Tale of the Blind Seer


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That same week, Anna was walking around the street with Chidi, a woman of her late 40’s walked pass them, she was even crying.
“Mrs Rita.” Anna called and stopped, the woman stopped instantly and went to meet Anna and Chidi.
“Young girl, I don’t have energy to talk, if you need money I will give you.” She said.
“I don’t need your money.” Anna said.
“So what do you want? Why did you stopped me?” She asked.
“Your heart is heavy.” Anna said.
“Listen young girl, if you have nothing to say just go home okay? I don’t have time to talk.” She said and turned to leave.
“Your husband, your Frist son and first daughter died of a heart disease and now your only surviving son is lying helpless in your home, doctor said that his heart has be terminated that he will die in five days time and his wife has not able to give him any child ever since they got married. Yes or no?” Anna said. Mrs Rita went back to her.
“Yes, you are right.. my life is so useless, I have never know happiness all my life.” Mrs Rita said crying…
“Don’t worry, God has heard your prayers, He has seen your tears and has decided to wiped them away.” Anna said.
“Please young one, tell me what to do.” Mrs Rita said.
“Go home, you and your son’s wife should fast and pray for three days, on the third day u shall come over to your house for a midnight prayer. What is troubling you is in your house, so go home.” Anna said.
“Thank you very much, lemme give you my address.” Mrs Rita said reaching her handbag.
“Don’t bother, the holy spirit that leads me to you will lead me to your house.” Anna said
“How? But where are you from? Where do you live?” Mrs Rita asked.
“She lives close to my house, she’s my friend and she is the blind seer.” Chidi said. (That was when Mrs Rita knew that Anna was blind)
“She is blind?” Mrs Rita asked.
“Yes I am blind physically.” Anna said.
(Mrs Rita was very surprised, she remembered what a pastor told her that a time will come when she will meet a blind seer and the blind girl is the only one that can save her family that was before the death of her husband.)
“So you are the blind seer that is destined to save my family?” Mrs Rita asked.
“By the grace of God ma.” Anna replied with her beautiful smile.
“Jesus I thank you, seeing the destined one I know all my troubles and pains are over thank you father.” Mrs Rita said.
“Your faith will always make a way for you.” Anna said.
“Please take this money and use it for your transport fair when coming to my house.” Mrs Rita said handing over the money while Chidi took it from her.
That night, Anna saw queen Morg-n in her dream. She was sitting in front of their house when queen Morg-n appeared to her.
“What have you come to do?” Anna asked standing up.
“You idiot! Stay away from Rita and her family before I kill you.” Queen Morg-n said angrily.
(Laughing) “Morg-n, you are too small for my God to deal with, just lemme reach their house.” Anna said.
“You can’t do anything, I own this world.” Queen Morg-n yelled.
“You are just a looser so go back to hell where you came from because Rita and her family has be delivered already.” Anna said.
“We shall see!” Queen Morg-n yelled and disappeared and Anna woke up from her dream, She prayed over it.
The next Day, she went to their church and told her pastor about her dream and her pastor encouraged her.
Exactly three days, Anna went with her mother to Mrs Rita’s house, they welcomed her and offer her a seat, Mrs Rita’s son (David) was a bit better than before. Immediately Anna layed her hands on his chest, he became perfectly healed. He was able to breathe, walk and even talk better.
“Your father’s mother is the cause of all the pain and agony you all has be facing in this family.” Anna said.
“But my dad’s mum is dead, she died two years ago.” David said.
“Exactly, she is dead.” Mrs Rita said.
“Yes she is dead but her spirit is not dead.” Anna said.
“How do you mean?” David asked.
“You do have dreams seeing an old woman in black and she is always backing you, twisting a piece of cloth with blood all over it and whenever you had that dream, it either someone died or your wife will has miscarriage. Yes or no?” Anna said.
“Yes, you are right.” David said. (Everybody’s mouth went opened including Anna’s mum)
“You do see that same woman pounding mortal with blood in,side in your dreams right?” She said referring to David’s wife.
“Yes, you are right and she told me that her name is Morg-n.” David’s wife said.
“Hmm, Mr David, your dad’s mum is queen Morg-n.” Anna said and stood up.
“What?” They all said at the same time.
“Yes, she is the queen of the black witches and she possesses dark powers and has sweared to kill all of you because your late dad married the woman she never wanted him to marry who happens to be your mum so she wanted you to marry the girl she chooses for you but you refused and end up marring your wife. At the back of this house, she buried a small casket which contains you, your late dad, your late siblings, your mum, your wife and some others members of your family pictures, she has vowed to kill one after the other.” Anna said
“Heey! That woman is wicked.” David’s wife said.
(Mrs Rita was speechless, she was only crying. David went to the back of the house and dig out the small casket. They bought out all the pictures and burnt them. Queen Morg-n appeared angrily.)

she is.” Anna said. (Everyone could see her physically apart from Anna that was blind but could see her in the spirit realm.)
“How dare you?” Queen Morg-n yelled angrily.
“You have no power over them, you have tormented them enough.” Anna said.

