November 29, 2021

Teach me dirty professor episode 3


Teach Me Dirty,ProfessorπŸ’•
Chapter 3
Hello Mascot University. Wake up and smile, it’s bright beautiful day.

But I just wished yesterday remains forever. Dude, did you see that?

Rhodie Hudges did it again. So what now? Is she going to date Louis?

Well, I’m really happy to say that Rhodie is winning gradually.

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The T.

I smiled the screen and press on the link checking out the video. It’s was so beautiful and a lot of people liked and commented on the video.

Moving to the kitchen, Zola was making coffee. She was already dressed in the morning. She pours the hot coffee for me and i just mouthed, “Thank you”

“How was your night?”, she asked and i just nod sipping the hot coffee.

“Can i asked you a question?”, She walked around the counter moving close to me. I stared at her and her eyes were on my lips the whole time.

She touched my cheeks gently and lean in. My eyes widened at the sight and i quickly pulled away.

My heart thudding hard in my chest, “What are you doing? I thought you wanted to ask a question”, I asked and she stared at me with her guilty eyes.

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t know what came over me”, She took a step but i moved backwards.

“It’s okay.”, I left her in the kitchen entering the bathroom. What was that? She was about to kiss me.


was she interested in me the whole time or did she think I’m into women. What made her think that way.
I dressed up and found her with her bag.

“Hey, are you going somewhere?”, I asked and she still felt guilty.

“I’m sorry”

I gave her one of my best fake smiles, “Don’t worry. I’m not bothered at all. Trust me”

“Thank you”, she hugged me so tight and i smiled again, “I have to visit my parents. I will be back after three days”

“Okay. Have a good trip”, I checked my watch, “I have to go. I have thirty minutes before lecture and I’m so damn hungry”

She hugged me so tight, “I will miss you”

“Me too.”, I pulled away tapping on her shoulder. Sitting down, I ordered for coffee and had breakfast alone. Honestly, I was eating alone. I already miss Zola already.


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checked my watch, several times hoping my the time is already up. Then I heard giggles as the door opened. It’s was the hottest guy in school, Carter and Poppy. Since when were they into eachother besides this had to be my show not her.

I still concentrated on my food when i heard his deep voice, “Rhodie”, he called making my eyes lit up. Poppy only glared my way.

He sat close to me. He sure smells good. SO good for me to hug him right now bht i couldn’t because of the blonde devil standing infront of me.

“Hey, I have been dying to meet you”, he said softly.

“You have?”, I can’t believe the most popular guy really wants to see me. This is so cool.

“Yes”, he answered looking at Poppy, “Have a seat pumpkin”, he said sweetly to her and she just rolled her eyes.

“Seriously, Carter. I can’t sit with this bitvh. You better find somewhere else”. She frowned.

Carter sighed staring at me for a while,”You can leave if you want, Poppy or better still join us.”

She stomped her foot and sat down angrily. I watched her and she sent me a death glare.

“Baby, let me order something. I will be right back”, She pecked him on the lips.

“Poppy, make sure you get the same food for Rhodie too”

“I’m okay…”, I said.

“No, I insist “,he assured. Poppy was already gone and Carter just couldn’t stop staring at me. I don’t know if it’s because of my beauty or he seemed interested in me.


see, I’m really beautiful. I know people will say I’m bragging but its not it. I’m really damn pretty.

“You are beautiful”, he said softly caressing my hand already but i pulled my hand away. My mother always said that, I thought. This isn’t news.

“You were so amazing at the basketball game yesterday and i will be happy if you cheer our team too”

I sipped my coffee,”What about Poppy?”

He tsked, “Poppy had never cheer for our team. She only do that when there is actually a celebrity on our sports activity. So please just accept my offer”

“What will you give in return if i do?”

“My team and i will support you to become queen”

“Deal?”, I stretched my hand and he took it shaking it.

He smiled, “So I will catch up with you when you are ready”.

Poppy brought our sandwiches but unfortunately Carter stood up wrapping his arms around her shoulders.

“We will take our leave now. It’s nice meeting u again, Rhodie”

“You too,Carter”, I replied taking a bite of the sandwich he bought for me.

I checked the time and… I have to go. Taking my belongings, I left. On my way to my lecture, I just saw people stuck with their phones as usual.

