Tale Of A House Boy



Episode 1.

I was born in a family of three boys, i am
second to last born. I entered into secondary
and i was so intelligent that my father plegde to
withdraw my senior brother from school inorder
for me to further my education because we are
not rich like that. My senior brother drop out
from school after his JSS 3 exam,by then am in
JSS 1. My senior brother was supported by every
member of our family to go and learn work in
order to help my father to sponsor me and my
junior brother. He left to where he was to learn
I continued with my studies with the help of my
parent.if i come back from school i will eat my
lunch and went to help my parent in some farm
work so because of that my parent love me the
more though i am little stubborn then but my
parent don’t mind. They do everything i request
from them and we keep ongoing.
On my SS2,am matured then to associate with
girls which i have not been doing. All my friends
then in secondary school have 2 to 3 girl friends
but i have none because i only focus on my
studies to aspire to the zenith. I have four
friends then,two of them are corrupt because of
how their parent pampers them and poor
parental responsibilities toward them,and the
less two were intelligent. My corrupt friends
keep on pursuading me to have girl friend but i
So one day i went to leo’s house to visit him***
leo is one of my intelligent friend.. His mum is
late and his father is a policeman,so his father
is not always in the house so he do as it
pleases him ***,when i got to his father’s
compound and i see no body,i entered straight
to his room as usual,on getting to his door,i was
hearing some mo-ning in,side his room..
Me: who is he with? Is he f***ching a girl or
what? No he can’t because he doesn’t have girl
*** the mo-n is too much so i decided to find
out what is happening***
Me: *** i knocked at the door..but is like he is
busy because he didn’t ask who so i opened the
door bcos it was not locked and saw Leo and
our female classmate called lucy. I was amazed
and my mouth were open.. I was looking at both
of them as they lied on the bed unclad and lucy
is feeling shy.***. I can’t believe my eyes. Leo
what am i seeing?
Leo: igwe forget that thing. Body no be firewood
naw. Work and no play make a jack a dull boy.
Me: leo i trust you so much and even you lucy.
*** she was mute ***. If someone tells me that
you can involve your self in such an act,i
wouldn’t believe. Chai!,so this is what both of
you have been doing.
Lucy: no today is my first time of involving
mysef in this act.
Me: upon all the wh0le forming wey you dey
form for class na for nothing.
Lucy: please don’t tell anybody.
Me: about what?
Lucy: about what you see here please.
Me: says by who?
Lucy: please i will do anything for this to be a
*** i looked at her p***sy and i have an er-ction
instantly and she notice that***
lucy: do you like it?
Leo: what?
Lucy: am not talking to you.
Me: *** pretending *** like what?
Lucy: common igwe,i know you like it. Stop
pretending *** leo was looking at both of us***.
You can have me,if you don’t mind..

Episode 2.

