Tale Of A House Boy




*** i disengaged myself from her immediately and arranged myself
so that my hærd p—k will not show. My heart was beaten so high to the point that i supported it with my
left hand.
Mrs sharp sharp already worn her cloth sharply ***.
Mrs: who is that?
Voice: please ma principal want to see you urgently *** on hearing that,
i breadth down ***
Mrs: ohk…. Tell him that,
i will be right there.
Voice: ohk…. Ma
Mrs: please lets continue jare
Me: i think we should
for now.
Mrs: common…..
Me: this is your office,
do you want people to suspect
We have to be very
careful about our relationsh¡p.
Mrs: i think thats
you made a point there.
You always talk like a matured
guy and
thats why i love you so much.
Me: thanks
*** i wanted to go and she called me back ***
Mrs: not when am alive
that you will leave like that baby
Come and give me some k-ss before you go
*** i held her head and
rolled her a passionate k-ss,
she left a soft mo-n and
my d—ck resurrected at once,
i pulled my hands from her
head and
arranged myself and left
her office to my class.
When i got to the class,
corper Isaac was teaching,
i requested for permission to come in and
he told me to knee down.
I knelt down without minding that princess was in the class.
As i knelt down,
princess looked at me and
also looked at corper Isaac.
After he finished teaching,
he told me to follow him and
i followed him.
When we got to his office,
he told me to sit down and i did ***
corper Isaac: why did you walkout from me the other day?
Me: am sorry sir.
Corper: ohk…. I want you to do
something for me.
Me: i can do it once its not above my power.
Corper: are you sure?
Me: yea… Am sure sir,
corper: i know it would’t be easy for you to do
but you have
to try. I love princess so much *** it sounds like a bumb to my ear ***
Me: *** pretended *** what do you want me to do?
Corper:i know she is your gf but please can you leave her for me?
Me: *** with a heavy heart*** no problem…
You can have her.
Corper: i love your way…. Thanks so much.
Me: you are welcome sir.
*** he gave me N500 for lunch,
i collected it sharperly and
dashed out of his office.
I went in,side our class and princess was sleeping on my desk,
i moved out to the canteen and bought some things and
came back to
the class, princess was still sleeping and i woke her up.
She saw the black waterproof on my hand and
asked what it is?
I hand it over to
her and told
her to open it and
Mattew was on his desk looking
at us with a jealous face and i don’t even mind,
after school dismissal,
i went home.

Since that day i couldn’t concentrate on studying my books again.
One day princess told me to come and visit her on Sunday that she
has a very important discussion
with me.
I asked her about her mum,
if she will be around and
she told me that
her mum traveled to see her
dad in Asaba Delta state, her father was a civil servant in Asaba.
I greed to come and visit her and
knw what she
want to discuss with me.
Here comes Sunday,
after church,i cooked and ate before i went to princess house.
When i got to her house,
i was amazed for what i saw………….


*** When i got to her house,
i saw corper Isaac in her compound.
I was heartbroken immediately .
They didn’t see me bcos they were backing the entrance of their compound.
So i step back to think of the
next step.
What is corper Isaac doing in her house? And she even gave him a sit and she seated behind him.
What is her intention of doing this?
Did she deliberately invite me and corper Isaac to her house or what?
Should i enter there or go home and never in my life step my feet
in her house.
I wanted to cry but
i consoled myself and decided to
go home.
As i was going home,
my phone started ringing.
When i looked at it and
it was princess calling.
I ignored the call. She called me 5th times and i didn’t
pick up.
When i got home that Sunday,
i was very angry,
the kind of anger that i am,
omo can even
boil hot water.
I entered in,side my room without greeting my mum,
that i met going out.
I was in,side my room thinking
about what princess did,
and a call came in,
i decided to ignore the call without checking who was that.
The call came again the
second time and
i ignored,
the third time,
i brought it out to abort the call and look at it and it was Mrs sharp sharp calling,
i picked the call.***

Me: hello ma.
Mrs:baby boy, how are you doing?
Me: am……am fine.
Mrs : where are you celebrating your Sunday?
Me : am at home…. So bored
Mrs : can you come over?
Me : *** i looked at the time and its 3:45pm *** let me check wheather i can make it.
Mrs: are you doing anything now?
Mrs: then what is preventing from coming?
Me: you knw your house is far,
Mrs: i knw but its still time….don’t enter bus,
Just chatter bike and come fast.
Me: that’s involves a lot of money.
Mrs: just forget it and come,
i will pay ok.
Me: ohk…. I will be there soon
Mrs:thats my baby boy,
please be fast,
i will be expecting you
Mrs: i love you…
Me : me too *** hang up *** let me go and visit her
atleast lemme knw if my anger can come down.