“Never, I will kill them all, my useless son disobeyed me.” Queen Morg-n said.
“That son of yours that disobeyed you is dead and you are the same person that killed him, you killed his two children and now you want to kill his wife and only surviving son.” Anna said.
“Never! I will destroy them all and you and your God.” Queen Morg-n said moving forward.
(David, his wife, his mum and Anna’s mum hid themselves behind Anna)
“You are a looser, my God has deal with you already.” Anna said.
“Then let’s see how it goes.” Queen Morg-n said and stracthed her hand towards Anna, a blue flame came out and Anna blocked her face with her walking stick and shouted “Jesus!” The flame immediately returned back to queen Morg-n and hit her so hærd which landed her on the ground. She stood up instantly and was ready to fight.
“I command you in the that is above every other names to flee from here and never return, I command the hold ghost fire to consume you, recieve fire..go back to hell, you do not belong here. Holy Ghost fire!” Anna said (All this while queen Morg-n was twisting her body on the ground, she stopped and disappeared.) Anna went on her knees thanking God.
“God you Jesus for setting this family free, we worsh¡p you holy spirit of the most high, take all our praise.” Anna said as her eyes suddenly opened, she turned her back facing her mum and the others.
“Mother, I can see.” Anna said happily.
“You can see me?” Her mum asked.
“Yes mother.” She replied and nod, her mum Carried her up with joy. David was very happy, his mum and wife were rolling on the ground thanking God for His Mercy.
Meanwhile, mama Orobo was burning in fire when Anna was praying in David’s house, she ran out of her house half baked shouting (“I will talk, I will confess”), few minutes later, people gathered her.
“Mama Orobo what is happening?” Mrs Thomas asked.
“I will talk, yes I did it.” She said crashing her body.
“What did you do that you want to talk?” Mrs Thomas asked.
“Yes I killed him, yes I killed them.” She said.
“You killed who?” Mrs Thomas asked.
“I killed Tony.” She said and everybody shouted.
“Which Tony?” Mrs Thomas asked.
“Tony your son.” She said rolling on the ground.
“You killed my only son! Jerry!” Mrs Thomas said crying.
“I also killed me Desmond.” She said and Everybody shouted. She also confessed how queen Morg-n decieved her into sacrificing her two children by making them a disabled and s pr-stitute and how queen Morg-n blinded Anna thinking that’s the only way to stopped her from exposing them.
Anna and her mum pass their night in Mrs Rita’s house, they did an all night and committed the house and the wh0le family into God’s hand. The next day morning Anna and her mum were set to go back to their house. They came out of David’s house with Mrs Rita, David and his wife.
“Mr David, you and your mother and wife will go to your village and org-nized a funeral for your grandmother, make sure you give her a bit fitting burial and you will never see her again in your dreams. She will never return to disturb you all… May the good Lord Almighty be with you and your family.” Anna said.
“Thank you very much great seer, you are indeed a destiny child.” David said.
“Word cannot explain how grateful I am to God for sending you to us.” Mrs Rita added.
“Please next two weeks, we will be doing our Thanksgiving in out church, you and your mother are invited.” David’s wife said and Anna looked at her mother with smile.
“We shall be there.” Anna said.
“And also the burial please.” David said.
“No problem, we will come.” Anna’s mum said.
They left there and went home, on their way home… Anna was instructed by the Holy spirit to go to mama Orobo’s house, she stopped and turned to her mother.
“Mother, go home I need to go to mama Orobo’s house.” Anna said.
“No, u am going with you.” Her mum said (after much insistence she finally allowed her mother to go with her.)
On the other hand, people gathered mama Orobo and her two children, they were ready to stone her to death when Anna and her mum came in
“Let them be.” Anna said and everybody turned to their direction. Mr and Mrs Thomas ran to her and held her.
“Anna please forgive us, we thought you were the one that killed Tony not until yesterday when that witch call Mama Orobo confessed.” Mrs Thomas said. (Mrs Desmond was shocked after hearing that mama Orobo killed her husband. Anna was not surprised because she knew already.)
“If you had listen to me, Tony wouldn’t has died.” Anna said.
“I told them that we should heed to your word but instead they chased me into the house.” Anita said.
“We didn’t know oh.” Mr Thomas said.
Anna walked to the already mad mama Orobo, she starred at her and shook her head.
“If you had listen to my warnings, you won’t have be in this condition.” She said and turned to everyone.
“Calm down Everybody, God has strock mama Orobo with madness.” She said and some people shouted, some were hissing while some were saying that serves her right.
Anna walked to Orobo, the disabled boy and lay her hand on his legs.
“The Bible said, at the mention of JESUS, every knee bow and every tough confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, you dead legs o command you to recieve strength in the name of Jesus! Stand up and walk.” She said and Orobo rolled on the ground for few minutes before he gradually stand up. He walk as if nothing has happened to him, Anna then went to his sister who was rubbing all her body looking for a man to sleep with her…. Anna place her hand on the girl’s forehead.
“You were not born this way but at of greediness and selfishness your mother did this, you spirit of s€×ual abuse, I command you to get out of this body, you do not belong here…her body is the temp of God, out now!” Anna said as the girl was rolling on the ground. Few minutes later, she stood up and ran to her brother, she was happy to see her brother back on his feet. She became angry and disappointed after hearing what happened.
(People then believe that Anna is a true seer and a descendant of God).
A week later, Mr James and his wife visited Anna and her mum, his wife was already three weeks pregnant. Anna wasn’t expecting them but was glad to see them, they welcomed them and offer them a seat.

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To be continued

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