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Teach me dirty professor episode 2

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Teach Me Dirty,Professor💕
Chapter 2

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I tried to concentrate but honestly I couldn’t. It’s funny that as i looked at him right now, I see him unclad. I know it’s my imagination but this is going to difficult yet the feeling is still there.

I can’t get to call him Ian any more but Professor Kingsley. He ignored me the wh0le time and i think I’m trying understand that he wanted to make this professional.

I never knew he was so h-ot in glasses. Still the same attractive man who made love to me.

Lectures were over and i waited for everyone to leave before walking close to him. He was actually packing his books into his bag.

“Hello professor, I never knew you could look h-ot in glasses too”

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He turned with a nervous smile, “I guess you know my secret now”

“I guess you know my name now”, I smiled and he did too. We were both lost, staring at each-other. I tried to touch his hand but he just pulled away.

“Look Rhodie, about last night, it was was so amazing but its ends here. We are not doing it anymore. It was just a one night stand and that’s it so please I suggest we keep this student professor relationship between us and nothing else”

I chuckled, “oh I see. I wasn’t expecting this answer from you. I thought that…”

“Stop thinking about it. It’s over “, he turn arranging his books.

“Okay,Professor. See you around”, and with that I matched to the door.

I heard him weakly, “see you around, Rhodie”.

I just didn’t bother looking back. He behaved like a total jerk in there. He doesn’t want anything to do with me because he found out I’m his student .

How could he be this .. gaaah, I need to get him out of my head.

Meeting Zola at the cafetaria, we ordered for sandwiches and cola. I was quiet the wh0le time while Zola did the talking.

She seemed so happy that I was getting noticed in school. I mean, I was popular.

“Girl, what’s on your mind?”, She asked, “You’ve been quiet the wh0le time”

“Nothing “, I replied immediately biting on the sandwich as if this is okay.

“Hey, share it with me. Who knows, maybe I might help”, She said softly.

I sighed, “You remember the guy I met at the bar?”, I asked and she nods and wait for me to continue, “well its turns out to be professor Ian Kingsley”

She blinked several times looking mute then she laughed, “Did you sleep with him?”

I stared at my meal, “Yes, I did”

She almost choked on her food, “You’ve set another record. Again”

“What record?”

“Do you know over hundreds students are dying to have that h-ot professor on their b£d including the queen but he kept everything professional between students and him and now you came into the picture and baam, he gets laid with you. That’s like wow. A double wow”

I shrugged, “Its over, Zola. He doesn’t even want me anymore. He wants to keep this professional”

“I understand him. He just doesn’t want to lose his job. Think about it. Just don’t let the poor man gets into trouble”

“I want him Zola”, I said softly.

“Then become a queen of this school. When you are queen everyone bows to u and u make your own rules”


“You heard me. Become a queen. You got everything,beautiful, got your h-ot killer curls hair, s€×y , brave and capable of anything. The moment u challenged poppy with your words, that meant u could be a better queen than she is. If it’s your clothing, u are talking about, don’t worry. I will support u and u will look appealing to the students”

“You think i can be a queen?”, I asked and she nods.

“Yea, u will be a wonderful queen. Poppy had rule enough. She had been horrible though out the years, expelling students, blackmailing them and more. Now she had more followers because everyone is afraid to be threatened by her”

“So what’s the plan, s£nior?”, I asked and she rubb£d her chin, looking at me curiously.

“First thing, first. You need to be close to professor Ian. You have become his TA. When you become TA, you become close to the other professors.”

“TA? What’s that?”

She raised a brow, “Seriously? TA means, teaching assistant. A teaching assistant refers to an individual who assists a professor in developing, delivering and often grading course material. …”

“Oh i see, I can do that. So after being his TA, what’s next?”

“You have to gain popularity in the areas Poppy doesn’t gain any like the football club, the basketball club, the choir. Then try finding girls to start a cheerleading club where u can support the football and basket ball club. Actually we have only one cheerleading club but poppy is too proud for it. She thinks she is the best”.

“I get it. “, I nod.

“Poppy got disciples who will be loyal to her no matter what like the h-ottest guy in school, Carter. He is every girls dream and he is leader of the football club, then we have Louis, the leader of the basketball club, we have Taylor, Chloe and veronica, the royal dogs who bark her all the time in anything stupid she does. We have the school nerd, Thomas, he is the leader of the choir. We have Judith, Riley and Ruby, the cool girls of this school and we have to make all this disciples join club Rhodie.”

“Club Rhodie? I love it. So when are we getting started”..

“Tomorrow. We are starting tomorrow, your majesty?”

“But Zola, you know all this stuff, why didn’t you become queen”

“No, I wasn’t prepared for this”

“And you think I’m prepared for it?”, I chuckled.