*** i worriedly went to the road
to enter bike and i met
my dad coming down
from bus and
i hid myself and he
I came out and boded bike straight to her
I went close to her door to knock,
i heard someone mo-ned.
Is someone bleeding her or what.
I just decided to wait a bit and
knw if i can hear that mo-n again,
i waited for like
5mins before i heard it again.
That moment my heart skipped….
Oooh God,
what have i done to this women?
Do they just call me to break my heart today.
Princess invite me to her house and i went there
and met corper Isaac.
Now this lady don invite me and another person dey in,side dey bleep am.
So they want to give me heart attack?
I decided to go but the problem is my t.fare bcos
i used all the money i have
to pay the bike man
that dropped me.
Should i go in,side and intrude them or
trekk home?
I can’t trekk home bcos
they is
a long distance.
I moved out of their
gate and stood there.
After like 2mins,
my phone started ringing and
it was princess calling,
i ignored her call and continue thinking of what to do.
After her call, another call came in and it
was Mrs sharp sharp calling,
i was asking myself,
should i pick her call or
ignore her and
trekk home….


As i was standing infront of their gate,
and my phone was busy ringing.
I just decided to pick her call and knw what she want to say***
Me: *** frowned *** hello
Mrs: hello igwe,
where are you? *** silent ***
i have been waiting for you,
please come fast.
Me: *** a bit relieved *** am almost there.
Mrs : am waiting *** hand up***.
Me: those it mean that,
someone is not bleeping her in,side?
But what was that mo-n i heard for?
Owk… Let me go in…
*** i went in,side her house and
I saw Mrs sharp sharp unclad,
sitting on her sofa in the parlour.
My d-ckson signal me and
i tried to cover it but i couldn’t .
I came in with my hærd on and sat oposite her ***
Me: why are you unclad ? Put on your cloth,
am not here for this.
Mrs : spare me that trash.
Come and join me.
Me:if you don’t wear your cloth now,
i will leave and never to come back.
*** my d*ckson was so hærd that i couldn’t control it anymore,
in that moment,
it was my d*ckson that was controling me. I was just ordering her to put on her cloth as if it was from the bottom of my heart.
She didn’t even listening to
what am ordering her to do.
I just decided to make a move to knw her reaction.
As i moved to the door to open it and she rushed me and i intentionally resisted her ***
Mrs : ok… No problem.
*** she went back and worn p-nt
and b-ra. ***
Me:better *** i sat down with my d*ckson still hærd…. I asked her without minding wheather she is up to my mum’s age ***
who are you with?
Mrs : when?
Me : today
Mrs: am not with anybody.
Me: why are you mo-ning?
Mrs : is just that the pressure is too much on me.
But how do you knw that?
Me: never mind.
*** her body settled down after i finished asking her question,
she enter in,side her room and come out with
a skirt and polo on her body
and my hærd p—ck bow down immediately .***
Mrs: what will i offer you baby boy?
Me: anything you like
Mrs: hmmm…..
*** she went in,side her kitchen and come with rice and
fried children’s lap and
present it to me.
She went in,side again and come out with
hollandia yogurt ***
Mrs: this is for you baby boy.
Me: thank you so much
Mrs: you are welcome.
*** without wasting anymore time,
i tackled the food.
As i was eating,
we were just gisting about so many things,until
when i asked her about
her family ***
Mrs: actually, i haven’t told anybody about this
but i have to tell you…
I got married to the first man some years ago and
he divorced me
bcos i was unable to give him a child,
i met the second man and he also divorced me bcos
of the same issue.
But before the second man divorced me,
we went to the hospital and
doctor confirm that i can’t be able to have a baby
that….. *** Want to cry and i consoled her.*** so since then,
am just alone,
eating alone,
talking alone and
so many of them.
That is why i see you as my
my husband and my
That is why i always want you to be on my side and forget about all those small small girls.
Try and understand me whenever i need your attention….
See me as your mother as
i see you as my son.
See me as your lover as i
see you as my lover too..
Ask me anything you
want and i will do it for you ok…
Me: *** i pitied her as she was expressing her emotions and story of her life.*** i understand you…
***My phone started ringing***

