Tale Of A House Boy

Tale Of A House Boy – Batch E



***I looked at my father’s face and i saw an expression of anger in his face.
Princess greeted him and his response was low.
I greeted him and he responded with his normal voice. ***
My dad: how are you doing?
Me: daddy am getting better. How was your day?
My dad: splendid my dear…. Who is this girl? *** he points at princess ***
Me: daddy her name is princess,
she was the one that rescued me when those cult boys attacked me…
She was the one that took me to a nearby chemist store for treatment and paid for the bill.
My dad: *** he turned to princess *** my dear,how are you?
Princess: am fine sir.
My dad: thank you so much my dear for saving
his life,
God will reward you abundantly.
Princess: amen! thank you sir.
My dad: so my dear,how much do you paid for the
Princess: daddy,you don’t have to bother yourself about that…..
My dad: my dear no naw,you knw that you are still
a student.
Princess: daddy am not complaining.
My dad: my dear thank you so much.
So where are you from?
Princess: am from Nsukka.(Nsukka is in Enugu state ) but i reside in oji-river with my parent.
My dad: owk… So what do your father do for a living?
Princess: he is a civil servant in delta state so he is not often at home…
My dad: so good. What about your mother?
Princess: she is a petty trader.
My dad: that’s nice. You are highly welcome to our house,
feel free to come at anytime and any day,
you are now member of our family..
Princess: thank you sir.
My dad: you are welcome my daughter.
Eeeehm……..chukwugekwu *** as he normally called me *** where is your mother?
Me: she left in the morning and i haven’t seen her since then.
My dad: ok…
*** he left,
we continue with our discussion as am eating
the food she brought for me…
After i finished with the food,she took the plate outside and washed it..
When she came back,she told me that she want to go and i thanked her
with a k-ss and she left.
Throughout the nite,i couldn’t sleep bcos,
i was thinking of what to do about company bcos i knw he must retaliate is either by killing or
fracturing me . The problem is that our wassce exam is fast Approaching so i can’t withdraw from school.
What will i do? God please help me so that
i can conquer this war.
The next morning,i prepared to school,
when i got to school,we did our morning assemble before we go back to our various classes.
Around 10am,
company arrived at school and entered our class.
His mindset was where i am bcos of the way he was looking at me.
So many thought were running through my mind that nite,
should i go home before school dismiss or
stay and face the outcome of my action.
But he is going to use boys to attack me and they must surely wound or kill me…
Man only die or live once,i can never surrender to them,
life is all about risk,take it and die or live.
Company! am ready for you and who so ever that will
stand by your side……
After those words of encouragement i gave to myself,
i looked through the window and saw those boys that i fought with,
with another two guys that came with them and they worn our school uniform while they are not a member of our school.
They worn our school uniform so that our
gateman can allow them in..
My heart skipped,chai i don die today ooo.
Well it will be better if i die fighting for my right.
My staying in that class that day was just a waste bcos i didn’t learnt anything and secondly my mind wasn’t in the class,
i was just thinking on how to fight company and his boys.
Princess noticed that am worried and she was asking me what the problem is
but i couldn’t utter any word to her.
I drow her closer to myself and whispered to her ear***
Me:please princess you have to go naw before the school dismiss.
Princess: why?
Me: those boys i fought with is in our school now…
Princess: how do they manage to enter our school compound without our school uniform?
Me:please you have to go now and stop asking me questions.
Princess: what about you?
Me: i will fine my way out…
*** as we were still planning on how to escape,
one of my classmate rushed in and told me that Mrs sharp sharp is calling me in her office.
I didn’t even talk to him ***
Me:please princess you have to go to avoid had i know.
Princess: i knw that you wouldn’t go if i went home,
you want to fight them right?
Me: nooooo…. Am not fighting anybody.
Princess: we will go out of the school together…
Me:please just go before something bad happen to you…
Princess:then it shall  be both of us.
*** as i was pleading with her to go,
and our dismissal bell were ranged***


