November 29, 2021

Teach me dirty professor episode 6


Teach Me Dirty,ProfessorπŸ’•
Chapter 6
I threw the medicines in the trash. Reaching home, I made a meal for myself. I just couldn’t find Zola right now because i just arrived.

After eating, I knocked on Zola’s door to check if she was around but to no avail. Opening the door, I heard m0ans.

“Rhodie”, Zola gasped jumping out of bed. Then I saw her partner. It was Veronica.

“I’m so sorry…”, I closed the door moving outside. I need to give them space but one thing i never got to understand was how come Zola and Veronica are making out.

I thought she hated Poppy squad. I took a stroll down the street when i heard a voice.

“Who is it”, I asked looking through the gardens to find who was calling me.

“It was me Poppy. ”

“Poppy, why are you hiding?”, I asked and she came out looking pale and damn, everywhere smells.

“Jeez, what have you eaten?”, I covered my nose with my hand.

“I know we are enemies but can you please help me… please Rhodie”,She begs while I heard her stomach rumble.

“It’s coming…. it’s coming”, her face turned red.

“What’s coming?”, I asked trying to hold up.
“Oh. … I’m going to mess up again”, and with that she did. Tears stream down her cheeks and for the first time I felt really pity for her but that doesn’t mean I’m giving her the meds.. she needs to suffer.

“Come on, let me take you home.”, I helped her as she walked slowly to my home.


dress was just ruined with her brown poop and damn, i just took my phone taking pictures of her messy self.

She went into my bathroom.

“Rhodie?”, She called.


I started typing on my page while i import pictures of Poppy poop mess and besides thank God I don’t use my real name on social media..

I just posted Poopy little secret while the news was everywhere.

“Can you tell Micheal to hand you my clothes”

“Yea… sure”, I read comments while i walked down the streets to Michael’s room.

I knocked and he smiled at me.

“Sorry to disturb but Poppy said she needs new clothes…”.

“Right… just wait here… I’m coming”, he hastens while he went into his bedroom. His room isn’t bad… it’s beautiful.

I looked around until I starting touching things. . .. till I saw something.. something in the next room. My bra… not just bra… my bras. All of them are here, then my perfume, ribbons and jewellries plus panties and my comb..


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long has he been stealing these from me? The moment I turned he was just behind me, looking so furious as ever.

“What are all my things doing here. How come you stole everything?. ”

“It wasn’t my intention but actually it’s your fault”, Micheal said walking around me.

I scoffed, “What do you mean , it’s my fault..”

“You gave everyone attention except me.. so i decided to steal your stuffs… at least, they are the things I could get used to.. I could talk to them”

“You are crazy, I need to get out of here”, I moved out but he quickly caught my arm throwing me on the couch making me gasp.

My phone vibrates as Micheal and I dive for the phone. Ew, his fingers touched his hand. I swiped at the screen. Then I heard his voice.

“Hello? Rhodie?”

Thank God for that sΒ£xy man.

“Ian… my RA…”

Micheal snatched the phone away from me and ended the call.

“I do so much for you, Rhodie.. I’ve put so much effort in pushing you up”, he frowned this time.

Really? How did Micheal helped me.He looks down at the screen as his face stills.

“This my time to talk. Who does Ian think to interrupt us. He is your Professor, isn’t he? Is he inlove with you? No, no… what does he have that I don’t… tell me Rhodie.”


was just part of the basketball club and honestly i didn’t even know he was checking me out.

“Micheal, there is nothing going on between the professor and i? I’m his TA And nothing more”

Micheal face registers a relief. At least that prove that he believes me.

“I’m so happy to hear you say that?”, he finally said,”I can’t trust Ian . I see how he looks at you but don’t worry, I will protect you. If he comes near you, I will kill you”

As if he could, just look at his skinny body.

” You really don’t want to do that, Micheal ”

“I will.. I will do anything for you to make sure you love me”

Here goes the supervillian mood again.

“It’s honestly pathetic how are you obsessed with me. You’ve really crossed the line this time and I never needed your help so please just get out of the way so i can go home”

“No, you can’t leave like this!!”, he reaches out to grab my arm. Nuh…uh.

I snatched my arm away as he reached for my arm and grabbed him by his greasy oily hair and smashed his face against the wall.

