Tale Of A House Boy



Episode 7.
as i huged her,i saw corper Isaac coming out of our school but princess didn’t see him that moment because of where she turned her face to. I ignored corper Isaac and pretended as if i didn’t see him.
Soon,corper Isaac approached us and princess saw him and ignore. We remained in the position we are before.

Princess: corper good evening sir.
***he didn’t reply her,he was just standing and staring at us. We paused our hug and princess crossed her hand on my wa-ist and i crossed mine on her neck ***.
Me: sir good evening.
*** he still didn’t reply me,all he was doing is staring at us. I greeted him the second time. He left without uttering any word to us.***.

Me: why is he staring at us?
Princess: maybe he is jealous because i can see it in his eyes.
Me: did he ask you out?
Princess: no he didn’t. Why are you asking?
Me: the way,he was staring at us is something else.

*** we departed to our various house. The next day in the school,corper Isaac send for me. Why is he calling me? Is it because of what he saw yesterday or what? I summoned courage to go and answer him. On getting to his office,he was busy pressing his phone.***

Me: good afternoon sir.
Corper Isaac: how are you?
Me: am fine sir.
Isaac: have a seat. *** i sat down but am not confortable because he hasn’t summon me in his office before ***. I want you to esc-rt me somewhere,we will be back soon.
Me: no problem sir?
Isaac: ohk.can we go now?
Me: yes sir.

*** as we are going,he was asking me some questions,he was asking me,my relationsh¡p with princess and how i got to know her,weather she lives close to me. I just manage to answer some questions and ignore some.
At a point he entered one mamaput restaurant nearby and i followed him.
He sat down and i sat down too***.

Isaac: what will you take?
Me: no problem sir, am ok.
Isaac: you have to take something now..is because of you i came here. So you have to take something.
Me: ohk sir.
*** he ordered for two plates of rice and coke. I was offered one of plate and coke. We started eating***.
Isaac: so tell me about princess.
Me:sir nothing much to talk about her. I just knew her the way you do.
Isaac: so you don’t know her background.
Me: yes sir,she was newly admitted in this school.
Isaac: so tell me,are you guys dating?
*** i started mulching the food to make sure i finish it before answering his question***
Me:yes,we are dating.
Isaac: when did you started dating her?
Me: sir i don’t think that question is neccesary for now.
Isaac: why?
Me: is our privacy.
Isaac: i want us to talk man to man. Don’t see me as your teacher but your friend now.
Me: alrite.
Isaac: have you had s-x with her?

*** i was shocked to hear such a thing from his mouth. I looked at him with a suprised eyes ,i finished the remaining food i left on the plate and drank my coke. He was just looking at me and my actions toward his question***


Episode 8.
He was still mopping at me like a morron.
After am done with the food and drink ,i looked at him.

Me: sir what do you said?
Corper Isaac: have you had s-x with her?

*** i stood up and clean my mouth and turn around ***.

Me: thank you sir for the lunch.
Corper Isaac: common,i ask you a question.
Me: thank you once again for the meal.
*** i moved out of that place,to the school without uttering anymore word to him.
When i got to the school premises,breaktime were over,i rushed to my classroom, unfortunately,teacher was in our class teaching which happen to be Mrs sharp sharp.
I asked her for permittion to enter in,side the class,
she turned to me..
Mrs sharp sharp:igwe, where are you coming from?
Me: corper Isaac sent me on an errand.
Mrs sharp sharp: since when?
Me: during break time ma.
Mrs sharp sharp: come in and sit down,after teaching,you go to my office and wait for me there for proper introduction because i don’t understand you.
Me: yes ma.

*** i entered in,side the classroom and after teaching,
she left but i didn’t follow her immediately.
I looked at princess and her face was not encouraging***.
Me: princess,what is the matter? *** she didn’t talk to me ***. You have started again ooo by ignoring me. Tell me,what is the problem?
Princess: where are you coming from?
Me: ah! Are you not here when corper Isaac sent for me?
Princess: but it wasn’t his office that you came out now.
Me:yes.he sent me on an errand.
Princess: sent you on an errand?
Me: yes.
Princess: when did you guys started associating to that point. Mind you he was not happen when he saw us together the other day.
Me: i know… Please let me go and answer Mrs sharp sharp.
Princess:what other introduction do she want you to do rather than what you told her?
Me: i wonder oo…
Princess: am beginning to suspect that lady.
Me: hmmm. Please let me go.

