Tale Of A House Boy



When we got to the warehouse, i opened it.
We entered, we did some cleaning,
after we have finish checking the stock. When i want to close the warehouse,
Amanda told me that she forgot something in,side,
she entered and i followed her to help her look for the thing she forgot. ***

Me: what did you forgot?

Amanda: *** she drow me closer *** actually,i didnt forgot anything.

Me: hmmm.

Amanda: why are you moody since morning and
did our boss finally came back?

Me: *** i step backward *** no,it was her wife that called me with his number.

Amanda: hmmm. I hope she didnt shout on you,
when you came back?

Me: why not she did.

Amanda: maybe,that’s why you are moody since morning.
My dear cheer up and forget all those things. Don’t ever attempt to fall for her again or you get yourself to be blame.

Me: Amanda could you believe that yesterday she forced me to have s-x with her.

Amanda: i hope you resisted her?

Me: lemme tell you the truth,
i couldnt resist her…

Amanda: why did you do that? You shouldnt have fall for her.

Me: Amanda am so so confuse now.

Amanda: igwe am so disappointed in you,
i have told you to deviate yourself from her in terms of s-x issue.

Me: it was all my fault,
i feel guilty after the act. My consent can’t stop wh¡pping me since yesterday,
i couldnt eat last nite and even this morning. My prayer now is for my boss to come back and rescue me
from that lady. Amanda if you have any advice to give to me,you
better do bcos i knw she must definitely come again.

Amanda: and you will definitely fall for her again right?

Me: Amanda that’s not what i expected from me.
As a girl wey u be,u suppose knw una weak point, wetin i fit do make she avoid me s€×ually.

Amanda: my dear,women can’t resist men s€×ually no matter anything. But i advice you to sit her down one day and talk sense in her, i think she can understand you.

Me: you don’t knw that jezebel am leaving with.
*** Is almost late,
we went back to the shop,
ijeoma was unhappy bcos i saw it on her face. I asked her what the problem is and she shouted on me,that i should leave her alone.
Bathlomeo signalled me outside to come out and i refused and sat back on my chair.
In the evening,when we closed,
Amanda left and i followed ijeoma.
I persuaded her to tell me what the problem is but she couldnt say anything to me.
I entered bus and went home.
When i entered the house,
my madam was in the parlour enjoying herself with pear and roasted corn,
i greeted her and she responded wella and she told me to bath and come that she has something for me,
i said ”ok” and entered my room.
I took my bath and entered the sitting room and sat down.
She asked me,how was my day and everything.
She entered her room and came out with a bag,
she handed it over to me,my mouth was widely opened.
She also gave me a vehicle key.
I was still looking at her ***

Madam: open the bag i gave to you naw.
*** i opened it and it contains,
Three trousers,two short nickers,one shoe,a wrist watch,a necklace,three shirts and two polo. ***

Me: who has this?

Madam: they are all yours.

Me: *** amazed *** me! who bought it?

Madam: i bought it for you,i just want to use it to appreciate you.

Me: *** confused *** appreciate me! How?

Madam: my dear stop asking questions and take this in,side. You even deserve more than this.

Me: aunty please am no more a kid…..

Madam: my dear,you wouldnt understand.

Me: and what about the key you gave me?

Madam: my husband bought a bus, and he told me to hand the key over to you.
He said you should be using it to convey goods from the warehouse to the shop.
And thirdly, that you should look for something that will teach you how to drive that he will be back once the goods are ready in China.

Me: *** feeling so happy *** ok. But where is the bus?

Madam: it is outside the gate.

Me: thank you so so much for the suprise and everything, i appreciate.

Madam: you are welcome my dear.

Me: *** out of happiness,
i pecked her *** lemme go and see the bus outside .

Madam: ok… When you are through,go to the kitchen,
there is a roasted corn and pears i kept for you in,side the electric oven.

Me: thank you.

*** i went out and i saw it,i opened it and entered.
Thereafter, i went back to the house. ***

Me: i have seen it…

Madam: ok… The wh0le papers are with me,
so whenever you need them, you let me knw.

Me: ok.

Madam: my husband’s cousin sister will be coming soon to stay with us till her jamb result will be out.

Me: ok. No problem.