“Ow!!”, he looked so looked so shocked.

“But… but i love you Rhodie. “, I need to kill him .. I need something to make me pay. I grabbed the perfume bottle off the nightstand. Take aim and spray directly into his eyes.

He took a few steps while the tears streams down his face. I tripped making his ass hit the floor, “The next time you harass me like this again. I’m going to kill you and i swear it”,ad with that I went out of the door.

Before I could react home, I saw Poppy making her way out of the house. I just removed my clothes, taking a cold shower.

The next morning, I sipped the coffee and nearly sipped it out.
“What’s the ungodly voice”, Zola asked.

“It’s a video of me. Hog calling on my parents farm. Zola, She sent this to everyone. After helping her last night with her poop”

“What is the hog calling? “, her eyes widens.


I’m not surprised at all, that this will make the front page on the T’s. But do they have to include the link. I hesistate and click on it. There were hundreds of comments more than yesterday.

“No, no, no… I left you for literally five seconds”

Zola appeared to me with two smoothies in her hand. She sets down snatching the phone from me.

“Hey my phone”.

“No, my phone..i told you messing.up with Poppy will be a bad idea. And what did i say when i have this genius idea to take you to shopping.”

“That we are gonna ignore my haters and stop watching this embarrassing video”

“So the phone is mine and that’s your punishment”

“Okay i see your point but i won’t mess up with our date”

I scoots closer, nudging her arm with mine and she laughs.
“Rhodie, Rhodie, you think you are pretty smooth, don’t you?”, She smiled.

“Smooth enough to get my phone back”

I tried to grab my phone but she was faster. Damn it, why are all New Yorkers eight feet tall.

“And yet not smooth enough,” She smiled.

She stride away and I following with a sigh tasting the awful smoothie. It was unnecessary green.

We entered the botique and I looked. Wow, this is so beautiful.
“I know you are stressing over this but its gonna be fine and everyone will may be not forget but they will get over it soon”

“But you don’t know that Zo. I get what you saying but i still want to hurt Poppy than anyone in my life”


scary energy coming from you, right now. A kind of Poppy energy when she is angry.”

“I’m nothing like Poppy…”

“I know you are nothing like her. You are trying to beat her and not be like her. You are Rhodie “bad bitvh” Hudges and one little setback this time, isn’t gonna keep you down for long. ”

“Yes… right. That’s me”

“So can please focus on why we are here?”, She said in a serious tone.

“How banging will I looking that dress… oh my God, hold the smoothie”, I laughed as she she dashes over the tuxedo mini dress. She hold it up to her body, posing and pouting.


“So I think you have to get it. That dress is surely made for you”

Suddenly my phone peep, “Is that mine”

“Yeah, I’m only giving it back to you because it’s from Professor gorgeous eyes”

I read the message… so it’s about the gala. A night full of old stuffy men I’m suits. Nerds who probably haven’t heard of Tiktok.

“What did it say?”

“Professor Kingsley is winning an award this weekend at this super fancy gala thing. ”

“Oh i see what you are saying.”

“Well he said none of his family will be there and I want to be there for him. Zola, I think i need a dress”

“I thought you would never ask”, She came out of the dressing room with just panties and bra.

We look around shop for more clothes. Infact I just didn’t know what i want.

In the evening I arrived at the gala looking so beautiful as usual. I slipped inside the golden doors. The first thing i saw was Ian infront of everyone looking so damn fine with an award already in his hands.

I slipped to the high table at the back to watch him closely. Everyone turned staring at me which ruined the plan.

Ian stared at me pausing his speech.

“Thank you everyone… I’m truly honoured to accept this award.”, he finished his sentence.

The room breaks into applause as Ian walked in the spotlight. His eyes never leave mine.

“I must say, that was some speech..”

“What are you doing here, Rhodie?”

“I was in the neighbourhood, already wearing and I figured, i could stop by..”

His eyes raked my body…

“I told you not to come here.Why are you here?”

“What do you think, Professor?”

He looked at me for a long moment,which means, he is thinking hard about something.

“Call me Ian, just for tonight. Let’s just not be professional..”

“Okay… Ian ”

“Thanks for coming… actually it’s means a lot to me…come with me… I want to introduce you to some colleagues of mine”

He lead the way putting his hand on my small back.

