Tale Of A House Boy

Tale Of House Boy – Batch H


Me: what do you say?

Madam: i said you should help me unhook my b-ra.
*** i held the hook of her b-ra
and unhooked it,i droped the b-ra on the bed and want to go out of her room and she called me back *** did i ask you to go?

Me: *** i turned around and her two b–bs were mopping at me,
my d*ckson became too hærd . *** no ma..

Madam: don’t call me ”ma” anytime am talking to you,
do i make myself clear?

Me: yes ma…. *** she looked at me *** sorry,yes aunty..

Madam: Better, please help me to warm that rice and stew..

Me: i have done that already.

Madam: that’s so good of you dear,two k-sses for you this nite for that,
one is for warming of rice and the other one is for stew.

Me: *** giggled *** aunty you are funny.

Madam: *** she moved closer to me and k-ssed me *** this is for warming rice
*** she drow her mouth closer to mine again to k-ss me and i held her cheeks as we were k-ssing.
Blood that was flowing on my vein became hoter and i was breading heavily, like someone who fall from palm tree.
Guy body no be firewood now,
delay is dangerous and our people said that ”a stich in time saves nine”.
I quickly lowered my two hands down to her b—ck and pushed it backward to mine,
i pushed her to the bed and she fall down ,
i laid untop her as we resumed our k-ss.
Her two hands were crossed on my neck,
at a point she removed my singlet and pushed me down and laid ontop of me,
we continued with the k-ss,
i pushed her down and laid ontop her again and was looking at her ***

Me: do you need me now?

Madam: yes,lemme feel you in,side me…

*** i stood up from her ***

Me: come and uncloth me…

*** she removed my nicker and my boxer,
my d*ckson was looking at her and was already mourning with the way it was nodding.
I held her trouser and unbottoned it and i also removed her p-nt.
Chai! Igwe remember say na your madam wey you
dey do like this,
that was what my consent was telling me that moment but i don’t even care.
I pushed her down to the bed
without hesitating, i k-ssed her from her head to her toe before i ins**ted my d*ckson in,side her.
I was moving to and fro in,side her and she was giving me a s-nsational mo-n.
I placed my mouth on hers and my two hands on
her two b–bs as i was banging her.
I f—-d her for like 15mins and both of us c-mmed,
i poured my c-m in,side her.
I laid beside her and we slept off and i wokeup around 11:30pm,
i woke her up and i went to the bathroom to take my shower and she followed me.
As we were bathing she told me to help her bath her back and i took the sponch from her and bath her back.
After we are through,we came out and went straight to our separate rooms.
Thereafter,she called me and asked me if i will eat food and i told her no bcos it was already late.
If i eat late in the nite,am going
to vomit it nomatter what i may eat.
She told me to sleep on her room but i refused and went to my room,
i laid down and Slept off.
I woke up by 7am and prepared to go,she called me back and told me to Make tea and drink.
I made tea and drank and after that i left to the shop,
when i got there,Amanda was already in the shop,
she was pressing her phone.
She didnt look at me and i went straight to my sit and sat down.
I opened our sales book and was going through it,
there is one of our customers(celestine) we supplied goods on Friday but i didnt see his item list in our sales book ***

Me:Amanda where did you wrote down the goods we supplied to Mr celestine on Friday?
*** she didnt talk to me *** please i beg you with the name of God,
put aside whatever that transpired between us,
we are now here for business so answer me.
*** she still don’t want to talk to me,i kept quit,after some minutes,
ijeoma entered and we exchanged pleasantries and she moved to her sit.***

Me:please ijeoma where did you entered the goods we supplied Mr celestine?

Ijeoma: you should ask Amanda naw,
she will be in the best position to answer that.

Me: i have asked her but she refused to talk to me.

Ijeoma: what Did you do to her?

Me:hala…. me? I didnt do anything to her,
maybe she woke up with the left hand.

Ijeoma: then why is she not talking to you?

Me: are you asking me or she?

Ijeoma: you ofcourse.

Me: hmmm….. Dis one na jamb question.

*** ijeoma started asking Amanda what the problem is but she still don’t want to talk to her.
She didnt talk to us till that day ,
when i went home,i couldnt see my madam. I waited for her for long but she didnt come back,
i called her and she told me that she went to see her family and she will be back tommorow,
that i should take care of the house.
After the caller,i entered the kitchen and cooked noodles.
As i was eating someone knocked at the door,
when i opened the door,i saw a girl standing and i was marvelled.
I asked her who she is and she told me that,
she is my madam’s younger sister. I ushered her in..


