Sxy house maid and the Dons episode 9

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Episode 9

✍written by. Madu Shadrach

Just to see Megan, Don 1’s wife fingering herself.

And Megan’s eyes flashed so fast on them.

“What the fuck are you guys doing here!” Megan shouted so loud.

“Oooow…. am very very sorry ma” Both of them shouted as they ran out of the bathroom.

“Where are you both running to! come back here, come and tell me what you came here to do!” Megan shouted.

And then both of them halted from running and then they turn back and started walking back slowly.

And they were walking back with so much fear inside their body.

So while they were getting closed, they were also covering their eyes.

“Umm, Ma we are very very sorry…” Tricia was still saying but Megan interrupted with a harsh voice.

“Shut the fuck up!” Megan shouted as she opened the bathroom door widely.

That anyone that can sight from the passage from a far place would see her.

“What gave you guys the audacity to enter my bathroom”

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“How dare you do that?” Megan asked.

“Umm…. it…. I think that…” Tricia was still thinking of what to say but Bianca interrupted sharply.

“We were hearing a strange sound and we thought that it might be something dangerous”

“We thought that it might be something that can be able to take life”

“Ma we are very very sorry ma, we didn’t know that it was you”

“I promise that it won’t happened again ma” Bianca replied as Megan went silent.

And Bianca thought that she has left and she tried to remove her hand from her face.

But then Meagan voiced out and she quickly covered her eyes back.

“So… both of you want to tell me that as big as you are”

“You can’t recognize someone’s sound! you came here because you heard my moan”

“If someone is moaning to call on someone to save his life”

“Won’t you know the difference between it and when someone is actually enjoying herself?” Megan asked.

“Umm… okay… we have no excuse for that, we are just so sorry about that”

“And we promise that it won’t repeat itself again” Tricia responded.

But they did not get any response from Megan and then Bianca concluded that she has left again.

And just for her to remove her hand from her eyes.

She saw Megan standing inside the bathroom while staring at them.

And the she quickly covered her eyes again as Tricia continues pleading.

“We are very sorry, please forgive us, can we go?” Tricia asked.

“How dare you ask me such a stupid question, you don’t remind me if you are to go or not”

“If I am to allow you guys to leave I will do that by myself”

“So.. I don’t want your reminder again, and besides…”

“I am still wondering what makes you guys to be covering your eyes?” Megan asked.

“Sorry ma, we don’t want to offend you the more” Bianca replied.

“When you have already offended me to the highest limit”

“At this time both of you are already at the highest limit of my anger”

“I don’t think that you guys can go beyond this limit, after all…”

“Both of you have seen everything, even saw my finger entering my p***y”

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“So what else should I be hinding from you, absolutely nothing”

“So in that case, both of you should open your eyes” Megan said.

“What…!?” Tricia and Bianca reacted in other to know if Megan is really sure of what she is saying.

“Yes, I said you should open your eyes, yes, I want you to open it”

“You guys have seen everything right? so I want you to open it” Megan said.

And then Tricia opened her eyes as she turns her back at Megan.

And then Bianca opened her own as she slightly turns her back at Megan too.

But she was not fully turning her back at Megan, she was just pretending to be innocent.

Why Tricia was not pretending to be innocent, she was just trying to protect her sexual urge.

She doesn’t want to look at Megan’s naked body because she might get turned on.

And for her to get turned on, it is always very hard for her to control herself.

And so while they were turning their back on Megan.

Megan reacted with smiles “Like seriously! I am just…”

“Wondering who told you guys to turn your back on me, I want to see your front”

“I mean turn and face me” Megan said to them as they gently turns back.

And just as they were turning back Tricia’s eyes met on Megan’s soft body.

So sweet in eyes and also so fresh, she stares at her boobs and then goes down straight to her private part.

“Oh my gosh, such a gorgeous body of her, so fresh and smooth” Tricia said in her mind as she was already getting carried away.

While Bianca was so busy examining the whole body of Megan.

Checking both the size of the right and left b***st.

Checking if they are the same or not so as she was also checking her buttock.

She was staring at her whole body, although Megan’s body was also seducing her.

But she endures it and pretends like nothing happened.

“Oh wow, such a cute face of you guys, well the only reason why…”

“I will free you guys was because you are girls, if you appears to be boy”

“I couldn’t have taken it likely with any of you, you must visit jail”

“And you will kindly be fired immediately, but since it is both of you”

“I won’t react because I love you guys and you guys are doing a wonderful job” Megan said as Bianca and Tricia appreciates her.

“Oh we are so grateful ma, thank you so much for sparing us” Bianca said as Tricia nods while she continues staring at Megan.

“No no don’t be, anything for you guys, you know both of you are my favorite”

“And I really love you guys very much for always doing a great job” Megan said as Tricia and Bianca stares at themselves.

