Teach Me Dirty Professor

Teach me dirty professor episode 5


Teach Me Dirty,ProfessorπŸ’•
Chapter 5
One week later
It’s a bright beautiful morning.
Miss Rhodie star continues to rise. She is ranked the top 13 and I assume Miss Poppy is shaking in her stiletto heels right now.

The T.

“Good morning! Today we are going over the community service project I mentioned last class. Now I know..”

I didn’t here the rest as i sit in the Mass communication class, totally distracted as i stare at the text Poppy sent last night.

*Bitvh,did you not get the message earlier?You do not want to find out what happen to skanks who don’t listen to warnings.

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Just ask Persephone Dalton. If you can find her.
Stay away or ELSE.***

“Rhodie? Hello? I assume you heard the details of the assignment.”, Professor Roberta said making me feel uneasy.

“Yes… totally”

Professor Rorberta frowns before going back to the lecture. Considering I’ve been trying to get on her good side for weeks but to no avail. That woman never liked me and noe being distracted is not a good look.

“Mass Comm is all about reaching people far and wide so this project is meant to give the voiceless of your own in our own community, a voice by…”

Still … it’s only moments later, that I zone out again thinking of how to reply Poppy’s text. A text that will strike fear into her heart or make her back off.

“Earth to Rhodie”, Professor Roberta scolded.

I snapped out of it and looked around. The rest of my classmates are getting of their seats and arranging themselves.

“Oh sorry… I ..sorry”

“Find your community service project partner please”, She said softly.

I gather my things and head into the aisle, gazing around the room. It’s seems like everyone had already paired off, everyone except for…


“Professor Roberta, I’m sorry but I can’t work with Poppy”

“And clearly it’s my fault that you weren’t paying attention and miss your opportunity for a partner you actually like?”, She looked so pissed off.

“Oh no ,I didn’t mean…”

“Regardless of what you meant,this project is worth forty percent of your grade so i suggest you and Miss Poppy get cracking”

Oh great. She is totally pissed off. I’ve got to get professors on my side if i want this thing.

I tried to apologise to her but she turn her back to me.i took a seat beside Poppy who doesn’t look up from her phone.

So this isn’t the ideal situation, but i need to do well on this project just to get Professor Roberta to like me.

“So how do we come about this project Poppy. Any ideas?”

“How do you expect me to share my information with a dumbed headed girl like you”

“Who says I’m a dumb headed. I’m one of the best student”

She scoffed, “Only in professor Kinglsey class and since you are his TA, it’s makes everything easier”

The only thing i pray was for God yo give me heart or else i will kill her.

“I don’t care what you think. Now what matters is we working together to pass this project.”.

She stared at me for a while, “I will think of something”


Okay. Forget it. She is clearly not listening. She stared completely open mouthed at her phone, her fingers tightening around it like she is about to crush her it.

“I have to go. We can figure out the deets later. I will text you, where you will meet me”

And with that she snatches her belongings and shove them in her tote bag and made her way out of the door.

On her way out, Poppy brushed past Zola making sure to clip on her shoulder. Zola rolls her eyes and grin at me when she spot me on my seat.

“Zola Wade! I can’t believe it! I was hoping I’d see you around campus and here you are, practically fallen on my lap”,Professor Roberta looked surprised as she speaks.


okay, I was just coming to grab Rhodie for lunch”

“Oh sure, I don’t want to take too much of your time” , She said opening her drawer while i found a lot of mazagine bad fashion trends in them.

“Are you are big reader, Professor Roberta?”, I asked and she smiled.

“Yes… I will like to listen to celebrity trends and more celebrity gossips and I even read on the T’s”

Then she took out a mazagines with a woman … I mean a sΒ£xy woman on it, “I had hoped, Zola, that your mom can sign on these for me”

“Whoa Zola,your mom is like famous famous”

“Please it’s just chart topper. You should have seen her piece in Vogue. The woman was made to rock De La Renta”

Zola turns her attention back to Professor Roberta( who is completely starry eyed by the way) and she smiled.

