasn’t locked before and then the breeze of the air shifted it”

“But the door is too heavy for the present breeze to shift it”

“The kind of breeze that can shift this has to be a mighty wind”

“And I didn’t in any way noticed that there was a breeze blowing up”

“Not to talk about a mighty wind… well… all I can say is that”

“I don’t really know what transpired to this door but maybe”

“I will find out later” Cara concluded as she then closed the door by herself and locked it up.


Meanwhile Bianca was shown as she ran forward to Don 4’s house.

She didn’t bother to knock because she was hopping.

To catch Axel and Tricia red handed on top if the bed.

So she believed that knocking on the door is just notifying them that she is here.

And they will arrange up before opening the door for her.

So for that not to happen, she had to open the door by herself and sneak into the house to find out.

So she slowly opened the door of the house the way it wouldn’t make noise.

And then entered and left the door like that without locking it up.

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Meanwhile Tricia is already inside her personal room, she locked up her door.

And then keep her uniform which she was carrying in her hand.

She kept it on top of the bed and then entered the bathroom to shower up.

So that she can arrange herself back on uniform.


Meanwhile Just as Bianca was taking few steps forward to climb the stares.

She saw Cara walking out from the passage that leads to the back of the house.

Her mind beat heavily as age stares at Cara in fear.

Bianca stares at her because she has never seen such face before in this compound.

And so as Cara stares at her too because to her she has finally caught the person that has been sneaking around the house.

So when she came forward she stand at the front of Bianca and keeps staring at her.

They stared at themselves for some seconds and then Bianca decided to ask.

“Please who are you and what are you doing inside here” Bianca asked with some respect added to it.

And she asked with respect because she thought that it may be someone.

That Don 4 is utilizing to cheat on his wife with or simply a side chick to Don 4.

But she was more shocked with the way Cara replied to her.

“Like seriously who am I? you can’t be serious? you have the guts,”

“To be sneaking around the house and you are still asking me who am I?” Cara replied.

“I don’t understand what you are trying to say…?” Bianca replied.

“How would you understand what am saying when I have caught you red handed”

“What were you planning to steal?” Cara asked Bianca.

“Steal!?” Bianca reacted in surprising way, because she don’t understand why the case is leading to that place.

“Yes steal…! you followed back to run outside some minutes ago”

“Then I went there to check who it is and you followed front to return”

“That means that you were trying to trick me right?” Cara said and then Bianca’s mind reminded her that it must be Tricia.

“Oh that must be Tricia trying to run away after sleeping with Don”

“I know that must be her” Bianca was still saying in her mind when Cara interrupted again.

“Why are you keeping quiet!?” Cara said to Bianca.

“Well am so sorry but I don’t know what you are talking about”

“I just came into this house just now so I don’t know what you are talking about” Bianca replied.

“Okay that wasn’t you so why are you here now?”

“What do you came here to do?” Cara asked.

“Well, before I answer that question, can I please know who you are”

“And why are you inside this house also, who are you?” Bianca requested.

“Well, am the new maid here, I think I was brought here by Sophia some minutes ago”

“So that is who I am… and now you should tell me who are you”

“And what are you doing inside here, failure to tell me”

“And if you tell me what doesn’t make sense, that simply means that you are a thief”

“And there is no how you can deny it, I hope that you are aware of that” Cara said to Bianca.

And then Bianca breathes in and out before starting to explain herself.

“Well, look at me well, you can see that am putting on a uniform”

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“And the uniform am putting on is the uniform of the maids of this compound”

“So we are free to enter anywhere in this house and clean it up”

“And arrange it also, we are the one taking care of the house”

“So there is one thing I will apologize to you about”

“I was supposed to knock at the door before entering”

“But I didn’t knock, so am so sorry about that, and for the back door that you are talking about”

“Am sorry but I know nothing about it, am just coming into this place just now” Bianca explained herself to Cara.

“Wait a minute, wait a minute, did I hear you that you are the maid of this house?” Cara asked and Bianca nodded.

“Wow wonderful! so wonderful, now I can understand why I was warned”

“By Sophia not to allow any of you to enter into this house”

“So you guys are dangerous like this? I was told to make friends with you guys”

“But not to play too much with you guys, but as I can see now”

“Hmm I don’t even want to make friend with any of you, most especially you”

“You must tell what you came here to steal, you must confess”

“Or you wouldn’t like what will happen to you, don’t dare me again with lies”

“You mean you didn’t follow back and yet I saw the way you were sneaking in to run upstairs”

“If you weren’t the one that followed the back why did you enter this house”

“Without knocking and was moving in a way that your footstep will not be heard”

“But thank God I found you, so you need to start talking or…”

“You wouldn’t like what will happen to you next, and note that you can’t run away from it” Cara said to Bianca.

And Bianca started pleading almost in tears as she kneels down.

“Please believe me, I can’t lie to you, am not the one that did that”

“Like I said before I was here to clean up this house” Bianca said while Cara was not ready to believe her words.

….To Be Continued….

Bianca has used her hand to carry what she knows nothing about.

•What is Cara planning to do to Bianca?

•And with the pressure Cara was putting on Bianca, don’t you think that she may let the cat out of the bag