Tale Of A House Boy




*** i went to Mrs sharp sharp office and sat down. I was so angry and
confuse, she noticed it ***

Mrs: why are you angry??

Me: please i want you to help that poor girl.

Mrs: who is that?

Me: *** i stood up from the chair and moved closer to her *** is princess,she is not feeling fine since morning and if she continue to stay in that sun, she will collapse in that field. Please save that poor innocent girl.

Mrs: what did you want me to do naw???

Me: please tell the principal to free her…

Mrs: i don’t think that will be possible.

Me: please i knw it is. Help that poor girl.

Mrs: am beginning to suspect both of you bcos the way you are taking it so personal is something else. Is she the only person lying in that field?

Me: her own case is different bcos she is not feeling well.
*** i started pleading with her till she finally agreed and went out…
After for some minutes, she came in and told me that she has pleaded with the principal and he had released her.
I thanked her for that. We started gisting and laughing as if she was my mate.
After our discussion,i left her office,
when i came out hoping that principal has release our classmates but they are still lying on the field and then school has already dismissed.
I went to our classroom and picked some of my text book and left. I searched for princess but she was nowhere to be found,
i went home….
When i got to the house,
my door was opened and i started wondering who could be in,side my room.
And how did the person got the key to my house. I was scared to enter my room. I stood at my door step for more than 5mins before i borrowed courage and entered. When i opened the curtain behold!! it was princess and she was sleeping. I threw my eyes on her head down to her toe. Where did she got the key to my house?
I checked my pocket to knw if my keys are intact but i couldn’t find it..
When did she took my keys away?
I decided not to wake her up and i pulled my school uniform off my body and went
to the bathroom and took my bath. When i returned to the room, she was still sleep and i went out and bought fish that i will use to cook soup. I entered the kitchen and prepared the soup.
It was around 7pm when i finish cooking and she was still sleeping.
Wetin be dis girl plan now? She dey here dey sleep for over 4 hours naw without noticing my present. So if na thief wey enter my room, he go thief all my property comot.
Chai! Dis girl you be fox oooo….
Who knws whether she still dey alive, i tapped her and she woke up. ***

princess: igwe are you back?

Me: yes..

Princess: where did you went to?

Me: did you look for me??

Princess:yes…. when the principal released me, i searched for you around the school premises but i couldn’t see you…

Me: could you imagine that after he released me,
he still call me to his office and knee me down.

Princess: knee you down? That man is crazy. What is his reason for doing that?

Me: *** chai!! Igwe na you lie pass for dis world oooo…. *** he Said that i was involve in the plan.
Infact that all our class are involve.

Princess: the man is crazy oooo….

Me: please go to the kitchen and dish your own food and eat so that you can go.

Princess: i will sleep over,am not going today.

Me: remember that your mum will be looking for you…

Princess: my mum is not at home, she went to visit my dad in delta.

Me: go and bath and lets eat am very hungry.

*** she asked me for wrapper and i gave her,
she unclad herself and unhooked her b-ra and left only p-nt.
My d*ckson notified me but i ignored her uncladness and threw my face one side…… She tied the wrapper on her body and evacuate to the bathroom.
My mind was beating bcos am scared to f–k her again.
Wetin i go do to be safe from dis temptation?
Ever since i f—-d her,she has been sleeping from one place to another and i don’t understand her again. Could she be pregnant or what bcos i remembered vividly that i had an unprotected s€× with her.
Soon she came in, after her body was dried,she served food and we ate together. After eating we study together before we went to bed.
That night was so tough for me bcos my d*ckson was er-cted throughout and that made me sleepless and restless. She was showing me green light but i keep on doing as if am not interested but am burning in,side.
Finally God later saved me and my d*ckson bow down and i slept off. we woke up early in the morning and prepared to school.
Some weeks later,Mrs sharp sharp called me,
when i came,she told me that she want to knw where i live.
I took her to my house and we entered in,side my room.
I was feeling uncomfortable bcos princess might come.
She started to admire my room, so one thing lead to other i got myself on the bed with Mrs sharp sharp.
As we were k-ssing, my phone started ringing, i freed myself from her and checked,it was princess calling..