Like seriously? the truth is that all the wife of the Don’s in this building never liked them.

They always humiliate them and would never appreciate them no matter what work they have done.

And it is occurs the worst when they husbands which is the Dons are at home.

They would never want any of the house maids to last one second at their side.

But it is so shocking how Megan changed to good some minutes ago.

Although Bianca was the one giving out the whole surprised.

While Tricia who was quietly fighting with her sex urge could figure out.

That Megan is indirectly requesting for s*x from both of them.

She could have already jumped on top of Megan start making out love with her.

But the truth is that Bianca is there and both of them never wanted to reveal their identity to each other.

So she won’t be able to do that in Bianca’s presence no matter the stage her sex urge have gotten into.

“Oh thank you ma, thank you so much for sparing our life”

“And thank you for loving us also, we really appreciate the mercy” Bianca and Tricia said to Megan.

“No, don’t be, it is okay” Megan said as she then steps into the water.

Although there are something built like a swimming pool inside her bathroom.

And it went deep down but it wasn’t that deep that it can cover her.

The water inside was just quarter of height, wasn’t even up to half.

So when she stepped into the water she sat inside as she pours the water on her head.

“Tricia come on let’s go” Bianca whispered to Tricia as both of then tries to walk away.

“And who told you guys to leave?” Megan said as they stepped backwards.

“Both of you come here, I want you to come closer to this place” Megan said as they walks gently to her.

“I said cone closer, I want you to come close to the door”

“Come to the door” Megan ordered and then they stepped forward again and when they get closed to the door they halted.

“So… where are you guys heading to?” Megan asked.

“Umm… we are heading to…” Tricia was still trying to tell Megan but Bianca interrupted.

“Oh yes we are heading to outside,I mean we just wants to walk around”

“Just a little bit, we just wants to walk around a little bit and we will be back” Bianca said to Megan.

“Oh wow, such a nice dressing, your dressing looks so sweet”

“I think that I love them so much” Megan said with smiles.

“Oh, thank you very much boss” Bianca replied to her.

“Okay in that case, I give you 3hrs more plus your free time”

“So that you guys can use it and have more fun as you like” Megan said with smiles.

“Oh thank you so much boss, you are just so good for us this might”

“Thank you so much we are really grateful” Bianca said.

“Okay you can go now” Megan said as she turns to face the other side”

“And she slightly saw Tricia’s pant, she saw that it was already soaked in c*m”

And then she stares at Tricia and she saw Tricia licking her lips why they were walking away.

“Wait a minute!” Megan ordered as they halted immediately.


★The Compound★

The whole compound was placed in a view as many cars were running inside the house.

Up to 5 cars drove into the compound as the gate locks up immediately.

And these five cars includes the other 4 Dons and Sophia which is Don 4’s wife.

And she was the first to step out of her car and then the other Dons started stepping out of their own car.

“Hey bro we are back for today” Don 5 said as he shakes Don 3.

“Yeah, we are back guys” Don 1 said as he shakes Don 2

While Sophia was at the corner looking at them as they were shaking each other.

“Sophia why are you still looking at us” Don 1 said as Sophia stares at him.

“What do you mean Jackie?” Sophia asked.

“So you are still yet to wise up Sophia” Don 2 said as he brings out his cigarette and lighted it as he started smoking.

“Come on I don’t understand what you guys are saying” Sophia responded.

“So I should remind you again to go and call Axel for us” Don 1 said to her.

“Oh is that what you are saying? you could have made me to understand” Sophia replied.

“Oh I have told you to wise up like my wife stop being so….”

“I mean you are behaving like a d**ck that stands up where there is a possible p***y to fuck!” Don 1 responded to Sophia.

And then all the Dons chuckled while looking at Sophia.

“Fuck you Jackie!” Sophia responded as she started walking to inside house 4 so that she would be able to call her husband for them.

“Jax what’s sup with you and Murphy, I have not seen your wives for two days now”

“What’s wrong, are they still okay?” Don 1 asked, referring to Don 2 and 3.

“Well, I don’t trust her, I feel like she is going to party that am not expecting her to go”

“So in that case I told her to go stay with her mum first because she is cheating on me” Jax which is Don 2 said.

“Yeah, me too, I just came out one day and saw my woman”

“Having a meal with another guy in a party”

“Then I make up my mind to let her visit her parents,I think that’s the proper way to settle the case” Murphy which is Don 3 said.

“Me too, mine happened yesterday, and I did the same thing as well” Sam which is Don five said.

“Oh wow that is so sad for you guys” Don 1 responded.

“What about you Jackie,how much did you trust your wife?” Don 5 asked Don 1.

“Well, I trust Megan so much, she will never cheat on me”

“Besides I should quickly run in to see her before Axel came out”

“I will be back, let me see Megan first” Don 1 said as he quickly run into his house.

….To Be Continued….

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