*** i left to my room with so much joy in me.
I slept like a baby in his cradle that nite.
When i went to market the next day,i didnt tell anybody what happened.
One week later,my madam started adding weight and i was wondering,
if she is pregnant or what?
One evening i was with her in the parlor,when someone knocked and i opened the door.
Who i saw was Jenny(princess friend)


*** i was shocked when i saw Jenny and she too.
My mouth was widely opened as she was stood at my front.
My madam asked me from the parlor, who is that?
I pretended so that she wouldnt find out that we knew each other.
Aunty,is brother’s ( my boss ) cousin, i replied.
I ushered her in and she sat beside my madam as they
greet. I left them and entered my room.
My mind couldnt rest,
chai! This world can never stop amusing me some times.
After some minutes,my madam called me and i rushed in immediately and she gave me money to go and buy cold malt for Jenny since the one we have in the fridge are not cold.
I went out to buy it, immediately i opened our gate, i saw that same fair ugly girl that my madam met me with that day my
madam came back from village.
I waved at her and she told me to stop and i stopped to knw what it is. ***

Girl: igwe how are you?

Me: am fine and you?

Girl: am ok.

Me: please remind me your name again.

Girl: is Rose.

Me: ah, rose, it has been a while now.
Where have you been? *** am just asking her so that our conversation will not be boring ***

Rose: am around naw.

Me: but i havent seen you.

Rose: *** jokingly *** did you look for me?

Me: yes naw.

Rose: hmmm, Ok. So where are you heading to?

Me: i want to buy something from the next store.

Rose: lemme esc-rt you.

Me:no no no… Don’t bother yourself.

Rose: is your aunty in?

Me: yes,she was the one that send me to buy something there.
Please lemme rush and buy it for her before she nagg at me.

Rose: ok,go and buy it,
i will be waiting for you here.

Me: *** waiting for me ke?
God deliver from this girl. *** i don’t think i will come out if i go in,side now bcos we have a visitor. Maybe tommorow or next,
infact anyday i have chance.

Rose: just tell me the day.

Me: ok, tomorrow or next.

Rose: give me your number naw so that i will call you.

Me: am the one that will call you,
so give me your number.
*** i gave her my phone and she added her number and gave me back. *** is there any important thing that you want to discuss with me,
this one you bent on seeing me.

Rose: when you come first.

Me: ok… *** i left her and ran to the next store and bought malt,
as i was going back,i deleted that number Rose gave me and
i rushed back to the house.
I presented the malt to Jenny and left them.
I went back to my room with so many thoughts on my mind.
How will i cope with this two women?
My life is in danger,i knw Jenny like me back then and i also like her.
What did this girl called Rose want from me? What have i done to this women for Christ sake?
So many thoughts were running through my mind that nite but i couldnt invent any useful answer until i slept off and woke up in the morning,
i did my morning duties and got prepared to go when my madam came out from her room and i greeted her ***

Me: aunty,am off to market.

Madam: what about your breakfast,
wait lemme make tea for you.

Me: aunty you don’t have to stress Yourself. If i get to the market,i will eat,
don’t worry.

Madam: who told you am stressing myself?
Am not complaining.
*** she entered the kitchen and pluged water and i went back to my room.
I dey fear dis my madam gud behaviour towards me dis days.
Who knws what she is upto dis time around.
Lemme just dey look am now.
After for some minutes,she called me to come and carry my tea.
I drank the tea with bread and left.
I went to the market and met Bathlomeo seated infront of our shop ***

Me: guy wetin naw,why u com block my shop ?

Bathlomeo: wetin dey do u sef? Una shop dey open? Na waoh for u.

Me: weda i open my shop or not,
i don’t want you to sit here again. Na abeg wey i dey beg.

Bathlomeo: igwe wetin i do u?

Me: i don tell u finish.

Bathlomeo: na u i dey ask question.

Me: no ask me that nonsense question again.

Bathlomeo: igwe why u com dey avoid me like dis naw?
If i do anytin to u abeg tell me make i ask for 4giveness,we are friends.

Me: i don need ur Friendsh¡p,keep it to yourself. *** i opened our shop.
After for some minutes,Amanda and ijeoma came to market.
My phone ranged immediately,i checked it and it was unknwn number and i picked up ***

Me: hello.

Caller: hi igwe. How are you?

Me: am fine and you?

Caller: am fine too.

Me: please,
who am i speaking with?

Caller: is Beatrice, your madam’s sister.

Me: oh! How are you doing?

Beatrice: am doing well.
How is business?

Me: we thank God, business is going well.

Beatrice: i really miss you wella,
how i wish, i have chance, i would have come.

