Tale Of A House Boy




Me: who is that?
Voice: is me princess.
Me:*** i ignored her and she knocked again,
i stood up and went to the door and opened it..
I looked at her and our eyes met***
princess: igwe what is it? What have i done to you that you were avoiding me since
morning. If i have wronged you in anywhere please
fine a place in
your heart to forgive me…
*** i moved in and sat on the bed held one pillow inbetween my legs.,
she moved out of the door step and
sat beside me… ***
Me: who was in your house on Sunday that you invited me?
Princess: is copper Isaac
Me: you also invited her?
Princess: no….
Me:how does he got into your house?
Princess: he asked me the other day
for my location and i told
him where am living but
i didn’t told him the main way to our compound.
Me:why did you do that?
Princess: am sorry igwe,
please forgive me,i don’t knw what came over me that day.
Me: so you did it to knw if i will die in heartbreak?
princess: die?
Nooooooh! Please forgive me *** she crossed her hands on my neck *** baby i love you with
my body and soul,
i feel empty whenever you are not around me…
My life is meaningless without you igwe,
you are special part of me which i can’t leave behind.
Can someone abandon his eyes,mouth,nose or
ears? The answer is no,
You see if that is impossible,knw that it
will be impossible
for me to leave you… You are not just an ordinary part
of me but
most important part of me…
Can someone live without nose,mouth,eyes or even ears? The answer is still no,
Igwe please forgive me and understand. *** she makes to cry***
Me: is ok baby…..i understand but its just
that i feel heartbroken whenever a guy
come around you… You are also special part of me…
I thanked the Lord for the first day i met you..
Do you knw that
i couldn’t sleep throughout the night
that Sunday.
Princess: am so sorry for my ignorance.
*** soon my phone started to ring,
i checked and it was Mrs sharp sharp that
was calling me,i picked up ***
Me: hello ma…
Mrs: hello igwe,
where are you,
I have been looking for you?
Me: copper Isaac sent me to an errand ma,
i will be back soon.
Mrs: for how long have you stayed there…
Me: ma please i will be back soon.
*** hangup…. I switched off my phone ***
princess: who was that?
Me: Mrs sharp sharp
princess: why is she calling you?
Me: she was asking me where i am…
Princess: why would she be looking for you?
Me: i don’t knw.
*** i laid on the bed, facing the ceiling and
she laid ontop of my body.***
Me: promise me that you will never
leave me and nothing
on this earth can separate us.
Princess: i pledge,
there is nothing that can separate us in this world accept death.
Me: i love you babe
Princess: i love you too
*** i pushed her down and started to k-ss her…
I k-ssed her from her head to her toe and looked at her to knw her reaction.
her body was shaking and i
At a point,she left a soft mo-n,
i decided not to fingerbleep her
bcos i don’t want
to rom-nce her roughly.
I unbotton her uniform shirt and dipped my hands in,side her
b-ra and
bring her b–bs out.
Behold her b–bs were still firm and confidential.
The two b–bs were staring at me,they were like,
wetin dey do you,
you dey craze.
I noded my head and i s—-ed her b–bs and
her legs started shaking and her body
was so hot like overboiled hot water.
I looked into her eyes and
it seems she
cant hold her body anymore and she whispered to
my ear***
princess: igwe take my V-rginity as a sign of my love for you…
Me:*** amazed *** are you still a V-rgin?
Princess: confirm and take it please.
I can’t hold myself anymore igwe