*** as my phone was ringing,i checked it to knw who is that and it was princess calling,
i frowned my face and put it in silent.***
Mrs:t who is that?
Me: my classmate.
Mrs: owk… I thought, its your parent.
*** after eating and drink the hollandia yogurt she gave me,
i was fully relaxed. I unhook my belt and relax on her sofa.
She packed the plate that she used to serve me food and went in,side the kitchen….
After like 10mins,
she came out and sat beside me on the same sofa.***
Mrs: are you fully loaded naw?
Me: extra loaded sweetie.
Mrs: how i wish you are the same age with me…
Me: sorry to ask…how old are you?
Mrs: 32.
Me: waoh!
*** after like 20mins of discussion,
she told me that she need me in,side her..
Sure i have no other option than to give it to her in a more rom-ntic way….
I released in,side since she told me that she can’t be able to get pregnant.
She thanked me that evening and gave me 5k for
my t.fare and also for my upkeep.
I left her house that evening.
As i was going to the main road to chatter bike that will take me home,
some guys were coming from my front,
i couldn’t recognize their faces bcos the weather is gloomy.
I perceived peril as they were coming close to me but i decided not to run since they are near to me…
Immediately they told me to stop and i stopped. My body started shaking that moment.
I was thinking so this is where my life will end. Who will tell my parents what happened.
I didn’t even inform any of my family members where am going to.
Mrs sharp sharp you have really killed me ooo.
I probed to identify their identity and
they are policemen.***
Police 1: where are you coming from by this time ? This is 8pm already .
Me: *** p-nting *** am coming…am coming from my…my…
*** one of them gave me a thunder slap,
i fall down immediately and was rolling on the ground.***
police 2: so you think, we dey play abi?
Me: *** it took me like 2mins before i got myself ***
police 2: no be you we i dey talk to?
*** i started crying and was asking them
what offence did i comit.
One of them told me that a woman was kidnapped that evening in that area so
they are doing some investigation .that i have to follow them to
the station,
that i will be release until the investigation will be over.
I started pleading with them to have mercy on me that
i knw nothing about the kidnap.
I told them that am a secondary school student that they should allow me go.
That am not living in that vecinity.
One of them told them to release me
and another one said that they should not,
that i might be their informant.
I continue pleading with them to free me and
another one asked me how much i go pay?
I told them that i have only 5k on me that my
aunt gave me for my textbooks in school and they said that i should give it to
them or i will follow them to the station.
I have no other options than to give it to them.
They freed me and went away,
i moved out of that arena i was with the policemen ***
Me: what will i do naw?
My t.fare is in that money those policemen collected … But wait ooo,
how am i sure that those guys are policemen?
Should i trekk home or go back to Mrs sharp sharp’s house???
*** i looked at the time and its
9:21pm ***
eeh…! Am finished.
If i say let me trekk home, i will reach our house either dead or alive bcos that road is danger at nite
and if i go back to Mrs sharp sharp’s house,
she wouldn’t allow me go.

