Tale of the Blind Seer



“Mum, assuming dad listen to me he wouldn’t has be dead.” Anna said. (Her mother looked at her for some minutes and reason within her that what her daughter is saying is true)
“You are right my daughter, I have every reason to believe you.” She said taking her to herself.
Few minutes later, Chidi and his parents came to their house to pay them a condolence visit.
The next day, Mrs Desmond went to her husband village with Anna and informed them of the death of their son, brother, uncle and friend. Anna told them about her dream concerning her dad before he died and some of them then assume that Anna killed her dad so therefore they insisted that she must swear in a shirne as their tradition demands.
“Young girl, we sent for you and your mother because we the elders of this family have decided that you must swear before ibudu shirne to clearifile your innocence.” Elder John said.
“I will not swear in any shirne, I didn’t killed my father and besides it against my religion.” Anna said .
“Young girl, we are not here for jokes, weather you like it or not you must swear.” Elder chukwuemeka said.
“I am a dedicated Christian, I warned my father not to go out that day but he didn’t listen to me, his stubbornness lead him to where he is now.” Anna said.
“Exactly my elders, my daughter is innocent, she can’t hurt a fly…. She is even blind.” Mrs Desmond said .
“Woman, we give you and your daughter three days to decide else we will be force to do the unimaginable.” Elder John said.
Anna and her mum left there and went home
“God, what kind of problem is this?” Her mum said sitting on the plastic chair in front of Mr Desmond father’s house.
“Mother, you have nothing to worry about.” Anna said to her.
“Anna, what are you saying? Your father’s family wants you to swear in a shirne…what if something bad happens to you? I won’t survive it, it won’t.” Her mum said crying.
“Mother please nothing is going to happen to me and I will never go to any shirne not to talk to swearing, besides, don’t you have faith? Don’t you believe in God? Well I do and I believe God will not abandon us.” She said when Mr Desmond’s mother came out of the house.
“That’s how you go about using God’s name to kill people just the way you killed your father my son.” She said.
“Ah mama, Anna is your granddaughter.. you shouldn’t be saying such word to her.” Anna’s mum said.
“Shut up! Your evil daughter killed my only son with her demonic prophecy, she is a witch and she must swear.” She said harshly.
“Mama, my daughter is not a witch and she didn’t killed her father my husband.” Anna’s mum said in tears
“Grandma, it only God that can judge us but I want you to know that I didn’t killed my father, I love my dad so much and that was why I warned him not to go out that very day when I had that dream.” Anna said.
“Liar! You evil child, you must swear.” Her granny said and stubbed out. (Mrs Desmond kept crying uncontrollable).
Three days later, the elders came to Anna’s granny house with their village chief priest, Anna’s mum and her granny came out of the house.
“What is the meaning of this?” Anna’s mum asked.
“And what does it look like?” Anna’s granny asked.
“Woman, where is your daughter?” The chief priest asked.
“You can’t see my daughter.” Anna’s mum said.
“Bother not mother, I am here.” Anna said coming out of the house with the help of her stick.
“Chief priest what do you want?” She asked and everyone was surprised how she knew that they came with chief priest.
“Young girl, since you have refused to swear before ibudu, I have come with this water from ibudu river, you shall drink from it.” The chief priest said.
“I will not drink any water.” Anna said.
“It either you drink it or I pour it on your body and that will be very dangerous because ibudu does not spell any one found guilty.” The chief priest said.
“Well, I guess you should go back to your ibudu and ask him some questions before coming here.” Anna said.
“Heey! How dare you challenge the gods of our land?” Elder John said.
“There is only one God that I know and His name is Jehovah, He shall protect me on my days of trouble so I am not scared of your dead gods.” Anna said. (For the first time her granny was shocked)
“Heey! Abomination!” The chief priest said and turned around, he said some words meanwhile Anna was busy praying in her spirit, the chief priest turned to Anna and poured her the water but to their greatest surprised nothing happened to her because anyone they poured that water will suddenly become white and will began to cake immediately.
“Touch not my anoint and do my prophet no harm. Nobody I repeat nobody can harm me because He that is in me is greater than he that is in the world. Give your lives to Christ before it too late, I am a destiny child and my mission here on earth must be accomplished. Prepare for my father’s burial.” Anna said and went inside, her mum also followed her leaving the elders, chief priest and her granny dumfounded.
A week later, Mr Desmond was buried successfully. After the burial, the elders called Anna and her mum for a meeting.
“Greetings my elders.” Mrs Desmond said almost down on knees.
“Greetings elders.” Anna also greeted even though she can’t see them.
“You are welcome.” Elder chukwuemeka said.
“We called you two here because we have made a decision concerning our late brother, your husband’s proparties.” Elder John said as soon as Anna and her mum settles down.
“Okay, so what are the decisions?” Anna’s mum asked.
“Since Desmond didn’t has a son before he died, we his brothers have shared his proparties among us which means, his business, lands, cars, and his house now belong to us.” Elder John said.
“What? I and my husband suffered for all those things you want to take from us.” Anna’s mum said standing up.
“We don’t want to take them, we have taken them already.” Another elder said..