*** i went to her office but she wasn’t there because it was locked.
I step out to go in,side our classroom,
i met her and she dragged me to her office,
she told me to sit down and i sat ***.
Me: good afternoon ma.
Mrs sharp sharp: where did you went to?
Me: corper Isaac sent me to buy something for him.
Mrs sharp sharp: for how long? *** i was muted ***. Do you know why i like you most igwe?
Me: *** hmm like ke?** no… ma.
Mrs sharp sharp: you are intelligent and industrious. Education is the key to success,forget about girls and focus more on your studies. Don’t look at what others are doing,but focus more on your dream and i know,the sky will be your starting point.
Me: thank you ma, for that word of encourage.
Mrs sharp sharp: you are welcome dear. Igwe tell me,just say the truth. *** i was scarced ***. Do you have a girl friend?
Me: no ma.
Mrs sharp sharp: how sure are you? I always see you and …………what is that her name? That new comer in your class.
Me: do you mean princess?
Mrs sharp sharp: yes.
Me: we are just a classmate.
Mrs sharp sharp: but she is always beside you.
Me: yes,bcos we are neighbour.
Mrs sharp sharp: alrite.. I want you to come to my house on sunday,there is something i want you to help me to do….
Me:i don’t know if i will have chance bcos of some domestic works. And secondly i don’t have t.fare to come.
*** i went to her house once with our classmates when she was sick. Her house is far from ours***.
Mrs sharp sharp: *** she dipped her hand in,side her bag and gave me N1000*** this is for your t.fare.

Episode 9.
i collected the money from her.
Me: thank you ma..
Mrs sharp sharp: you are welcome.i will be expecting you on sunday.
Me:no problem ma.
Mrs sharp sharp: you can now go to your class.
Me: yes ma..

*** i went to our class with a frowned face,
princess noticed my mood and ask me why do i frowned my face?
I told her nothing. After school dismissal,i went home,
throughout the night,i was so unpertubed. I was just praying that sunday will come and let me know why she was calling me.

Here comes sunday,i prepared with my parent and my junior brother to church. As the homily was going on,
am busy reflecting on what will happen when i got to mrs sharp sharp’s house.
After church,we went home,i prepared our sunday meal since our mother didn’t give birth to a girl,
our mother taught us both male and female domestic works, so am proud of that.
After we finished eating.i took my bath and dressed up to go.
My mother asked me,where am i going to?
I told her that am going to write my assignment in my friends house,
since they don’t play with my education,
She agreed and i left.
20mins later,i located mrs sharp sharp’s house.
I knocked on her door***
Voice: yes,who is that?
Me: is me igwe.
Voice: wait am coming.
Me: alrite

*** after like 1min,the door was opened,
behold i saw mrs sharp sharp with a bumshot revailing the shape of her p—-sy. I had an er-ction instantly but glory be to God that i worn p-nt so my er-cted p—-k didn’t show.
She ushered me in,
i sat on a sofa in her parlour and she sat opposite to me***.
Mrs sharp sharp: welcome my dear. What will i offer you?
Me:no problem ma, am filled up.
Mrs sharp sharp: common…how can you come to my house and you wouldn’t take anything?
Me: ohk ma. Anything.

*** she went to her fridge and bring out beer.i was amazed,
Wetin beer dey do for this woman fridge? Who she wan give this one now? I hope say no be me ooo because i never drink alcohol for my life..
She present it to me ***

mrs sharp sharp: this is for you? Baby boy.
Me: *** i looked at the beer ,
look at her,she was just smiling ***. I don’t drink alcohol.
Mrs sharp sharp: common,you are kidding me. What do you mean that you don’t drink alcohol by this your age. By the way, how old are you?
Me:am 18yrs.
Mrs sharp sharp: waoh! I can’t believe that…. Your body is so deceitful.
Me: how?
Mrs sharp sharp: by main looking at your body,it seems as if you are 23yrs.
Me: hahahaha.
Mrs sharp sharp: so what else should i offer you?
Me: any other thing accept alcoholic drinks.
Mrs sharp sharp: i deliberately want to test you with this alcohol but you didn’t fall…. Kudos to you,keep it up. Don’t follow those drunkers,you are different from them. Just be yourself.
Me: thanks.