When the dismissal bell were ranged,
i became scared. Whenever our dismissal bell is been ranged,
no body will be allow to go out of the school till the dismissal assemble will be over.
All the students went down to the dismissal assemble
for closing prayer.
Company also joined us,i can’t even remember the
last time he attended both morning and afternoon assemble,
he even stood at my back,
i was a bit scared.
After praying and announcement,
two hilux landed in our school,
everybody were suprised.
When they came out of the vehicle,
behold they are policemen.
That moment they came down from their vehicle,
they rushed to the assemble ground,
they started moving around.
One of them passed me from the front and immediately,
what i heard was a beating.
I turned around and it was company and
immediately those boys that i fought with and the
extra two guys that followed them,
saw how they are beating company and they ran to the gate inorder to escape but
our gateman locked the gate and they were captured.
The policemen beat them to the point that
their mouth started bleeding.
All the students and all the teachers were
mopping at them.
Soon our principal came out from
his office and
moved closer to where the policemen were handling company and his boys.
He demanded from the policemen to knw what they did…..
One of the policemen told our principal that,
they went to Comprehensive Secondary School (the school is in Awka,
Anambra state ) and robbed some students and killed 2 of them.
According to the report that came to our station.
He was identify by one student of that school
that said,he knew him and his boys.
After the policeman finished explaining to our principal,
he moved to where they kept company’s school bag and opened it..
They found some phones and a small pistol gun and all the students shouted.
After everything,our principal gave them his full support to take him away,they took him and his boys away.
After their departure,our principal gathered us together and started to warn us using
company as an example. After everything we dismissed from the assemble ground.
We commenced with our lesson,throughout the lesson that day,
princess and i were as cool as an interior dog nose.
So na like dis,i for die. I dey prepare make i go fight company and his boys dem with empty hand.
Chai! God i dey grateful for saving my life.
Where will i have been now,probably it might be in
the mortuary, thank You Lord..
After our lesson that day, i accompanied princess to the main road where she borded a bus to her house and i went home.
In the nite when am reading some of my textbooks and
Mr sharp sharp called me and i picked up***.
Me: hello ma..
Mrs: how are you igwe?
Me: am fine
Mrs: what have i done to you that you decided to abandon me?
Me: is not like that ma,you knw,
i have been busy bcos of our exam that is fast approaching.
Mrs: you have been busy that you can’t even answer me in my office.
Me:please am so sorry about that,
please forgive me…
Mrs: no problem but you have to see me tomorrow in my office,there is an important issue between you and i.
Me: important issue?
Mrs : yes please make sure you come bcos its urgent.
Me :no problem ma,i will come tomorrow.
*** she aborted the call *** shuu dis lady dikwa mean oooo…
What will be the issue that made her not to tell me” i love you ” as she normally say at the end of our discussion on phone?
What she said to me made me not to concentrate again in my studies that nite.
I tried to force myself to read but all were in vain,
so i droped my books and slept off.
In the morning when i got to school,i went to her office and it was locked so i returned back to our class.
Princess noticed that am worried and she started to ask me,what the problem is but i told her that am ok…
After our first and second lesson,someone told me that Mrs sharp sharp is calling me…
I left to her office,i came in and sat down and i didn’t even greet her…
She looked straight to my eyes and tear s rolled down.***
Me: what is the problem,why are you crying like this naw???