*** I looked into her eyes,it seems she was dieing gradually in,side.***
Me: do you mean it baby?
Princess: igwe you are hurting me emotionally.
*** i removed her skirt with slow motion.
She was left with only p-nt,
i removed her p-nt and i decided to such her
p—-sy and i remembered that she haven’t do it before and i ignored it..
I don’t want to bleep her rough so i located her bossom
and touched the n—–s with my mouth and she
i shook my head,
dis one na tie rubber….
I s—-d her bossoms for some minute and i
pulled my school uniform and my p—k was
ready for any action. As am about to bleep her,she
used her palm to cover the mouth of her p—-sy ***
Me: baby what is the problem?
Princess: promise me one thing….
Me: no need to ask me,i have already knew what
you want to say baby….. I pledge with
my body and my soul.
Princess: how do you knw what i want to say?
Me: i always read your mind whenever we
are together.
Princess: are you sure?
Me: *** i k-ssed her *** yea am sure
Princess: take my body and my soul.
Take my V-rginity as a sign of my love for you…
*** she unclosed her p—sy,
i tried to slide the head of my d*ckson in,side her p—sy but it couldn’t enter.
I tried it the second time and its still the same thing.i was irritated,
Which kind p—sy wey dis girl carry sef?
The p—sy no dey even accept my d*ckson.
After for some time,i tried it the third time,
and it was still the same thing.
I no wan force my d*ckson in,side her bcos
i no wan hurt her…
My d*ckson was the one that was controlling me that moment,i wanted to
forget that her but my d*ckson insist that i
should do it..
I pushed my d*ckson in,side her with full force.
She shricked and tears rolled from her eyes.
I pitied her that moment,i removed my d*ckson from her p–sy.
My d*ckson was covered with some blood and
i looked at her p–sy and saw blood,
i managed to use my handkerchief to to clean up
those blood that was on my d*ckson.
She laid on the bed helplessly and tears on her eyes.
My d*ckson bow down instantly and i was p-nting and roaming about in that room.
God…… what have i just did naw?
I turned to my d*ckson,
is it not you,you can decieve both old
and new. How i wish God will make manh-od and womanh-od detacheable. I for comot am throway.
Am just tired,i don’t knw what to do.
We were in,side that room till evening
when the weather was gloomy.
I told her to follow me,
let me show her the bathroom for her to bath
so that she will get herself.
She agreed and followed me to the bathroom and i shown her…
I didn’t knw what that blood that came out of her p—sy mean.


Any girl that you are dating that is still a V-rgin
please! please! And please! If you knw that you wouldn’t marry her don’t disflower her cos
you will regret it..
I made the mistake that was giving me sleepless night sometime
and i don’t want any of our guys to repeat it.
Have you ever wondered why God carefully positioned a membrane of blood in a lady’s s€×ual opening? It is a thin thiny membrane that partially or completely covers the opening of the v—-a.

It is called the “HYMEN”. Why would God-Our Maker put a breakable tissue full of blood at the very door of the s€×ual opening of the female? Why is it so carefully placed at that entrance, like a ribbon tied at the entrance of a new house about to be launched? Why is it filled withblood that spills away when it is broken? Why?
Without doubt, the HYMEN IS A GATE! It was God (our creator) who set that blood- filled vessel there as a covenant blockage, a sign and a token of a covenant between the bearer and whoever plunges into her opening. Before God, the disV-rginity of a lady is not a casual act of fun. It is a serious covenant struck and confirmed by the blood shed on that day. This is God’s way of saying, “Whoever plunges in to this woman shall only be able to do so by making a blood covenant to be joined to her for the rest of his life, from that point onward. Little wonder why s€×ual intercourse was designed by God to take place only and only after the marriage contract is sealed.
So lets be careful.
After like 10mins,we left Harrison’s house and i see her off.. I bodded a bike and she left.i went home without my school bag cos our school gate has been locked.when i got to our compound,i saw my parent outside with an angry faces..
Chai i don die today,where i go tell dem say i go?
The time is 7:30pm.


*** Where i go tell dem say i go naw???
What lie should i cookup for them naw???
I borrow courage to enter without having anything in
mind to use and defend myself.
When i entered,i greeted my dad first and he responded wella and i greeted my mum and he also responded.
When i want to enter my room,my dad called me back and i came back.
My heart was beating faster,
chai i don die!!!
God abeg save me ***
My dad: anything you are going to stay long outside,
you have to inform us so that we will not be worried.
Me: yes dady.
My dad: where is the books you came back with?
Me:*** chai! See gbege *** emm….i left it in my friends house where we have been studying.
My dad: who is that your friend and where did he live?
Me: *** why all dis jamb question naw *** dad is Harrison.
My dad : ohk….how did you went to his house while i knw their house was far away from your school?
Me: dad he is no more living with his parent.
He is now living around the school bcos our wassce that
is fast approaching.
My dad: i have been thinking about that for a while now.
Me: what dady?
My dad: you knw,staying here with us will be a burden and a
distraction to you…
I have been thinking that it will be better for you to join your collegue and live around the school,
that will give you more opportunity to read hærd with you collegues.
My mum: that’s a good idea. So my dear you have to join them and struggle to bringout your best in this your coming wassce exam.
My dad: so son,what do you think about that?
Me: dad am so grateful to both of you…
I like the idea.
My dad : alrite when you get to school tomorrow,
try and look for house where you will leave and
give me feedback when you return.
Me: no problem dad,i will do just that…..
Your are the best dady i have ever seen in this world,
infact dady come out for the next presidential election,
trust me,i will vote for you with all my fingers.
*** they all laughed ***
My dad: you can now go and took your bath
and help your mum to do one or two things in the kitchen before you go back to your studies.
Me: yes dady.
*** i went in,side my room and removed my
school uniform and went straight to the bathroom.
As i was bathing,my mind haven’t got off about
what happened
between princess and i in the afternoon.
After bathing,i went to my room and applied small vaseline on my body and joined my mum in the kitchen.
As we were cooking,my mum raised a topic and
started asking me some funny questions.
I wasn’t replying her wella bcos i was not
interesting in that.
After cooking,we ate and went to our different rooms.
That night,i tried to read my economic textbook but
i was not concentrating bcos am troubled in my
heart. So i went to bed
was restless allthrough.
The next day i went to school,after our morning devotion ,i didn’t see princess.
First and second lesson is gone yet princess haven’t show up.
What happened to her naw? Did her parent found out???
Did she fall into sickness bcos of that act???
God please forgive me for hurting that innocent girl…
After thinking for a while, i called her number but its switch off.
What happened to her naw??
I left the school to her house,when i got there,her father was outside..
Chai!!! I don die,how i go enter this compound naw?
What if i enter nko,who i go tell them say i dey look for?
Igwe this na brain work,
use your head!!!