“Rhodie”, I heard another voice. See? I’m popular now. So popular.

I turned and this guy run towards me, “Jason Clark, the editor of the T’s”, he introduced.

“Oh my God, I so much love your blog”

“Everyone does. Not to waste so much time, can you follow me to the photo shop. I will be happy if you take photos for our front page magazine. And I will like to see, Riley, Ruby and Judith ”

“Oh i will be right there?”.
Within minutes, we were at the photo shop. I just wished Zola was here.


No move left.

Be sΒ£xy sΒ£xy and confident.

That’s good.

Rhodie and Judith, you both have a beautiful smile. Can you smile more wider.


Now I want you do the sprinkler dance.



Thank you so much.

The photographer shaked each of us while Jason walk towards us, “Rhodie, can I speak to you please”

“Sure”, I moved past the girls and they were excited over the photos.

“I would like to take a picture of you alone for my back page of my magazine”


“Yes, but its had to be seductive”, he said softly. I watched around the room. My friends were gone and I was left alone with him.

“What do you mean seductive?”,my eyes widened, “You mean I’m going to be [email protected] infront of camera”

He laughed, “No you aren’t. You are going to wear a dress, a transparent dress shiwing everything underneath but it’s going to be okay”

I stared at him a while thinking about how Professor Ian will feel when he see this photo.

“Let’s do this”, I said firmly. I wore the transparent dress while my face was lightly polished with makeup. I really looked like a totally different person.

“Ready?”, he asked and gave me a single rose flower .

“Yes”, he said softly taking a step close to me, “To make it easier, I want you to think of someone you like and will you will make you feel alive in bed”

I blushed obviously not staring at him.

“That’s a beautiful blush you got right there”, he whispered, “Now be ready?”, he moved backwards taking the camera up to his face.

All I thought what the erotic moment, Ian and i spent together.

After taking a lot if photos, I realised that was so seductive in them.

“Thank you, Rhodie”

“No, thank you for everything. For always updating goodstuff about me on the T’s”.


returned to the dressing room while I changed. Ian is going to kill me. He said he doesn’t like late and now I’m really late.

Running down the lengthy corridor to his office, I pant losing my breath.

“I’m so sorry, Professor…”, I paused my sentence immediately seeing the horrible sight.

How could he do this to me? He was kissing Professor Vivian. I so much hate this woman and God hold me, I will rip her eyes out.

They stared at me looking shocked. His arm was wrapped around her waist and her hands were on his chest.

Get a grip, Rhodie. Pretend you are not bothered at all.

“I’m sorry for interrupting your erotic moment”, I said and they stared at eachother and back at me then they pulled away.

“Actually Professor Vivian is taking her leave”, Ian said softly and the lady kissed him again.

“I will see you tonight”, she said softly walking past me.

I guess she was shy for this to happen. He betrayed me. He betrayed me.

I betrayed him too remember, I kiss Louis, right infront of the whole school remember.

He has no the right to do that. I know what I’m saying is making no sense but I’m jealous.

I smiled.

“Rhodie”, his eyes soften, “I…”

“I thought you said you have to visit the library today”, I interrupted trying to remain calm.

“Rhodie…”, he closed his eyes trying to explain but my voice was damn cold and he knows it.

“Right Professor?”, I questioned and he sighed.

“Yes, let’s go”

Entering the old Library across the street of opposite our school, I looked around. We have the school library but i really prefer this one.

This library, it’s just us and on one else here. He walked past me taking Anthropology book besides that’s what he teaches. I moved to the other side of the library brushing my finger through the romance books.

I then picked out one. And opened it. He sat down on an old chair, his concentration on the book.

I moved close to him taking the book away but he grabbed it immediately putting it on the table.

“What are you doing?”, he asked and i smirked at him.

“I don’t think you should be reading this boring book, that’s why i brought the ‘boss and his submissive'”,I whispered.

“I’m not interested,Rhodie”, he stared at his book again.

I chuckled, “I don’t mind reading it alone”, I said looking around the library but the librarian was fast asleep. That was a good sign.

I cleared my throat making it deep like a male voice, “Miss Perry, you are late again. What am i going to do with you?”.

Ian stared at me, he gave me a glare.
I changed my voice again to female voice making my voice louder and desperate, “I’m sorry, boss . It won’t happen again.. You can spank me if it pleases you”, I said seductively.