*** i offered a sit in our parlour ***

Me: welcome… Please what is your name?

Girl: Beatrice but my friends calls me ”beauty”

Me: waoh! What a beautiful name for a beautiful angel like you.
Anyway my name is igwe.
So you are welcome to our house.

Beatrice: thanks. Emmm…i hope my sister is around?

Me: no,she went home to see your parent in the morning,she said she will sleep over.

Beatrice: na waoh! If i have knwn,i would have go home straight.

Me: are you not coming the village?

Beatrice: no,i reside in Abuja with our senior brother. We planned to travel to the village together,
maybe she waited for me and
couldnt see me
and she decided to go.
But i thought she will wait for me till i come that is why i came over.

Me: so sorry about that,
but you would have call her on phone.

Beatrice: i have flat battery,
that is why i couldnt reach her.
What about her husband,
has he return?

Me: no…

Beatrice: owk…

Me: so what are you going to do now?

Beatrice: It was already late and i can’t go now,
i will sleep here then tomorrow,
i will kinstart my journey to the village.

Me: ok… That’s better.
Come lemme show you,
the room you will sleep.
*** she followed me and i led her to my madam’s room but it was locked.
Why did she lock her room naw?*** na waoh,she locked her room.

Beatrice: are you not with her key?

Me: am not. Why should she lock her room now?
No problem,you can still have my own room.
*** i led her to my room.*** do you care for noodles for your dinner bcos we don’t have any other food in this house?

Beatrice: no problem.

Me: the bathroom is free incase you want to bath.

Beatrice: ok… Thank you.

*** i went to the kitchen to prepare noodles for her,
as i was cooking,
she tied towel and came out of my room and entered bathroom,
chai! wetin dis girl carry for back fit kill person ooo.
Na me and you this nite no two ways for dat one.
I continue with what am doing,
after am through with cooking,
i washed my hands and went to the parlour and sat down.
After 10mins,
she was through,
she came to the parlour where i was sited ***

Me: i have finish cooking.

Beatrice: so you knw how to cook.

Me: yes naw,i can bet with you in terms of cooking.

Beatrice: *** laughed *** see you,who told you?

Me: i told myself.

Beatrice: *** laughed again *** your funny igwe.
*** i went to the kitchen and dished food and served her,
immediately light showed up. ***

Beatrice: thank you so much dear.
Today was my first time of seeing a guy that was humble to the point of cooking for a girl. *** i smiled *** i can’t believe that a guy like you exist in this world.

Me: they are many of them out there,
its just that you girls fail to understand.

Beatrice: hmmm…..
*** i on our home theatre that my boss warned me not to touch if he is not around.
As she was eating,the music were also playing ***

Beatrice: so tell me,are you the brother of my sister’s husband?

Me: no…

Beatrice: ok… But both Of you resembled.

Me: hmmm….. Am here to help him in the shop since he doesn’t base only in Nigeria.

Beatrice: that’s good my dear,
be honest to him and his wife more especially, avoid girls bcos we are atimes a hindrance to some guys.
Be more focus on what you are doing,
aspire to the zenith and don’t
look for ”very good ” where excellent is possible.
Success they said,attract people.
Don’t quarrel with your madam bcos she is like your oga’s satellite.
She was the one to testify you good or bad so please co-operate with her.

Me: am so glad about this pieces of advice you gave me. Thank you so much.

Beatrice: uwl…

*** after she finished with the food,
i parked the plate and washed it. I returned to the parlour and we continued gisting,
we talked about so many things before she told me that she was feeling dizzy. I told her to go in,side the room and sleep. ***

Beatrice: where will you sleep?

Me: no problem,i will sleep here.

Beatrice: will you be comfortable here??

Me: yes i will be.

