Tale Of A House Boy

Tale Of A House Boy – Batch K

Tale Of A House Boy – Batch K


*** we went to one restaurant not too far from our compound.
I ordered for one full chicken and yogurt. I don’t want to drink beer cos am unaccustomed to that and
beside, my madam will find out.
And secondly, it might lead me contrary to my vow.
I told Jenny to order for anything so she
ordered for Same yogurt and half chicken.
Thereafter, our demands was brought to our table. ***

Jenny: why did you demand for yogurt instead of alcoholic drink that other guys like you take?

Me: am unaccustom to that whereas i can’t start drinking alcoholic drinks by this time,wat as you knw that am still under the control of somebody.

Jenny: hmmm… You think right ooo.
Is true shaa but guys of nowadays don’t mind. They drink recklessly and behave like a kid like that of my so-called boyfriend.
All he knws how to do is to drink and look for who to make advances on.
I just regretted the day i met him.

Me: hmmm. You knw everybody can’t behave the same.

Jenny: i knw but he suppose to behave like A responsible guy, he is matured naw.

Me: where is he now?

Jenny: he is still in the village rooming about. His parent have tried all they can to give him a quality education but he refused to study. From one school to another,his parent decided to abandon him.

Me: some people don’t value what the have till they loose it. But you can still change him…

Jenny: change him! How?

Me: you still love him right?

Jenny: love kwa. Am planning to break up with him.

Me: no now,you don’t have to do that. Don’t break up with him bcos of his non-challant attitude, he still have some good in him just bcos his bad behaviours dominate his good one.

Jenny: *** cut in *** there is nothing good in him anymore.

Me: don’t say like that. Call him when you go back and talk sence into him…

Jenny: *** cut in *** please forget him,
i don’t love him anymore. Is you i love and am eager to do anything to have you.

Me:pplease Jenny lets just forget this issue of a thing. You knw am inlove with your friend princess.

Jenny: my dear lemme tell you, love dies once both of you are not together. For how many months have you seen her? And you are not even sure you will see her again till she marry. Who knws if she hasn’t fall for another guy.

Me: how can you say such a thing.

Jenny: i do not mean to hurt or insult you. You knw We girls easily get marry.
So please understand me and stop hurting my feelings.

Me: am not hurting your feeling.

Jenny: when you avoid me, you hurt my feelings.

Me: please Jenny, lets forget this. You have a boy friend and i also have a girlfriend so
lets forget all this and face our spouse. Remember, i am still under someone.If i agree to this your request,
it will be a problem to me.

Jenny: my dear,it wouldnt be a problem.

Me: it will be bcos as far as we live together in the same house,my boss and his wife will find out one day and you knw what it means.

Jenny: who will tell them?

Me: time shall tell.Dismantle your chicken and your yogurt lets hurry home before madam begin to suspect us.
Jenny: igwe forget that. Are we not matured enough?

Me: the way you think wouldnt be the same with theirs. Please hurry lets go.

Jenny: we are not going anyway until you give me a yes answer.

Me: Jenny please …..

Jenny: *** cut in *** please for what? Is please an answer to my request?
We are not leaving here till you give me a yes answer.

Me: then i have to leave you and go home.

Jenny: you can’t be serious igwe.

*** i continue with the chicken and yogurt while she was busy saying all sort of things to me inorder to convince me.
When finished, i called the attendant and paid for our expenses.
Jenny havent touch her own chicken and yogurt. ***

Me:please Jenny hurry up lets go its late.

Jenny: am not leaving here till you accepted my request.

Me:*** I stood up *** are you forcing me to say yes to you?

Jenny: no am not forcing you igwe,just try and knw how i feel about you.

Me: ok i understand but it must be a casual relationsh¡p.

Jenny: no problem.
*** she came closer me and hugged me. She planted a k-ss on my l-ips. I told her to hurry up.
I looked at my time and it was 5pm. She told me that she will take those things i bought for her home but i told her not to bcos of madam. She told me to forget it that she will handle it by herself.
I told her not to mention my name if madam ask her and she said that i shouldnt worry.
When we go to our gate, Jenny told me to step back and wait for a while before coming in.
I went back to that bus again and tried to start it.
I was suprised that evening when i drove to the end of our street and drove back but whoever that saw me that day knws that i was an amateur. I parked it and went in,side. I opened the door and saw my madam and Jenny in the sitting room. My madam hanged her two legs on the table and Jenny was busy tearing the chicken and the yogurt. Jenny bad oo.
How she take convince madam.