Me: what did you said?
Lucy: common stop pretending….come and have your share. *** i look at her again ***. Common igwe. *** my p****k keep on complaining in,side my boxer ***.
Leo: igwe go naw. I know you haven’t done this….and this is your opportunity to learn how to do it even better. Common be a man and do what others did.
*** as they were persuading me to have s-x, i left in an annoyance to my house. When i got home,my dad is outside and i greeted him with a thick face,he notice my mood and called me as am about to enter in,side the house. I turned back to him***.
Dad: what is the problem?
Me: nothing dad.
Dad: your mouth said nothing but you face is saying something. Tell me am your dad. What is the problem?
Me: *** faked a smile ***. Absolutely nothing dad… Am ok.
Dad: as you said so,no problem.
*** i entered in,side my room and started thinking about what i saw. Soon my phone rang,i looked at it and it was leo calling me.. I pick up immediately***
Me: hello.
Leo: igwe am sorry ok
Me: sorry for yourself. Leo we have a future more ahead of us. You,Arinze*** arinze is my other intelligent friend*** and i have vow not to go near girls till we finish our secondary school but you violated it.. No problem go ahead. I have nothing to do with you again,let me know that am with Arinze only..
Leo: igwe please lets keep it a secrete and forget about everything that happen.
Me: i have forgotten.
Leo: igwe let me tell you,Arinze you are refering to as a saint has a girl friend. He has been hiding it since,so you better find yourself one or you go dey there conji go kill you..*** hang up**
Me: Arinze has a girl friend? I can’t believe all this bla bla bla leo is talking. Anyway sha,i will still find out..
*** i continued meditating on what Leo told me about Arinze. As time goes on,i found out that its true. He even have two girl friends that he is bleeping. God all my friends are not whom i think they are… i started thinking how i will get my own girl friend. I started searching but found none worthy to be my gf in our school. So one day,we were in the class one morning,a girl and a boy entered into our class,they introduce themselves as member of us. We welcomed them. They started doing as brothers and sisters..most of our classmate started seeing them as twins because of their behaviour,their height the same,their complexion the same.
After one week that they were admitted in our school,i came to school one morning and found a two new desk beside mine and it happens to be both of them. I started associating with them.. The boy name is mathew while the girl is princess.so princess started coming close to me and i started eyeing her.one afternoon,she was searching her desk***
Me: what are you looking?
Princess: am looking for my phone.
Me: where did you kept it?
Princess: i don’t know where i kept it but am sure i came to school with it. *** i helped her in searching for the phone but we didnt see it*** please can you help me with your phone,let me dial my number.
*** i gave her and she dial her number,soon her phone started ringing in,side her school bag. She handed my phone to me and bring out hers.***.
Princess: i don’t even know that it was in,side my bag.
Me: yea, things like that happen. Sometime you might hold sometin in your hand and you will be looking for it *** she laughed***.
Me: igwe your funny. Anyway thats my number,you can save it,let me save yours. What name will i use on it?
Me: you can use goat,sheep,lion,dog……
Princess: *** laughing***. You are funny igwe.
*** i looked around and found mathew staring at us with a thick lump face.. Chai! I don curse wahala for both of them ooooo.

Episode 3.

Mathew were so angry, i can see it in his face but he pretended. We continue discussing with mathew but he wasn’t making any contribution towards what we are talking about and we ignored him.
After school that day,i came to school the next day and realised that princess desk had been removed from the position it was before. Mathew’s desk was now close to mine while princess desk were kept after mathew’s own. I just ignored because nothing concern me. They might decided to rearrange it that way.
Soon both of them arrived to school as usual,they entered our class and princess look around and her desk wasn’t where she kept it and she turned to mathew..
Princess: mathew who removed my desk from the position it was before?
Mathew: what kind of a question is that?
Princess: i said who removed my desk from the position it was and you are asking me question?
Mathew: how can you ask me such a question while both of us are just coming to school now. Did i remove it in the dream or what? Have you ask igwe who remove it?*** i looked at him ***.
Igwe: am just coming to school now. So i know nothing about it.
Princess: igwe don’t mind him jare.. He was the one that removed it.
Mathew: me?
Princess: don’t ever try it next time.
*** she removed mathew’s desk and kept it where it was before and put her own close to me. Mathew was so angry and muted throughout the day and they didn’t ulter any word to each other as they do before till school dismissal.
After school dismissal,she called me at the back of our school laboratry***.
Princess: i hope you aren’t offended.
Me: offended for what?
Princess: for what happened in the morning…
Me: why will i be offended. Am not. Eehee!…… Please there is something i want to ask you.
Princess: feel free to ask.
Me: do you relate with mathew in anywhere?
Princess: nooo….we are not even coming from the same location.
Me: how come both of you came to school together the first day. And both of you has been coming to school at the same time and behaves like brothers and sisters.?
Princess: the first day am coming to this school,we meet in,side the bus and i ask him which school he is going to,because of his school uniform and he mentioned st theresa’s secondary school. He said that,he was newly admitted.. That,that day is his first day of going to the school. I told him,same to me. So since that day we became friends but not in a relationsh¡p.
Me: waoh!
Princess: why are you not accustomed to girls?
Me: thats what my dad thought me.*** she laughed ***.whereas i don’t want anything that can hinder my destiny.
Princess: so does we girls, enemy of destiny?
Me: thats what my dad told me.
Princess: funny you and your dad. Anyway sha it depends on how you play your game. So you are telling me that you don’t have girl friend.
Me: yea i don’t have,but i will one day.
Princess: so what do you do when you have an er-ction?
Me: *** feeling shy ***
princess: common tell me,are you not a man? Don’t be shy,er-ction is natural and a good thing. Any man that is not having an er-ction is not a real man and it is a disease. So don’t be shy,and tell me.
Me: *** see this girl ooo.infact why she com dey ask me such a question naw? E be like say na guildline wey she dey give me so make i enterram***.