“No this can’t happen, you elders can’t take everything I and my late husband worked for.” Mrs Desmond said crying.
“Mother, it okay, I knew this gonna happen but don’t worry God is our shield, He will provide for us .” Anna said.
“And please we want you and your daughter to leave this village because we can’t live with a witch in our village.” Elder John said.
“Ah! You elders are wicked, just because I had no son for my late husband that’s why you elders decided to take what belongs to him when he has a daughter that still bears his name…. God will judge you all.” Mrs Desmond said crying bitterly.
“Hi witch mother and daughter.” Elder chukwuemeka said and they laughed.
“A time will come when the rejected stone will become useful, u pray it won’t be too late for this family.” Anna said standing up.
“And what is the meaning of that parable?” The other elder named Obinna asked.
“Use your tough to count your teeths whatever you get is the answer…….. mother let’s go.” Anna said as her mother head her hands.
“Your evil shall kill you.” Elder Obinna said as Anna and her mum kept walking…… The next day, they went back to Onitsha.
As days passes, things became worst for Anna and her mother but Anna never give up, Chidi was always there to assist her, as things get worster, chidi’s mother introduce Anna’s mum into buying and selling. She start buying women wears and sell, she was making little profit from it because Anna wasn’t going to school so it was easy for her, it was only house rent she pays.
On Saturday afternoon, Anna and Chidi were singing together when Anna got a message from the spirit of God that chidi’s mother was planning to travel to the village and was told to tell her not to go because something bad will happen to her. Anna immediately opened her eyes and looked at Chidi in the eyes.
“Chidi, your mother is planning to travel to the village tomorrow right?” She asked and Chidi was surprised due he knew Anna does not speak of herself.
“Yes but how did you know? Oh sorry I forgot you are a seer.” Chidi said.
“You will have to tell your mum not to travel because something terrible might happen to her.” Anna said.
“I believe you Anna.” Chidi said when Anna’s mum and his mum came in.
“Mum welcome, aunty welcome.” Chidi said.
“Chidi, how are you doing?” Mrs Desmond asked.
“Mum/aunty, welcome.” Anna said though she can’t see them but can hear them
“How are you two doing?” Chidi’s mum asked as Anna’s mum went to hugged her daughter.
“How is my angel doing?” She asked.
“Am fine mum, how is business today?” She asked.
“Fine dear, hope you two have eaten?” Mrs Desmond asked.
“Yes aunty.” Chidi replied.
“Alright, we will be inside.” Mrs Desmond said and they were about going inside when Anna’s voice stopped them.
“Aunty, I had a revelation concerning your plans of traveling to the village.” Anna said while her mum and chidi’s mum turned to them.
“How did you know I am making plans to travel to the village and what’s the revelation?” Chidi’s mum asked.
“God knows everything, please you can’t travel now,, let whatever you are going to the village to do wait to r now because if you go something terrible might happen to you.” Anna said.
“Hmm, I believe my dear because my husband told me that he had a dream that I had an accident on my way to the village and I died at the spot.” Chidi’s mum said.
“God forbid, you will not die.” Mrs Desmond said.
“Amen, I will not travel again, I will wait till the proper time.” Chidi’s mum said.
“Mum, thanks for believing Anna, nobody believes her prophecy.” Chidi said.
“And those that take it for granted always end up facing the consiquence.” Chidi’s mum said.
“We will be inside okay?” Mrs Desmond said and Anna and Chidi nod their heads in  response while they left.

