Tale of the Blind Seer



“We came to thankf you for your wonderful prophecy that has come to pass, my wife here is three weeks pregnant.” Mr James said.
“Wow! That’s good news, God is indeed great.” Anna and her mum said the same time.
“Yes, you can said that again, I have be dieing to see you.” Mrs James said with smile and Anna also smiled.
“Now you have see me, am just a small girl.” Anna said .
“Small girl that carries the power of God in her.” Mrs James said and they laughed.
Meanwhile, Glory has be very sick and has not be able to go out because she has became ugly and slim. One of her new neighbor who know about Anna went to her.
“Glory, I came to tell you that there is this powerful seer that someone introduce me to and I will be going there today, I think she can help you.” Precious her new neighbor said.
“Please precious, take me there, am dieing here.” Glory said weakly.
“Okay, lemme go and get my car.” Precious said.
“Okay I wi be waiting.” Glory said and precious left.
About an hour later, they were in Anna’s house.
Anna, her mum, Mr James and his wife were still discussing when they heard a knock on the door, Anna’s mum went to opened the door.
“Yes, who are you looking for?” Mrs Desmond asked.
“Ma, we are looking for one seer, her name is Anna.” Precious said.
“Oh that’s my daughter, please come in.” Mrs Desmond said and they went in,side. Glory was shocked when she saw Anna, she remembered what Anna told her and how she insulted her.
“Glory Michael, we meet again.” Anna said.
“Chai! Thus life self, to be rude is not good at all.” Glory said. (Everybody was surprised and were looking at each other).
“Do you two knowed each other?” Precious asked while Glory narrated how they first meet and what Anna told her and how she insulted her in response.
“Heey! You should have listened to her.” Mr James said.
“Exactly, now see what you have done to yourself.” Mrs James added.
“Some girls of nowadays and Money hmmm.” Mrs Desmond said.
“Glory, so you are the cause of your problem.” Precious said.
“I know, please great seer help me, am dieing…I don’t know if chief Benson has transferred HIV to me.” Glory said.
“I knew you will come back, what chief Benson transferred to you is more than HIV. You didn’t give me listening ear that day, I was trying to stopped you from going there. You see, chief Benson is a ritualist, he c-m in,side a deadly disease instead of sp**m and any hospital you go, the only thing they will see is fever and nothing else..but you will be drying everyday.” Anna said.
“Heeey! I am finished oh.” Glory said crying putting her hands on her head.
“For the past two months now you haven’t see your menstruation right?” Anna asked.
“Yes.” Glory replied.
“If only you will  give your life to Christ, He is ready to save and set you free. Glory are you ready?” Anna asked.
“Yes I am ready.” Glory said and nod. Anna prayed with her as she accepted Christ into her life after which Anna prayed for her and something like stone fell from her body and her menstruation came instantly.
A month later, after everything has calm down… people were coming from different places to see Anna, she gain schoolarsh¡p from different people and was sent to London to study any course of her choice, she study medicine alongside with chidi who never left her side. During her time in school, she still go around different countries for ministration.
7 years later, Anna returned back to Nigeria as a medical doctor alongside with her fiancé (Peter) who happens to be a white man… Chidi got married before her and returned home with his wife and one son, Anna was so happy to see her mum again after 7 years..
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Anna went to her father’s grave with Peter and her mum.
“Father, I am now a grow up woman and ready to marry, I came with mum and the man after my heart. I love you and I missed you so much, I wish you are here to see how big I am now….. Well God knows the best for us. Rest in peace father.” She said and put flower on the grave.
“I don’t know you before you died but seeing only picture I must say Anna is your replica, you gave birth to a wonderful woman and I ask you bless our union.” Peter said and also put flower on the grave.
“Honey, even in death, you are still my husband, my love and my life..I will forever love and missed you.” Mrs Desmond said and put her flower.
They also went to Anna father’s village since her father’s people were looking for her. They apologized to her for accusing her wrongly and also returned everything they took from her and her mother. She divided her dad’s wealth and gave half to her uncles and gave half to her mum. Her granny was very happy to see her even though she has became older than before. She bless Anna and Peter’s union likewise her uncles did same.
It was the day, the day Anna’s wedding with Peter. They both stand in the alter before congregation, they took their vows and put rings on their fingers, the power pronounced them husband and wife. Peter gave Anna her first k-ss, she smiled and hugged him. Chidi was also there with his new family likewise Mr James, his wife and two children and David, his mother, his pregnant wife and one daughter even Glory, precious, Mr Thomas, his wife and Anita and many others were there. They were all happy for Anna.
After the wedding, Anna left the country with her husband (Peter) to London, they dwell there and gave birth to their beautiful and handsome kids but she never stopped serving God.


In life, whatever you are doing, do it well because there is a God in heaven that seems all over you, He knows you by your name.
There is a limit God give to the wicked and if they do not change/repent before they get to that limit, nothing can stop God from destroying them.
Use your tough to count your teeths before you act..
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