“I will be happy to give these to her Professor Roberta but my mom is in Brazil right now as we speak she is scoping out a new sound with Big Mack”

Whoa, like number one on rap charts, Big Mack? That explain everything. No wonder she was interested in helping me out with my clothing. Professor Roberta signs dramatically feeling dissapointed at the news.

For the first time,Professor Roberta runs her attention to me.

“Quite company, you keep Rhodie” , She smiled at me.

“I certainly enjoy it”, I confirmed.

Wow.. that’s must be the nicest thing Professor Roberta said to me through the semester.

If I can get on Professor Roberta good side, I’m sure word will reach the rest of the professor’s but too bad Ian is handling this.

“Professor Roberta, would you care to have lunch with us?”, I asked.

“Really? You want some lame teacher like to crush your lunch date”


course, we will love you to join”, Zola confirmed.

It’s like Zola caught my plan. She knew why I wanted to do this. Besides i want her to join Team Rhodie.

For now I have.


Louis βœ”

Taylor βœ”



Professor Ianβœ”

And now

Professor Roberta βœ”

“How can i turn down such offer. Thanks to you two ”

She packed her belongings as we went to one of the best pizza restaurant. Professor Roberta was still a fan girl who was still talking about Zola’s mom.

I lost concentration while i ate my pizza.

Then Professor Roberta asked, “why are you competing against Poppy?”, She asked.

“Poppy is a bully and she rules the school with iron fist and it’s been way too long since was a she ruled so i suggest why not me ”

Her eyes widened, “You mean to tell me you are going head to head with Poppy for the good of everyone else. That’s shocking…”

“That’s Rhodie for ya. The girl who knows what she wants and she won’t stop til she gets it “, Zola confirmed.

“Wow, wow, wow, most students in Mascot aren’t so…”, Miss Roberta trailed off

“Forthcoming”,I ended her sentence.

“I was going to say interesting. If I’m being honest, it’s do rare that I get to sit down for a good chat with my students. Some are vapid. I had veronica in my class last year and I wanted to asked what Kylie Jenner look like but its seems she is off.”

“Well Veronica is harmless. It’s just that, She is occupied”, Zola answered.

“But I would like Miss Chloe to join my class.”

“Well, you know Chloe. She just doesn’t pay attention to anything beneath her. Her nose is right up Poppy’s butt. Why would she waste time on anything else. It’s sad really. She is so desperate for Poppy’s attention but poor thing is just throwing her education away just thinking of pleasing Poppy. ”

“Yes it’s sad but you two really look nice together. I mean not all roommate are nice. But i will glad of you become queen besides I will to my other professor friends”

Yes, finally I have won the heart of my moody professor. We are going to happy very soon, Ian. I said to myself.

My phone buzzed and I stared at Zola and my professor who were lost in a conversation.

“Guys, I have to go. Duty calls “, I said softly talking my purse, “and leave the bill to me”.


stared at me surprisingly, “Okay dear… go on “.

“And thanks once again for joining Team Rhodie”

She smiled, “Don’t worry sweetie … You deserve it”

Walking at the back of the school, I went into the pool house.
“Yooooo, Clarkville in the houuuse. I was wondering when you will finally welcome into the fold”, Louis said excitedly.

“I don’t know how i wasn’t invited sooner. Look at this place. A secret hideout and a pool plus bar. This place was surely meant for me.”

“You know, that confidence is exactly why I like you, Rhodie”

“Where exactly are we?”

“Home away from home. It was built by the Alphas and zeltas as a place to study, hook up and party. Now the only people who come here are….”, Michel paused.

“The people I decide to be here”, Poppy answered.

My phone immediately buzz, I realised I was rank top 11 on the T’s while Poppy was still ranked number 1.

“This is my new boyfriend by the way. Isn’t he gorgeous? Rhodie meet….”

“Bradley Smith from the young Woulfe. I have all your posters since high school. Uh, I mean my sister did. My younger sister who still exist. She was a big fan”

“Nice to meet you”, Brad said softly.

