Sxy house maid and the Dons episode 6

💜Sxy House Maids💜


🎩The Dons🎩

Episode 6

✍written by. Madu Shadrack

“So you think that I don’t know that all the sneaking going around are the maids sneaking to go and meet you on top of the bed?” Cara said as Don surprisingly stares at her.

As he steps backward and reached closer to Cara.

“What did I hear you say?” Don asked as Cara smiles as she stand up and stares directly to Don’s face.

“Oh… you think am a fool, I know what’s going on here”

“You came down stairs to come and rescue your girlfriend right?”

“I hope you will give me rest of mind in this house”

“So that I won’t scatter your home you get that..?” Cara said to Don.

And Axel become so weak, he doesn’t know what to say and what to reply to Cara.

He just silently stares at her for some minutes thinking of what to say.

Besides after spending some minutes thinking he finally got what to say.

And how he should put it in a way that he will get the answer he want.

“Ummm… what’s your name?” Axel asked.

“Oh thank you sweetheart for asking that question”

“I believe that you are now back to your right senses”

“You know you lost your sense some minutes ago” Cara said as she smiles.

“Oh… pardon me for the rude words, please don’t be upset”

“But you really gonna get used to that because that is my personality”

“I mean that’s the way I behave, so… don’t be upset about that” Cara said to Don.

“I don’t understand this whole thing, blah blah blah, I don’t understand”

“What I asked you is your name so please can you speak up” Don said to Cara.

“Oh pardon me for missing that, although am about to say that but you interrupted me”

“So please calm down am coming okay, my name is still my name”

“It us not running away that you might say that I won’t get it back”

“So to cut this whole things short, my name is Cara”

“My name is Cara and am very sure that you love the name” Cara said to Don.

“Oh, so Cara.. did she pay for you to be looking out on me? why did she employ you here?” Don asked.

“I don’t get you, did who paid me to be looking out on you and why she employed me?”

“What was that question supposed to mean?, it is not understandable” Cara replied and then Don breathes in and out.

“So… did my wife… did Sophia paid you for this work”

“I mean did she paid you to be looking out on me?” Don cleared Cara.

“Oh now I get what you are trying to say, well she did not pay me”

“No body paid me for that, but I paid myself for it so that I will secure the longer I will leave in this house” Cara said to Don.

“And… so you are trying to blackmail me with that?” Axel said to Cara.

“Did I said so! did I ever said so!? of course I never said so”

“Don’t forget that I said that I won’t try to blackmail you because you are too handsome”

“And I think that I like you, so I will never try to blackmail you” Cara responded to Axel.

“Cara are you aware that you are trying to destroy my relationship?” Axel said to Cara.

“And how is that my business, if your relationship got destroyed that is not my f*cking business”

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“And I don’t think that I will try to destroy your relationship”

“Because your girlfriend Sophia is my sister in case you don’t know my real name”

“I mean in case you don’t know my full name, my full name is Cara Dias” Cara said to Axel.

And Axel came to think of it, the surname was also Sophia’s surname.

Which means that they are related “So… she is your blood” Axel asked Cara.

“Exactly what am about to say, how can I try to destroy her relationship”

“The destroying if her relationship relies in your hand”

“Just allow me do whatever I want in this house, don’t control me”

“And you will see that your relationship is covered, nothing is gonna happen” Cara assures Axel.

But Axel still feels like she is here for a mission so he has to make away to send her out.

“I promise you 1million dollar if you agree to leave my house tomorrow morning” Don said as he puts his hands inside his pocket.

“Oh wow that’s a very huge amount of money, but are you not afraid”

“That a stubborn girl like me may still come back and request for more money?” Cara said to Don.

And without minding what she said, Don still continue persuading her to leave with a promised huge amount of money.

“I promise you 3 million dollars just for you to make up your mind and leave me and Sophia alone” Don said to Cara.

“Oh wow such a very big amount of money, but hear me out”

“Am not going anywhere, you are just too handsome for me to leave”

“Okay…? I like you more than 3million, why not promise Sophia that money”

“So that she can leave your house, I think she will accept that” Cara said to Don as she sat back properly on her chair and continue watching her movie.

While Don was just looking at her, like what kind of human is this.

What type of devil did Sophia brought to her home.

“You see what am saying about girls, just take a look at someone”

“That was brought here to make her life sweeter is now a threat to our relationship”

“Do I blame her? I blame Sophia that brought her here without even knowing what she is capable of doing” Don was saying in his mind as he was staring at Cara.