*** who knws if she is coming to my house. Mrs sharp was busy staring at me and i pretended as if nothing was happening. I borrowed courage and pick the call ***

Me: hello.

Princess: where are you?

Me: am coming.

Princess: where are you then bcos am on the way to your house ?

Me: to my house? Am not at home.

Princess: where are you then?

Me: when i come,
i will tell you…

Princess: ok…

*** hang up ,
i droped my phone on the table and Mrs sharp sharp asked me,
who called me… I told her that it was my junior brother and she want to ask me another question,
I pounce on her again and unclad her, i removed every single cloth that was on my body.
I ins**ted my d*ckson in,side her and she
gave me a soft mo-n. I started pushing in and out of her…
Chai! That day was the first day i enjoyed s€× with her…
After the s€×,she worn her cloth and i worn mine. She told me to wait till she get to the school inorder to avoid suspect. She left and i lied down on the bed resting. So na dis tin be her Plan. She tell me say she wan come and see my new apartment but na to f–k am ni.
After waited for some minutes, i left to the school and princess was not in the class, i called her number and she was not picking
I called her the second time and she picked up,
i asked her where she is and she told me that copper Isaac called her,
i aborted the call immediately . After for some minutes,she came out and teacher was in our class then and she stood outside till the teacher finished teaching.
She came in and i pretended as if i didn’t notice her present.
She tapped me and i didn’t respond to her, she tapped me the second time and i still don’t respond.
She didn’t talk to me again till school dismissed. That day was Friday so we don’t do extra lesson, she left home without talking to me and i went home also….
During the weekend,i went home to help my parents in some farm works as i normally do.
She called me on phone on Sunday and we reconciled in our own way….

After our SS2 class and we moved over to SS3. My relationsh¡p with princess was still concrete and firm as it is from the beginning and also my s€×capade with Mrs sharp sharp. I keep on visiting Mrs sharp sharp as we discussed. Sometimes i will visit Mrs sharp sharp and help her with some domestic work by then her pregnancy have forward out fully.
After for some months,she was unable to come to school bcos of her condition,i packed some of my luggages to her house inorder to keep her company.
I started to attend school from her house but princess and my parent were unaware .
After for some weeks,princess saw me in,side a bus one morning as am coming to school. You knw Mrs sharp sharp and princess follow the same road to their homes but princess’s house is near more than Mrs sharp sharp’s house.

She was suprise seeing me in that bus.
Chai! I don enter for big s–t…. Wetin i go tell am ??? Where i go tell am say i go,
the worse of it all is that am with my school uniform.
She asked me where am coming from after exchanging pleasantries with her…
I was speechless that moment cos i don’t knw what to say. I deliberately kept dumb ears to her question and was busy thinking about lies i will fabricate to her…
She asked me the second time and i told her that i accompanied my friend harrison to his house but he is delaying so,
i left him there. She smiled and said ok…
My mind was settled and we went to school together.
The month that we will take our exam was the month Mrs sharp sharp gave birth.
She delivered a bouncing baby boy. I told my parent that the lady that helped me when i had an accident gave birth that i want to go and see her.
They were so happy and they gave me some things to give to her and i left to her house, i couldnt come back home that day,
when my parent called me to knw where i am and i told them that i wouldnt come back that day, that i have to help her run small small errand for her bcos she didn’t have any little boy and they agreed.
One week later was our exam day and i was
suprised when i saw Mrs sharp sharp in the school but she was not with the baby. She helped me with some answers that day. After our exam that day, she left the school as fast as she can.
Any day that i will have paper she must come to school.
She helped me until i finished written my exam.
I went to her house every weekend to help her do some domestic works while am still waiting for my result.
One day,my mum called me while am still in her house.
When i pickup,
chai!!! Something terrible happened that i can never imagin in my entire life….
*** crying ***


*** my phone started to ring, i checked it and it was my mum, so i pick up ***

Me: hello mum.