“Yes Bradley tv heartthrob are over. Now he has exiting film prospects, don’t you hon?”

“Yes …”

Then Poppy frowned, “What are you doing here?”. I thought it was me but it was Chloe. She was behind me literally frozen at the door. Oh, oh, trouble in paradise.

“Boys, if you please… “, Poppy didn’t end her sentence when two muscular boys carried her out. Chloe seethes giving Poppy a fvck you sign.

She later shoos the boys leaving just the two of us. I know after everything i should pay her back but honestly this is the only way to cope with her so we could pass this project.

“Have you checked the T’s ranking today? “She asked softly and I stared at my phone. Oh, now I see. This is the reason why she got so mad at Chloe.

She is the number one ranking. Oh, this is so surprising. In just fifteen minutes, Chloe is number one.

“Chloe is…”

She interrupted, “Don’t even mention it. I don’t know who she thinks she is or or who she had to sleep with to knock me out of the spot but if she thinks this is over then she is so wrong. It’s betrayal and that girl is so dead to me”

“Poppy you are so right. If my best friend backstabbed me like that, I will surely go nuts.”, I confirmed.

“I know right, it’s so tragic. I’m clearly the victim here and she just want to pretend she had nothing to do with it. In any case, thus doesn’t matter.. the little blip won’t last long. I’m working on something that will wreck her reputations for good. Considering this Chloe drama and my recent status issue, I need to impress Professor Roberta as much as you do.”

Too bad Poppy. I think Professor Roberta is already on team Rhodie.

“So what exactly are you saying?”

“I’m offering you a truce, dumbfreak. Just until we finish this project and I can come up with a solution to Chloe problem. There is not enough adderall in the world to help me deal with the both of you at once”

“Fine… A truce then. So this commercial thing…

“Right. We are all set. We can meet at Downtown Animal Rescue at East 45 at noon”

I watched her walked away, hips shasaying in time to her click of her heels, and internally groan at the thought of spending the whole day with the bitvh.

On Saturday noon, I went to the Animal whatever Rescue. I saw Poppy already talking to the guy. There were puppies and kitties all around.

The guy looked over Poppy’s shoulder staring at me.

“You are late.”, Poppy said without looking back then she continued while i walked towards her, “Now listen to me, James, this will make your Animal Rescue famous”

“Erm… Poppy. Sorry to interrupt but what are actually doing”

“We are working on an advertise. Here is your script”, She hands me the paper as we walked to the studio.

On the paper, I mean in my script I was supposed to say, “I’m from Clarksville and being in Animal Rescue was supposed to me my home. I just love it”



The owner and his assistant bought in a hairy puppy for us to use for the show and I was the first to start.

“Hey smoky”, I kneeled infront of the puppy while he quickly ran into my lap.

“His name is Francis but i think he likes you”

Francis? Seriously, are they kidding me?

The dog and I started the show while I tried to bring in my own lines, “Animals are loyal, trained and most importantly can be your best friend so the best place to find your best animal is Downtown Animal Rescue. ”

I tried to scratch the back of the poppy ears as he squirm, “Downtown Animal Rescue, we are the best”

I heard applause and I smiled as the puppy squirm excitedly.

“Now that’s wrong. This is my rules, my project.”, She pushed me away taking the puppy from me but unfortunately the little beast bite her hand while she screamed.

I didn’t want to be here or even help her. This is her show anyway. She should enjoy it.

I heard screams background but all i get was going home.

Later that night, I sit across from Ian in his office, staring blankly at the ungraded papers infront of her.

I thinking of Poppy and other ways to being her down but i got none.

“Rhodie, focus. We’ve got three classes’ worth if papers to grade and my publisher’s on my arse about deadlines”

I looked up at him noticing his furrowed eyebrow. He is clearly stressed beyond relief and I try to focus.. it’s was his job after all”

“Right. Professor. I’m on it”, I tried to be professional besides we promised to be professional at school.

I stared at the page but nothing.

“Okay, what is it?”, Ian asked.