“Listen, u are beautiful and so perfect. You could bring the school down your knees but i don’t have such talent”

“Honestly u are not making s£nse but you can keep the main reason to yourself”

“Okay sweetie”, She replied sipping her drink.

The next day, in the afternoon, I moved to Professor Kingsley office. Yea, I have to get used of the name now.

His door was already opened ajar. I rest behind the door, staring at him. I was actual lost in him. His back faced me and I tiptoed to meet him. He looked so serious.

“Looking for something, Professor”, I said and he almost jumped.

“Rhodie”, he said my name softly.

“Yep, it’s me”.

He moved to his seat folding his arm against his chest, still looking h-ot in his glasses.

“What do you want, Rhodie?”, he asked.

“No, the question is what do you want professor?”,I teased and he arched his brow looking confused.

“What do you mean?”, he asked.

“I want to be your TA, Professor”, I replied and he stared at me for a while.

“Rhodie, if this is your plan of getting close to me then I suggest you are making the wrong decision.”

As if it was his decision to make.
“Look, it’s not what you think okay. Just give me a chance and let me prove to you”

Suddenly a blonde girl enters, “Professor, I made this coffee for you to reduce your stress”

He smiled at her, “Thank you Cassy. This is what i need”, he took a sip and sighed.

“Meet Cassy, my TA”, he introduced. I stared at her and she smiled warmly at me.

“Nice meeting you, Rhodie Hudges. You’ve been all over the T’s lately. You are already popular”

“Um…thanks”, I replied. I stared at Ian who was busily reading his paper work.

Seriously? He is ignoring me again?

“Thanks for everything, Professor. I will take my leave now”

I didn’t wait for him to reply. I just went outside closing the door behind me. My first plan fails.

“Hey”, I heard Cassy behind me and I turned.

“Just leave the Professor alone. You are a bad influence on him and remember, people on the T’s are bad influence. He is a good man, just don’t destroy him with your bad side”

“You don’t need to tell me anything. He is my Professor and i can do anything I want. If you will excuse me, I have some where to be”, I t-rn on my heels, walking down the lengthy corridor.

“So how did it go?”, Zola asked me the moment I came out of there.

“Horrible. He already had a TA, Cassy”, I said.

“Cassy? But she is in her final year. We need to removed her out of the way”


“Why don’t we go into her room, and find out what she is hiding then we threatened her with it”

I smiled at her, “That’s sound like a great plan”, I replied softly. We entwined our hands together as we walked to her room.

We searched and searched but nothing till I check under her pillow. There was a seat of paper. My eyes widened.

“Holy mama, check this out Zola. She sells the examination answers. How awful”, I had it to her and her eyes widened.

Suddenly, we heard the door closed. She had already seen us and we couldn’t hide. Walking hastily towards us, She bellowed, “What are you guys doing in my room”.

“Actually we are here for this?”, I raised the paper to her face. Her anger changed to shocked.

She rubb£d her hands together as if she was saying a prayer, “Please, please, don’t tell anyone. I promise to do anything?”

“I won’t tell anyone. You know what you did was horrible, yet you did because of your selfishness… You need money. What are you looking for? Professor Kingsley trusted you so much. I am taking this paper with me but like I said,I won’t tell anyone. And please make sure you quit. I want that job. Is that clear?”

“Yes, I will”.

I moved past her but Zola stopped me ,”Hey, don’t you think we are bring too h-rd on her. Just look at her”

I turned, She sat on her b£d curled up into herself while i heard silent sobs. I sighed and sat on the b£d close to her rubbing her back.

“Look, I’m sorry for being so harsh to you but i let my anger controlled me. Just try to understand, imagine if you were caught, what would have happened? How would you have feel?”

She sat up. Her face messy with makeup, “You are right. My parents would have been dissapointed if they found out and Professional Kingsley he would have so disappointed too”

“Cassy, we understand you. You have your own reasons too. Actually threatening you wasn’t part of the list but you were being too difficult. I just wanted to be TA because i wanted to be close to professor Kingsley and other professors so i get their votes on becoming queen and i also realize you are in your final year and this is the time to learn”

She wiped her tears, “it’s about time someone get that ruthless,arrogant bitvh from her throne. I’m so sorry I misunderstood you but you are right. I need time to learn”

“Here”, I hand her the examination answers, “keep it if you want but i just want you to know that it’s still a secret between us”

“Okay. I will quit my job and i will like to join your club. I want to support you. I can help by telling the other s£niors about you”,She smiled.

“Thank you so much. This means a lot to me”, I hugged her. I meant it, I’m really grateful.

“You are so lucky today. It’s turn out my TA suddenly quits her job and i have no choice to select you”, he said removing his glasses.