Ian groaned. His hands moved so fast ready to take the novel but i ran out of my seat.

“Rhodie, this is a library. You are going to make the woman kick us out if you keep reading like that ”

I raised and eyebrow challenging him.
“Kneel. You are going to be punished for being late”, I made my voice deep again.

Ian ran his hands through his hair and chase after me. We ran around the table while I giggled so hard. I thought I would disturb the librarian but the woman was lost in her own world.

“Rhodie, this isn’t funny. Stop”, he tried to be serious but he failed. There was a huge grin all over his face.

“I’m not… unless you read with me”.

His eyes were intense and he chased me while i ran. We ran for several seconds. His arm was wrapped tightly around my stomach. I couldn’t escape even if i wanted to.

His breath fanned across my ear and my body tingled at the sensation.

“I’ve got you”, he whispered and i turned facing him. I was out of breath.

We were both lost staring at eachother. He stared at the book in my hand. He closed it and place it on the table. He closed the gap between us.

We were both lost in eachother. He wrapped his thumb gently on my lower lip.

I moved my fingers on his chest moving down. His breath hitched when i squeezed him through his pants.

He groaned. His lips were inches from mine. He tried to kiss me but i turned my face making his lips land on my cheek.

“I can smell her fragrance all over you”, I whispered staring at him again.

“I can explain”, he whispered back. Our hands were still rubbing eachother.

“I don’t want you to explain. I want you to promise me it won’t happen again”

He stared at me for a while,”I promise but you should also do the same”

“I promise”, I whispered back squeezing him in his pants.

“Stop doing that”, he groaned and i smirked.

“Do you want me to?”, I asked and he leaned in but i pressed my palm on his chest stopping him.

“The rules, Professor Ian. Remember the rules.”, I looked up at him and brushed my thumb over his bottom lip.

“And moreover I won’t kiss you or seduce you, Professor until you prove to me how much you want me. Until I hear you m0aning my name. You are playing hard to get and it’s seems we are both enjoying this game. See you around, Professor.”

The moment I said the word. I felt my stomach ache.

“Ahhh…”, I screamed in pain already sitting on the floor. Ian sat closed to me.

“What’s wrong”, he asked and my groaned in pain holding his shirt ever so tightly…

Suddenly i saw him blur and i passed out. I didn’t know what happened to me.

When i opened my eyes. I was in the hospital. I tried to sit up but i felt the unbearable pain. Ian was stood up from his seat wrapping his arms around me.

See? He care.

“I thought I was going to lose you. Don’t scare me like that again”

I haven’t seen Professor Ian like this before. For the first time, his hair was messy and his shirt were stained with blood. His tie hanged lose around his neck.

“Who’s blood is that?”, I asked softly hoping it’s not what i will like to hear.

“It’s yours”, he murmured wrapping his arms around me.

I didn’t want him to go all emotional on me so i change the subject, “The rules Ian. We shouldn’t get this close”, I tried to pushed him away but he held me tight…

I really need this. He broke the hug taking my lips in a desperate kiss. I melt onto him returning the kiss. My fingers in his hair the whole time while we kissed.

I slowly pulled away. His lips were all over my face.

“Did the doctor say how come I ended up here”

He nods, “You were poisoned”.

I stared at him dumb. Poisoned? I was poisoned by who.

Poppy. I should have known. It was her the whole time. She poisoned my sandwich.

I was a fool. I should have been more careful. Why would she want to kill me?

I swear she is going to pay for this.

“I need to get out of here, Ian”

“Let’s wait for the doctor to check on you and give you prescriptions”, he pulled me in a hug and my head rested on his thudding.

“Then I will take you and take care of you.”

I looked up at him ready to talk but he shh me with his index finger pressing on my lips, “You are not fine,Rhodie. You are still sick. Let me take care of you. You know, I’m a good cook and i could pamper you all day, just let me make it up to you”, he kissed my temple.

“No”, I replied pulling away.

“Oh that’s sound like yes to me. I knew you will accept it”

He tried to confuse me, I nod my head negatively.

“I’m not listening Rhodie. I’m going to take care of you whether you like it or not”, he gave me a quick kiss and closed the door behind him.

TO be continued

By kaby Elisa

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