Me: what is the problem naw??? I haven’t seen you shedding tears before,
Please tell me what the problem is. *** tears was still rolling from her eyes ***
did you summon me to shade tears for me?
If you don’t want to tell me what the problem is,
am going to leave your office and never to come back.
If someone enters your office naw and see you in this mood nko?
What will you tell the person? Please i don’t want anybody to suspect us.
*** she didn’t utter any word to me,
i moved closer to her and
and laid my one hand on her back as i was consoling her…***
Mrs: am not well since last week.
Me: am so sorry ma… Have you went to hospital???
Mrs: yes
Me : then what is the result?
Mrs: am confuse right now…
Me: you don’t have to,tell me what the result is?
Mrs: doctor confirm that am pregnant.
Me:*** i removed my hand from her back and looked into her eyes *** please if it is a joke,
just stop it..
Mrs: am not joking
Me: how can you tell me that you are pregnant while you knw that you can’t conceive,
Or did you lied to me before about your pregnancy issue??
Mrs: i didn’t lie to you.
Me: then how come you are pregnant?
Mrs: am still confuse about that.
*** i started moving to and fro in,side her office.
If you see my face at that particular point in time eeeh, it can be use for anti-bacteria drugs.
She stood up and held me *** . Mrs:When doctor told me that am pregnant,
i couldn’t believe him… Its not your fault neither is it mine bcos when i got married to two different men and i couldn’t conceive
and two different doctors confirmed that i can’t conceive again.
So maybe God just decided to use you and bless me with fruit of the womb.
This is my prayer all this years.
Me: but why are you shedding tears when i entered?
Mrs: my dear that was a tears of joy .
Me: *** i started feeling uncomfortable *** so what are you trying to say about the pregnancy,
you knw,i can’t father a child at this my stage??
Mrs: my dear you don’t have to be worried about that ok,
i choose to be a single mother than to be childless.
I will carry it but only thing i need from you is your support not financially.
Answer me when i call you and be there when i need you and secondly let it be a secret between you and i.
Please i hope you understand me?
Me: yes,i have heard you… I will do as you said.
Mrs: please don’t abandon me and my baby..
Me: i promise,i wouldn’t.
*** she moved closer to me and k-ssed me,
my d*ckson resurrected immediately and i started having s€×ual urge.
I moved to the door and locked it and came back to her.
I k-ssed her and started to car-ss her.
Her body was vibrating as am doing that.
As my finger was going down to her lower region,she left a soft mo-n and held me tight to herself.
I tried all i could to free myself from her but her hands were so tight.
I k-ssed her mouth and her b–bs and she freed me a bit.
My d*ckson was so er-ct and hærd as if it is going to pull down heaven on earth.
I can’t hold myself anymore,as am trying to remove her cloth,someone knocked at the door.
My mind skipped,chai i don die,who could be that ? My d*ckson bow down instantly,
i sat down immediately and she arranged herself and opened the door.
It was one JSS student that came to submit their class assignments.
My mind was calmed.
When the boy left,i told her that we can’t continue,
that am going back to the class.
She agreed and i moved out of her office with a passionate k-ss from her…
When i came out,i couldn’t go back to the class
bcos of princess that knws when i left the class to Mrs sharp sharp office.
I decided to use the opportunity to look for house that i will live till our exam will be over as my father told me to.
I later found one opposite harrison’s house.
I didn’t go back to school again,
so i went home straight and met my father at home and told him that i have found a house.
He asked me where the location is and i told him.. ***
My dad: why did you come back early today bcos i knw that school haven’t dismiss by now?
And why did you come back with none of your books?
Me: *** see jamb question ***


Me: daddy now is for science class.
My dad: science class?
Which one is science class?
Me: we have science and art students in our class.
Science students are those students that want to be medical doctors and they also study about environment
while art students are those that want to work under government.
So daddy our subjects are different so that’s why they teach us separately.
My dad: this children una no go kill person for this world oooo…. Person wey dey,so study about environment,
wetin im go carry am dey do? Who go dey pay am?
Na so dem dey squander deir parents money. Anyway,will you still go back to school again today?
Me: yes daddy
*** he went out,
i went to the bathroom and took my bath.
I went to the kitchen to knw if my mum left some food but unfortunately there was
no food in the house so i went back to school,
when i got to school,they have started with the lesson.
When i look to knw who was
teaching them and it was Mrs sharp sharp.
I decided to enter the class without taking permission
from her,when i gave it a second thought,
i said that, if i enter like that,
it may attract suspect .
I asked for permission to enter and she
allowed me in immediately.
I went straight to my sit and sat down.
As she was teaching us, i keep on staring at her l-ips.
After teaching,she started to write on the black board.
As she was busy writing on the black board,
i was also busy looking at her b—ck…chai igwe,see wetin you dey chop.
She has a very nice b—ck which i couldn’t notice.
The thought about her pregnancy came to my mind and i was lost.
Igwe if dis lady give birth to dis child,
even if am far away from her,
one day the child must look for me bcos
blood they said, is thicker than water.
Well only God knws why it happened,
i can’t blame HIM.
Princess tapped me and i got myself immediately.
After some minutes later,
Mrs sharp sharp left our class.
Princess started asking me what the problem is.
I told her that am just thinking about how our wassce exam will be bcos of this
problem our class and some of our teachers are having.
Our class had a meeting and reported some of our lazy teachers to the principal.
Our principal summoned them and shouted and harassed them in our present,
so bcos of that,they said that they will not enter our exam hall to
help us.
So after lesson that day and i
decided to see princess off. ***
Princess: igwe where have you been since morning that Mrs sharp sharp called you to her office?
Me: my dear,that woman wahala too much oooo….
You need to see a large quantity of assignment she gave me to mark for her,
i couldn’t even finish it.
Princess: what kind of assignment is that one naw???
Me: that’s an assignment of two different classes.