*** she left to the room.
I played so many musics before i slept off.
It was because of those encouraging words
she gave to me that made me not to go close to her.
I woke up in the morning and Beatrice was already taking her bath.
I carried out my morning duties sharperly.
I forgot that someone was in my room and i entered without knocking,
omo i saw Beatrice stalk unclad,
i evacuated from that room immediately. I went in,side the bathroom to bath, i couldnt got my mind off from what i saw.
I pulled off my cloth to bath,my d*ckson was so hærd. I took my bath and remained in that bathroom trying to knw if i will calm my d*ckson down but all was in vain.
I wore my cloth with my hærd on, i entered my room and she was still unclad,chai! My d*ckson started to nod,this time she was backing the door and i don’t knw if she notice my present. I unclad myself and stood the way i am…


*** what is her aim of doing this?
Should i move closer ?
What if she resist me and push me away?
She will not do that,by the way what is her intention for uncladding herself while she knw that a guy is around.
I rushed out and entered the bathroom with my uncladness.
I poured my d*ckson water and wore my cloth and moved out to the door of my room,
i knocked and she told me to come in.
When i came in,she was with bumshot and towel tied on her upper region.
I entered my wardrobe and brought out my cloth,
i was robbing cream on my body and she was busy pressing her phone bcos she charged it at nite. When am through with the cream,i dropped it on the table and wore my trouser. ***

Beatrice: you didnt apply cream on your back?

Me: yes cos my hand can’t do that.

Beatrice: turn your back lemme help you
*** i turned and she opened the cream and started to rob it on my back.
As she was doing that,i was enjoying it bcos of her magic hand,she was car-ssing my back I was enjoying it and after that,
we drank tea. She dressed up and packed her luggages and i helped her with her luggage to the main road ***

Beatrice: igwe you are such a nice guy and i think i like you,
Keep it up.
Not all guys can do what you did last nite.


Beatrice: uwl… You can have my number.

Me: ok *** i handed my phone to her and she added her number and gave it to me***

Beatrice: flash me so that i will stall your own number.*** i flashed her,
i waited till she borded a bus and they drove off and i entered bus to the market.
When i got to the market, Amanda was already in the shop,i moved to my seat and sat down.
I looked at her and our eyes met,she threw her face in another place. ***

Me: Amanda,for how long are we going to be like this? Amanda i said that am sorry for everything.
If we continue keeping malice, it may lead us to something else,
which i don’t like.
If we continue like this
if our boss comes back he may suspect us and probably,
he will find out one day and you knw what it means.
Please forget the past and let us face the present. *** i moved from my seat to where she was,
i laid my hand on her back and she resisted . *** i don’t knw what came over me that day *** i knelt down with one leg *** please forgive me,who knws what would have been the outcome of it ?
Probably you might be pregnant or something else. Please accept my apology and lets bury the hatchet *** she looked at me and i held her hand ***

Amanda: get up.

Me: not until we reconcile .

Amanda: get up before ijeoma or any of our customers enters. *** i rose up and stood beside her *** go and sit down.

Me: *** i drew a sit beside me and sat down *** am waiting……

Amanda: igwe you are such a nice guy and i like you. What you did that day shows that you are a real man. If a guy like you can do such a thing,that means he can never cheat on his spouse. Since that day, i developed a kind of emotion for you.please can we be a friend?

Me: why not,yes we can my dear,even more than a friend *** ijeoma entered and went to her seat. Amanda and i were looking at her ***

Ijeoma: helloooo! Why are you guys mopping at me as if am a visitor?

Me: *** i laughed *** we are trying to settle something.

Ijeoma: hmmm….. Dis una sudden malice, i no com understand ooo.

Me: why u go understand naw,na our personal case be that.

Ijeoma: i be like say somethin dey attach to it.hmmm….. Make i just dey look una like tv. *** we all laughed and i went back to my seat.
After for some minutes,no customer in our shop,i counted the wh0le money that was in our shop and after that,
i told them that i want to go to the bank and deposit the money since no customer is in our shop. I normally go to the bank in the evening but yesterday evening,i don’t have Chance bcos we were so busy.
I left to the bank,after i deposited the money,i came back and Bathlomeo called me. We were sited backing our shop ***

Bathlomeo: guy watsup naw?

Me: i dey jareh. Wetin dey happen?

Bathlomeo: nothin much. How far between u and ur madam? She later talk wetin her problem is?

Me: guy dat tin wey u talk na true.

Bathlomeo: sheee i told u… So gist me,hw the tin go naw?

Me: the woman like me but she no knw how she go carry tell me. Guy u believe say na dat lady wey i carry do weekend.

Bathlomeo: chai! Igwe u be baaad boy!

Me: u don dey follow ur oga dey chop im food,u better be careful before yawa go cast ooo.

Me: no wahala guy. I swear the lady sweet die for bed.