I smiled, “Really? You are really selecting me as your TA. I mean thank you, Professor. I just got over excited”

“Don’t get too excited. I have rules and if you fail them, you will face my wrath.”

“Lay them on me”, I teased excited to be his TA. Thank God, Cassy understands.

“I don’t want you to be late. Always be on time when i need you. No s€×ual harassment. Just be my TA and that’s it. I want you to be professional with me and not the other way round”

“Is that all, Professor Kingsley”, I said in a serious and he looked surprised. Yes, you have to be so surprise Ian. You just don’t who you are messing with. You are playing h-rd to get. Well, I can do that too.

“Yes, Rhodie. That’s all”, he replied.

“I will take my leave now”, I said in a serious tone. He smiled but i didn’t smile back. If he wants a wh0le new professional Rhodie then he had finally gotten one.

I banged the door close. Walking down the street, I met Taylor. The girl who was humiliated by poppy but will always be a loyal dog to her.

“Hi Taylor”, I waved at her.

“I shouldn’t be talking to you right now”, She replied already walking past me.

“Hey, I know Poppy said you shouldn’t mingle with me but she isn’t here. Please can we have lunch at the cafetaria ”

“I don’t know about that. I was s£nt by Poppy and she finds out where I am, She will go nuts”, She replied nervously.

“Listen to me, Taylor. Just 3mins of your time. That’s all i ask”

She sighed, “Okay. Just 3 mins”,

“Yea, just three minutes”, and we that we walked into the cafetaria.

We ordered some snacks, “So tell me, how is Poppy treating you”, I asked curiously.

She swallowed h-rd, “she is treating me fine”, She replied looking somewhere else.

“I know you are not telling me the wh0le truth but hear this, you need to take charge of your life. Don’t let Poppy and Chloe mess in them”

“How did you know that?”

“News travel very fast in Mascot University “, I stole Zola’s line hoping to reason with her.

She sighed, “Honestly, Poppy doesn’t treat me good. She always had something bad to say about me. She just wanted us to be perfect like us. No matter how i tried, I will be a slave”

“Why? Did she blackmailed you or threaten you?”, I asked chewing my chips.

“Yes. If i quit from Poppy’ s club, my parents would be fired. They work for Poppy’ s parent”

“I understand. Look, I really would love if you join my club. I think you deserve better. You deserve a “thank you”

“But what about my parents?”

“For now I don’t know but please just join”

She stared at me for a while, “I will join. You are right, Rhodie. I think it’s time, I join your club. Count me in. I just have to prove to Poppy I’m better than she is”

“That’s the spirit, baby girl”, I smiled.

“I need to tell you something”, her cheeks turned red as she stared the our school nerd next to us. Thomas, the leader of the choir.

Wow. This is my chance to shoot two birds with one stone.

“I think i ready know it from now you are blushing. You two make a cute couple”

Not cute, Rhodie. They will be the wierd couple ever.

“You think so?”, She asked blushing more.

“Come on, go to him?”.

“No, I can’t”

“Now I’m going to talk to him and when he joins you, you are going to make sure he joins Rhodie”.

“I promised”, She smiled and placed her hand on her chest. I moved away from her.

Three days later.

Things had really been professional with Professor Kingsley. I thought he was joking but he is giving up on us already. He ignore me all the time but I’m not giving up. I know he feels it too just like i do.

I don’t know what to do with him.

Oh i think i know what to do to him. What to do to drive him crazy..

“Hey guys”, I said while Louis, their leader threw the ball in my way.

I catched taking them by surprise.

“Girls aren’t allowed here when we are practising”

I bounced the ball several times on the floor, “I know “, holding the ball up, I shoot and it’s enters the net.

“Wow, Rhodie. That’s was so cool”, Louis smiled holding the ball. I stared at his boys while they smiled at me.

“Well, I used to play in Clarkville. I just quit for a while. Maybe if you want we could try practising”

“We would love if you join”, a guy walks up to Louis, “I’m Erik”

I shaked him, “Nice to meet you Erik and all of you”

“So you trending on the T’ s. I guess that’s why you are here for our support”

“Yes.. I have currently created a cheerleading club and erm, I hope we cheer on your team”

“Wow, honestly it’s being so long since i have heard someone say that but we would be glad if you decide on that. It’s the best decision and a great one. Don’t you think guys”, Louis turned to his boys and they nodded.

“Yes..”, they all said at once.

“We will meet in the afternoon “,he smiled pulling me in his arms which obviously took me by surprise. Louis was kind, just like Zola said.

Everyone was gathered at the school stadium waiting for the match between Mascot University and Central university.

“Hello professor”, I walked towards him.

“Ah, Rhodie, it’s nice to see you? Do you finish typing the files i gave you?”