Me: *** eeeh! Com do wetin?
Abeg no com here before una kill me for dis house.
I still dey think how to cope with ur sister and Jenny,
u wan come join your own. God will never allow u to have chance. *** eeeyah. No problem,you will still have chance.

*** we talked small before she hangup.
Amanda and ijeoma starred at me when i droped my phone.
In the evening,i went home and met only Jenny at home.


*** i entered my room without uttering any word to Jenny.
I went to the bathroom and bath by then, Jenny was in the parlor watching television.
After drying my body,i went to the parlor and she was enjoying herself with a roasted corn and pears.
I sat on a chair beside hers. I looked at her and she focused more on the Television ***

Me: Jenny long Time….

Jenny: hmmm….. No see ooo.

Me: how is village now.

Jenny: they are all fine ooo.

Me: where is aunty ?

Jenny: she didnt tell me where she was going to when she left in the morning but
she said that she will be back in the evening.

Me: na waoh,she would have told you where she was going to.
Anyway,that’s her own cup of tea.
This world can never stop amusing me. I couldnt even imagine seeing you again.

Jenny: me to. But igwe,why are you muted since
yesterday you saw me?

Me: my dear,i was statued when i saw you yesterday,
it was shocked when i saw you.
And secondly,i did that so that my aunty wouldnt notice,
that we knw each other to avoid suspect.

Jenny: ok… So how is princess,i hope you are hearing from her.

Me: after that time i told you that her number wasn’t going true, i haventt contact her since then.

Jenny: na waoh! What about her parent,
you should have consult them maybe either of them will give you her contact or didnt they knw you?

Me: they did somehow but i don’t knw how it will sound to them and their reactions. I didnt go there bcos am scared.

Jenny: how can you be scared of them?
I knw both of you loved each other,you would have gone there and hear what they have to say.
You knw princess can never ask her parent for your number bcos she knew that they wouldnt do that
so you are the one to contact her.

Me: its true.

Jenny: anyway if both of you are meant to be together,
you guys must surely see each other one day.

Me: i just pray so.

Jenny: so igwe,what are you doing here? I know that you are intelligent and a hærdworking guy so how come you are here? Why did you drop out from school?

Me: *** i breadth down *** Jenny,it’s a long story.

Jenny: then make it snapy.

Me: after our wassce exam, i lost my dad,that day was the day,
my hope,my ambition and my dream died. My mum can’t further my education and my senior brother is not financially balance.
So i have to drop out from school to look for something doing inorder to stand like a man,so here are mine.

Jenny: am so sorry for the Death of your father. Was princess around when all this happened?

Me: yes,she is,she slept in our house the day before the burial of my dad.

Jenny: she didnt tell me about all this things. Anyway am so sorry my dear.
It will be well,just focus on the future and don’t allow bad friends to decieve you. Be more focus on your future and
i knw that God must surely bless you.

Me: amen ooo. Thanks.

Jenny: you are welcome my dear.

*** we discussed a little before i went back to my room.
I broughtout my phone and dialled my madam’s
number and she picked up with a rom-ntic voice.
I asked her, where she is? She told me that she went somewhere that she will be back either this night or in the morning.
She jokingly warned me not to go close to Jenny,
that guys of nowadays can do undo,
i laughed. Please tell Jenny to warm that soup in the fridge, both of you should use it for dinner and also show her where i kept the semovita and other things, she said.
I said ok and hanged up. I called Jenny and she entered my room and i delivered the message,
my madam asked me to.
After for some minutes, she told me that she is done with the food that i should come to the parlor so that both of us will eat.
I entered parlor and we ate together.
Thereafter,i laid on the floor as we watch television together and gist also.
At a point,i started feeling dizzy and i told her that i want to go in,side the room and sleep.
She said ok and i entered in and small time i slept off.
I woke up early in the morning and i stretch my legs
and it touches someone, i looked closely and it was Jenny lying beside me.
Eeh…! What kind of a thing be dis one naw?
I lowered my eyes down to her a$$ and the cloth she wore was mini and i sighted the way to her h0πeyp0t.
My d*ckson started bulging.. Chai! I don die,which kin temptation be dis naw?
Why devil dey punish me like dis naw?
What i was hearing on my head that moment was ”f–k her” f–k her”
my d*ckson became hot.
Should i enter dis babe or gbadu her? I decided not to go contrary to the vow i made with God. I left my room and entered bathroom and i used
bcos of my election and bath that morning to knw if my d*ckson will go down.
After i finished bathing,i commence with my morning duties.


