Tale Of A House Boy

Tale Of A House Boy – Last Batch

Tale Of A House Boy – Last Batch


** when she entered, i didn’t know where the courage that entered me that day came from.
I greeted her with boldness and her response wasn’t encouraging, she moved to a vacant table.
She was backing us.
”’What kind of human being is she? How can she be coming to a place like this?
I thought she came for omugwo, how can she abandon my madam and her daughter to come down here?? Am very sure, my madam wasn’t aware of this place she came.”’ ***

GIRL: who is she and why did she starred at you like that?

ME: my senior sister.

GIRL: are you not matured to have girl friend or what, will you marry her? So how are you?

ME: am ok….. By the way, what’s your name?

GIRL: debby

ME: wow! What a beautiful name. So what did you came here to do all alone?

DEBBY: nothing much,i just came to have fun…

ME: all alone.

DEBBY: yes now,who did you expect me to come with?

ME: you suppose to come with your boy friend naw.

DEBBY: **smiled** boy friend ke?

ME: yes naw, or did you want to me tell that you don’t have any?

DEBBY: i have but he is living in another state.

ME: that’s nice, atleast you guys will respect each other.

DEBBY: respect each other how?

ME: if you guys are living close and know each other well,
though there may be respect but it will be little.

DEBBY: hmmm…. You nko?

ME: me! I don’t have any oooo.

DEBBY: are you kidding me? How can that be possible.
Tell me you are joking.

ME: i know that you wouldn’t believe that.

DEBBY: does it mean you haven’t fall inlove before?

ME: i have tried but it failed me so i decided to be alone till the time i will marry.

DEBBY: hmmm…

ME: that’s by the way. What did you care for?

DEBBY: don’t bother yourself, am ok.
*** thank God say she no take anything bcos i no even carry big money for pocket come out.
We continued with our discussion till when she told me that she want to go.
She left the bar and i paid for my consumption and moved to the table where my madam’s sister was.
She was looking at me and i was equally looking at her eyes,
eye ball to eye ball.
She asked me what did i came there to do.
”I just came to catch some fun” i said. That girl, you are with, who is she? She asked.
”I didn’t know her, it was when i came here and she came to my table, so from there we started discussing before you came in” i answered. I continued to brain-wash her till she then succ-mb. I picked up courage and jokingly asked her what she came there to do. She told me that she normally came to catch some fun. She was drinking snirnoff,
she asked me what did i care for, i told her that am ok.
She stood up and paid for her drink and we left the bar.
We entered taxi to one nearby Mr biggs,
she bought ice cream only.
I carried it and we went home. When we got home, my madam wasn’t happy when we entered the house.
She gave me one ice cream, and i entered my room.
Every morning, Debby will call me to know how am doing.
When i came back in the evening, she will equally call to ask me,
how was my day.
Some Sundays, she will call to ask me,if i have eaten.
We continued to be friends, sometimes on Sunday,
i due call her and we will go and have some fun.
Upon all this care she was showing me,
i still don’t feel anything for her,i just took her as my sister. One day she invited me to their house. I told her that am not coming because of her parent or whoever she was living with.
She told me that her mum is late and she only live with her father. She told me that her father travelled to the village. I told her that am not coming that Sunday, that it will be next Sunday.
She said all she has to say inorder to convince me but i refused.
After the call, i decided not to go out that Sunday so that she wouldn’t see me.
The next day, she still called me in the morning. One evening,i was in,side my room meditating,
text message came to my phone. I opened it and it was from Debby and the message says:
”’wat wil u do when someone u love doesn’t love u?
Pls am waitin 4 ur answer.
How come she asked me such a question,
am i a love doctor?
I called her that evening but she didn’t pick. I didn’t reply her message.
After that day,i started developing some feeling for her,i see it as a way God decided to use her to replace princess.I started comparing her with princess. She has all the qualities that princess possess.
I tried princess number and it was still off. That day,i called her and asked her about the text message she sent to me. She said that i should forget about it. We discussed for a long time before i hanged but i didn’t tell her my feelings. After that day,she stopped calling me as she use to. Sometimes if i call her, she wouldn’t pick.
One Sunday, i called her to come to that bar we met the other day but she refused and told me,
if i want to see her that i should come to their house.
I got prepared and dashed out to their house. I called her and she came out and ushered me in.