Princess: *** she was irritated *** what kind of rubbish is that one naw???
how can she give you that hug number of books to mark while
she knew
that you are still a student.
Wouldnt you stay in the class
and learn anymore?
Any day she came to school,
she will call you out from the class and you will be in her office till further notice.
Igwe did your parent send you to school to come and learn how to mark an assignment???
Igwe you have to wakeup
Gush! I hate that lady
the first day i saw her in this school.
She is now making you not to concentrate in your studies,
remember our wassce exam is fast approaching and she can never write it for you. *** i was silent bcos i knw that i lied ***
Please just try and understand this and withdraw yourself from
some of her works that she was pushing on you.
You knw i love you and that is why i don’t want you to make a mistake in your education so as not to affect you and i
in future.
Me: thank you so much for the advice,
but i still have some problem about that…..
Princess:what is the problem my dear?
Me: is just that am already use to help her,so i don’t knw how to disassociate myself from her…
Princess:i don’t said that you should ignore her when she calls you but
try and use something and cover up when she give you some books to mark.
Me: thank you…
*** when we got to the main road,i borded a bus for her
and she left  and i went home..
After some days,my father paid for the house lent and i moved in..


*** One week after i relocated to my new apartment.
Everything was going normal as i expected.
I came to school one morning,
after morning assemble, i settled down on my desk,
soon princess arrived to school and sat down on her desk ***
Princess : igwe how was your nite?
Me: fine and yours?
Princess: fine.. I haven’t seen your new apartment and you don’t even bother to show me.
Me: am sorry my dear,
maybe tommorow when you will have chance,we will go
for you to see it.
Princess: why not now?
Me: we can’t go now bcos very soon
teacher will enter our class.
Princess: is obvious there is no teacher coming,
so lets go and come back fast
whereas am hungry,
i hope you left some food at home?
Me: yes,i cooked jellof rice yesterday nite.
Since you said you are hungry lets go..
*** we left the school ,
when we got to my house,i ushered her in..
She went straight to my cupboard and broughtout the pot of rice and dish out food.
As she was eating,i went outside and
bought a chilled fanta for her…***
princess: waoh! Thank you so much.
Me: who else will i do it for?
today is your first time of coming to my new apartment.
Princess: my dear you don’t have to say my house but
our house.
Me: yes baby is our house..
Princess:this place is so good and i
like the nature of this room.
Me: how is the nature of this room naw???
Princess: it has a big space and
secondly, there is much ventilation.
Me: ok oooo….
*** when she finished eating,
she washed the plate and put it where it was kept before.
She came closer to where
i laid down and laid beside me…
I was with my school trouser and singlet and the hair on my chest was showing,
she was touching it as we were discussing.
Soon that her touch start to turn me on,
i started having s€×ual urge as my d*ckson was bugging. ***
Me: what is the greatest thing that have ever happened to you?
Princess: why do you ask?
Me: *** my er-cted d*ckson was notifying me by nodding
telling me to act like a man *** nothin, i just feel like to ask you…
Princess: s€× that i had with you. *** she used pillow to cover her face, feeling shy.
I rose her face and she closed her eyes and was smiling ***
Me: did you enjoyed it that day?
*** she couldn’t talk ***
common baby, are you feeling shy???
Princess: yessss
Me: look at you,at this your age, shame still dey catch you…
No be your mate wey don born
like 10 children for their husband.
*** she started laughing stupidly *** why are you laughing naw???
Princess: you always amuse me…
Me: baby you knw that day
we didn’t enjoy ourselves well.
Princess: and what are you trying to say play boy???
Me: i want us to continue from where we stopped.
Princess: *** she look at me from head to toe smiling ***
Me: why are you looking at me like that? *** i tapped her so rom-ntically ***
Princess: what are you waiting for,
am all yours so go ahead and do whatever you want to do.
*** chai!!! My head com swell like zuma rock.
Wetin i dey wait for finally dey for my domot.
I couldn’t waste any time to unclad myself and freed my second controller(d*ckson),
but before then,i locked my door.
I laid beside her and was facing her.
I told her to pull her cloth off but she said that
i should do it by myself,
who am i to reject it?
I pulled her upper cloth and removed her skirt gently and rom-ntically.
Without wasting time i removed her b-ra and her
underwears. But guys girls dey try ooo,
they go wear p-nt, com wear thight join and then wear skirt or trousers ontop.
After i unclad her,i didn’t hesitate to ins**t my
d*ckson in,side her and she mo-ned and i gro-ned.
Princess was so tight,
i started banging her and
she was giving me all kind of
ringing tone.
I was carried away by the sweetness of the s€× when i want to c-m and poured
all of c-m in,side her,
she was asking for more as
i was filling her p—sy with my c-m.
After the s€×,we took our bath separate to avoid suspect from my
neighbours. We rest for a while before we went back to school. When we got to school,
i was told that Mrs sharp Sharp has been looking for me.
And they told me that,
Mrs sharp sharp said that they should call me whenever
i come back.
I went to her office,when i entered and greeted her,
she frowned her face.
Wetin happen naw???
E be like say she see us oooo….
I greet her the second time ***
Mrs:where did you went to with princess?


