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Sxy house maid and the Dons episode 7

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Episode 7

✍written by. Madu Shadrach

“Hmmm” Bianca moaned as she puts up her singlet.

And the Tricia steps closer to her as they were smiling at each other.

And when Tricia got closer to her, and just for her to start romancing Bianca.

Just immediately her hand was torching her body Bianca reacted.


Trying to pretend that she doesn’t know what Tricia is trying to do.

And so as Tricia still pretended like she didn’t want to do anything.

“Oh… nothing… I was just trying to help you out and arrange your pant” Tricia said as she torches Bianca’s pant and arranges it very well.

“So… I think that it is all on set now” Tricia said as she moves backwards.

And then Bianca wears her clothes on her own, so after minutes of wearing it.

“Hey, how do I look Tricia” Bianca asked.

“You look so sweet dear, you look very beautiful, I think that…”

“So many guys will be bowing before you when we get to the club” Tricia said.

“Oh my God am brushing already, thank you so much for that” Bianca replied with smiles.

“Don’t worry you don’t have to thank me, when the guys starts bowing you will”

“But… I think that you are done getting yourself prepared right?” Tricia asked.

“Yeah am done, so… what’s next then!” Bianca responded to Tricia.

“What else…? what else could be next if not you escorting me to my room”

“So that I can dress up and we take our leave direct to the club” Tricia said to Bianca.

“Oh yeah you are right, but wait a minute” Bianca said as she quickly opened her bag.

And searched for something and after some minutes of searching for it.

It appears that she saw it, and then she kindly zipped back her bag.

“Okay I think we can go now, I mean let’s go so that I can escort you to your room”

“But hey you will have to be very fast, I have no time to wait” Bianca said to Tricia.

While Tricia was just nodding because she was bothering to know.

About what Bianca was putting inside her bag, she has to know what it is.

“Okay I have heard what you said Bianca, but what were you searching for some minutes ago?” Tricia asked looking so worried.

“Um….. nothing actually, don’t bother about it, so come on let’s go” Bianca replied as she started walking out of her room.

While Tricia stood so quiet and stares at her while she was walking out.

But she did not stare at her up to four seconds and she joined her.

As both of them steps out of the room and just as they left the room.

Bianca locked the door and then they heads straight to Tricia’s room.

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★Don and Cara★

Don was still at the bed operating his phone, chatting with his friends.

And mostly girls, he was busy operating his phone.

And then a knock sounded in his door but it seems that he us not hearing it.

After some seconds the knock came up again but he did not still hear it.

And then the knock started bouncing on the door repeatedly.

“Who is there!” Axel shouted when he started hearing the knock.

“It is me Cara, I just want to tell you… sorry I have something for you” Cara said to Axel.

“Don’t worry I don’t want anything from you now, am okay with myself”

“So you can take whatever it is back to yourself okay?” Axel responded to Cara.

“Sorry… but I never came here to check if you are okay with yourself or not”

“Neither do I came here to check if you want to accept whatever I have or not”

“I just told you that I came here to tell you something”

“So please I don’t like stressing myself, just please come and unlock the door for me” Cara said to Axel.

“Oh what a mess is this, what a fucking mess have I gotten myself into” Don said in his mind.

And then he kindly get up from his seat and walks to the door and slowly opens it.

And then the first air he breathes in was a sweet saint of meal.

And then he stares well at Cara and saw the luscious meal she was carrying.

And then Cara stares at him silently so as he was staring at her too.

“Umm… please what was this supposed to mean” Axel said to Cara after staring at themselves for some minutes now.

“What was this supposed to mean? you mean you didn’t see me”

“Let’s assumes you didn’t see me but didn’t you saint the food I was carrying?”

“Can’t you see how tasty and how yummy it looks and saints?”

“And you are still asking me what this is supposed to mean?” Cara said to Don.

“Yeah, of course I saw the food and I perceived the aroma of the food”

“And am still asking you what you are doing here with the food?” Axel asked.

“Yeah… I know that you must be very surprised that I brought food for you”

“But listen to me, am very very sorry for the way I spoke to you”

“Am sorry for my manners, am very sorry about that okay?”

“But like I said before that’s my personality, that is the way I behaves”

“Anyways, being rude and all that… catching you red handedly cheating on your wife…” Cara was still saying but Axel interrupted her.

“What did I hear you say?” Don said to Cara.

