Tale Of A House Boy

Tale Of A House Boy – Batch M

Tale Of A House Boy – Batch M


*** That night,i saw princess with two little children, a boy and a girl. I was so happy when i saw them but princess wasn’t feeling happy. I tried to go close to her but i couldn’t bcos my two legs were crippled in that dream. I tried all i could but to no avail. I started shouting,
as i was shouting i woke up and realise that my two legs were together while am sleeping.
Please don’t sleep with your two legs together. It can cripple you in a dream and witch can use it to get you. Please please and please, separate your legs while you are still awake before sleeping so that witch will not get you.
I started wondering, about the dream i had.
The other day i had a dream with little children and today again i had it again. Now i knw that God loves me and that’s why He is trying to pass message to me. I knw that i don’t keep my vow but this time around, with the help of God,i must surely keep it. God in your hands i comit my spirit. I did the sign of the cross and went back to sleep.
Lemme just tell you guys the fact, ones you decided to turn away from your bad ways, na so that tin go dey com up and down. If na woman wey u dey pursue and u wan stop am, omo na den wey fine fine girls go dey waka for ur front like tomorrow no dey. Even dose wey u don pursue,wey no gree go dey give u body.
I started living a new life but it wasn’t an easy task for me bcos am addicted to women.
There was a day,i came back from market and entered the bathroom to bath, i had an er-ction. I took my bath thinking that it will go down,
forwhere it didnt go down. My madam and Jenny was around that evening but my boss went out. I tried my possible best to make my joystick go down but to no avail. I wore my iron p-nt,but it still shows. The more i think of what to do,the more h-rder it becomes. The thing was really a thorn in my flesh that evening.
Omo i nearly die that nite oo soon d bottom of my joystick com dey vibrate like say e wan comot. Guys too much f–k f–k dey kill oo. U go dey do am, d tin go dey sweet u and u go dey tink say dat na life. Na when u wan stop am,na dere u go knw say, beta suya, beta suya bu na-aru nnama. No dey use to girls make u no regret am for future like me, and girl also, make una stay away from s-x,make e no affect u when u marry bcos one man no go fit satisfy u s€×ually.
That evening was hell for me. Should i go and m——–e? I don’t even knw how to do that. I decided not to come out till my joystick will bow down. After Jenny finished preparing dinner,she called me to come and carry my food but i ignored her and the food.After they are through with eating,my boss havent come back yet. Jenny entered the kitchen and came out and went to the sitting room where my madam was. After some minute, my madam called me, i ignored her bcos i don’t want then to notice my er-ction. She late came in,side my room and sat beside me in the bed. ***
Madam: igwe what is the problem? You are in,side your room since you came back from market.

Me: am ok, Just that am extremely tired.

Madam: did you buy any drug?

Me: no.
*** she called Jenny and gave her money to go and buy drug for me, i told her not to worry about the drug but she insisted, so Jenny left ***
Madam: why are you not taking drugs? Whenever i told Jenny to go and buy drug for you,you always refuse why?

Me: i don’t like taking drugs.

Madam: *** laughed *** at this your age.

*** after some minutes,jenny entered with the drug and left my room.
My madam told me to sit up bcos am lying down and take the drug.
Immediately i stood, is like she captured what was going on inbetween my legs bcos she looked at my face. She forced me to take drug. Omo na so i com force myself take drug wey nothing dey do me.
She called Jenny to bring my food and she brought it.
She cooked beans and Yam that day. I pretended as if am not hungry but am dieing in,side. She started petting me like a kid. She was in,side my room till i finished eating. Upon all the discussion am discussing with my madam but my joystick still stand er-ct. One mind told me to bounce on her, i makes to hold her neck and drow it closer to mine, i heard a voice that saying, igwe did you remember the vow you made to me? Immediately i heard that voice,
my joystick bow. My madam looked into my eyes and i became a little bit shy. ***

Madam: *** she crossed her hand on my neck *** igwe tell me what the problem is,you don’t seems to be comfortable since you came back from the market. I knw tiredness is included but am sure it wasn’t the source of your uncomfortable this evening. So tell me what the problem is? Am ready to help you. *** i was muted *** talk to me,you are my best friend and i knw that am also your best friend. Lets just forget our pass and focus more on the future.

Me: aunty am ok.

Madam: what are you battling inbetween your legs?

Me: aunty, nothing.

Madam: when last did you had s-x?
* i looked at her in a confused manner *


*** i was like, what is wrong with this woman. I looked at her and she was busy eyeing me. ***

Madam: am listening to you igwe.

