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Tatiana grande episode 29

πŸ‘„ Tatiana Grande πŸ‘„

Chapter 29 🌻 🌻

Jennifer Owens πŸ’‹ πŸ’‹

~ Tatiana ~

“Lanna ” I felt someone shaking me and I blinked back to reality.

My eyes met with Fernando’s and I blinked rapidly.

I said nothing as I walked to where my bag was.

I took it and left.

Gosh! That was a stupid imagination.

It’s been long I heard my name from his mouth and I can’t believe I imagined it.

He caught me? Duh!

I boarded my car and headed home.

I put a call through to doc Steve and told him to make the Buenevistas pay another money.

I told him to tell them that if immediate treatment isn’t started on him, he’d die and I don’t think they’re ready to loose their precious son.

~ Doc Steve ~

I did as I was instructed by calling Mr George and Beatrice to my office.

I told them immediate treatment had to been done on him or else the disease would spread through his body and kill him.

“what type of disease is that? And how in the world did my grandson contact it ” George asked.

“it’s a deadly disease and very rare. I don’t know how come it affected Rinaldo. Trust me George, the treatment bills are not to joke with. Some people would let their son die cause the money spend in treating this disease can cause a fortune ” I said.

“I trust you George and I’m also trusting my grandson’s life with you. Save him” he said.

“but the bills…. ”

“we’ll pay them ” he said and walked out.

Beatrice got up and followed.

Can’t believe they’re ready to spend a fortune just to save their son’s life but they kill with no mercy.

I thought they have no feelings.

~ George ~

We boarded our car and drove home.

We arrived and alighted.

Fernando was the only one left at the hospital.

Sasha was descending the stairs and the sight of her made me remember the land issue.

I know who to put the land in its name.

“Sasha ” Beatrice called and she looked up at her.

“I want you to go to the hospital and go look after Rinaldo so Fernando can come rest ” Beatrice said.

She rolled her eyes and ran upstairs.

She came downstairs mins later with Margaux.

“I’ll go with her ” Margaux said.

“no Margaux, I want to talk with you “I said.

Sasha walked out and I signaled Margaux to come sit with me.

“grandpa, why are you calling me Margaux ” she asked.

“cause that’s your real name, not Faye ” I said and she breathed out an “oh”.

“I want to put the family land in your name ” I said.

The fee days she’s been with us, she’s proven to be a good daughter.

She’s a Buenevistas with feelings just like Fernando.

“you don’t have to grandpa, since Sasha wants it, you can give it to her ” she said and I smiled.

“it will be in your name and that’s it “I remarked and she nodded with a smile.

“thanks grandpa ” she said and hugged me.

The granddaughter I lost.

Different from Debbie and Sasha.

I told Beatrice to go get me the file and she did.

I signed it in her name and she signed down her signature too.

I gave her the file and told her to keep it well cause we might need it anytime.

She smiled and went up to her room.

“can’t believe Mr Juan and his family escaped ” Beatrice said immediately Margaux went up to her room.

“according to the guards we sent, they were saved “I corrected.

“now we have go know who saved them and where they are. If nothing is done before the day after tomorrow, we’ll be forced to share the funds ” Beatrice said and I nodded.

“have the guards scour everywhere for them ” I told Beatrice and she nodded then walked out.

Rinaldo’s treatment is really becoming a pain in the neck.

We’ll soon go bankrupt.

What do I even mean by go bankrupt, we’re already bankrupt.

Now we need another huge sum of money for his treatment to continue.

My precious son.

We must not let Juan live, his shades are much than ours so we must take him down and take over his shares too.

Should we sell the family land to treat Rinaldo?

But that land is very important.

Ah! Rinaldo please be safe.

~ Faye ~

I called Lanna and told her the good news that the family land is in my name.

She was so happy and proud of me.

We’ll see tonight by 20:00 so I can give her the file and sign it to her name.

I can see the tension in the house, our plan is going well.

Soon, the Buenevistas will go down.

2 days later…….

~ Tatiana ~

I sat on a couch and watched as Brian dressed up Mr Juan in bulletproof vest.

After putting it on, he got dressed in a suit as a business man.

Today’s the day he’ll meet the Buenevistas and take his share.

We stuck a camera on his suit so we can watch and record their convo.

All set and done, we had Brian drive him to the Buenevistas.

The car they used is a tinted glass car and beside, they’d think Brian is just a driver.

We all took our seat including Mr Juan’s wife and his daughter.

I connected the camera to the TV and we sat to watch the movie that will soon unfold.

The Buenevistas are already going down.

Their family land is already in my name.

We watched as the car drove into the Buenevistas mansion.

The Buenevistas already transferred almost all their fortune in my name, thinking they’re saving their son’s life.