“Ah, Steven. I thought I might find you somewhere near the finger foods”.

“Ian, you know me too well, just don’t tell my wife about this..”

A woman comes from nowhere, lifts the plates out of her hand, and dumps it directly into he trash.

“Too late.. and you know what the doctor said about this greasy food”

“Marigold dear, those sausages cost 50 thousand dollars”

Excuse me, What? For meat shove in tube..? Rich people are straight up wild.
Marigolds pinched Steven’s cheek and laugh.

“And your health is more than over prized sausage in the world..’

“Ian, you remember my beautiful wife, Marigold”, he introduced.

“How could I forget…”, he smiles.

“It’s been too long. Though I assumed I would have heard at least a little gossip about this stunning woman beside in your life”, Marigold eyes were on me the whole time as she speak.

“I must say, I was wondering the sake thing… I don’t recall ever seeing you at one of these events with a woman on your arm”, Steve confirmed.

“Well… it’s something of a new development..”, Ian said.

Excuse me? Really Ian?

“Yes… we are working our relationship out…” , I said softly entwining our fingers.

“My, my… it’s nice to meet you.. I promise Steven a dance. I will catch up with you guys later ”

Marigolds yanks him through the centre of the hall, as they swayed together in a slow dance..
“I like your friends”

“Yes… they are nice..”, he said as i looked around at the guests… it’s so amazing they were all Anthropologists.

I opened my palm and he took it as we moved to the dance floor moving to the slow music.. and it’s feels like it was just us and nobody else.

Our eyes were locked and I couldn’t see anything… he pulled me close while i gasped. I could feel his semi hard erΒ£ction. God I missed him so much.

“Let’s get out of here… “, he whispered making my breathe hitches.

“Yea..let’s go”, I confirmed as we got out unnoticed. We entwined our hands together as we ran past the mosuem and we ran into the rain. I scream joyfully as we went to the train station… .

We were both w€t. I breathe harsly staring at Ian. I wanted him to … he rubbed my cheek gently.

“Please kiss me “, I didn’t have to say twice. He pulled me close taking my lips. I wrapped my arms around him kissing so deeply.

“It’s raining”, I heard some of the guests and we pulled away.

“I have to … go”, I whispered pulling away.

“Stay Rhodie”, he begged.

“I can’t.. “, I kissed his cheeks and stopped the cab as it drove off.

. The next morning was epic. I just kept talking about the gala and nothing else.

Checking the time, I realised, I need to see professor, Ian.

“Hope you won’t mind me leaving you here all alone “, I asked and we smiles.

“Just go already…”

Opening Professor Kingsley’ s office, his eyes lit as he stood up from his seat.

“Rhodie, thank God, you are here? I really wanted to talk to you”

“What is it?”, I asked having my seat.

He removed his glasses sitting at the edge of the desk, “I can’t do this anymore”

“What do you mean?”, I said softly. My heart pounding in my chest as if i knew what was coming next.

“I have worked so hard for this… yo be at this level and dating you will just make me lose everything and I’m not ready to lose my career, Rhodie.. I’m sorry for bringing your hopes up but please just move on.”

Ouch… that’s hurts… after everything is that how he breaks my heart … this is the second time, he is doing this but you if he thinks I’m going to become a crying mess then he is wrong.

I laughed so loud as he stared at me, looking so confused, “You see, Ian. I’m glad you’ve finally came to senses . What were you expecting? For me to cry or to beg you… no I’m not that girl… it’s good we’ve ended this crap because I’m done using for my crown… You are not of use to me anymore since i got what i want so Mr lover man, choose your career and I choose my crown”

He looked so shocked staring at me, “wait, you mean you just used me to get the throne”

“Of course I did. Do you think I have feelings for you?”, I laughed, “the words, the kisses and the sΒ£x are tricks to get my crown. You are not my type and had never been. I told you, two can play a game but we have only one winner… so if you excuse me, I will take my leave now. I guess you made it simple for me, we are over Ian”

He moved close to touch me but i pulled away, “Don’t touch me…”, I snapped getting out of his office with my eyes blinded by tears.

What’s the use if being queen when the person I’m fighting for chooses his career over me.
TO be continued

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