*** we heard a knock at the door. Jenny rushed and opened the door by then my madam had left my room to hers.
It was my boss that came in. I managed to gather myself together and went to the sitting room and greet him.
I went back to my room and laid down.
That night was like a hell to me. Thank God,i later slept off.
As time goes on,i was living like a new creature in Christ.
One day like that, my phone rang and it was the girl that told me not to call her on phone again. I was wondering, why was she calling me? i thought, she said that i shouldn’t call her again infact we should pretend as if we haven’t seen before.
I decided not to pick her call, i was in the market then but my boss wasn’t around.
She called me the second time and i picked up ***

Me: hello,who is this?

Girl: don’t tell you have deleted my number igwe..

Me: i don’t knw you,please explain..

Girl: na waoh for you oooo….

Me: please am busy *** i aborted the call. Ijeoma and Amanda was busy staring at me ***

Amanda: who is disturbing you igwe?

Ijeoma: is one of his girl friends naw.

Me: *** i smiled *** one of my girlfriends?

Ijeoma: yes naw.

Amanda: ijeoma no naw, i knw igwe verywell, he do no such thing.

Ijeoma: you don’t knw what you are talking about. I can see woman written all over his body.
Igwe am i lying?
*** i couldn’t say anything to them and i moved out from the shop.
I came out and seated beside Bathlomeo. The call came again, i picked up ***

Me:please don’t call me again if you don’t want tell me who you are,am busy. *** i didn’t even wait to hear anyword from her mouth and i aborted the call.
Bathlomeo asked me who the caller is and i told him who she was. He told me to stop aborting her call and listen to what she has to say.
We discussed for some minute before i drove to our warehouse to carry some goods to the shop.
After some months later, i discovered that Bathlomeo was dating ijeoma, i found bathlomeo’s half unclad pictures in Ijeoma’s phone,
i asked her that day and she opened up to me that she was dating bathlomeo.
After some months later, my boss travelled back to China by then my madam’s pregnancy has come out fully. Jenny was doing all the domestic works including washing my madam’s cloth.
But though, i helped her something if am less busy in the house.
One day, my madam wasn’t around and Jenny entered my room with a frowned face.
I was troubled in my heart. I asked her what the problem was but she was muted. ***

Me: Jenny tell me what the problem is.

Jenny: igwe its not easy for me to say.

Me: a man’s intention is never bad before him, just tell me what the problem is. If its something i can do,
you knw i will surely do it.

Jenny: i haven’t seen my period for the past 4 days. Is like am pregnant.

Me: *** my mind skipped,chai! I don die *** you are pregnant!

Jenny: that’s what am thinking.

Me: please, if its a joke stop it or if you are dreaming, you better wake up. That day we had s-x, i didn’t pour in,side you naw so how come you are pregnant? Or are you sleeping with any other guy?

Jenny:i do no such thing. There is no other guy that can make me feel the way you do. Igwe i love you.

Me: ** i was sweating like a Christmas goat *** that’s not what we are talking about Jenny.
What’d you suggest we should do about this?

Jenny: actually,i don’t knw,that’s why i came to you.

Me: you knw what? You will go to hospital tommorow for proper confirmation.

Jenny: that’s a good idea.

*** i broughtout my wallet and gave her some money,she left my room, omo if you see a kin of heat wey dey my body that time,u go mercy for me.
But what if this girl is pregnant? Am i truely the one responsible for it? I can remember vividly that day we had s-x, i didn’t pour my c-m in,side her.
Who knows if she is having an affair outside.
I was restless till my madam came back.
She bought some fruits and called me to the sitting room.
I entered,she noticed my mood and she asked me what the problem was.
I told her am ok. She gave me some of the fruits she bought.
The next day,when i came back from the market,
Jenny was moody all through the evening and from there i knew,she is truely pregnant. I started feeling cold that evening. I couldn’t ask her bcos of my madam.
After our dinner,i sent Jenny a text message, asking her about the result.
She replied me, that she is pregnant confirmed by doctor.
I switched my phone. Through out the nite,i was sleepless and restless. The next day was saturday, so i did some house cleaning with her.
That morning my madam called me and told me
she was going to hospital for checkup that she was not feeling too well and she left. ***

Me: you said doctor confirmed that you are pregnant?

Jenny: yes. Am confused.

Me: Jenny,,what do you suggest we should do?


Jenny: igwe, i don’t just know.

Me: i think we have to abort it.