“Come on, we are going to have fun and you are talking about files. How boring? When we are in the office, we talk about work but now we talk about the basketball or something different from work”

I sat close to him and he stared at me curiously.

“You really amaze me, sometimes.”

“I know. Get used to it, Professor Kingsley besides there is more to come”

I placed my hand in the big bowl chewing the popcorn.
“Want some?”, I asked and he nods negatively.

“Ian”, someone said excitedly behind me. I turned seeing her. Professor Vivian.

“Vivian, how great to see you again”, he murmured and she came close pulling him in her arms hugging him so t¡ghtly.

“I missed you so much Ian. I thought you will come to the conference meeting but as usual, you disappoint every time”, I watched how she ran her hand on his arm.

“Oh sorry. Meet Rhodie”, he introduced and i shook her hand and to my surprise, She squ-eesed my hand so t¡ghtly. I almost winced but i stared at her squ-eesing back. One second, two seconds, three seconds .

“Nice meeting you Rhodie .. You must be his..”

I cut her off, “I’m his TA”.

“Oh i see. Rhodie, don’t you think you’ve spent enough time with your Professor. Maybe you should spend time with your friends”, I released her hand.

“Oh no. Rhodie is here because i want her to ask her some questions concerning the meeting conference, right Rhodie?”, his eyes begged me to stay.

“Yea right but that can be discussed later. Don’t you think, Professor Vivian. I think you two should spend time with each other”

He was about to reply but i was way gone.

Dressing up with the cool girls, Riley, Ruby and Judith. We wore sleeveless top and a short skirt showing our slender legs. I think the wh0le school is going to be surprise what hits them.

We walked down the corridor while we heard cheers everywhere. Louis and his team matched outside.

“Ready girls”, I asked and they nodded. We ran to the basketball court.

Then we heard cheers everywhere, Zola lost it and i saw Professor Kingsley applauding for me.Poppy and her gangs couldn’t stand the sight. I could see she was arching to rip my hair by all means. He gave me a thumb ups and i smiled at him.

“Hey Rhodie, heads up”, Erik threw the ball and i caught it throwing it in the net while everyone cheered again.

We started moving with beats as we do the sprinkler dance then the touch for dance. You should see how i was flying in the air.

People kept scre-ming and i just had to do my thing. I’m a woman of many talents and that’s my secret.

“Hey Erik , catch”, I jumped in his arms and he w-rapped his strong arms around me. Maybe this is my chance to make Ian jealous.

I closed the gap between us taking his l-ips while his arm w-rapped t¡ghtly around me taking charge of the k-ss.

I slowly pulled away as the girls and i ran off the court and damn, I saw the face of Professor Kingsley. He was so angry.

Oh, now i have got his attention. At least that tell me, he still has feelings for me.

In the evening, I entered his office. He seemed so moody.

“Here, Professor. Everything is copied on the pendrive”.

He snatched it from my hand not looking at me.

“Do you need anything else, Professor?”, I asked and he stared at me for a second.

“Have a seat”, he said softly removing his glasses. I sat down waiting for him to start.

“I…”, He started but my phone interrupted us.

“Sorry”, I apologised taking the phone and read the text. It was from Louis.

The guys and i threw a party for victory. Wanna come? I miss you and i want to see you.

I smiled at the screen ready to text when the phone was snatched from me by Professor Kingsley.

“Hey, give me my phone”, I tried to reach for it but to no avail.

“Why are you doing this, Rhodie?”, he asked with pained expression.

“What did i do?”, I asked innocently .

“Don’t pretend with me. We both know you are doing this yo make me jealous, to tempt me again”, he took a step infront of me.

“Oh . I didn’t know you were jealous”

“I was…”, his f-ngers were in my curly hair now.

“That’s wierd. You said it was over so why do u have to be jealous”

“Don’t you see?”


“I’m into you, Rhodie”, he whispered. I looked up in his eyes and i stared at his l-ips.

“You are now? I thought you didn’t want this”.

He sighed, “I can’t see you in the arms of another man. Try to understand”

“I don’t. Let’s keep this professional okay. Now if you excuse me, I have a party to attend”, I said already moving away from him but he blocked my way pulling me close to him as i inhaled his cologne.

He rubb£d my l-ips gently and i felt his breath on my l-ips. I want this too but one of us had to suffer for it.

“I can’t. We can’t do this. You said so yourself. No s€×ual harassment or anything s€×ual between Professor and student. I’m sorry. When i wanted u, you pushed me away making me get close to some h-ot guys I don’t wish to get close to? I’m into him now”


“Good night, Professor”, I walked past him closing the door behind me. I’m sure it worked.

TO be continued
By kaby Elisa

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