*** when i finished with my morning duties,
Jenny was still sleeping. I went to the kitchen and made tea and drank.
Jenny was still sleeping,na waoh! Which kin girl be dis one naw.
I entered my room and dressed up and was about to go to market and i woke her up ***.

Me: Jenny why did you sleep here? I thought,
my madam’s room were open.

Jenny: i can’t sleep in that room only me.

Me: why and why didnt you tell me that you wouldnt sleep there?

Jenny: i thought i will but when i entered that room and slept off,i had a terrible nightmare and i woke up, i was scared so
i decided to sleep here.

Me: hmmm….. Nightmare! Ok,am off to the market,so take care of the house.

Jenny: ok… I want to follow you and go.

Me: not today maybe next time.

Jenny: why not today?

Me: i can’t wait for you to dress up now cos am late and
secondly madam will soon be back.

Jenny: ok… Till evening naw.

Me: ok…
*** i left to the market.
On getting there, Amanda was already in the shop.
We exchanged pleasantries and she even pecked me.
Thereafter,i settled down on my chair ***

Amanda: igwe there is something i want to discuss with you.

Me: ok… Am listening.

Amanda: igwe you knw, our boss pays ijeoma and i every last week of the month and last week was one month our boss travelled and we kept silent bcos we thought he instructed you on how to be paying us but i guess he
didnt do that, am i right?

Me: yea,he didnt tell me.

Amanda: please try and contact him and
ask him about that.

Me: no problem,i will pay both of you on Friday.

Amanda: wouldnt you contact him before paying us?

Me: leave that to me, i will handle it myself.

Amanda: thank you so much.

Me: uwl…

*** we started to discuss some other things before my phone rang and it was my madam,
i picked up immediately ***

Me: hello ma, good morning.

Madam: hello, did Jenny told you where she was going to?

Me: is she not at home?

Madam: yes,she is not at home.

Me: she was at home when i left. Na waoh! Where will she be now?
Aunty have you call her number?

Madam: i don’t have her number, did you have her contact?

Me: no i didnt. Aunty maybe she went outside to buy something,
just calm down she will be back.

Madam: i have been waiting for her over past 30mins, what hell is she buying outside for over 30mins?

Me: hmmm….. I don’t knw what to say about this. But just calm down first.

*** she hanged up. ***

Amanda: who called you?

Me: my madam.

Amanda: i hope all is well, this one you are telling her to calm down?

Me: it is my boss cousin sister that came to our house few days ago,

Amanda: what happened to her?

Me: i left her at home this morning,
so when my madam came back,she was nowhere to be found.

Amanda: is madam not at home?

Me: yes, she went out yesterday morning and couldnt come back that yesterday till this morning.

Amanda: so none of you have her number?

Me: yes.

Amanda: is she a teenager?

Me: no…

Amanda: why are you and madam bothering yourself over her?
She is no more a teenager, so she will be back now.

Me: i just hope so.

*** ijeoma entered and greeted us,
i was suprised the way she greeted us.
We all started co-operating normal. In the evening when we closed shop and Amanda left immediately bcos she told me she was going to church for their youth program.
I told Ijeoma that i will visit her on Sunday to knw where she lives but
she told me that she was living with her older sister.
She further told me that,she will let me knw when her older sister will not be around.
After discussing with Ijeoma for a while,
she left and i called my madam to knw if Jenny has returned and she told me that she had returned.
I bought apple fruit for her and went home.
When i entered our house,my madam was seated in the parlour and i greeted her,
she replied back. She asked me, how was my day and other things.
My madam’s tommy was increasing every day. Is she pregnant or what?
Hmm,lemme just dey look am like DSTV.
My madam asked me, what am holding and i told her that it was an apple i bought for her.
I gave her the apple and she took it. Chai! See as i dey mumu like a goat
I left the parlour and saw Jenny in the
kitchen cooking and i didnt talk to her so that my madam will not be jeolous or suspect us.
I took my bath and relaxed in,side my room. After for some minutes, my madam called me.
I entered the parlour and she gave me a black nylon and i took it from her. ***

Me: aunty, who has this?

Madam: its for you.

Me: me!

Madam: yes…. It is what i bought for you from where i travelled to yesterday.

Me: thank you so much.