Jenny: abort what?

Me: what kind of question are you asking me?

Jenny: igwe,do you want me to die?

Me: you wouldn’t die.

Jenny: please igwe,let’s just forget about this issue of abortion. Lets think about something else. You know i can never do abort to avoid womb damage in future.

Me: then what did you suggest we should do bcos abortion is the only option left for us.

Jenny: i rather give birth to this child than to endanger my life by abortion.
What if i die in the process or my womb get damaged and i wouldn’t be able to conceive again?

Me: i warned you about this but you wouldn’t listen, i told you to allow me be what you refused.
See what you have pushed me into now.

Jenny: igwe just behave like a man for once.
The deed has already been done so the next thing is to find solution to this. *** i was speechless. God what have i done to myself?
What if my boss and my madam find out, what will happen to me? She saw how i stood still, she came closer to me ***

Jenny: igwe,stop bothering yourself about this. Lets just wait and see how it goes.

Me:wait till when? Anything we have to do,we should start it now before things get out of hand.
*** my phone ranged,it was my madam calling. i picked up. She told me that she had delivered. There was a bag i kept in my room,ontop my wardrobe,it contains baby cloth,please, come with it now,madam said.
She gave me the address of the hospital before she hanged up.
I disclosed the news to Jenny and she happy.
I suspended what am doing, and dashed out with the bag she told me to bring.
I drove to the hospital, i saw one beautiful nurse that was going out at the hospital gate. Omo her beauty was out of this world i swear. ***

Me: excuse me, am looking for one lady that gave birth this morning here. Her name is Anita okoro.

Nurse: is she fair in complexion?

Me: yes….

Nurse: ok,go to the second floor and enter ward II. She is there.

Me: thank you so much.
*** I went according to her directives, i went to where my madam was admitted and she was lying helplessly.
I rushed to where the baby was laid.
Omo if you see that baby, if am around,you wouldn’t ask, who is the father bcos the evidence is obvious.
I congratulated her for safe delivery.
I droped the bag she told me to bring and dialled Jenny’s number.
I told her to prepare a porridge yam and it should be peppery.
She told me that she has already started the preparing it and the food will soon be ready.
I went close to where my madam laid and sat beside her. ***

Me: how are you feeling?

Madam: *** with a weak voice *** feel better but the pain is too much.

Me: so so sorry. Its a mandatory task for women. Just be strong,its just a temporal pain. Small time it will go off. Welcome from the land of the spirit bcos any woman that entered labour room really went to the land of the spirit. **she laughed ** have you called brother{my boss}?

Madam: i don’t have recharge card to call him.
*** I went down to one nearest store outside the gate.
I bought recharge card and recharged my madam’s phone. She used it and called her husband{my boss}. After some minutes,jenny called me to inform me that the food was ready.
I told my madam and drove to the house. I came back to the hospital with Jenny.
Immediately, she went to where the baby was laid. ***

Jenny: igwe this baby resemble you well. *** i looked at my madam and our eyes met.**

Me: wow!

**My madam ate the porridge yam but she couldn’t finish it all bcos its so peppery.
That day i couldn’t go to market,i was in the hospital.
In the evening,when Jenny has prepared my madam’s dinner. My madam told me to go home that she will be with Jenny.
I drove home that evening. On getting home,i saw that same girl same that gave me her number and i ignored her and entered in,side.
That night,i took tea as my dinner.
I reflected on Jenny’s pregnant before i slept off.
In the morning been Sunday, i drove to the hospital, as i entered the hospital again, i saw that same nurse that directed to where my madam was ***

Me: hi

Nurse: hi, goodmorning sir.

Me: goodmorning, how are you?

Nurse: am ok. I hope you found the lady you are looking for yesterday?

Me: yes i do.

Nurse: is she your wife bcos the baby resembled you?

Me: *** Jesus Christ! *** no, she is not my wife.

Nurse: i saw the baby yesterday bcos i was signed to take care of their ward last night, that was where i saw the baby. Is like she is your sister.

Me: yes.

Nurse: what about the husband, she haven’t come since yesterday his wife gave birth?