Episode 4.

Princess: common igwe, behave like a matured guy for once. Tell me,how do you cope with er-ctions.
Me: is that why you called out here to ask me?
Princess: no just answer me.
Me: *** i summoned courage to face her ***. Never mind,just Go straight to the point.
Princess: ohk. I like you.
Me: *** i smile and looked at her ***. Waoh! Thanks.

*** her phone started ringing and she looked at it and ignored it***

princess: is that what you have to tell me?
Me: who is calling you? Pick your call now.
Princess: is mathew,forget about him.
Me: is not good now. Pick his call.
Princess: *** she aborted the call ***. Rubbish!
Me: thats not good ooo. Anywhere let me not put my mouth for what that doesn’t concern me. Both of you know how you cope.
Princess: igwe i want to be a woman in your life.
Me: *** pretend *** i don’t understand you. So what do you mean?
Princess: infact forget…don’t worry.

*** soon her phone started ringing again,she pick up,after the call,she put her phone in,side her bag***

princess: is my dady,he is asking me where i am. So i have to be on my way now. I will give you a call later ok.
Me: no problem
*** she left,i went home that day,i didnt concentrate on some domestic work that i do at home. I was just reflecting on what happened. I knew where she was going to,but i don’t want to make move. Princess is very beautiful shaa and she is sharp and clever more than me. I later decided to toast her but the problem is,what word will i use on her?
In the school,we didn’t talk about it again . We only talk,gist and laugh together,and mathew was not happy, After our first term in SS2,we moved over to second term,our association went so deep that all our classmate started calling us husband and wife. They said,what i did to mathew is not good, that i snatched mathew’s wife in his very eyes. They were using that to make jest of mathew.
There was a guy named company. He was named that because he was so hug. He is a cultist,womaniser,a drunker and a smoker. Soon company started coming close to her. I started jeolousing both of them though princess did not gave him chance but he is forcing him sef on her. All our the entire school,even the teachers and principal were afraid of company because of his mysterous character. After i noticed that company is coming close to princess i witdrew mysef from her.
One day during break time,she told me to esc-rt her somewhere but i refuse***.
Princess: igwe what is the problem? *** i was muted ***. You are no more communicating with me as you do, what is the problem. *** i was so angry,the anger that is in me then can boil hot water,so i just kept muted ***.talk to me. *** i still didnt talk***. Is it because of company? Believe me, we are just ordinary friends.

Episode 5.

Me: ordinary friend ke?
Princess: i mean it.
Me: but both of you have been loitering around.
Princess: ohk……let me explain,
i was on my own one day,company approached me,he was admiring me soon he ask me out but i didnt give him any reply.
Me: why?
Princess: i sworn not to have any thing to do with any guy in this school because all of them are cheaters.
Me: hmmmm.
Princess: secondly,it is quit obvious that company is route and member of franternity.
Me: so you are aware of that and you keep on associating with him.
Princess: am scared about him but i don’t know how to disengage myself from him. There was a day he came to school with a gift and present it to me.
Me: then what did you do?
Princess: i rejected the offer.
Me: hmmm.

*** as we were discussing,one of my classmate intrude us and told me that our biology teacher want to see me in her office. Our biology teacher’s name is mrs sandra but all the students in our school knew her as MRS SHARP SHARP because of her cleverness . She does anything she do sharp sharp . Her age may be from 29 to 32,i guess. ***.
Me: i will be back,let me go and answer mrs sharp sharp ok.
Princess: lemme follow you.
Me: is abnormal naw. I will be right back.
Princess: ohk.

**** i left the class to mrs sharp sharp’s office. On getting there,her office door were opened so i entered…she was busy marking some assignment books***

Me: good afternoon ma…
Mrs sharp sharp: good afternoon
igwe..how are you?
Me: am fine ma.
Mrs sharp sharp: i hope you are less busy now..
Me: yes ma..
Mrs sharp sharp: i want you to help me mark some assignment.
Me: ohk…..ma
*** she passed the assignment to me and the papers where she wrote the answers.***
Mrs sharp sharp: here is the assignment and the answers for proper marking.. Please don’t make a mistake because it will affect student.
Me: yes ma.