Bathlomeo: chai! Dey enjoy na God wey give u but be careful before u give am belle,
u knw say some men dey mark the first day wey dem f–k deir wife and wenever their wife tell dem say dey don get belle,dem go calculate from the day wey dey meet am and compare it.
So my guy be very very careful so that u no go loose this game bcos na game wey u dey play so.
*** i turned back and saw Amanda standing looking at me ***
chai! Kasala don burst..

Episode 50.

*** i don die today,wetin i go tell am?
Bathlomeo looked at her and stood up,
he went close to her and whispered to her ear,after that he went in,side his shop and i moved closed to her… ***

Me: why are you looking at me?
*** she couldnt utter any word to me and she went back to her sit, Ijeoma was looking at us in a confused manner ***

Ijeoma: hmmm….. Both of una sef,i no understand ooo.
*** i was so quiet through out that day and
i couldnt exchange words with Amanda till we closed our shop in the evening. I ran to Amanda and stopped her ***

Me: what is it ?

Amanda: what is what?

Me: *** omo see question ooo,
no be her fault naw,na the custom of Nigeria to answer question with question*** after you saw bathlomeo and i discussing,you were muted till naw, what is the problem?

Amanda: nothing.

Me: then why did you stop talking to me?

Amanda: please igwe we will see tomorrow,i have to be on my way naw.

Me: why can’t you answer me before you go home?

Amanda:answer what naw? Please i don’t knw what you are talking about.

Me: ok… What did bathlomeo whispered to you?

Amanda: why do you ask?

Me: nothing,i just want to knw.

Amanda: i don’t think it is neccesary, please i have to go.
*** she left and i went home,when i got home,my madam wasn’t at home yet and i took my bath and laid on the bed.
Did Amanda heard what we discussed?
No i don’t think she did.
But what if she heard it?
Na waoh ooo,i f–k up,i no suppose to discuss that kind thing for market but it is not my fault shaa cos na only market wey we dey see.
The taught about Mrs sharp sharp and princess and also my son came to my mind.
God please forgive me for all my evil acts and lemme see them again.
I thought how i met Mrs sharp sharp and princess.
How will she be coping to feed our son? Who knws if she is still teaching in that school?
After all this thought, my heart became bitter and i feel like going back to the village.
I decided to call my mum bcos it has been long i called her.
I dialled her number and she didnt pick up,
i dialled her number the second time and she still don’t pick up .
I dialled my junior brother’s number and he picked immediately ***

Emmanuel: hello brother, goodevening sir…

Me: good evenin to you, how are you doing?

Emmanuel: fine brother and you?

Me: am doing well… Where is our mum bcos i called her number and she didnt pick up.

Emmanuel: maybe she left her phone in,side her room.

Me: where are you now?

Emmanuel: i went out…

Me: ok.. So gist me,what happened when i left?

Emmanuel: nothin ooo.

Me: so nobody visited me?

Emmanuel: no body.. E hee brother, that lady that rescued you that day you had an accident came to our house..

Me: *** my ears were widely opened that moment *** what did she came to do?

Emmanuel: she said,she was passing by and decided to come and greet us.

Me: that’s so nice of her. Did she discuss with our mum?

Emmanuel: yes,i over heard them talking about baby….

Me:*** cut in *** tell me what did they talk about baby?

Emmanuel: immediately they rose the topic, i excused them bcos that’s a women discussion.

Me: you would have stay there. What is our mum’s reaction after she left?

Emmanuel: ha brother,what did you expect now? But brother is there any problem?

Me: why do you asked?

Emmanuel: nothin broda, i just want to ask.

Me: ok… I want you to do something for me…

Emmanuel: what is that brother?

Me: i want you to go to my formal school and ask about Mrs sharp sharp, when you get to her office, tell her that your are igwe’s brother and give her my number.

Emmanuel: ok brother,i will do just that tommorow during break time bcos that our school,they don’t allow us to go out if it is not break time.

Me: ok,,,, so how is school and everything?

Emmanuel: fine brother.

Me: ok… Study hærd,don’t follow bad gangs bcos they may lead you into cultism and other bad things

Emmanuel: thank you broda. We missed you so much ooo…

Me: i also missed both of you but don’t worry i will come back during Christmas time. Don’t be stubborn to mum.
Lemme send recharge card to you.