Mum: hello chigbogu where are you?

Me: am in my friend’s house. *** i can feel from her voice that something wrong had happened***

Mum: please you have to hurry back home now…

Me: mum i hope all is well?

Mum: all is not well ooo… Please come fast.

*** hanged up, the background of the place she was when she called me was too noisy to i told Mrs sharp sharp that i have to go,that my mother called me and told me to rush home that all is not well.
She asked me what the problem could be and i told her that i don’t knw. She said i should let her knw when i get home.
I left her house that evening and rushed home.
When i got to our compound,all our neighbours had gathered in our house. What is happening naw??? Why is everybody in our compound? Without wasting time, i rushed in,side our parlour and saw three men that held my father. I was suprised and i asked what the problem is?
But none of them answered me. I bend down and touched my father and his body was as cold as an ice block,i touched his chest and he is still breathing, I was irritated, can someone tell me what is going on here? Soon my mum entered the parlour with tears in her eyes. I held her and asked her what happened to him?
She told me that they have strike him with stroke. What!!! Stroke!!! Tears rolled from my eyes as i sat on the floor. I wanted to cry out but i remembered that if i do,my mother might kill herself so i comforted myself. My senior brother was not around so i was the one that took his responsibilities as the head of the family. We couldn’t take him to hospital that night bcos it was so far whereas
we can’t see any vehicle that will convey him there. In the midnight,some of our neighbours that came to help left and few was in our house till the next morning. Around 5:30am, i dashed out of the house to find vehicle that we will use to convey him to the hospital,
unfortunately i found one driver and we concluded with the prize. We drove to our house,some guys helped me to move my father to the vehicle and some of our neighbour followed us and we drove off to the hospital. We carried him to the upstairs,
we called doctor and he came immediately with his equipments for checking patient.
He checked him and wrote down something on the paper he came with. After he was through,he gave him dripp and told my mum and i to come with him in his office and we followed him.
When we got to his office,he told us to sit down and we sat. ***

Doctor: *** he points at my mum *** i hope your are the wife of the man.

My mum: yes i am…

Doctor: how did it happened?

My mum: yesterday,we ate together in the morning and after that,we went to farm but he came back early with his son here *** she points at me ***

Doctor: ok…

My mum: i couldn’t return home early that day bcos i was supervising some workers that are working for us.
When i returned from the farm,i
Saw our neighbours gathered around him, when i asked them what is happening and they told me that he fall in our parlour only been discovered by my last child. So doctor that is it..

Doctor: so sorry about that,
as you can see,he is suffering from stroke and only God can help him to survive but we will try our possible best.

Me: so doctor what are you trying to say? Do you say he will not survive it?

Doctor: i haven’t say so my dear, just calm down your dad will be ok.

Me: so doctor wouldnt you commence treatment on him naw?

Doctor: you knw he is weak so he need to be strong so that any treatment that will be given to him will work.
So if we commence treatment on him,it will be a waste of money and drugs.

My mum:thank you doctor.

Doctor: you are welcome.

*** we left his office to where my dad was admitted.
One week later,no improvement so doctor told us to take him home that we should not take him to any other hospital.
We did as doctor told us,after one week he died. I can never forget that day he died,
it was on first September the same year i finished my secondary school.