God into your hands i comit my spirit ooo…


*** i was loitering around in that area,
God what will i tell my parent?
I later decided to inform
Mrs sharp sharp on phone that am stranded and she didn’t ask me what happen
and she told me to come back to her house. I went back to her house,
when i got there,she was already on her nite garment and i sat down
with a frowned face***
mrs: what happened?
Me: when i got down the road,as i was waiting for bike that will take me home….
Suddenly i saw a group of boys coming to me,
i wanted to run but i said no… When they approached me,they started asking me questions.
I didn’t even knw that they are policemen,i thought they are an arm robbers.
one of them told me that,
a woman was kidnapped in that area and they were
commanded to arrest anybody found around that area.
They got me arrested and i started pleading with them to release me but they refused and said
that am going to remain in their custody
till the investigation will
be over.
Mrs:*** she scre-med *** Jesus Christ!
So what later
Me: i continue pleading with them when one of them ask
me to pay.
I gave them that money you gave
to me and
freed me and go.
Mrs: thank God oooo,
they only took money from you and
nothing else.
Me:*** Frowned face *** please help me,
i want to go home….
Mrs: home? You have to sleep over
and go in the morning..
Me: you knw that wouldn’t be possible naw….
Am still in my parents house
Mrs : i knw but its too late.
Me: i must go home this nite or
my parent will disown me…
They will still query me if i get home
this nite,
talkmore of sleeping over.
Mrs:you knw how peril that road use to be in the nite.
You can’t risk your life bcos your parent will
disown you…
What if you die in the process,what will be the fate of your family?
Did you inform any of your family members
where you are going to?
Me: no
Mrs: you see my dear you can’t go dis nite.
Remember ,they killed someone
recently in that road,
who knws the next person,
so my dear i dnt want to loose you
neither do your family.
So chill and sleepover,
your parent can never kill you…
*** i was muted but unpertubed.
I don’t knw
what else to say ***
go in,side the bathroom and take
your bath,
let me dish out food so that we can eat.
Me: what will i tell them if
i get home tommorow morning?
Mrs: till then,i will tell you…
Me: what about school,
wouldn’t i go to school?
Mrs: you will,
you will take your bath in the morning
and i will carry you with my car to
your house..
I will explain to your parent by
my self ok…
Me: what will you tell them..
Mrs: leave that to
me dear .*** she pecked me *** my dear go and take
your bath.

*** i went in,side the
bathroom and took my bath,
she gave me cream and
as i was robbing it on my
She came closer to me ***
Mrs: can i help you to rob your back?
Me: *** frowned ***
Mrs: common baby boy *** she took the cream from me and started to rob my back.. Did i even say rob,she started car-ssing my back.
As she was doing that,
i gro-ned in pressure and pounces on her.
I started k-ssing her,
at a point she unclad herself.
I located her b-obs and
started doing justice to them,
my phone started to ring ,
i abandoned her and to check who is calling me and
its my dad calling.
My heart skipped and my er-cted d–k
go down immediately.
She asked,
who is calling you?
I didn’t answer
her cos she
was the one that put me in that mess.
Where will i tell him that i am in this nite?
Its almost 11pm….

I was looking at my phone as it was ringing till it stopped ringing.
The call came the second time
and Mrs sharp sharp
came close to me. She took the phone from
me and kept it aside …… ***
Mrs: why did you frown your face like this naw?
Just cheer up and leave everything
to me… I will cover up when i meet
them tomorrow ….
Common baby boy,
lets continue.
*** i didn’t even shake my body from where
i am,i was just thinking what will happen
tomorrow morning .
She moved her hand down to my p—k and
i regained er-ction instantly.
She started robbing
and i was enjoying it. At a point,
i tackled her b—bs and started s-cking it
so hærd,she was mo-ning. I s—-ed her for
like 5mins and i abandoned her b—bs,
i moved my finger down
to her p—-sy,
i shift her p-nt one side and ins**t my finger
in,side her w-t p—-sy and she mo-ned softly.
I started pushing my finger in and out of her.
I fingerbleeped her for 5mins and i withdrow
my finger from her p—-sy.
I removed her p-nt and i told her to unclad
me and she did. I laid on the floor beside her and
we were facing each other.***
Mrs: can you f–k me from the back?
Me:i haven’t try that…..
Mrs:then let me be the first you will do that with.
*** she turned and was facing the floor,
she departed her legs for me.***
Mrs : f–k my a$$ baby boy. F–k meeeeeeeee!
*** that her word motivated me and i pushed
the head of my p—ck in,side her a$$.
I started f—–g her,as i was f—–g her,
i located her b-obs and was pressing it.
She was mo-ning with a Loud voice….
Oooooh! Arrrrrrrrrrrh!
baby boy!
Give me a baby….
Shuu make i gave you a baby where you can never
You must be a joker.
I was firing her
so hærd but
i wasn’t enjoying it bcos i haven’t f–k a woman through her a$$.
I withdrow my p—k from her p—-sy and
i told her to turn,let me f–k her from the front.
She turned and face me…
I ins**ted my p—k and she a soft mo-n.
As i was about to fire her,
my phone started ringing again.
I departed myself from her to check
who was calling and it was my dad again.
I abandoned the phone and continue with her.
I f—-d her for 7mins and she held me
and began to convulse.
She c-mmed and i
also c-mmed in,side her,she was mo-ning as
i was filling her h0πeyp0t with my
After then,i departed myself from her and
went in,side the bathroom to take my bath.
She also entered and we had our bath together
and also a quickie .
After bathing,we entered her parlour and we ate and went to bed.
I woke up by 4am in the morning
with an er-cted
p—k. I pounds on Mrs sharp sharp as
she was sleeping,
she woke up immediately,
i thought she will resist me but she spread her legs
for full penetration.
Without wasting time,i entered her and started firing her. I c-mmed in,side her and departed myself from her.
She continued with her sleep,i was awake till 6am,
when i stood up from bed and went in,side
her bathroom.
When i came of the bathroom,mrs sharp sharp was already in the kitchen preparing some food.
After cooking,she took her bath and we ate together and
we moved out of her house to her car.
I entered and she
drove off.
When we entered our compound,
i saw my mum and
my dad outside with
some of our neighbours.
My heart started beating fast.
Am finished,
Mrs sharp sharp
only God go punish you…
But why was
some of our
in our compound?