“No… nothing. I’m almost done with this paper”

Ian sighs heavily and lay his pen down across his notebook, folding his hands on the table as he peers across me.

“Come on, clearly we are not going to get anywhere until we hash this out. What’s on your mind?”

“I think i can’t get anything done because i have to do it sitting across from here”

“Oh really.. I think you are so tempted to touch me”, he stood up from his seat kissing me while i wrapped my arms around his neck. There is no camera here so i can kiss him how i want.

He slowly pulled away kissing the tip of my nose, “come on… let’s get this done and besides everything is gonna be fine”

The next morning, my phone buzz again. It was update from the T’ s.

Rise and shine Mascot University.
There most shocking experience happened. It’s seems Miss Poppy and Newbee Rodie Hudges are becoming friends. We spot them talking together in Downtown Animal Rescue.

Could this rival end or do they have special news for us.

There is more to find out.


The T’s.

I looked around searching for my bra but i couldn’t find it.

“Hey, Zola. Habe you seen my bra anywhere”

She pokes her head into my bedroom, “sorry but we are not the sane bra size, no offense”

“None taken. I guess I lost it”

“Oh well, we all know Professor Kingsley will stare at your b00bs no matter how they look like “, She teased.

“Okay.. I’m leaving before you say another word”

A while later, I was sitting in Anthropology class, enjoying the view as always. That’s my hot boyfriend right there lecturing.

“Now we’ve touch on this in last week lecture but anthropology has been preoccupied with gender and sΒ£xuality.”, his gaze darts towards me and lingers.

“We’ve already gone in depth about gender roles, but sΒ£xuality plays a key role in the way we study human cultures through ages. It can be positive , as sΒ£xuality marks humans’ arrival into adulthood. At the same time,sΒ£xuality isn’t without it’s taboos… can we give example of these sΒ£xuality”

I cleared grabbing his eyes over to me, “offices romances. ”

“Office romance. That’s good”

“I think students romance … ”

“That’s very good, Rhodie”, Professor Kingsley said which made everyone silent.

Did he just..

“Actually Rhodie is over there and I’m here. I’m Caroline”

“Right Caroline. A slip of tongue. I apologise”, he said looking so mortified. The poor thing. I know what is keeping him distracted… it’s because i didn’t wear bra today.

“It’s okay, Professor. You were clearly preoccupied by lecture”, I said trying to make him calm down but luckily the students shrug and nod as if they understood what Professor Kingsley had been going through and he gave me a grateful look.

“Miss Hudges is right. I apologise Caroline”
After class, I helped him pack his belonging but he tried to ignore me, pretending to be grading something.

“Plans for the weekend?”, I asked because i missed him so much.

“Yes…i have anthropological awards on Saturday and I need to attend alone”

“Alone? You are not inviting me”

“No… it’s looked tempting and inappropriate”

“If that’s the way you want it”, I tried to give him my best smiles.

“It’s not about want,you know that? ”

I stared at him and nod, “You know i hate this. Not touching you or holding you. It’s so painful”

He sighed, “Its hurts too, Rhodie. You just don’t know how I’m itching to have my hands all over your body”.

I sighed, “I have to go professor”, I tried to be professional and he just nod.

Walking outside, I met Taylor panting as she ran towards me, “oh thank God, I found you”

I shrugged, “I’m here now”.

“I have a date with Thomas and he is gonna be angry if i get late. Can you please give this medicines to Poppy for me?”

“What’s medicines are these?”, I asked curiously staring at her.

“It’s anti-dirrahoea meds”

My eyes widened, “You mean, Poppy had diarrhoea”

Taylor bite in her cheeks from laughing, “Yes, something like that. That little arrogant poop machine can’t sit for thiry minutes straight or else, She will mess herself so please give these meds to her before she becomes a disgrace”

“I will glad het it delivered for you”

“Thank you Rhodie. You are truly a life saver”, She kissed my cheeks running away.

I may be a life saver to you but not to Poppy. Maybe I will enjoy her messy poop show after all.
TO be continued

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