We deposited him in the mortuary so that all our kinsmen and relations will come.
On the day of the burial,
all my classmates came for condolence visit including Mrs sharp sharp.
Princess slept in our house for 2days before she left to her house.
After the burial,we started living fatherless.
Guys abeg make una love una padi when im still dey alive,
wheather he dey jobless or not,value him wella bcos u no knw a kind of things wey im dey do for u, the day wey u go remember dis na the day wey u go look forram and u no go see am.
We started living like someone who lives in an uncompleted building without roof. I started to help my mum in the farm work in order to make both ends meet,i applied more efforts and broughtout the best in me to do the farm work and also use it to console my mum so that she will not die too.
Soon our wassce result was out and glory be to God,i credited all my subjects,i called Mrs sharp sharp to inform her about my result and also thanked her bcos she was my backbone all through the exam,princess also scratched her own result and she also credited her own subjects.
One day,my mother summoned me in the parlour.***

Me: mum,this one you summoned me,i hope all is well?

Mum: all is well but i want us to term together as husband and wife, you knw your father is no more alive and your senior brother is far from us so you are now the father of the house and also my husband.

Me: mum i knw,so lets heat the nail at the head.?

Mum: you have really tried for me through your effort in the farm and the courage you always give me.
I appreciate you so much, so keep the flag flying. I think you have really helped me alot and its time for you enter into the world and look for your destiny and stand like a man and defend your father’s property.

Me: mum,i don’t understand..

Mum: i want you to have something doing, not in this village but in the town.

Me: emmm, mum your plan is good. Chai! Death you have really dealt with me,ok but mum what is your plan towards that?

Mum: there is our family friend,who had been pleading with your dad when he is still alive for you to serve his son.
But your father refused bcos he want your to further your education.
And i think you have to go bcos as you can see,i wouldnt be to further your education.

Me:*** i was irritated *** mum,how can you suggest that? My brother is still with someone and you also want to send me out to go and serve someone that i don’t even knw.

Mum: am not sending you out…

Me: then what are you trying to do?

Mum: don’t misunderstand me ok,all am trying to do is for your own good and good of our family.

Me: mum am not going anywhere.

*** she started pleading with me but i kept dumb ears,
atlast i told her that she should give me some time lemme think about it.
One Sunday princess summoned me to her friend’s house,she text me the address bcos i haven’t been there before and i didnt even knw that her friend.
So when i got there,she
havent come yet,i called her on phone and she told me that she will soon come,i hang up.
Her friend ushered me in and offer ed a sit and i sat down ***

Me: thank you so much.


Me: my name is igwe,so what is your name?

Girl: am Jenny .

Me: waoh! So good. Nice to meet you…

Jenny: same my dear.

*** i started asking her about school and other things. As we were discussing,
princess entered and sat beside me.
She k-ssed me and Jenny stoodup and left with a frown face but princess couldn’t notice her mood cos she was backing her. I have really missed you”princess said. I missed you too sweedy” i replied. So why do u summon me?? I asked. My father said that i will go back to Lagos to further my education,so i said that i have to inform you about that”princess said.***
Me:*** it rang like a bell to my ear,i frowned my face *** so you father want to take my happiness away.
Princess:its ok dear, its not easy for me to leave you igwe but i have no option.
Me: no problem. But when next will i set my eyes on you again? Remember i will soon leave this village to search for green pasture. I don’t want anybody to take you away from me…

Princess: no problem,if we are meant to be together,we must surely see each other again.

*** she laid her head on my arm and i positioned her mouth wella and k-ssed her,
she mo-ned. She said we should enjoy ourselves for one more time before she leave. Here is not the right place for that”i replied. She asked me,where is the right ?***

Me: when are you traveling?

Princess: tommorow.
*** i k-ssed her and we engaged in a hot rom-nce when Jenny entered ***


As we engaged in a hot rom-nce,
Jenny entered and walked in,side the bedroom,
we were distracted by her movement and i stood up and walked out of the parlour.
Princess followed me and we walked out of the compound. ***

Me: what is the meaning of that unnecessary movement?

Princess: i don’t knws what her problem is.

Me: anyway shaa i dont blame her.
But where is her parent?

Princess: Her father is late and her mother went to omugwo,
so she was the only one at home now.