*** how will i enter this compound naw?
My mind was running through many things.
I borrowed courage and entered the compound.
I met her father ***
Me: good afternoon sir.
Princess dad: good afternoon to you…
Me: please i hope here is princess Akachukwu’s compound?
Princess dad: yes….
Me: are you her father?
Princess dad:yes i am… What can i do for you?
Me: actually,am from St. Theresa secondary school.
Am in the same class with princess.
She was absent today in the school and our
form teacher send me to come and check on her… As you can see our wassce is fast approaching.
Princess dad: that’s true my son.that’s so
kind of your form teacher.
She is not feeling well since yesterday nite when she came
back from school.. *** omo see gbege…
Na my handiwork ***
Me: eeeyah! So sorry but can i see her bcos
i have a message for her from our form teacher?
Princess dad:sure you are free to see her…
She is in,side her room
*** he pointed his finger at the direction of her room ***
Me: thank you sir.
*** i went straight to the room where princess dad pointed at.
I knocked and she told me to come in..
When i came in and she saw me,
she was amazed..
I rushed to the bed where she was seated and held
her hands and tears rolled from her eyes ***
Me:please baby,am sorry for everything ok…
*** tears was still rolling from her eyes *** baby please stop shadding tears,
it hurts me when
i see your tears… Wipe your tears,am here for you…
*** i brought out my handkerchief and wiped her tear and sat beside her on the bed.
She laid her head on my chest.
Baby why are you crying?
Princess: you wouldn’t understand igwe…
Me: well… Here is not the right place to discuss
this issue. I was just feeling bored and lonely bcos
of your absent.
So i decided to come over to knw how you are doing.
Princess: thank you so much..
Me: baby if i didn’t do it who else will i do it for?
Am so sorry for the pain you are going through.
Princess: it is a compulsory act for we girls,
so don’t bother yourself about that…..
Me: hmmm….. Ohk…. So how are you feeling naw?
Princess: feeling ok when i saw you…
Me: lolz… Am i your medication?
Princess: *** she laughed *** igwe please i don’t want to laugh this
afternoon. So how was school today ?
Me: my dear school was fine oooo….
Princess: so igwe what subject were you Been taught today?
Me: forget them jareh…
My mind wasn’t in the class bcos of your absent.
My consent was busy wiping me…
Princess: your consent! No now.
before i forget,
how did you manage to come here
bcos my dad was around?
Me: trust me naw,he was the one that showed me the direction of your room.
Princess: you evaded him?
Me: forget i will explain when you come to school tomorrow.
I hope you are coming to school tomorrow?
Princess: why not,i will come.
Me: i have to be on my way naw before your father will suspect us.
*** i planted a k-ss on her forehead *** i love you baby..
Princess: i love you too
*** i moved down from the bed and opened the door to go,
i looked at her again and she waved at me…
I left her room and went to that place i saw her father when i entered the compound,
but i didn’t see him there again.
I hurriedly moved out of the compound so that her father will not
knw the time i left their compound.
As i was going back to school to attent lesson,
my mind wasn’t at rest bcos
i was thinking that
princess’s father might hide somewhere to capture our conversations.
When i got to our school gate,
someone tapped me and when i looked back,
behold! Its company and other four boys.
They were looking at me with so much anger on their faces.
I don die today oooo….