*** i left the parlor to my room. When i opened it,it was boxers and singlet.
When Jenny finished cooking, my madam called me to the parlor to come and eat with them.
I ate with them and went back to my room.
I slept off and wokeup in the midnite by a hand moving around my body.
I jerked up to knw who was that.


*** i moved my body a bit to knw who lied beside me. I couldnt see the person’s face cos there was no light in my room.
I searched for my phone and saw it beside the bed and i pressed it and the screen light shows, i drow it closer and behold it was Jenny.
I was amazed and i wiped my eyes again to knw if am dreaming or what. I sat on the bed immediately and faced her ***

Me: *** with a low voice *** Jenny what are you doing here?

Jenny: what is that suppose to be?

Me:please,go back to our room.

Jenny: i wouldnt.

Me: do you want to put me in trouble?
What if my madam enter here now and see you,
what do you think that will happen?

Jenny: whatever that will happen, let it happen.

Me: Jenny what do you want this night?

Jenny: now you are talking my baby boy.

Me: please stop and head the nail at the head.

Jenny: igwe i knw that am not suppose to say this but i have to bcos it has been hurting me.

Me: please say what it is and be fast.

Jenny: after that day You came with princess to our house in the village,
i see myself falling inlove with you, and …

Me: ***cut in*** please tommorow, we will discuss that, this is not the right hour and time to discuss such an issue.
Please go back to your room now.

Jenny: are you sending me out?

Me: no but due understand please.

Jenny: i can’t just leave like that.

Me: *** i drow her closer and planted a k-ss on her forehead *** are you happy now?

Jenny: no. *** i planted the k-ss on her l-ips and she held my head. I k-ssed her for a few minute and our l-ips got separated.
She rose up from the bed and left my room.
My phallic stood er-ct when she left.
I laid down on the bed and was imagining what could have happen,
if my madam enters. Who knws weather she heard our conversation,my heart skipped. I thought for a while and slept off.
In the morning,when i woke up,i saw my madam in the
sitting room. I greeted her, i asked her if she slept here and she said yes,
that the heat was too much and she decided to sleep here.
I Said ok.
I breadth down,atleast am sure now that she didnt
overheard our conversation.
She entered her room and i started sweeping the house. After my morning duty, i took my bath and wore one military colour tri-quarter nicker and white shirt,
i told my madam that am off to the market and she told Jenny to go and make tea for me.
Jenny went to the kitchen and i entered the sitting room and sat to wait for her while my madam was lying on the bed.
After some minutes,Jenny called me to come and carry my tea.
I entered the kitchen, Jenny starred at me and i ignored her. I carried my tea to the sitting room.
After taking the tea, i left to the market.
In the evening,when we closed shop.
As am waiting for bus with some other people around me,
one army man passed by and came back and told me to follow him.
You knw say na only tin wey dey vex army people na stubbornness.
Once army man call you, if you carry yourself jeje go answer am, dey go reduce ur punishment but if u wan prove say u be real niga my broda
Na ur grave wey u dey dig unknowingly.
I followed him, all the people around the place was just looking at me,
some of them were following us small small so that the army man will not find out.
When we reached their checkpoint,
he ordered me to lie down, without hesitating, i lied down.
The man that called me said,”who gave you the military right to wear this colour of cloth?”
i couldnt say anything bcos i don’t knw what to say.
He repeated the question again, i couldnt still talk. He told me to stand up,i stoodup.
He gave me a thunder slap “gbozaaa”,
i staggered and he landed another one on my other cheek and i felt down with tears.
He started wh¡pping and marching me with his booth. When i opened my eyes,i saw my self on a one man bed and a dripp beside me, i saw
my madam with two girls(nurse) around me. “Where am i ?” i asked.
“You are in the hospital ofcourse” my madam replied.
What happened to me? I asked. My madam said that i should
stop bothering myself.
I remembered what happened yesterday evening,i kept my mouth shut. I was feeling some pain all over my body. I was so weak that morning.
My madam prepared tea for me and she left. After some minute, she came back ***

Madam: drink your tea so that nurse will give you injection and some drugs.

Me: am not hungry.

Madam: are you going to take a drug on an empty stomach?

Me: i want to go home now.

Madam: doctor said that it will be in the evening. Please drink your tea.
*** i couldnt still touch the tea and my madam started feeding me with the tea and bread. Walahi! I enjoyed it like die.
After everything,we went home and Jenny prepared a delicious meal that evening.
My madam told Jenny to put our food on a single plate.
After eatin, she said that i have to sleep in her room so that she will take care of me and Jenny will sleep on my room.
“I hope say she no carry anytin for mind” i asked myself.