Me: owk… I have to go naw.

Princess: *** she looked at me and frowned ***

Me: *** i tapped her *** what’s that look for and why is your face like this naw???
*** she didnt reply me and still with a frowned face *** chai!!! Princess you are so beautiful whenever you frown your face so keep it up and don’t smile inorder not to spoil your beauty.

Princess: *** she smiled ***

Me: that’s my baby,now you come…

Princess: *** she laughed *** you always decieve me with this your funny words.
Where do you want to go?

Me: to my house ofcourse.

Princess: just like that? You don’t even want to give me anything to use in remembering you?

Me: you should have told me earlier naw.
Why wouldnt you postpone your travelling tomorrow to next tomorrow? You knw we need to have a full day for ourselves.

Princess: you knw my father has fixed the day for my travelling and i can’t do anything about it.

*** after we finish discussing,
i left her without uttering anymore word to her and she stand still there and watch me as i evacuate from that place. I don’t want to stay with her for long so that she wouldnt hurt my emotion if she travel.
When i got to the house,my phone rang, i checked and it was unknown number and i pickup ***

Me: hello,who is this?

Caller: hello igwe,have you reach house?

Me:please who is this?

Caller: is princess naw.

Me: owk… Who has this number you are calling me with?

Princess: my airtime have exhausted so Jenny borrowed me her phone.

Me: ok… Am at home

Princess: ok i just want to knw if you have reach home,bye

Me: bye too…

*** hangup,i sent a love text message to her and she replied me in the morning.
Before she travelled she called to inform me that she is set to go and i wished her save trip.
In the evening,she called and inform me that she had finally gotten to lagos and i thanked God for that.
One week later i didnt call her bcos i don’t want her absent to hurt my emotion.
One day,an unknwn number called me, i pickup ***

Me: hello.

Caller:*** female voice *** good evening.

Me: good evening, please who am i speaking with?

Caller: i saw this number on my phone and i call to knw who the person is.

Me: what is your name?

Caller: am Jenny and you?

Me: *** i recollected the day,
princess called me with her number ***

Me: am igwe.

Jenny: igwe how are you?

Me: am cool and you?

Jenny: am ok. So sorry for disturbing you,
i have remembered the day princess called you with my phone.

Me: no problem.

Jenny: i hope you guys have been communicating since she travelled?

Me: yes.

Jenny: thats so nice of you guys.

Me: thanks.

Jenny: uwl… Ok bye bye…..

Me: bye.
*** hangup, i started thinking about her,
her beauty and everything,atlast i decided to go after her but i don’t knw how to go about it since we are not living around
whereas am unaccustom to girls.
After one week,i haven’t call princess and Mrs sharp sharp. The thought that exaggerated my mind was how to go after Jenny,
i later decided to call princess,when i called her,her number was swift off,
i tried it many times but she the same thing.
I decided to call Jenny to ask her if she was able to connect her.
When i called she picked up,
i asked her if she was able to connect princess and she told me that,her number stopped going over one week naw.
I was worried what could be the problem? One Sunday my mum called me to knw my intention toward what we discussed earlier.
I told her that i have agreed to go,that she should contact the man.
My mum was happy.
My mum told me that the guy base in China but do business in Nigeria.
Mum has he married,i asked. Yes he married early this year and his wife lives in Nigeria,so it will be easy for you to cope with her, replied my mum.
Mum tell him when he is ready ,he should contact us and i left.
Few days later,i tried princess number again but it still the same thing.
I became more worried about her. Could her phone been stolen or her dad changed her sim??
One Saturday,a new sports camry entered our compound,soon a guy came of it and i Greeted him,
my mum entered and introduce him to me as my oga. Hmmm….. I greeted him again and he responded.
As he was discussing with my mum,
i entered in,side and arranged my luggage,as they are through,my mum gave me some advice before we drove off..