*** we discussed so many other things before i aborted the call.
I wore my cloth and moved out of our compound to a nearby shop, i bought #400 card and send to him. He called me back to appreciate. I decided to patrol small since my madam haven’t come back yet. As i was going,i saw a back of a girl on my front. She wore bumshot and a sliveless top, her bum bum was so moderate and her complexion was that of Chinese. I no fit miss dat kind opportunity. I called her but she didnt look back and i ran to her ***

Me: excuse me… *** she turned back, chai! Igwe na dis one go be de last girl wey you go pursue.
If you see wetin i saw,no be for mouth wey u go talk am.


*** she turned, chai! Her face was like a replica of fox and i was statued, i have to maintain as a guy inorder not to embarrass ourselves ***

Me: how are you?

Girl: am fine and you?

Me: *** i looked at her face again and i was a bit scared.*** am ok. Please don’t be offended, i thought you are my sister.

Girl: did i resemble your sister?

Me: *** thunder fire you *** somehow.

Girl: your sister must be beautiful.

Me: *** lolz….. Back to sender *** very beautiful. *** i faked a call and went back,she stood there and i passed our gate so that she wouldnt knw where i live. I went to a next street and patrol small before i went back to the house.
When i got to the house,my madam haven’t come back yet and i called her,she told me that she wouldnt come back that day that i should take care of the house.
After the call,i prepared noodles for dinner, when i finish eating,i went to bed.
20mins later,i heard a knock on our door and i wokeup,i went to the door and Asked who was that?
Is me mama chisom” replied from outside.
Mama chisom was the lady that stopped me one day that am going to the market and asked me if am the one living with Anita(my madam). We live in a bungalow with four flat,
mama chisom was our neighbour bcos we both live on the down floor. Her husband was a business man so he is not steady at home. She has two children,male and female.
I opened the door ***

Me: good evening ma..

Mama chisom: good evening. Please is your madam in?

Me: no.

Mama chisom: please can you help me to install mozila fire fox on my system so that i can use it to restore my yahoo mail account?

Me:*** see me see wahala,me wey no knw how to operate laptop. na only once wey my friend Leo gave me make i use am watch movie.
Wetin i go tell this lady,if i tell am say i no knw how to operate laptop na fork up. Anyway shaa lemme take her laptop learn how to operate. *** no problem.

Mama chisom: will you come to my house or should i bring it Here?

Me: you can bring it here.
*** she left and i sat on the sofa in our parlour. God please help me.
After like 5mins later she came back with her laptop and handed it over to me. I scrolled the arrow down and thank God i saw her other browser and i clicked. She was seated opposite to me with her mini-skirt. My eyes couldnt keep off from her laps though am not seeing anything bcos everywhere were dark, i keep on imagining how her uncladness will be. I later downloaded that firefox browser for her and i even restored her yahoo mail account,i handed it to her and she was so glad bcos i saw it on her face. ***

Mama chisom: thank you so much my dear.

Me: uwl…

Mama chisom: i have tried it so many times but i couldnt download it. Lemme go before your madam comes back.

Me: she wouldnt come back today.

Mama chisom: ok,i hope all is well bcos i havent seen her two days naw?

Me: there is no problem.

Mama chisom: where are you from?

Me: am from Enugu

Mama chisom: where in EnEnugu bcos am from Enugu?

Me: Nkanu.

Mama chisom: waoh! That’s so nice. Anywhere am from oji-river but i got married in this Anambra .

Me: so good.
*** we discussed small before she stood up and said”good nite igwe and sleep well”. I replied her and she left. I went in,side my room and laid on the bed,i slept off and woke up by 7am and prepared to market.
Throughout that day in the market,i persuaded Bathlomeo to tell me what she whispered to Amanda but he refused to lemme knw me. I went home in the evening. When am walking down in our street, someone called from the back. When i looked back to knw who was that and it was that same girl i met yesterday evening. She ran to me and i was like oh! My God what have i done to myself bikonu? Lekwanu ihem ji akam kotere onwem. ***

Girl: hi.

Me: how are you?

Girl: did you remember me?

Me:*** i pretended as if i havent met her *** no,i don’t think so..

Girl: were you not the one i met yesterday evening.

Me: oh! Please forgive me,i have Forgotten. So how are you doing my dear?

Girl: great and you?

Me: doing good. Please am in a haste to somewhere we can talk some other time.

Girl: but we are not done yet with our discussion.
*** as i stood there with her,
my madam entered the arena as she was just coming back from the village.
My mouth was widely opened as she was looking at me,
chai! I don enter for real.

To be continued

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