*** i was so scared bcos all the people knew company as a member of
Company stepped forward to me***
company: igwe you have choosen to be that fly that
insist on following corpse to the grave.
Me: what did you mean?
Company: you don’t knw what i mean?
Me: yes.. Please i don’t understand you…
Company: you dnt understand?
Is it only you that haven’t heard that am inlove with princess.
Now is either i break one of your legs or
hands so that when princess see you,
she can’t be able to recognise you again.
Or we will have a deal.
Me:***p-nting *** please what is the deal?
Company: ok,it goes like this,,,you knw i don’t want to break your heart bcos
i knw you love her and she loved you too….
Just arrange her for me,let me bleep her just
once and i will go my way….
Me:please company,you knw that will be difficult to do.
Beside she is still a V-rgin.
Company: *** he landed a slap on my face ”gbozaaa!!”.
I stagger and one of them hold me so that i will not fall. *** V-rgin my foot!
Will you or should i do my worse right here and now?
Me: *** tears rolled from my eyes *** please what gain will you derive if you
fracture me?
Company: *** he landed me another slap.
I fell on the ground and two of his boys
lifted me up and held my two hands *** if you dear open that your
rubbish mouth to ask me that stupid question again,
i will not only fracture you but will kill you… Idiot!!!
So what do you said ?
Me:*** i was still shedding tears ***
Company: you are not even a half man,
look at yourself,i only dash you just slap and you are shedding tears.
What if i stabb you nko?
Rrrrubish!! Talk before i kill you here naw….
*** he broughtout a well sharpened knife from his school bag *** will you talk naw koomu gbanyere gi film ka iwochiea?
Me: please can you allow me lemme think about it and i will
give you feedback?
Company: lemme grant you that but!!
After tomorrow,if i didn’t hear from you,
you will blame yourself for that…..
*** he left with his boys. Chai i don enter.
What will i do?
How can i arrange princess for him??
How can i even talk to her about that??
And what will be her reaction toward me??
No! no! no! I can never do that…..
But this guy dikwa mean oooo,
if i didn’t do it,
he might kill me…
Should i stop coming to school till our wassce exam??
But my parent will suspect me …
So many thought were running through my mind.
After soliloquising for a while ,i decided to ignore our lesson and go
home bcos i was so weak and angry.
When i got home,i saw only my mum and greeted her,
she responded and noticed that am not happy ***
Mum: what is the problem?
Me: problem? There is not problem mum.
Mum: your l-ips said no but your face said it all….
So tell me,why are you not happy and
why did you come back early today?
Me: only science student have lesson today,
so i decided to come home….
Mum: only science student! alrite…
*** i went in,side my room. After doing some of my evening duties and some cooking,we ate and when i tried
to read my books as usual but i couldn’t do that
bcos thoughts about company was just running through
my mind.
After some minutes,mrs sharp sharp called me…
She was asking me,how do i do and other things.
She asked me,why am i absent in the school that day?
I told her that i came to school but my parent called me home….

she told me that she want to see me tomorrow in her house..
I told her that i don’t think it will be possible bcos am not
sure if i will come to school.
After our discussion,i droped my phone and
tried to concentrate in what am reading.
In the morning, i prepared to school,
when i got to our schoolgate, i decided to go to harrison’s house and stay for a moment.
When i got there,harrison was in a haste to school and
i told him that i will stay in his house,
he said ”ok” and gave me his key and left.
I read some of my textbooks when i got in,side the room.
At around 11am that day,
princess entered.
I didn’t knw that,
they are some boys following her………….