Anna and Chidi were returning back from Bible study, though she don’t see but she still attend service.
Glory walked pass them, Glory was a young lady of her early 28, she go about sleeping with men both single and married for money because since she graduated, she hasn’t get any job. She lives in about 2000kms away from where Anna lives.
“Aunty good evening.” Chidi greeted her but she didn’t replied.
Anna suddenly stopped walking and turned.
“Glory Micheal.” Anna called her and she stopped immediately.
“Young girl, how did you know my name?” She asked.
“God knows you even before you were born.” Anna said.
“Are you the blind seer that I heard of?” Glory asked.
“Yes she’s.” Chidi replied her.
“So what do you want? I mean, why did you stopped me?” She asked.
“Tomorrow morning by 10:00am, you have an appointment with chief Benson a very wealthy and successful business man right?” Anna asked. (Glory was too shocked to say anything, she just kept starring at her like a ghost”)
“Yes….yes.” she manage to say after 5 minutes of starred.
“He will request to have carnal knowledge with you and without protection, do not accept… due he will give you big money but do not accept anything from him and don’t sleep with him I repeat don’t sleep with him.” Anna said.
“And what is the meaning of this? So you actually stopped me here to say this nonsense? No wonder people are calling you a witch.” Glory said.
“Aunty, you better listen to her oh.” Chidi said.
“Will you shut up your mouth! Who asked you to talk? Woman wrapper.” Glory said and turned to Anna.
“And you! If they sent you to me this evening, tell them that you didn’t see me and never in your life again should you stopped me and say this rubbish, idiot!” Glory said.
“Do not do what you will regret tomorrow, a word is enough for the wise Glory Micheal.. Becareful for what awaits you is bigger that you… becareful!” Anna said and turned to Chidi.
“Let’s go.” She said.
“You are mad! It’s you and your family that will regret not me fool!” Glory said walking away.
“Aunty if I were you I will just listen to the voice of God.” Chidi said as they also start walking away.
The next day, Glory got dressed and went to meet chief Benson at the hotel.
“Chief chief.” She said smiling as she walked fully into the hotel room.
“My baby, come and sit beside me.” Chief Benson said smiling and tapping the bed.
Glory went to sit beside him, some minutes later, they were already k-ssing….chief Benson’s hands were working on her br-asts, he lower his hand to her jeans and unzipped it, he put his finger inside and start finger f-cking her.
She kept mo-ning and giving him more access, in less than 10 minutes, they were completely unclad…chief Benson wanted to entered her raw but she stopped him.
“Chief, let’s use c-ndom.” She said.
“Come on my baby, I like it raw.” He said.
“Erm … I know you like it raw but what if I got pregnant?” She asked.
“You won’t get pregnant but if you are, you will keep the baby.” Chief Benson said.
“Are you serious?” She asked smiling inside her mouth.
“Yes, okay let’s do it this way, I will add N200,000 to the N500,000 I promised you.” He said and Glory kept quiet for some seconds.
“But cheif why not make it 1 million?” She asked.
“Alright I wi give you 1 million.” He said and Glory smiled and hugged him happily.
(If she had knowed)
Chief Benson succeeded in sleeping with her without protection, he came inside her….
He transfer the money into her account after the s€× Glory went home.
A week later, started vomiting, at Frist she thought she was pregnant so she happily called chief Benson but to her disappointment, chief Benson’s number was not going.
She went to the hospital for a test and the doctor told her that she had maleria, she was given a drugs which she took twice a day for two weeks yet nothing happened.
Her sickness became worst that started having raches all over her and her menstruation didn’t come, she became slim and ugly.
One Monday, Anna woke up and decided to follow her mum to where she sells clothes because school has resumed and Chidi had went to school.
“Mother, today I am going with you to the shop.” Anna said when her mother was feeling with breakfast.
“Yes honey because there’s nobody to look after you.” Her mum said.
“Not that mother, I was just lead by my spirit to follow you.” She said.
“Really?” Her mum asked and she nod.
An hour later, they were in her mum’s shop, things were moving well untill a man named James came to their shop. He wanted to buy clothes for his wife but felt bad when he saw children wears..
“Worry not Mr James.” Anna said coming out of the shop with the help of her stick.
“Young girl, who are you and how did you know my name?” Mr James asked surprisely while Mrs Desmond ruched out if the shop.
“Sir please forgive my blind daughter if she has anything wrong to you.” Her mum pleaded.
“She is your daughter? Wait a minute, did you just say she is blind?” Mr James asked.
“Exactly sir, please forgive her.” Mrs Desmond pleaded again.
“How did she know my name and how did she know I am here when she is blind?” Mr James asked.
“She is a seer.” Mrs Desmond said.
“How can a blind girl be a seer? It’s that really possible?” He asked.
“Yes, with God all things are possible and He can make yours possible too.” Anna said.
“How do you mean?” He asked.
“You and your wife have be married for 7 years yet no child.” Anna as d.
“Exactly.” He replied.
“Your time of weeping is over, it’s your time of celebration. Go home, cooked, buy gifts and throw party for children, give them money and makes them happy… The joy of those children shall be the cry of a baby in your home…. In two months time, your wife will be pregnant.” Anna said.
“If this works I will forever be grateful to God.” Mr James said happily.
“Do not doubt in your heart for faith makes everything works. Believe and have faith and see the manifestation of God in your life.” Anna said.
“Thank you very much.” Mr James said happily.
“All thanks be to God our creator.” Anna said and went back inside the shop.

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To be continued

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