*** i started marking the assignments. She continued with hers. As we were marking,i was staring at her because she was so beautiful and has a nice body posture. There was a time i looked at her and our eyes meet,she paused with her marking and was looking at me. For my mind,i don put myself for trouble. This woman don find out say i dey look at her. God abeg ooo help me.***.

Mrs sharp sharp: what is it igwe?
Me: *** starmmering *** no….no…nothing ma.
Mrs sharp sharp: why are you looking at me?
Me: *** my own don finish.wetin i go tellam? God abeg help me ooo***.
Mr sharp sharp: am talking to you igwe. Is like you have started talking to girls ? *** i was muted *** yes because any boy that stares at a woman in that manner have something in his heart. So tell me what are you thinking?
Me: nothing ma.
Mrs sharp sharp: feel free to tell me,i wouldnt mind.
Me: am not thinking any thing,its just a normal look.
Mrs sharp sharp: common be a man

*** see me see wahala ooo. Which can wahala my eyes don put me now***

Episode 6.

Mrs: sharp sharp: am listening igwe.
Me: l was staring at your beauty. You are beautiful..
Mrs sharp sharp: is that why you a were staring at me?
Me: yea.
Mrs sharp sharp: *** she laughed*** you are funny.

*** i smile and continue with what i was doing. Soon,break time came to an end***.

Me: please ma,is like the breaktime is over.
Mrs sharp sharp: alright,you may go back to your class.
Me: ok ma.
*** i left her office to my class and met princess with a frowned face. I sat down on my seat ***.
Me: princess what is the problem? Why is your face like this? *** she kept quiet ***. Talk to me now,what is it? *** still silent. I decided to ignore her. Some mins later,our government tutor Isaac(corp member) entered our class. As he was teaching,he looked at princess and notice her mood. I was suprise how he look at her in that manner. After teaching,as he was going out,he called princess. Princess look at me and i threw my face aside. She went to him and they both left the class. I felt like crying, I encounter a heavy headache immediately and mathew stared at me, looking at my reaction. I pretended as if all is well but i was burning in,side so i had to leave the class to a lonely place. I was thinking how our government tutor started associating with princess. I was so confused in thought on what to do.
After the school dismissed,out of anger i had to pack some of my text books and writing note and left without telling princess. As i was going home,i heard my name so i turn back and saw it was princess who called. I ignore and increase my pace, She ran to me and held my one hand***.
Princess: igwe why are you angry? *** i didnt utter any word to her ***. What is it?
Me: am fine…no problem.
Princess: you don’t seem so. Tell me, is it because of our government tutor? *** i look at her ***. Am sure he is the source of your anger.
Me: *** soft voice ***. Am not angry.
Princess: then why are you ignoring me ?
Me: you ignored me first.
Princess: me?
Me: *** pretending***yes. When i came out of Mrs sharp sharp’s office,you were angry. I tried to know what the problem was but you ignored me. So i have to do the same.
Princess: are you jealous?
Me: jealous of what? So you tell me,why were you angry when i came out of mrs sharp sharp’s office?
Princess: i was jealous.
Me: jealous? Funny you.
Princess: yea i mean it. So you tell me too,why were you angry when corper Isaac called me out.
Me: i was also jealous.
Princess: igwe why do we keep on lying to ourselves. Its high time we tell ourselves the truth.
Me: what do you mean?
Princess:igwe why are you delaying naw. Lets tell ourselves the truth.
Me: *** i held her shoulder ***. I have understand how you feel. I love you princess. Am burn in,side whenever i see a guy around you. I tried talking but i was scared of rejection. *** i look straight to her eyes***. Princess,what i see in your eyes,is it real or fake?
Princess: it’s real igwe.. The thought of seeing you with another girl hurts me. I wish it was easy for me to say it to you,i would have said it a long time.
Me: baby am so sorry about all the delays.
Princess: no problem sweedy.

***immediately i huged her,i saw corper Isaac coming out of the school***

To be continued…

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