Me: her husband wasn’t in Nigeria.
*** after discussing with her for a while, we went to our different ways.
I went to where my madam was. After three day, i paid for the hospital bills with my boss money.
The day i drove her home, that same nurse helped us to pack our belongings to our vehicle. ***


** when we got home,i rushed outside and bought fuel. Some of our neighbours entered to congratulate her for safe delivery. She gave birth to a bouncing baby girl.
From that day,i started helping Jenny in cooking and other things.
When baby cry in the middle of the night,my madam will call me to come and help her lure the baby to sleep.
So bcos of that, i normally woke up in the morning late and when i got to the shop, i will be feeling dizzy.
After some days, my madam’s elder sister came {since their mother is late, the elder sister can do the omugwo}.
My madam’s sister has the same body posture with my madam.
She is married with four kids and her husband wasn’t in the country, he is a businessman as my madam said.
The first day,my madam’s sister saw the baby,
she said that the baby resembled me.
Omo u sure say,yawa no go cast, dis one everybody don dey talk say the baby resemble me.
One Sunday evening,i decided to stroke down the road.
I told my madam, that am going out before i left. I trekked to one nearby
beer parlour. As i sat down, a waiter approached me and asked
what she will offer me. I told her to give me yogurt and turkey. Am unaccustomed to alcohol.
After some minutes,she came to my table with my demands.
As i was drinking my yogurt and tearing the turkey, i was also giving Jenny’s pregnancy a second thought,
some minutes later,i saw Jenny with one guy as they entered,Jenny didn’t see me bcos the place i am was little hidden and beside the weather was gloomy.
I was looking at them as they sat down.
Omo i couldn’t believe my eyes that day.I didn’t even knw the guy she came with.They sat down and made their demands to the same waiter that attended to me.
The waiter brought gulder, smirnoff and two plates of turkey. They were drinking and discussing within themselves.
How am i sure this girl is Jenny?
How can she treak my madam and come out bcos my madam hærdly allow her to go out?
Was this not the Jenny that told me she was pregnant?
What is she doing with this guy?
How am i even sure am the father of that b—–d she was carrying?
As i was asking myself that rhetorical question, i decided to dial her number to knw if she is truely Jenny.
I was looking at her when i dialled her number, she dipped her hands in,side her jean pocket and i aborted it. As i was looking at her,
she broughtout her phone and checked, she looked around. I bend my head so that she wouldn’t see me. Maybe her intention of looking around was to knw if am around.
After she looked around,my phone ranged, when i checked it, she was the one calling. I refused to pick the call. When the call ended, she called again and i also ignored her call.
I washed my hands, thank God the waiter that attended to me was passing and i called her.
I paid my bill and dash out immediately. As i was going home,
Jenny called again, i also ignored her call. When the call ended, text message came to my phone.
She was the one that text me.
The message says,,
”’ igwe wat’s d problem? is aunty lokin 4 me? Plz tel her i went 2 visit my friend……
Tanx. Luv u! ”’
i hissed when i read the text message. I deleted the message.
When i got home,my madam asked me where Jenny is. I told her that i don’t knw where she is.
”I thought she said,you called her” said my madam.
Chai! Dis girl sabi lie oooo…. Infact her baptismal name na linus.
”I didn’t see her aunty” i replied. My madam’s sister came out from the bath and started shouting on me.
She said,how can Jenny and i left the house while we knew that they must need our attention.
Omo the lady com talk wetin dey for mouth finish.
My madam was starring at me,i guess she want to know my reaction but i pretended as if those words she spilt on me didn’t pain me.
Jenny was outside for like 1hr later before she came back.
My madam’s sister didn’t shout on her the way she did to
After our dinner,i slept off and woke up early in the morning, i prepared and went to
After my normal cleaning in the shop,
so many thoughts were running through my mind. I dialled Mrs sharp sharp’s number but it was still switched off.
I dialled princess number it was still the same. Bathlomeo saw my mood that money and entered our shop.
He started asking me what the problem is. I opened up and told him that my boss cousin sister is pregnant for me. **

BATHLOMEO: u sleep wit am?

ME: na just once. And dat day, i no even pour my c-m in,side her. I just dey wonda how she com carry belle.

BATHLOMEO: u sure say,little of ur c-m no enter.

ME: guy i comot d tin on time. Nothin enter, i dey sure.

BATHLOMEO: u sure say de girl no dey date anoda guy outside.

ME: i be like bcos yesterday, i enter one bar com sit down dey drink, i com see de girl wey she enter wit one guy like that.

BATHLOMEO: forget de girl, she wan play plank on u. No fall for her. Any day we she carry dat kin matter com where u dey shun am. Guy listen make i yarn u…..

Episode 79.

ME: abeg yarn me..

BATHLOMEO: u see dat babe, she dey chop for outside. I dey sure of dat one.