Mr Juan alighted from the car and headed in.

“Mr Juan ” me George called.

One could see the disappointment on his face.

“shocked to see me alive and healthy ” Mr Juan asked.

“shall we start with the papers so I can have my shares ” Mr Juan asked.

“sure” Mr George said and headed to another room.

Beatrice and Mr Juan followed.

They entered an office and Mr Juan took his seat.

“the doc-ments ” Mr Juan demanded and Mr George scoffed.

“we already know you know I tried to kill you so no need hiding. We’re not giving you the shares ” Mr George said blankly and Mr Juan laughed.

“you know I can sue you for that ” me Juan said.

“sure but you won’t cause your dead body will be the one to leave here” Mr George assured.

“I don’t think that would be easy ” me Juan teased.

“you aren’t the first I’d kill nor the 100th so it’s simple as ABC ” Mr George smirked.

“wow! I found the killer of the people of Manila” Mr Juan teased and laughed.

Mr Juan is such an actor.

I looked to Mr Juan’s wife and saw her crying.

“don’t worry, he’s safe ” I assured and rubbed her hand.

“how smart of you. I’d kill you and the law can’t do anything cause it’ll be covered up as we do with those that we’ve killed ” Mr George said.

Beatrice just kept looking with a smile on her face.

“well my family knows I’m here so if anything happens to me, they’d sue you “Mr Juan said sternly.

“you’re family are going to hell with you. None of your descendant would remain on earth ” Beatrice chΒ‘pped in.

“murderers, I knew you killed Mr Gustavo and his family ” Mr Juan said.

Tears raced down my cheeks at the mention of my dad’s name.

Mr Juan is playing it well.

“oh that low life Teresa and her daughter Tatiana ” Beatrice said.

“they enjoyed the bomb blast ” she said and laughed.

Mr Juan got up and made to leave but Mr George and Beatrice both pointed their guns at him.

“not a step ” Mr George said.

“do you think after hearing all our secrets, we’d let you live? We killed Teresa Grande cause she eavesdropped on our convo and we had to wipe out her family so no one we be on our neck ” Beatrice blurted out.

I couldn’t control my tears so I let them pour.

They killed my mom just for a conversation.

“now you’re gonna use your own hand to sign over your shares to us ” Mr George commanded.

“over my dead body ” Mr Juan spat.

Beatrice cracked her gun and pointed it straight at Mr Juan’s heart.

Mr Juan’s wife was already crying uncontrollably.

Soon there was smoke in the room and they started coughing.

We couldn’t see as well and the next thing we saw was Brian and Mr Juan boarding the car.

I trust Brian so much.

I looked at Mr Juan’s wife and gave her a look of “I told you he’d be safe”.

I smiled as they drove out of the Buenevistas compound.

Now we have strong evidence against them.

They’d rot in prison with this.


After having breakfast with everyone, I told Brian to go to the hospital that treats burnt people to enquire about my dad since he couldn’t get anything through internet.

I boarded my car and drove to the hospital to see the sleeping Buenevista.

I arrived and met Faye, Sasha, Melanie and Fernando.

I was surprised.

They’re all here just for Rinaldo?

“miss Lanna ” Melanie called and everyone’s gaze drifted to me.

“why’s everyone tensed ” I asked.

“grandpa collapsed yesterday after inhaling smoke” Faye blurted out and I acted surprised.

Can’t believe he fainted cause of that.

“which ward is he ” I asked and she pointed at a ward.

“I’ll drop this here ” I said and dropped my bag beside Faye.

I went to the ward and entered.

~ Faye ~

Can’t believe I had to waste my energy to come to this hospital and see that old hag.

I hate them but there’s something drawing me closer to them.

I don’t know but I feel strange doing all these.

For goodness sake, those people murdered my parents and I’m having feelings for them.

What kind of human am I?

I had to use the restroom so I walked out.

~ Tatiana ~

After acting concerned and all, I came out of the ward to meet just Sasha and Melanie who were busy with their phone.

I couldn’t find my bag so I assumed it was with Faye.

“where’s Faye ” I asked.

“she went that way ” Sasha replied.

I walked straight to the direction and saw my bag with Fernando.

What’s that bastard doing with my bag?

I walked up to him and his facial expression was of shock.

He felt numb just like I’d imagined .

My phone in his hand and him feeling numb.

Is my imagination coming true?

“Tatiana ” he breathed out.

OK maybe this is another imagination.

I closed my eyes, shook my head and reopened my eyes but he was still in front of me with that shocked expression.

This is no imagination.

“my Tatiana ” he breathed out.

I didn’t know when tears started strolling down my cheeks.

He found out.

T. B. C

Jennifer Owens.

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