*** When princess entered,i was so surprised bcos i wasn’t expecting her…
She sat beside me and was looking at me… ***
Me : princess how do you knw that am here?
Princess: i was waiting for you but i didn’t see you,
when i saw harrison,i asked him about you and he told me that
you are here…..
Me: you shouldnt have come here naw remember that you are not healthy….
Princess: i knw but
how can that be possible igwe?
how can i be in the classroom without you beside me??
Me : ok… Ok… Ok… So how are you today?
Princess: am fully well naw,i can even bet you for a fight and win you *** she gave me a soft punch on my chest,i laughed ***
Me: hmmm….. i see,you are indeed ok…
So tell me,what did they taught in school?
Princess: nothin much,it is just only our mathematics teacher that came with that her annoying topic.
Me: na waoh!
Princess: but igwe why are you even here and not in school?
Me: *** see question ooo! Should i tell her the truth or
conceal it from her? If i conceal it from her,
it will look so matured that way than to open up to her… *** i just decided to be alone and
sort out somethings by myself,
you knw teachers cannot
teach you everything.
Princess: that’s true but we will go back to school naw,i
think you are ok here today.
Me: i don’t want to go school,
i preferred here atleast i have learn alot here today.
*** she started forcing me to follow her to
i later agreed to follow her to school.
I picked some of my text books that i was reading.
Immediately we opened the door and came out,
we saw two boys at the entrance of the door.
I looked at them to knw if i could recognise any of them
but i was unable to knw who they are.
I brought out my hand to have a hand shake with them but
they ignored me,
i became so much angry. ***
Me: who are you guys and what do you want?
*** they ignored my question and they were busy
staring at us. I repeated the same question to them and
the first guy told me that someone is looking for me.
I asked him who the person was and he told me to follow them and confirm by myself.
Princess told them that am going
nowhere until they tell me who the person is.
The second guy rose his hand to slap her and i held his hand and
said to him,don’t ever try it again ***
First guy: so you want to fight us?
Me: if it is what you think,then am ready for it..
Second guy: if anything happen then you have to blame
no body but yourself.
Me: am ready to blame myself….
Princess run back to school.
Princess: no igwe..i can’t leave you and go,
forget this guys and lets go back to school.
They may wound you or you wound them.
Please leave them and their wahala,
lets go…
*** the second guy threw a punch at princess the second time but i saw the his punch on time
so i pushed princess back in,side the room and close the door.***
second guy: hmmm….. I see that you are prepared to fight us.
*** the other guy rushed me and
i hijacked him and hit him hærd on the ground,
the second one hit me with a bucket beside us and it got broke
and my head started bleeding.
Out of anger I rushed him with a stick beside me and
hit him on the chest and he
gro-ned and fell down..
Princess started shouted,calling me to open the door, i ignored her…
The first guy that i hit stoodup with a knife on his hand that i dnt even knw where he got it from.
I was scared a bit,he rushed me and tried to stab me with the knife but i was quick to defend it and got a slight cut on my hand.
Princess was busy scre-ming in,side the room to open the door ,
when i got a slight cut,
i ran back and saw a plank and grabbed it immediately and
rushed him and hit him so hærd that he fell down.
I rushed to the door and
unlock the door and princess rushed out and want to hold me so i shift bcos of the blood that was on my body.
I held her hand and took her away immediately out of that compound.
On our way,we met company…***

We stood still as we saw company.
Company: you don dey form Jess born abi?
*** i whispered to princess,”run to the school and let me knw what he is trying to do.
Princess told me that she is not going anywhere,
that if company want to kill me,let him kill both of us.
With anger he came closer to me and gave me a dirty slap and i staggered and want to fall and princess held me..
Company grabbed princess and was taking her to an unknwn area.
I got myself immediately and said to myself,
man has two options in this world
,is either he die or live.
I can rather die fighting for my
than someone to take her away from me.
Is either i die today or he will die.
After saying all this things,
it seems as another strength entered in,side me and i rushed him and pushed me down and he fall down.
I took princess and ran away,when we got to one area,
those wounds that those boys gave me were still bleeding ***
princess: igwe we don’t have to waste,
lets look for clinic so that they can treat this wound.
Me: no problem am ok… You have to go back to school and
attend lesson,i will treat myself,i will be fine..
Princess: i knw that u wouldn’t go for treatment,
Please lets go now…
*** we went to one nearby chemist store and the guy treated me.
After the treatment,
i had only N200 in,side my pocket while the guy charges me N1200 for the treatment.
I told the chemist guy that i had only #200,that i will pay him when i get home and came back….
Princess broughtout #1000 that i don’t even knw where she got it from and
handed it to the guy and we left.
I thanked her after everything and told her to go and she insist that she must follow me to my house,
i went to my house with her…
When we got to my house in the evening,
only my mum was at home and she was shocked when she saw me…
She started asking me what happen to me and i told her that i was attacked by some cult boys and she asked me who am i with.
I told her that she was the one that saved my life.
My mum was very happy and thanked her for that…..
She helped my mum to boil and prepare food for me before she left.
The next day,i couldn’t go to school,
in the afternoon,princess showed up to our house ***
Me: princess why are you stressing yourself to come here?
Princess: igwe if i don’t do it for you,
then who else will i do it for? You are the one that saved my life from that
naughty boy called company.
You got wounded for my seek why wouldn’t i come often to take care of you…
How i even wish,you are living alone,
i would have been in your house till you recover.
Me: thank you for been there for me…
Princess: igwe stop,we are one,anything that happen to you affects me too….
Me:i love you
princess: *** she came closer to me and k-ssed me *** i love you to. Where is mummy?
Me: she went to farm with my dad.
Princess: ohk…. *** she opened a black nylon bag that she came with and broughtout some food and gave it to me ***
Me: tank you so much
princess: you are welcome.
*** as we were discussing in,side my room,
my dad came back and came in,side the room i was and saw princess.
He frowned his face..

To be continued

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