*** Jenny agreed to sleep in my room. When we got to the room, i laid on the bed and she laid beside me.
We started gisting about so Many things before she shift to the edge of the bed,
so there was no body contact between us. I was suprise bcos i knw her as a s€× add!ct.
After a while, i slept off and woke up with a sentional touch all over my body. ***

Madam: how was your night dear?

Me: so good. And yours?

Madam: its ok… I hope you are physicallay fit today.

Me: ooo, yes. *** i rose up from the bed and want to leave her room, she told me to forget about cleaning the house that, she and Jenny will do it by themselves. That i should wake Jenny up and tell her to prepare akamu (palp) for me.
When i entered my room, Jenny scattered herself on the bed,
she wore a transparent cloth to bed so
her p-nt showed. The urge for s-x entered me instantly.
Guys e no dey easy to dey with ladies wey no be your sisters for house.
My phallic was er-ct and ready for action. One mind told me to go and sleep with her And the other told me to abandon her bcos my madam will catch us. I entered the bathroom,i stood there so that my phallic will go down.
After some minute,it reduced so i came out and stood at the entrance of my room and called Jenny and she answered immediately and came out.
I told her what my madam asked me to tell her and she entered the kitchen.
I swept the wh0le house and took my bath. I waited for her to finish.
When she was through,she served me the food.
After i took the akamu, i left for market.
When i got there,Ijeoma and Amanda were already in the market so i greeted them and sat on my sit.
I went through the sales book and checked how they sold goods on my absent in the market. Ijeoma and Amanda asked me why i was absent yesterday in the market. I told them my encounter with the military men. They said, they were sorry. ***

Me: you knw i was suppose to pay you both yesterday being Friday as i pledged but i couldnt. *** i broughtout money from the drower and paid them.
Were happy and grateful. I wrote down the amount of money i paid them and date.
In the evening,when we closed for the day, i went home with some money that we will use to prepare food on Sunday.
I gave my madam the money. At the night,after Jenny finished cooking and we ate, i sat in the parlour with my madam and we were gisting. ***

Me: aunty how did i got to the hospital?

Madam: it was a man who passed by when you fainted.

Me: i fainted!

Madam: yes you did according to the man that brought you to the hospital.

Me: chai! So if not for that man,i would have been a dead man by now.

Madam: you don’t have to say such a thing my dear. Nothing would have happen to you.

Me: amen! How did you located the hospital, i was admitted?

Madam: the man that brought you to the hospital called me with your number so i rushed to the hospital.

Me: ok… *** We gist about so many things before i told her that was feeling dizzy that i want to go in,side and she said ok.
I went to bed. In the morning,jenny and i went to church. During the holy communion hour, i didnt receive it bcos i was not baptized then,i was born and brought up in Pentecostal church. Pentecostal churches don’t do enfant baptism but catholic do.if you are a Christian you will understand that.
Aft church dismissal,we started going home ***

Jenny: igwe you didnt receive holy communion why?

Me: i attended Pentecostal church in the village so when i came here and find out that my oga and madam worsh¡p in catholic
i had no other alternative than to join them,
So i am not baptised.

Jenny: na waoh! Maybe you have to talk to aunty,
she might help you talk to the parish priest.

Me: ok… Jenny there is something i want to ask you…

Jenny: what is that?

Me: is our aunty pregnant?

Jenny: haaa. Is obvious naw.

Me: hmmm….. *** thunder don fire me be dat. I knw say na my hand work. So na bcos of dat na im make her bought cloth and other tins for me. Chai!
Na so my boss go pursue me when he comes back. Nwanyia araputakwanu m ooo. ***

Jenny: are you ok, this one you are silent?

Me: am ok.. *** when we got home,
madam was in the kitchen cooking. I pulled my cloth and joined her in the kitchen. Jenny entered and she told her to go and rest,
she left the kitchen. I helped her to pound pepper and other things. After cooking, we ate together and i told my madam that i want to go out and she allowed me to go.
I wore my cloth and i also pocket the motor key.
When i got outside where the bus was packed,
i entered, i wanted to start it but i was afraid,so i called my madam and she came out with Jenny.
She taught me how to start it and move and also the brake.
Thereafter, she went in,side but Jenny didnt follow her.
I abandoned the motor and went out to flex with Jenny.

To be continued

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