“What didn’t you hear me say…? well… sorry about that”

“So back to business, because I caught the maids trying to sneak into your room”

“So that you can do what you usually do with them”

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“I caught them doesn’t mean I will stop doing what am supposed to do”

“No… no… that’s not me… I know what my duty is, so I will always do it”

“And don’t be bothered about me trying to disrupt your relationship with Sophia”

“No I won’t, and am not expecting anything from you”

“So please kindly follow me to the dining so that”

“I can serve you your meal okay?” Cara said as she takes the meal and ran down stairs.

While Don was only looking at her somehow, because this act of hers.

Was supposed to be a trick but the way she arranged her words.

And the way she spoke to him can totally show that she meant no harm.

And that was what Axel was troubling with his brain thinking.

“Soo, what am I supposed to do now? should I just forget about that food”

“I should just forget about it and go back to the bed, but…”

“I think am really hungry men…! but that’s not a problem”

“If I am hungry, I should run outside with my car and rocate any nearest hotel and eat”

“But Cara’s food is just too delicious in eyes and the aroma”

“I don’t think that I should leave to go and eat in hotel when I know that”

“I have something more delicious at home, besides”

“I can see that she means no harm, she is just carrying out her duty as the house maid”

“But… it is also sure that the house maids like her”

“I mean people like her can pretend to be anything that they are not, just for then to get what they want”

“But anyway…. I just think that I would have to take on the risk” Axel said as he rand down stairs immediately.

★At The Dining★

The door opened and Axel was shown as he stepped into the dining.

And then the aroma of the meal that Cara prepared have already gone all over the whole Dining room.

And it was sainting so delicious and nice and Cara too have already sat on a chair waiting for him.

So when he reached closed to the dining table he sits properly on a chair.

And without a waste of time Cara dishes out his own meal for him.

While Axel was just staring at the food instead of to take his spoon and start eating.

“What, why are you not eating are you hungry?” Cara said to Don.

But he still didn’t mind her, he continues staring at her instead.

“Oh I got what you are saying, I wonder why you would think”

“That I would try to put something inside your food?” Cara said as she took her spoon and gave a taste of the food.

And then Axel take his own spoon and take one spoon of the food.

And he saw that it was so delicious he take another spoon again.

And just immediately he was taking another spoon.

Cara quickly stand up from her seat and get out of the dining immediately.

And Axel started wondering what will make her to leave.

“And I was about praising her for making such a sweet meal”

“That Sophia can never even think of cooking, but why did she leave”

“Wait… a minute, does it mean that she actually put something inside the food?”

“And she went out to go and settle the poison before it starts germinating?”

“Hmm, I warned myself that this could be dangerous”

“I just think that this is my last day here on earth” Axel said to himself.

And was already breathing heavily and in fear as he was shaking.


★Tricia And Bianca★

They are now in Tricia’s room and it appears that Tricia is still taking her bath.

And it wasn’t up to a minute when she stepped out of the bathroom naked.

She was not wearing anything too just like Bianca did.

And then Bianca stares at her p**sy in a way that she did not even noticed.

“Umm… Tricia why did you spend so much time in the bathroom?”

“You took almost 5 minutes just to take your bath” Bianca said to Tricia.

“I don’t understand what you are trying to say? is 5 minutes too much to use it and bath”

“You are supposed to be saying why did I come out so early”

“You spent up to 30 minutes bathing, so why is mine different?” Tricia said to Bianca.

“But I thought that you have taken your bath before”

“I mean I thought that you have taken your bath some minutes ago?”

“So you going into the bathroom is just to let the water to torch all over your body”

“Just to do a quick shower up and you step out immediately” Bianca replied.

“Well, whether I have shower up before or not, they are all still the same”

“It is all called bath, but anyway that’s not the issue at hand”

“I should dress up quickly so that we can start going” Tricia said.

“Yeah please do our time is counting” Bianca replied.

As she brings out her phone and starts operating it while Tricia was putting on her clothes.

And as she was putting on her clothes she was also stylishly staring at Bianca.

To see if she is staring at her too just like the way she did in her room.

But as she can see it appears that Bianca was not even concerned about her body.

She was just concentrated on her phone, although Bianca was staring at her but in away that Tricia will never notice.

“Hmm, what was that supposed to mean? does it mean that my body is not attractive or what?” Tricia said as she angrily put on her clothes.

And after she was donned on her clothes she picks up her hand bag.

“Can we go now, let’s go” Tricia said unhappily and then Bianca get up from her sit and joined her.

And they walk out of the room.


They were seen walking down from the passage.

“So where are we going to now?” Bianca asked.

“Don’t worry, I got you” Tricia responded as they keep walking down.

And while they were walking behind the parlor, a moaning voice was sounding out of the parlor.

“Tricia did you hear that?” Bianca asked.

“Yes, who could it be then?”

….To Be Continued….

Who could it be then?

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