*** she went to her fridge with that beer and came back with hollandia yogurt and gave to me,
i thanked her and started drinking.
As i was drinking,
i was thinking, where is her children and husband? The first day i came with my classmate to visit her when she was sick,
i didn’t see her children or husband.
As she not married or what? I starred at her.
How can this beautiful lady be single at this age? I decided to ask her but later
ignored it. We were gisting and laughing till i finished drinking the yogurt***.
Me: what about the thing you said i will help you to do when i come.
Mrs sharp sharp: it is in my bedroom. Lets go….
Me: bedroom?

Episode 10.

***I asked her in a confused manner***.
Mrs sharp sharp: yes now.

*** i looked at her again***.
Me: ok.lets go
*** we moved in,side her room,waoh! Her room was well decorated with a good frangrance odour.
She told me to sit down,i sat. She excused me and open the door and went out,i was just looking around and was admiring the nature of her room.
5mins later,i haven’t seen her,i was worried.
Where is she now. How can she left me in,side her room and move away? I just decided to move to the parlour.
I went to the parlour but i didn’t see her,i sat on the sofa to wait for her.
5mins later,she entered with a small black waterproof,immediately she saw me,she concealed it from me.***
mrs: am so sorry for delaying you….lets go back to the room.
Me: ohk..ma
*** we went back again and i also sat on the chair again***.so where is the thing,you want me to help you to do?
Mrs: am coming,let me take my bath before we can start.
Me: but ma,you know i will go today.this is 4pm, please make it snappy so that i will go on time.
Mrs: no problem.
*** she unclad herself that movement in my very eyes but she was backing me. I was like, what is happening? Has this lady gone mad or something? Who told me to even come here?
My d*ckson resurrected with an ultimate force. After she had stripped herself unclad,she covered herself with a towel and turned around,she smile at me. My d*ckson was er-cted and strong like zuma rock,am even afraid about the hærdness of my p—k that it might burst.she went in,side the bathroom and started bathing,she left the door open.i was viewing the hair in her p—-y small small whenever she bend down to bath her leg. I had been trying to hide my er-cted p—-k but it still show bcos am p-ntless. I only worn boxer and trouser. But wait ooo,what this lady just did now,was it intentional or she did it thinking am still a kid for where she is?
I looked at my er-cted p—-k and it was still hærd. Eeeh! My God please help me to overcome this temptation. What if this woman come out and see my er-cted p—-k,what will be my fate?what will i do? Should i go home without telling her?………no,i can’t go bcos of my er-cted p—k,it will be a disgrace to me.
Should i entered in,side that bathroom?…no if i enter now,she may shout that i want to rape her.
As my mind was running through all this,
i c-m in,side my boxer,i started moving my body in an uncomfortable manner,
mrs sharp sharp came out of the bathroom. I pretending as if am comfortable,
she sat on her bed and bringout cream***.
Mrs: please help me to rob this cream on my back.
Me: *** chai.. how can i stand up with an er-cted p—k,i ignored her***.
Mrs: am talking to you baby boy. *** i decided to standup from where i seated and go and rob her the cream and also with my hærd p—k,let her say anything she want to say,i don’t care moreover,she was the one that aroses my s€×ual urge. I stood up with boldness and went close to her.
She saw my er-cted p—k and shout***.
Mrs: children of nowadays don spoil finish. *** i ignored what she said***. When una don see woman body like this,una body go dey vibrate.*** she gave me the cream and i started robbing her*** Why did you have an er-ction?
Me: all this incantation you have been doing here since,am i a tree?
Mrs: am i the course?
Me: ofcourse.*** as i was robbing her,i was enjoying it and that made my p—k to be strong more. As i was robbing,i was pushing my hand down to her a$$. Immediately i touched the line that connect to her a$$,she vibrated and left a soft mo-n that make me c-m again in,side my boxer again.

Episode 11.

When i c-m again in,side my boxer,i started shaking my wa-ist and she looked at me.
Mrs: what is it baby boy?
Me: *** i pretended ***. Nothing.
Mrs: but why are you shaking your wa-ist?
Me: nothing..am ok.