“Oh… I believe that you are still surprise that I rejected the money?”

“Don’t be, it is not everyone that you can bought with money” Cara said to Don.

Axel doesn’t know what to reply, all he did is to gently run upstairs.

But as he was running upstairs Cara called him “Don! please I have one more thing left to say”

“I think u should say it now before it is too late, so…”

“I have a wish that you must grant for me why am still living with you”

“But actually, I won’t disturb you with that for now”

“So you can go and have your fun now but first thing tomorrow morning”

“Once Sophia leaves the house then you can come and submit your self to me”

“So that I can tell you what I want you to be doing for me okay?” Cara said to Don.

But Don did not mind her, he angrily walks away while Cara was only smiling.


★Don In His Room★

Don was so worried about the presence of Cara in this house.

He believe that Cara is more dangerous than what he has seen right away.

He was so restless as he was talking around his room while he was thinking of what to do.

“I think I should tell Sophia that I never liked the girl she brought here”

“I have to tell her to return her to wherever she gets her from”

“But if am to say that to her, I have to say it when we are alone”

“so that Cara won’t be able to notice that am the one that told her”

“But… even if she did not see me telling her, she would still know that am the one that told her to do so”

“And she might still break my relationship with Sophia, and I really don’t want to loose her”

“Then what should I do now…? okay maybe I should tell her”

“That she will need to be taking Cara along with herself to wherever she is going”

“Yes… I think that should be the best plan, when Cara is at home Sophia will equally be at home”

“Then I will have fee times to carry out my duties, I will have less disturbance”

“Because Cara will always be with Sophia,
so she herself will have no chance”

“To start persuading me for anything, wow this is the best plan for this”

“So… all I have to do now us to calm my mind first”

“Although I need something chilled to calm myself with” Don said as he ran downstairs.

But he followed another side where Cara won’t be able to notice him.

So he followed that side to the kitchen where he opened the freezer and bring out some soft drink.

He was supposed to take a hot drink but he don’t know what will transpire.

If he takes hot drink and after drinking it he may now slept off.

And Cara may take advantage of that so that’s the reason why he took the one that he won’t get drunk with.

So after taking the drink he returned back to his room using the same age used before.

So when he get to his room he sat on his bed as he brings out his phone.

And starts operating it as he was sipping his drink softly.

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★Tricia And Bianca★

Bianca was done rubbing her cream on her body so she then walks straight to the drawer.

When she get to the drawer, before opening it she looks at Tricia but Tricia acted like nothing happened.

“Tricia are you okay?” Bianca asked trying to give her all the signs.

To let her know that she also needs to be satisfied.

“Am okay of course, why do you ask?” Tricia replied hoping that Bianca would told her that she is honey

“Umm… nothing actually, just the way you were sitting but…”

“Just forget about it” Bianca said as she opened the drawer and start selecting the cloth she will wear.

And then Tricia was already understanding the sign that Bianca was giving her.

So she stared at Bianca steadily for some minutes.

She almost stand up to go and meet her but she always get discouraged.

So she just forget about it and still continue pretending like nothing happened.

While Bianca selected one of her best clothes and bring them out as she puts them on top of the bed.

And then locked up the drawer and then faced Tricia while she was pretending to be trying to wear her clothes.

And then Tricia started staring at her brea*t and was totally lost.

Not knowing that Bianca was looking at her as she was staring at her.

“What!?” Bianca said to Tricia and then Tricia got herself back.

“Nothing actually…. um… I was trying to ask you why are you not putting on your uniform?” Tricia said.

“What’s your time? this is 6:00pm already” Bianca replied.

“Oh wow and the day is still looking so bright, well in that case”

“I think I should go and change so that both of us can go for outing together”

“You know that this is our free time, so let’s go and chill outside, I hope that you okay with that?” Tricia asked.

“Yeah am very much okay with that, I feel so bored staying here only me”

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“So let’s go out and chill together” Bianca said as Tricia smiled.

“Okay in that case I should go and change up so that we can start going” Tricia said.

“No, please wait let me dress up so that I can escort you to your room”

“And then we will go from there” Bianca said as Tricia smiled as she licks her lips.

And then Bianca smiled back at her as she blinks her eyes too.

And then both of them started understanding each others feeling immediately.

“Hmmm” Bianca moaned as she puts up her singlet.

And the Tricia steps closer to her as they were smiling at each other.

…To be Continued…

Hmm Cara is something else