*** i entered the sitting room and i greeted my madam and she responded wella. My madam asked me if am catching up with the driving *** Jenny winks *** yes,i replied.
I moved to my room.
After one week, i learnt everything concerning driving with the help of my madam and other peoples. I due drive to market and comes back. As time goes on,
i told my madam that Jenny will be following me to the market since she was not doing anything at home. My madam agreed. The first day, i took Jenny to the market, i introduced her as my oga’s sister.
Amanda and ijeoma liked her bcos of the way she associate with them. Jenny was jovial and has a good manner of approach.
We goes to the market together and comes back till one day.
One Saturday, we prepared as usual so as we are going to the market, Jenny told me that she was hungry,that i should drive to any restaurant nearby. That morning we didnt eat in the house.
I drove to one restaurant nearby and she ordered for rice and coke. I was also hungry so i ordered for the same thing.
After for some minutes,they brought it to our table and we started to eat. ***

Me: how did you convince madam about the things you brought to the house yesterday?

Jenny: i told her that i went to my friend’s house.

Me: your friend’s house? *** i asked in a suprised manner bcos i knw she has no friend yet ***

Jenny: havent i told you before.

Me: told me about what?

Jenny: that day madam called you on phone and told you that am missing.

Me: yes. I didnt even remember to ask you that day.

Jenny: that day i went outside to buy sugar that i will use to make akamu(palp),
as i came out of our gate, i met one of my old secondary friend from my formal school.

Me: hmmm….. a male or female?

Jenny: female.

Me: ok…

Jenny: i followed her that day and went to her house.
Her parent was rich.

Me: how did you knw?

Jenny: i saw things by myself. If you see how their house was furnished and how many cars her father has and other things.

Me: hmmm.. Did she leave in the same street with us ?

Jenny: no, after the next two streets.

Me: You told madam that she was the one that bought all those things and she believed you?

Jenny: yes naw. You will get to knw her one day.
She told me that she will visit me before i will go back.
*** as we are eating and discussing,
chilota ( one of company’s boys that i saw in the park the other day ) he entered and we exchanged pleasantries. Jenny was looking at him in a scary manner. I asked him where he was heading to and he told me that he is going to work.
He asked me if Jenny is my sister and i told him yes. I told him to sit down and eat,
he sat down. I told the attendant to give him food. Jenny was busy giving me sign that we should go.
Jenny couldnt finish her food, she stoodup and went to the bus.
I paid for the bill, i told chilota that i will see him at the park for us to discuss something more important. For my mind, i get nothing to discuss with him just that i want to leave him.
He thanked me so much. I went to where our bus was Packed. Jenny was in,side the bus already. ***

Me: did you remember him?

Jenny: ofcourse i do. Why are you associating with that arm robber?

Me: listen, he is now a changed person.

Jenny: a changed what! Igwe do you knw how many innocent souls that guy destroyed?

Me: please,he has changed.

Jenny: don’t tell me that. A murderer is always a murderer even if he change to be priest. The blood of the innocent people he shared must be following him.

Me: so what you are saying is that, God can’t forgive a murderer?

Jenny: God can but not all murderers. Igwe could you imagin that, that guy you saw over there raped me and killed one of our classmate in my formal school.

Me: *** shocked *** raped you!

Jenny: yes. That my friend refused to allow them make advances on her and he was the person that shot her that day.
That was the reason why i withdrow from that school.

Me: i can’t just believe this. That he raped you.

Jenny: igwe you have to bcos that guy is a devil incarnate. Avoid him,he is bad.

Me: hmm. He was one of the boys that nearly kill me bcos of princess back then in school but i have forgiven him.

Jenny: guys always forgive but igwe you have to be very careful about him. But wait,i thought he was one of the boys that was arrested in the school then.

Me: yes but his parent bailed him out. But i am still confuse, how does he pretend as if he havent met you before or has he forgotten.

Jenny: why wouldnt he forgot where he was busy rapping and murdering people. I guess he wouldnt be able to recognise those girls he had raped.

Me: na waoh. *** i started the bus and we left to the market. After everything we went home. One saturday,jenny told my madam and i that she want to visit her friend and left.
Immediately Jenny left,my madam told me to come closer,i came closer.
Some thing happened that day.