*** she held my trouser and unhook my belt,she started giving me a mouth job,
as she was doing that,i was carried away by the pressure. She was very good in s—king, i was just gro-ning as she was doing that.
I was also enjoying what she was doing till i want to c-m***.
Me: am c-ming!,am c-ming!! Am c-ming!!!. *** i tried to withdrow my p—k from her mouth but i couldn’t bcos all my p—k was in,side her mouth and she held it so tight. I c-med in,side her mouth and she rushed in,side the bathroom and spite it out,before she can come out from the bathroom,i was lying on the floor.***
Mrs: why are you lying on the floor? *** i didn’t reply her. She laid beside me and gave me a passionate k-ss.*** lets continue baby boy.
Me: i can’t.
Mrs: why?
Me:am tired whereas i have to go home now bcos of my parent.
Mrs: common,how can you just go like that? After turning me on,you want to abandon me unsatisfy. oh…common,its not possible.
Me: is this what you called me in your house to do?
Mrs: are you not enjoying it.
Me: *** i stood up from where am laid***. Am sorry i can’t continue,am going home now.
Mrs: please you don’t have to go,am not satisfy for Christ sake. Please come and enter me,am on fire.
Me: if it is your son,will you be happy if another mother like you do what you are doing to me to him?
Mrs: common,it doesn’t matter. *** i decided to wear my boxer and she held my p—k and kneel down ***. Please am begging you,don’t leave me like this.
*** she started car-ssing my p—k and my d–k resurrected again.
I pounds on her,i held her b—s and started doing justice to that. I s—k her b—s for 2mins and i paused. I located her p—sy and touched the tips and she jerked. I decided to fingerbleep her based on the p-rnographic movies i watch sometimes in my friends house. I was doing that to her as if am not a learner.
I ins**ted one of my finger and continue f—–g her,she was just mo-ning so loud.i was enjoying it ***
Mrs: arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrh! Ooooooh!……..you are killing me baby boy. Am on fire…….fuuuuuuuuck meeeeee! Ohhh. F–k me…..please. *** i continued’ in a high tempo to fingerbleep her with the help of her encouraging mo-n. I was enjoying it to a point that i forgot ,she is old enough to be my mother.
At a point, i removed my finger and it was shining like shoemaker gum. F–k meeeee, she mo-n. As am about to ins**t my d*ckson in,side her p—y she stopped me***
Me: what is it? *** she brought out that waterproof,she came in with when she left me in,side her room,
she opened it and it was c-ndom,she hand it to me***. I don’t know how to use it.
*** she torn the packet and brought it out and worn my d*ckson ***.
Mrs: you can now fire on,am fully ready to recieve you. Lets climb the bed,it’ll be so sweet more than the floor.
We climbed the bed and she lied down with her back,she uses pillow to support her wa-ist so that her p—y will be so close to me. I looked at her p—y to examine wella and the odour that was coming out of it was so attracting.
I was sliding my d*ckson in,side her p—y so gradually and it was as cool as refrigerator……

Episode 12

i was entering her gradually and her p—sy was as cold as if ice was stored in there.
I started pushing in and out of her slowly,very soon i added more effort in stroking her and she was just mo-ning.
I f—-d her as if i wasn’t an amateur,
she was just pleading for more. After like 5mins,i c-med and i separated myself from her,i uncovered my d–k by removing the c-ndom.
I breadth heavily like a man that fall from the palm tree.

MRS: please baby boy,am not satisfied yet.

ME: what do you mean?

MRS: i still need you now because am not yet satisfy.

ME: i don’t think,i can continue

MRS: c’mon baby boy….

ME: *** i picked the used c-ndom *** please where can i dispose this?

MRS: in the toilet *** i went to the toilet and flushed it and came out*** i want to take my bath,can i make use of your bathroom?

MRS: c’mon…don’t tell me that you kept dumb ears to what am saying?

ME: am tired for today,,,maybe next time *** i went in,side her bathroom without waiting for her to approve my request.
I couldn’t lock the bathroom door,bcos the boot had spoiled,
i started bathing,
as i was bathing,the door opened widely and i feel a s-nsational touch on my back bcos i was backing the door.
I turned around***

ME: what do you want from me?

MRS: i need you in,side me. *** she located my p—k with her hand,
my body melt down and i began to gro-n as she was robbing my p—k.
I ins**ted my p—k in,side her p—sy immediately and started f—–g her. As i was banging her,she was just mo-ning and pleading for more.
I was f—–g her so hærd that her mo-n echoed the wh0le room,
oooooh…..my God.. Arrrrrrrrh….please moooooooore…
Harrrrrrrrrder baby boy.
I loooooooove you soooooooo much.
Please marry meeeeeee.***

ME: *** marry you ke? ***
*** i swear that moment that she was confessing,
am feeling like the happiest guy on earth,
her mo-n was moltivating me to f–k her so hærd. After like 7mins, she held me so tight and dug her nails in,side my body and began to convulse,
i was scared,i thought she want to tear me apart that moment, i didn’t know that she want to c-m.
She c-m and i also c-m in,side her bcos my p—k didn’t worn facecap.
After the s€×,i took my bath and worn my cloth ***.