*** when Mrs sharp sharp stopped her car,
she opened the door and moved out and i
came out slowly. I went close to where those people and my parent are,
my mum was mopping at me like a morron.
All the people that was in our compound was just looking at me…
I greeted my parent and they didn’t respond,
still mopping at me…
My heart skipped,chai! Wetin i go do ooo,
Mrs sharp sharp don finish my life,
wetin go be the excuse wey i go give them ***
my dad:igwe what happened? *** my mouth started shaking
cos i don’t knw
what to say***
Mrs sharp sharp: goodmorning sir.?
he was hitted by a bike man when i saw him yesterday,
he was lying helplessly and i took him to a
nearby hospital for treatment.
Thank God he didn’t sustain any injury.
Mum: what!
Mrs sharp sharp: as a matter of fact,
we are just coming from the hospital naw….
*** chai dis woman sabi lie well well***
my dad: Jesus Christ! Thank you so much for saving his
Mrs sharp sharp: he is moreless my son.
*** my dad took her in,side our house
and bought drink for her but she refuse to
drink anything ***
dad: why can’t you take ordinary malt?
Mr sharp sharp: no am ok,
don’t bother yourself.
Maybe when next i will come,
i will even eat *** they laughed ***
my dad:emmm….
What about his hospital bill,
you can take me there,
let me paid.
Mrs sharp sharp: don’t worry,
i have paid everything.
What we will be doing is to thank God for his life.
My dad:i don’t knw how to thank you…
My God will reward you abundantly.
Mrs sharp sharp: amen ooo…
My mum:thank you so much.
Mrs sharp sharp: he is moreless my son,
if i didn’t do it,then what makes me a mother?
So lets give God thanks for
saving him…
Me: *** chai dis woman sabi lie oooooh..
See as im dey pack all the thanks wey
my parent dey give am.
I look am and our eye com jam,
i throway my face for one side,
Make i greetam *** thank you ma for saving my life.. Who knws where i would have been
by naw?
Mrs sharp sharp: don’t say like that
Me:thank You so much
Mrs sharp sharp: you are welcome my son.
I have to be on my way naw,am going to work.
My dad: ok… When next will you visit us?
Mrs sharp sharp: maybe on Sunday,
i will be free.
My mum: alrite…thank you so much.
*** Mrs sharp sharp entered her car and
drove off.
I told my parent that i want to go to school but
they refused and told me to stay at home so
that i will get myself fully well..
My mum prepared food for me and called me
to come and eat but bcos i have ate in Mrs sharp sharp’s house,
i told her that
am not hungry.
She insisted and i ate small.
I was sleeping all through the day.
The next day,
i went to school as early as possible,after morning assemble,
i went straight to
my desk and
bend my head on it..
Soon princess entered the class and tapped me,
i rose my face up and
looked at her…***
princess: goodmorning igwe.. *** i didn’t respond,
teacher entered our class..
After teaching she left and copper Isaac entered,
he looked at princess and their eyes met…
My heart started beating immediately,
i walked out of the class,
i decided to go out of the school entirely.
Harrison my friend that
was living around the school didn’t come to school that day
so i decided to
go to his house.
When i got there,he was on a haste to go out.
After we have greeted in our usual way,
i asked him where he was going to and he told me that his mother called him
(he relocated around the school bcos of our wassce exam that
was coming up)
i told him that i want to stay in his house to cool
my head and he gave me his key and left.
I entered his house and
laid in his bed.
After like 5mins someone knocked at the door…
Me:who is that?

To be continued

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