*** when i came closer,she pecked me. It has been long you keep me worm, she said. I smiled. Can you now? She asked. ***

Me: aunty,can i ask you a question ?

Madam: go ahead.

Me: you are becoming hug this days. Are you pregnant?

Madam: *** she Looked at me with a confused face *** why do you ask?

Me: nothing,is just that i will be in trouble if you are.

Madam: you will be in trouble? How?

Me: who else will be responsible if not me and you knw what that means when brother(my boss) will come back. So lets just quit this our game.

Madam: my dear,calm down and forget it. Pregnancy is a prayer of every woman so if i am through you glory be to God.

Me: but am not suppose to be the one responsible while your husband is still alive.

Madam: forget that, pregnant is pregnant no matter how you get it. So chill up and stop stressing yourself about nothing.
*** she socket her mouth on mine and laid on me. We engaged in a hot k-ss so at a point, she removed her mouth from mine and located my trouser. Let me feel you in,side me now? She asked in a rom-ntic voice.
My body is all yours, i replied. She unbelt me and broughtout my joystick, she touched the head and i mo-ned softly.
Undress me and be fast about it, she said. I got her undressed without wasting time. She laid on the floor and told me to enter her. Aunty, here is sitting room. I said. She stoodup and dragged me to her room. Can you f–k me from the back? She asked. I havent done that before, i replied.
F–K me from the back and make sure you satisfy me,she said.
Without wasting time, I pushed her on the bed and she fall with her face on the bed and and her b—k facing me. I separated her two legs and pushed my joystick in,side her through her a$$. She gave me a soft mo-n. I started pumping in and out of her gently. At a point, i increased my speed. I banged her for 10mins before i turned her for her to be facing me. I banged her again for 5mins before she c-mmed, i withdrow my joystick from her h0πeyp0t as am about to C-m and she pushed it in,side. I poured all my c-m in,side her. After the s-x,i couldn’t go immediately bcos i was so fatigue. I laid beside her unclad. After some minutes,my madam’s phone ranged and she picked up.
After the call, she hurriedly stood up and ran in,side the bathroom, i asked her what the problem is and she couldnt utter any word to me.
I left her room and entered the bathroom. I took my bath in a twinkle of an eye.
My madam left without telling me what the problem is.
I sat in my room, reflecting on how i disappointed God and broke the vow i made with Him.
This lady have really vow to ruin my life.
I started thinking on how i was disV-rgined by Mrs sharp sharp(my teacher) and how i got her pregnant.
There was a question am asking myself repeatedly. ”why is it that any woman i go close to, find it difficult to resist me? ” I impregnated my teacher and she gave birth, now my madam is pregnant but it seems she don’t want to lemme knw, am very sure that am responsible for that. What could be My fate if my boss comes back and find out that i sowed a seed in his wife’s stomach?
What am i even turning myself into? A he-goat that goes around impregnating female goats. How will i put an end to all this my dirty secret?
I breadth down. After all this thoughts, i hate myself in that moment. How i wish, my phallic is detacheable,i would have remove it and burn it with fuel.
I dialled my madam’s number and she told me that she is driving to the airport in Asaba to pick my boss so i Hanged up.
My heart skipped,chai! I don die. I called Jenny to inform her so that she will come back quickly.
After some minutes,jenny rushed home.
Where is aunty? Jenny asked. ”She went to the airport to pick him up” i replied. ***

Me: what are you doing there since you left?

Jenny: nothing, we are just watching movie since then. Your face isn’t bright, what is the problem? *** i was muted *** tell me naw sweety. *** she came closer and sat on my laps so she used her two hands and held my neck.*** what is it honey ?
*** she makes to k-ss me, i pushed her mouth aside *** why are you avoiding me?

Me:please am not in the mood for this now. Lemme think about something more important.

Jenny: so am not important to you?

Me: please! Please! And Please! I just want to be left alone for some minute.

Jenny: why did you choose to be hurting my emotions whenever i tried to be in your arms?

Me: Jenny there is time for everything. Please do as i said.

Jenny: am not leaving this your room till you answer me.

Me:Jenny what did you want from me?

Jenny: i want you to stop hurting my emotions toward you.

Me: i agreed, i wouldnt.

Jenny: lemme see it in your action .

Me: ok *** i pecked her,she held my neck tight and refused to free me. Before i could knw what is going on,my boxers was already down but my joystick wasn’t er-ct.