*** We arrived in his house in the evening.
He lives in onitsha,Awada precisely in anambra state.
Immediately we came down from the car, a beautiful pretty damsel came out of the house and embraced and k-ssed my boss.
Chai! I com remember how i dey do am with princess and Mrs sharp sharp. The lady was average in height,her skin made her to look like an Americans,her b-obs was moderate and firm,
she also has a pointed noise. Seeing all this her beauty and other things,
i started imagining myself with her.
My boss turn to me ***

Boss: *** he points at her *** igwe this is Anita my wife. *** he points at me *** honey this is igwe our new boy.

Me: good evening ma.*** i lowered my head small as a sign of respect to her ***

Anita: good evening igwe,
how are you?

Me: am fine ma..

Anita: welcome

Me: thank you ma.
*** she went to the boot and broughtout my luggages,
i took the luggages from her and we all went in,side the house.
My boss told his wife to show me my room and she
She led me to my room ***

Anita: this is your room,
feel free and relax ok.
This is our house and also your house.

Me: thank you ma..

Anita: you are welcome.

*** she left,
i droped my bag and unziped it,
i broughtout my jersey and remove the previous one i worn.
I entered bathroom and took my bath and went back to my room.
I called my mum to inform her that we are now in onitsha,
she was very glad. After the call, i helped my madam in the kitchen bcos am use to cook.
She was suprise when i entered the kitchen to help her.
After we are through with cooking,
she served me food bcos she brought
it to my room.
When am through with the food,i took it to the kitchen and washed all the plates that we made use of that nite and pots also. Chai! I can’t even remember the last time i wash plate and pot when am still in my father’s house.
My boss called me in the parlour and i rushed in ***

Boss: have you finish eating?

Me: yes sir.

Boss: sit down *** i sat down *** welcome to my house.

Me: thank you sir.

Boss: well i deal on plumbin materials, i import it from China and we sell it here in onitsha. I don’t normally base in Nigeria but its just that i married early this year. So i knw with time you can be able to understand the condition of the market.

Me: ok sir.

Boss: i have two sales girls that work for me,so tomorrow i will go with you to the market. So feel at home here, if you have any problem,
don’t hesitate to lemme knw or my wife.

Me: no problem sir.

Boss: but there is only one thing that i need from you,
always tell me the truth. So whenever anything happen, just tell me how it happens and even if you are at fault i will still correct you ok,i
bcos nobody is above mistake and i promise that you will never regret coming here ok…

Me: thank you sir,am very grateful for this piece of advice you gave to me… I promise to be royal and you will not regret ever bringing me to your house. Thank you sir.

Boss: you are welcome. You can now go back to your room.
*** i went back to my Room,
i slept off and woke up by 5am and swept the wh0le house and tidy some certain things
and got prepared and wait for my boss to wake up.
Soon my madam woke up and prepared breakfast and we ate and i left with my boss to the market.
When we got to the shop,his two sales girls had opened the shop and tidy everywhere. When we entered our shop,his two sales girls greeted him and one of them looked at me.
Omg! One of the sales girls is tall and fair in complexion,
with a nice b-obs while the second one is average in height and black in complexion. My eyes couldn’t go off from the fair one.
My boss introduced me to them .
After the introduction,
my boss sat down and checked the sales book, after that he stood up and told the black one to follow him to the warehouse that they want to check some goods and they left,
leaving only the fair one with me.
I was sited on a customer’s chair and she was sited on her table.
I started staring at her,
after for some minute of staring at her,she looked at me and our eyes met.
She became a bit shy. Chai! Igwe this is your opportunity to go closer to this babe.
I looked at her again and our eyes met and she smiled.

Episode 40.

*** how will i go about this naw,chai! The problem is that i don’t knw how to approach a girl for the first place.
How do i raise a conversation between both of us??
Taaaaaaa who you be?
No be woman wey you be.. i summoned courage and
stood up and moved closer to her table,she was gave me a suprised look ***

Me: please don’t be angry,what is your name?