Me: *** what kind of question is this naw??? *** where did you see us?

Mrs: where did you go with her?

Me: we went to my house.

Mrs: to your house?

Me: yes….

Mrs: you mean she followed you to your father’s house?

Me: am no more living with them, i have relocated near the school.

Mrs: hmmm….. and you didn’t even inform me…

Me: am sorry,it was in my mind to tell you but i forgot. Please am sorry.

Mrs: is ok… Why did she followed you to your house?

Me: she told me that she was hungry and i took her to my house for her to eat.

Mrs: and after eating?

Me: we came back to school.

Mrs: how can you take her to your house during study time? Don’t ever do such a thing again or i will report you to your parent.
Who knws what both of you did there bcos i knw that you are lieing.

Me: *** looked at her *** that am lieing?
Let me go and call her so that you will confirm from her also. *** i stood up and makes to move ***

Mrs: please come back. *** i came back ***

Me: let me go and call her since you don’t believe me…

Mrs: no problem,i do believe you is just that,
am little jeolous.

Me: jeolous about what?

Mrs: about you…

Me: you don’t have to bcos we don’t have anything in common. As i have explain to you that
she is just my classmates and there is nothing that is going between us.

Mrs: owk… You can now go back to your class and don’t take anyone to your house during school hour.

Me: ohk… So how are you today?

Mrs: as you can see,
am bouncing.

Me: is quit obvious my dear.
Ok lemme go back to the class.

Mrs: ok but please you have to see me before you go..

Me: *** i stood up and
k-ssed her..*** No problem,i will come

*** i opened the door and went to the class.
When i got to the class princess was sleeping on her desk. I tapped her and she woke up ***

Me: why are you sleeping in the class?

Princess: *** she drow her chair closer to me and laid her head on my shoulder with her hand crossed on my wa-ist. Some of our students were starring at us *** am tired.

Me: *** shuu na bcos i f–k you ni? *** sorry dear *** Matthew was looking at us as if
he has gun, he would have shot us ***

Princess: why is Mrs sharp sharp calling you?

Me: there is some of the books i marked for her that i made some mistakes and she called me to come and correct it..

Princess: can’t she do it by herself ?

Me: that was the question i asked myself when she told me that.
Why is it that there is no teacher in our class ?

Princess: have you forgotten how our class normally disrespect teachers. But this one, it will affect everybody bcos she reported us to the principal.

Me: chai!!! Our own don finish naw.

*** as we were discussing and copper Isaac entered our class and saw us with the position we are.
He ordered both of us to come out and go and wait for him in his office.
I was very angry,how can he say such a thing in front of our classmates.
I wanted to do stubborn by refusing to go to his office, but i just said lemme obey his instructions.
I went out with With princess to his office. When we got to his office,
it was unlock so we opened it and sat down with one chair bcos princess sited on my laps.
After like 30mins,copper Isaac entered and saw the way we are ***

Isaac: what is going on here??? Why sitting in this position in my office?

*** princess stood up so slowly and i also stood up ***

Me: we are sorry sir.

Isaac : igwe and princess what hell is going between both of you guys?

Me: what do you mean sir?

Isaac: where do you guys think you are? In your father’s parlour or in the bedroom ??? Any day i see both of you with the position you are when i entered your class,
i will inform the principal. Do i make myself clear?

Me: yes sir.

Isaac: igwe you can now go,princess wait,there was a bad report that was brought against you.

Princess: and what is it all about?

Isaac: igwe am through with you,go she will be back soon.

Princess: you have to say anything you want to say in his present bcos he is not going anywhere
without me…

Isaac: is he now your thug that he can’t go and wait for you outside?

Princess: call it anything you want,i don’t care.

*** i opened the door and moved out and princess followed me.
After lesson that day, i went to Mrs sharp sharp office as she told me to see her before i go,and she has went home and i left ..
Two days later as we were in,side our class one afternoon and our principal entered our class and took one of our sandals as a punishment for disobeying our teacher. He also took all of us to the field and told us to lie down. We did as he ordered,soon Mrs sharp sharp came to our principal and told him that i wasnt in the class when they insulted our teacher and told him to free me. Our principal called me and told me to go.
*** chai!!! How can i left princess suffering on this sun? What will i do to get her out? Wahala don show ***

To be continued

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