** i was mopping at her when she removed my boxers. She touched my joystick and it was cold. She looked straight to my eyes and i threw my face one side. ***

Jenny: can i s–k you?

Me: what are you trying to do Jenny?

Jenny: am doing what you are seeing.

Me: you can’t be serious *** i step back and try to wear my boxer but she held it.. I abandoned that boxers and look for another one and wore.
I left the room to the corridor. After some minute,jenny entered to where i was. I deliberatedly kept moody to knw if my mood will scare her but it seems my moody attracted her to where i was fully. ***

Jenny: why are you moody igwe? *** i looked at her and turned my face aside. *** is it because i decided to test you and knw if you will fall. *** na God go help me punish you well well. *** igwe am sorry. *** she laid her one hand on my back,i removed her hand.*** i said am sorry.
*** i left the corridor and went in,side my room and laid down on my bed. Jenny entered my room after some minutes and sat on my bed. See me see wahala ooo. Wetin i do dis girl sef,na by force? I go blow dis girl now. ***

Jenny: please,i knw i have offended you but fine a place in your heart to forgive me. I promise it wouldnt repeat itself again.

Me: Jenny go out of my room,i don’t want to have anything to do with you again.

Jenny: haa, igwe its not like that.

Me: i said Jenny stand up and leave my room,am through with you. I don’t want to repeat myself again.

Jenny: igwe please naw forgive me. I said am sorry.

Me: sorry for what? Sorry for seeing my uncladness or what Jenny? Please leave my room.

Jenny: are you asking me out of your room?

Me: yes. Please go before brother and his wife get you here.

Jenny: what kind of human being are you? Just a single mistake i did , you find it so difficult to forgive me.

Me: i have forgiven you so can you leave now. *** she stoodup and left my room. After some minutes,my madam drove home with my boss. I opened the door, i went out with Jenny and welcomed my boss. I took his luggages in and he sat in the sitting room with his wife seated on his laps.
I overheard the wife saying, i really missed you so much and my boss said, he also missed her. Both of them was busy k-ssing in the sitting room.
I rushed back to my room. Chai! Life of a newly married couple sweet die.
After a while, my boss entered his room and removed his cloth soon he went to the bathroom and took his bath. He called me in the sitting room and was asking me how about our shop and everything. After that, he told his wife to bring one of those bags he came back with. When the wife brought the bag, he unzipped it and broughtout so many cloths and three pairs of shoes so he handed it over to me. ”This is for you” he said. I was very happy,i thanked him. He asked me if i have learnt how to drive and i told him that am now an expert in driving. He called Jenny and gave her, her own gift. My madam entered the kitchen to prepare our dinner. She called me in the kitchen and told me to pound pepper and some other poundable items. As i was pounding,my boss entered the kitchen and saw me ***

Boss: why is igwe pounding instead of Jenny ?

Madam: is it only food that he will knw how to eat in this house. Eeh!…igwe pound it very well. *** i kept silent. My boss stood there for a while and left the kitchen to the sitting room.
After cooking that night, i on the generator. I was in my room watching some American movies when Jenny entered and sat on a chair, we were muted as we are watching the television.
Around 12am, i started feeling dizzy so i laid on my bed and slept off. I wokeup by 4am when the fuel in our generator exhausted,my madam was the one that woke me up, i off everything and arranged the generator well and slept back. I woke as early as possible and did my morning duties and got prepared for church.
I went to 7am mass, jenny couldnt follow me bcos she was asleep and secondly i don’t want her to follow me bcos she provoked me the previous day.
In the church, i sat beside one beautiful girl, it seems the girl’s parent were wealthy bcos her attire said it all. As the homily were going on,i was busy starring at her and she noticed that.
Trust Niger girls dem,once dey knw say person don dey look dem,their go dey do shakara. I deliberatedly asked her what the time is.She told me. As the homily was still going on, our priest told us to hug two people beside us and tell them, ”’it is well with your soul”’ omo if you see how married men wey no sit with their wife dey waka for in,side church dey fine their wife,u go laff tire. One man hug im wife and refused to comot his hand,a guy wey dey beside him tellam say make im free his wife and hug anoda person, d man say”my wife na two in one”. Everybody laughed. After mass, i tried all i could to get the girl’s attention but all was in vain. As she was going,i was following her. I met my boss where he was coming to church.