ME: am about to go home naw

MRS: *** she gave me 5k ***. Thanks for coming,,,, when next should i expect you?

ME: soon

MRS: thats my baby boy….

ME: thanks for the money.

MRS: you are welcome.. *** i moved to the door to open it*** no k-ss for me before you go? *** i moved closer to her and k-ssed her and left…
I just decided to charter a bike that will take me home straight bcos i was so tired and the time was 7:00pm..
I waited for 10mins and i couldn’t see any bike, after 5mins more ,i saw bike man and waved at him and he stoped,
i told him where am going to and we concluded the price and he dropped me in our gate…
I was so scared bcos i don’t knw what to tell my dad if he asked me,what kept me so long… I entered our compound and they had already gone to bed,i snicked in,side my room..
I couldn’t sleep all through the nite bcos am reflecting on what i did with Mrs sharp sharp.
In the morning,i went to school, i was as cold as an interior dog nose and princess noticed my mood. She requested to knw why i was in such mood and i told her that am not feeling fine, that it is malaria…
She went out and came back with malaria drugs and gave me to, i don’t want to take it bcos i knw that there was nothing wrong with me and i have to give her excuses…
I told her that i took some malaria drug in the morning before coming to school,,, as we were talking,
mrs sharp sharp entered our class to teach and saw princess hand crossed on my neck and she frowned**

Episode 13.

As Mrs sharp sharp entered our classroom to teach and
saw princess hand crossed on my neck,
she frowned her face,our class greeted her but she murmured the response,
i knew it was bcos of princess hand that was crossed on my neck that she frowned her face,
so i shaked my body so that princess hand will go
off me.
After like 30mins teaching,
MRS: class what about the assignment i gave to you all,i haven’t seen it since morning
*** all the class started submitting their assignment *** after submitting,you all should hand it over to Igwe to deliver it to my office ok *** all responded.
She left our class.
I was like,what did this lady really want from me?
Am not the class chaptain neither am i the assistant.
After they all finished submitting their assignment,they did as she instructed.
I carried the assignment to her office,
when i got to the entrance of her office,
i knocked and she told me to come in,
i moved in and greeted her with a shy face,
i was feeling ashame for what i did with her on sunday.
I droped the assignment books on her table without looking at her face and about to leave her office and
she called me back***.
MRS: how are you?
ME: am fine ma *** without looking at her,i was looking at the floor and standing like a criminal that is about to be sentence to death***.
MRS: are you ok?
ME: am ok ma
MRS: but you don’t seem so, i have been monitoring you when i was teaching in your class,
and you are so cold. You didn’t even contribute in answering questions as you do.
Tell me,
what is the problem?
ME: *** starmmering *** am ok,is just that….that….
MRS: common baby boy, just tell me what the problem is. You are free to say anything,i don’t mind
ME: *** i summon courage to say it *** its just that am feeling guilty of myself for what we did yesterday.
When i got home yesterday,i couldn’t sleep,my consent was wh¡pping me.
MRS: common,forget that.you are a man.
Haven’t you done it before?
ME: i haven’t accept yesterday.
MRS: am so sorry ok. I didn’t know,
if i have known i wouldn’t have lured you to it.
Please just forgive me for taking your pride and your dignity…
ME: *** i was a bit relieved,i feel a strong emotion for her that moment ***. No problem ma.
I love you
MRS: *** smile ***. I love you too.
ME: i want to go back to the class now.
MRS: not now… Go and lock the door and come back,let me show you something special.
ME: *** amazed *** something special?
MRS: yea.*** i locked the door and came back to her *** yesterday that you had s-x with me,how do you feel?
ME: to be frank with you,i really enjoyed it but my consent was judging me,
that is why i feel uncomfortable.
You made me know what the world is all about.
Thank you so much, i love you so so much.
MRS: i love you too baby boy. Let me feel you small before you go back to your class…

*** i gave her a passionate k-ss. She cleared her table and laid down,
i grabbed her two bossom,it was still firm and attracting,
i unbotton her upper cloth and started s-cking her b—-s,
she was mo-ning small small, at a point she increase her mo-n and
i told
her to lower her mo-n inorder not to attract students or teachers.
ignore her b—s and continue k-ssing her,
i started going down to her
lower chamber and
a knock
came on her office

To be continued

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