** she ushered me in, i sat on the cusion chair in the living room **

DEBBY: Welcome to my poor home.

ME:** i giggled ** poor home? ** i looked around ** where is the poor home?

DEBBY: ** smiled ** here ofcourse.

ME: you can’t be serious. I love it.

DEBBY: thank you. So what can i offer you igwe?

ME: hmm,anything. I just came over as i promised last week.
So what of your dad, is he not around?

DEBBY: don’t be scared, he hasn’t come back. I prepared rice and stew, let me go and bring it ** she entered in,side.
Wow! Their sitting room was so nice and was fantastically decorated.
As i was looking around, i saw some pictures being hanged on the wall. I saw one lady’s picture and the face looks so familiar so i went closer to view it.
As i set my eyes on it, it was Mrs Sharp sharp! I was shocked. What is her picture doing here? Did she relate to them or what?
I cleared my eyes with my hand to view it again. I broughtout my phone and pictured that her photo and Debby’s dad.
I couldn’t believe my eyes, some minutes later,
Debby entered with the food and she dropped it on the table. I was still wondering but pretended as if nothing is wrong.
Debby sat beside me and she asked me, ”why sudden change of mood”?
I faked a smile and told her that am ok.
I started eating and she also joined me. As we are eating, my mind wasn’t at rest. I started asking her,
who are these people in the pictures? She explained one after the other till she got to Mrs sharp sharp. **

DEBBY: she was my step mother….

ME: ** statued ** your step what!

DEBBY: my step mother. Did you know her?

ME: no i didn’t. So tell me more, where is she now?

DEBBY: after the death of my mother, my dad decided to remarry and she was the one he married. The woman was so kind,we lived together for 2years, before my dad divorced her because she was unable to give him a child.

ME: eeeya! So bad.

DEBBY: so after that, she went away though my dad loves her so much because of her industrious but i don’t know if there was any other thing attached to it apart from her barreness. I tried all i could to convince my dad for him to forget about divorcing her but he persisted.
I really missed her so much, i just wish i can see her once again in my life. She was more than a mother to me.

ME: but did your dad confirmed from doctor before taking the action?

DEBBY: i don’t just know but am the evidence that he is ok {that he is not an impotent}.

ME: anyway that’s true. What’s her name?

DEBBY: her name is Sandra.

ME: alright. ** we continued with the food.
After eating, she took the plates to the kitchen and came back. She told me to follow her to her room and i asked her, what for? She said that i should come first.
I stood up and followed her to her room.
Her room was so beautiful and well furnished. There was no chair in her room so i sat on the bed.
She sat beside me. She was looking straight to my eyes. I smiled, ”What’s that look for”? I asked jokingly. ” i want us to seal the love we have for each other here and now” she said. I moved backward **

ME: ** confused ** i don’t understand you.

DEBBY: as a girl, what will i do to make our relationsh¡p concrete?

ME: nothing more than honesty and trustworthy.

DEBBY: is that all?

ME: yes, that’s all i know.

DEBBY: ** she breadth down ** i promise you that. I love you baby.

ME: i love you too. ** i drew her head closer and gave her a passionate k-ss, i can feel the hotness of her blood, her heart was just beating like someone that fall from a palm tree. I k-ssed her again, she fall on the bed,
i k-ssed her from head to her toe. She was mo-ning and also vibrating as am k-ssing her. I was just doing that for her pressure not mind because i don’t feel anything like s-x for her then. I just love her naturally.
I k-ssed her for a while, before my phone rang. It was my madam so i picked up. She said that i should come to the house immediately.
I told Debby that i will be going, she said no that i should continue with what am doing. I told her that i will be back later that day but she refused.
I tried all i could to convince her but to no avail. Soon my phone rang again and it was MTN customer care, i silence the call and told her that it was my brother’s wife again. She freed me and i sworn not to ever dream of going to their house again. I just endangered my life by coming to her house. What if her dad mistakely came back and caught both of us, what will be the excuses that i will give him?
What if he kill me in,side his house, will anybody know? I went home immediately,
when i got home, my madam’s sister has parked her lugages, she told me that she will be going but she will return soon, that her travelling was just an emergency. My madam told me to drive her to the park.
I drove her to the park and came back home. I prepared our dinner that day. After eating, my madam told me that i will sleep over to her room.