ME: before i tink say,she no dey do like dat bcos if u see how de babe dey tell me so many tins say she luv me,
she no go fit stay without me infact if i agree make we be friends, say she no go look another guy. She talk say no guy don impress am de way i do.
As she com yarn me finish, my head com swore up.
I com dey tink say she no go cheat on me.

BATHLOMEO: omo gbadu girls, dey too dey pretend but na dem cheat pass. That belle wey she carry na another guy give am, so no worry urself about dat one. Infact delete d matter from ur mind. How many months wey she talk say de belle dey?

ME: i don forget but i be like say na four days abi na a week wey she talk dat day.

BATHLOMEO: when u bleep am?

ME: e don reach like four months naw, na dat time wey my boss still dey Nigeria. U go knw de babe naw,
na dat one wey dey follow me dey com shop.

BATHLOMEO:oooh! na dat one? Forgettam.
*** as we were still discussing,i looked outside and saw someone’s shadow on the entrance of our shop. I rushed out and it was Amanda.
Bathlomeo and i looked at each other and looked at her also. Bathlomeo dashed out and i went back to my sit.
Amanda sat down on her seat and looked straight to my eyes. I started feeling shy so i broughtout my phone and started playing game.
My mind was beating so high bcos am sure she overheard our conversation.
If she asked me, should i tell her the truth or fabricate lies and tell her?
There was a silent in some minutes. She starred at me again . ***

AMANDA: igwe who did you got pregnant?

ME: pregnant!

AMANDA: yes.

ME: is that what you are wishing me?

AMANDA: am not wishing you that .

ME: i didnt impregnant anybody.

AMANDA: then who did bathlomeo told you to shun when she come with the issue of pregnancy?

ME: it was one stupid girl in our street.

AMANDA: then what about her?

ME: she got pregnant and……

AMANDA: *** cut in *** and you are responsible right?

ME: how can you say so? Infact i wouldn’t tell you again.

AMANDA: am sorry dear,continue.

ME: *** omo i use the opportunity to stop the lies i wanted to tell her *** continue what?

*** i stood up and went outside and sat down. Some minutes later Ijeoma entered market. She dragged me in,side our shop and Amanda was staring at us.
Ijeoma looked at Amanda.
”I didn’t knw what hell is wrong with both of you,both of you will malice today and reconcile tomorrow and still malice the next day” ijeoma said. ”You guys always acts like cat and rat, only God knws what is hell with you guys” ijeoma added.
After that day,i went home. Since my madam gave birth, she hærdly go out, so there was no chance for Jenny and i to discuss so she keep on disturbing me through messages. Asking me,what we will do about her pregnancy. I keep on deleting any of her message that came to my phone.
One day,she told my madam that she want to follow me to the market since she wasn’t doing anything at home. My madam approved her request and she followed me.
When we got to the bus, i was muted, as i was calculating what i will tell her if she raise that her pregnancy issue. As i was driving, she told me to park aside what we need to talk. I gently parked aside ***

JENNY: igwe what did you take me for?

ME: what kind of question is that?

JENNY: after you impregnated me,the next thing you do is to abandon me.

ME: please! Please! And please! Don’t ever raise this issue of your pregnancy to me again, bcos i knw nothing about that.

JENNY: meaning?

ME: meaning that you should go and discuss it to whoever that got you pregnant bcos am not interested.

JENNY: igwe, you can’t be serious. Is quit obvious that you are the only guy am Dating beside you are the one i had raw s-x with. Igwe you better tell me you are joking.

ME: the day i had s-x with you,did i pour my c-m in,side you?

JENNY: who knws. Since i came from village down here,you are the only guy i had s-x with.

ME: ok,you said you are not dating any other guy accept me right?

JENNY: yes.

ME: who was that guy that took you out last Sunday?

JENNY: *** amazed *** a guy?

ME: that’s not the answer to my question.

JENNY: i don’t knw what you are talking about.

ME: were you not the one i saw at ”’bishop court”’ with one guy *** that’s the name of the beer parlour i saw them. I also described the colour of the guy’s cloth. She was statued ***
answer me Jenny, who’s he?

JENNY: i don’t knw what you are talking about. That’s not the issue at hand now.

ME: so you have been having an affair outside, no wonder, the other time you told us that you went to check your result and couldn’t come back,
who knws where you slept that day. Am very sure you slept in that guy’s house and
that was the day he got you pregnant.
Can you swear that you haven’t had raw s-x with a guy since you came to this Asaba???

To be continued.. 

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