Girl: is that why you have been staring at me as if you have met me before.

Me: my dear don’t mind me ooo,
i find it so difficult to talk to girls.

Girl: that’s good..
Anyway my name is Ijeoma.

Me: waoh! That’s nice.

Ijeoma: thank you.

Me:please don’t be offended ooo,
are you from this onitsha?

Ijeoma: no,am from Enugu.

Me: waoh! Me too..

Ijeoma: hmmm…..

Me:please,i want you to help me teach me the prices of our goods and their names. *** igwe see boring conversation ***

Ijeoma: ha,if i don’t then who will?
Just calm down ok,with time you will catch up.

Me: since there is no customer in our shop and we are less busy,
why can’t you teach me some of them now?

Ijeoma: as you can see,am going through our sales book,
maybe when am through then i can teach you some.

Me: no problem.

*** i came out of our shop and stood at the entrance of our shop,
my eyes were going round in our line,
one guy that was like me,the same body,same stature,the same height but our complexions are different cos he is black and am chocolate.
He came to me and we had a hand shake,
my name is bathlomeo and you? Asked the guy.
Am igwe’ i replied.

Bathlomeo: is like you are new here?

Me: yes

Bathlomeo: welcome bro….

Me: thank you…

*** we started discussing and from that day we became friends that are inseparable.
After like one month,i
was able to learn many things in the market with the help of Ijeoma and bathlomeo .
One evening,after i have done with my evening activities and dinner,
my boss called me in the parlour and i rushed in***

Boss: emmm…how do you see that our business?

Me: is good sir.

Boss: ok…i think you have learnt enough.

Me: yes sir.

Boss: you are so industrious to Keep it up. This your simcard you have to remove it and i will buy a new one for you so that you can be able to concentrate well in our business to avoid disturbance from your friends in the village. I hope you understand me??

Me: yes sir.

Boss: so if you get to the market tomorrow,
buy a new simcard

Me: yes sir.

Boss: and secondly,i have stayed long in Nigeria bcos of you cos i want you to be fully settled before i leave the country. I will travel back to China tomorrow so keep the good work you have started,
obey your madam as you always do,
please another one is,
please! Please! And Please!,
be very careful in our shop and very mindful about our customers.

Me: no problem sir.

Boss: remove your simcard and give me
*** thank God,that i have written down all my contacts,
i removed my simcard and gave to him.***

Boss: i hope you understood what i said.

Me: yes sir.

Boss: you can go back to your room.
*** i went in,side my room and was thinking how the days will be without my boss around. The next morning, i greeted him and wish him safe journey before i went to market.
I opened our shop and swept everywhere before one of our sales girls came(the black one).
We greeted as usually and she went to her sit.
I havent discuss with this one,
how will i initiate a chat with her?
I looked at her and opened my mouth to talk to her but i couldn’t bcos i don’t knw what to say and she noticed that i want to talk to her and she smiled at me ***
Girl: igwe is like you find it so hærd to talk to me,why bcos i have been monitoring you?

Me: nothin is just that am scared to talk to girls.

Girl: those girls wey you dey bleep before you come here nko,how you take talk to them?

Me: *** i was a bit shy *** i no dey do girl friend things ooo.
Abeg i never knw your name.

Girl: but you dey hear when oga dey call me Amanda.

Me: forgive me Amanda.

Amanda:see you swear say you never bleep any girl?

Me: i can swear with my…….

Amanda: is ok holy boy.
*** ijeoma entered and looked at us and she sat on her sit muted. I tried
all i can to make her smile but nowhere before customer entered our shop.
One evening when i came back from market,
my madam wasn’t at home and i entered the bathroom and left the bathroom door open bcos there is no one at home and was bathing,
when i finish bathing and i turn around and saw my madam stood at the entrance of our inner passage and was looking at my uncladness.

To be continued

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