** we entered her room, i laid at the edge of the bed, the baby was in our middle and she was the other side.
We gisted as husband and wife before we slept off. We woke again when the baby was crying, she br-astfeed the baby and lured her to sleep. Throughout the night, i couldn’t sleep well because of the distraction of the baby. Around 5:30am, i slept off and woke up by 8am.
Before i could wake, my madam was already in the kitchen boiling water.
I did my morning chores and drank tea before i went to the market. When i got to the market, my phone rang and it was Debby. I pickup and she asked me, why i didn’t come back as i promised?
I told her that my brother’s wife send me on an errand and i couldn’t come back on time. After discussing for a while, i aborted the call.
When Ijeoma and Amanda came to market, we gisted and laughed together, some minutes later Mrs sharp sharp called me to know how am doing and how i spend my holidays. As i was answering the call, Ijeoma and Amanda were busy starring at me.
When i dropped the call, i asked them, why they are starring at me as if am a ghost.
They murmured and laughed like a mad women in the market place.
Some few weeks later, my boss came back with some goodies from China. He even bought a new car for his wife.
We were living together as we do earlier but without Jenny.
One day i told my boss that our parish priest said that i should call him to his office.
After some days later, we went to the parish office, unfortunately he was on duty that morning.
We sat down and introduced ourselves. **

PRIEST: children of God, you are all welcome once again. ** he turned to my boss ** young man, what’s your name?

BOSS: my name is Benson.

PRIEST: mr benson, your boy here ** he points at me,** said that he want to recieve a baptism.

BOSS: ** turned to me ** igwe, haven’t you been baptised?

ME: no sir.

BOSS: alright, there is no problem.

PRIEST: let us pray. ** we stood up and as we are praying, he started speaking in toungues. He did that for some minutes and paused ** Mr igwe, i want you to make an open confession about what were going on in your boss absent in that house?

ME: ** my mouth was heavy, bcos i don’t know where to start it. I looked at my boss and the priest and their eyes were at me. ** i was disV-rgined by our teacher and i got her pregnant back them in secondary school, ever since then,
any lady that i come across will fall for me and i due lay with them.

BOSS: what!

ME: am sorry my boss, i was the one that got your wife pregnant. ** my boss bend his head down and tears rolled from his eyes, priest was busy looking at me. ** your wife was the one that sed-ced me and i fall for her. I even slept with our sales girl Amanda and your wife’s sister when she came to omugwo.

BOSS: ** with tears ** igwe, what have i not done to you?

PRIEST: don’t interrupt him, let him speak. You can go on.

ME: i have even slept with Jenny your cousin sister, she got pregnant but i was not the one that got her pregnant and that’s why she travelled back to the village. ** i started crying and shedding tears ** please find a place in your heart and forgive me,
i know i have done evil and deserve not to stay in your house again but please temper justice with mercy.

BOSS: i must make sure you spend the wh0le of your life in jail.

PRIEST: no, you don’t have to do that. I called you for him to confess in your present so that you will forgive him and he will receive baptism as well. Please just forgive him as Christ Jesus forgave us by dieing in the cross of the calvary. ** priest started preaching to him and was giving him, bible references. He later forgave me. After one week later,
i recieved baptism and my old life became a story of the past. I do visit Mrs sharp sharp and we were like family members. I discarded Debby and other girls. I, my madam and my boss were like a family member.
Two years later, two of our sales girl got married.
Jenny later got married to that same guy that got her pregnant. My madam and Mrs sharp sharp couldn’t have another child uptill today. My boss settled me with a hug amount of money and a car. Am now a business man and also an upcoming actor too. Thanks to God for that.
I tried princess number uptill today but it was still not reachable.
Please, If there is anyway you can help me to find her please do.
Her mobile number is 2347033321644
No matter what someone did to you, please do forgive and forget even Christ forgave those that suffered him then who are we not to forgive our fellow human. pls,  Do well to comment.

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