*** i met my boss where he was coming to church, he saw me and parked aside and called me.
I rushed to where he parked and greeted him and madam. Jenny was also with them. ”There was some of my dirty cloths i droped in your room, you will wash it when you get home” my boss said.
”And please, cut that fresh tomatoes that was in the kitchen” my madam said.
I said ok and they drove off.
Chai! Igwe your work as a house boy has just started. How can i wash cloth and still cut tomatoes? Anyway, na one after the other.
Before i could finish, the girl was nowhere to be found. I trekked down the road to check her but i couldnt see her.
I went home. When i got home, i used the washing machine and washed all the wh0le cloth.
After washing, i started cutting the tomatoes, soon my boss came back with his wife and Jenny. My madam entered the kitchen and saw me cutting the tomatoes ***

Madam: *** with a harsh voice *** you havent finish cutting this tomatoes,
what have you been doing since morning you came back? *** i was suprised at the way she used harsh voice on me. *** am i not talking to you? *** i was muted and was busy cutting the tomatoes. She came closer *** look at what you are cutting? *** my boss entered and asked her what the problem is.
She told him that am not fasting in cutting the tomatoes. My boss asked me if i have washed the cloth he told me to wash. Yes i have did, i replied him ***

Boss: *** he turned to my madam *** why are you blaming him?

Madam: that small cloth he washed, was it an excuse?

Boss: i don’t like the way you are shouting at him. Why can’t Jenny do that before we went to church? Who knws how both of you manage to live on my absent.

Madam: so you are backing him right.

Boss: how can you and Jenny be in this house and Igwe will be entering kitchen? You are not pregnant neither is Jenny.

Madam: honey is that what you have to say?

Boss: what do you want me to say? mind how you are talking to him. *** my boss left to his room.
I looked at my madam with a thick face,
she left too. After i finished cutting the tomatoes,i covered it very well; i broughtout the pot we normally use in cooking rice. I cooked rice and put pot that we are using to cook stew and used it to fry tomatoes.
That day,i cooked rice and stew,after the cooking, i called my madam and told her that am through.
She entered the kitchen and put food for everybody.
After we finished eating, my boss called me ***

Boss: igwe you are such a nice cooker. Who taught you how to cook?

Me: we have no girl in our family so i always assist my mum in the kitchen and from there,i learnt alot about cooking.

Boss: kudos to you.

Madam: you thought everybody will be like you,who doesn’t even knw how to boil hot water talkmore of cooking.

Boss: who told you that i don’t knw how to cook? Look at you, see am a good cooker ooo.

Madam: *** laughed *** a good cooker indeed. *** i went back to my room. Around 3pm that Sunday, my boss took us out to have some fun. We went to one Mr biggs and he bought so many things for us before he told Jenny and i to go home that they are coming. We went home together but we didnt talk to each other till we got home though i was the one that paid for the bike that took us home.
I went straight to my room so after some minutes later, Jenny entered my room with one kind mini skirt she wore that was revealing her laps wella. After seeing that, my p—k kicked up. I pretended as if am not interested in her. I was seated on a chair so She sat on my laps,my p—k go an uncontrollable er-ction. ***

Jenny: igwe i don’t want us to be living like cat and rat in this house. Please forgive me. *** she noticed my er-ction and looked straight to my eyes *** tell me that you don’t need me igwe. Why are you starving me and yourself? Make me feel the way other girls do.

Me: Do you actually knw what you are asking me to do? *** my d–k was busy complaining ***

Jenny: i don’t care igwe. *** she pecked me,i carried her up and k-ssed her as if we are on our wedding day.
After k-ssing her,i droped her on the bed,without wasting time,i got her skirt off and also her p-nt. Chai! Jenny was already w-t so without wasting time, i ins**ted my d–k in,side her, she gave me a soft mo-n, awww! I started going in and out of her. As am about to c-m,i withdrew my d–k from her h0πeyp0t and poured on her stomach. She rushed to the bathroom and took her bath. I also took my bath too and laid down on the bed. I didn’t enjoy the s-x atall bcos s-x without love making is rubbish according to me.
She was in my madam’s room resting and i was also in my room resting too. After 30mins of resting,jenny came to my room and told me that,that her friend was outside waiting for her that i should come and see her.
I wore my cloth and we went outside.
When we opened our gate,who i saw was Rose. That same Rose that i was running away from.

To be continued

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