November 29, 2021

Teach me dirty professor episode 9


Teach Me Dirty,Professor💕
Chapter 9
I was locked in the school basement. My lips were gagged. My hands and legs were tied. I was still in my bikini. How long have I been here.

My eyes flutter opened as i looked around. It’s so dark in here. I don’t think i can make it and i don’t even know what says the damn time.

Is Ian looking for me. Well I hope so cause I really will appreciate if I’m being found. I could hear the loud music banging. Oh no, it’s time, I needs to get the hell of her. I stared at the ropes bind of my wrists. I started struggling and I slowly relaxed.

I can do this .

I can do this. I encourage myself and bend low to where my wrists were bound and removed the gag from my mouth. The next plan made it easier. My teeth started doing the job on its own.

I quickly removed the ropes from my body. My while body ache due to the position in which I was tied.

I tried opening the door but to no avail. I hit the door so hard but nothing and it didn’t discouraged me. I kept hitting till I felt someone opening it.

I moved backwards and curiously took a golf stick from the room incase if it’s Zola or Poppy, I won’t mind striking them.

The door clicked and I ran towards but froze for a moment seeing the eyes wide janitor.


Rhodie, what are you doing here?”, he asked, “Everyone is waiting for you to take the crown”.

“Thank you so much… You are my saviour. Thank you”, I quickly hugged him running down the corridor. It was evening… I can’t believe i was here over night.

Running down to the party, everyone stared at me weirdly. Photographers were all around taking pictures of me.

I know I was in the wrong attire. I matched into the room. Miss Dean was already holding the crown congratulating Zola while Poppy had veronica were standing behind her. I saw Ian dressed in tux, he was handsome as usual. His face so worried.

“Since Miss Hudges isn’t here….”

I interrupted, “I’m right here”, I said loudly while everyone stared at me. I walked through the aisle. Zola and Poppy were shocked. I just kept my head high walking through the aisle to meet Miss Dean.


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since the winner here… lets”, her sentence stopped when Zola grabbed the crown from her.

Her face full with rage, “the crown is mine… it’s all mine”

“Excuse me?”, Poppy fumed taking the crown from her, “it’s mine”.

“No, no.. this was a deal between us and you know it”, Zola tried grabbing it but she missed.

“I’m so sorry Zola but you see I’m the queen now”, and with that she ran out while Zola followed making everyone wild.

Suddenly everywhere was silent, “And now our new queen,Miss Rhodie Hudges “, then I heard applause and whistles and Miss Dean hand me the Mic. I was so nervous but staring at Ian, I felt safe.

“First of all, I’m really sorry for the inappropriate dress but please forgive me.”

I kept quiet for a while they waited for me to continue, “when I came here, damn it wasn’t easy. You know, a villager in a rich university, thats what poppy will say. ”

Then I heard laughter, “But after several challenges and much harassment, I tried to fit in. To cut everything short, all i wanted to say is no matter how someone try to humiliate you, make you feel bad, just don’t let them bring you down because you are special more than you think. I would like to thank everyone who supported me, especially my friends and the love of my life, Professor Ian…thank you all very much and God bless u”, applause followed while i hand the Mic to Miss Dean.


stood up from seat walking towards me but unfortunately, Chloe pulled me dragging to the small room.

She went straight selecting a dress, “You need to wear this please…”, She smiled.

I wore the dress and stared at her, “You know i was so worried when you were missing..”

I tapped her shoulder, “I’m here now… let’s forget about the past”

“Okay … but i just want to let you that Zola and Poppy are expelled by Miss Dean..”

I just nodded, “thanks for everything, Chloe.. ”

“You are welcome …”, She answered and I moved out when Carter, Louis and professor Roberta hugged me so tight. It was really fun, you know.

Walking towards Ian, his worried expression turn into anger,” let’s go home”

Oh boy, he has every right to be mad.


“Let’s go home or else, I’m carruojg you on my shoulder…”

“Fine..”, I frowned walking past him.

When we webt outside he wrapped around me, and I held him. He buried his face in my neck, and he shuddered in my arms. We were both drenched, both shivering, but I didn’t care.

I miss him so much and I know he did too… he.had every right to be mad at me.

I didn’t how we made it back home, but we did. Everything was a blur, the world swaying, back and forth, in front of my vision.

I helped Ian out of his w€t clothes and joined him in bed, both of us desperately chasing for warmth under the blankets.

His cold lips found mine, and I let him take this kiss. Soft. Tender. Sweet.

It wasn’t desperate or crazed.

Ian kissed me like he wanted to taste me forever. My lips fused with his, and my arms curled around the back of his head, as he rolled over, pinning me under him.

He settled between my thighs.

Kiss. I love you.

Kiss. I’m never going to leave you.

Kiss. I promise.

Kiss. Forever, baby.

He wordlessly whispered all his promises to me, through our kisses.

Ian tenderly traced my skin, before he cupped my [email protected] and caressed my n!pole. I gasped into his mouth and pushed my knees up, wrapping my thighs around his hips, so that we were aligned, right where I wanted him.

Our lips parted, our eyes met – his pupils dark and dilated – and he slowly filled me.

It was exquisitely slow and painfully passionate.

I ached at the tenderness in his eyes.

I hurt at the adoration on his face.

His fingers curled around mine, before he pinned my hands on either side of my head.

He started thrusting in and out. His thick length stretched me, and my m0ans spilled from my lips, as he filled me with slow, deep strokes, our gasp and m0ans filling the room.

My lips brushed across his chest, over his beating heart. “I love you.”

This was my first time saying it out loud. But Ian already knew that… without me having to say those words.

He chuckled. “I know.”

I tweaked his n!pole. “Say it back.”

“I love you, Rhodie.”

Oh, these butterflies.

“My Rhodie,my beautiful queen” he rasped in my ear.

Two years later
“We did it!” I ran to Ian. I jumped in his arms, wrapping my legs around his waist. We laughed, as he dipped me and planted a loud, w€t kiss on my lips.

“You’re messing up my lipstick!”

“Fvck it,” he growled, kissing me deeper.

While all our friends gathered around us, Ian and I. Finally i was now a graduate.

“Sweet Jesus! You guys need to stop with all this PDA,” Professor Roberta hollered.

“At least let them today,” Chloe said.

“I’ve seen Ian and Rhodie do worse,” Professor Vivian laughed, referring to the time she walked in on us fvcking two weeks ago.


rolled my eyes and wiggled, letting Ian know I wanted to be let down. He reluctantly let go, and I settled on my feet again.

Our friends and family were all here, and I just couldn’t be any happier…

Zola was officially out of our lives, when she cashed out her trust fund, and She left the state, and we never heard from her again.

As for Poppy… no one knows where she is now.

I always joked that I didn’t need a knight. But Ian? Even though I wasn’t looking for one, he turned out to be mine.

My Professor.

My best friend.

My first love.

My last love.

We took a few more pictures, until Maddox was done. Surrounded by our family and friends, Ian cupped my face and smashed his lips down on mine.

Tongue and all, as his mom clicked a last picture of us.

He pulled away, long enough to grin devilishly at me, before he bent down and shoved his shoulders into my stomach.

I gasped and then giggled, as he threw me over his shoulder and marched away.

“Ian ! What are you doing?”

He gave my arse a love tap. “Stealing you away. You promised me a graduation fvck.”

Oh God. Ian and his insatiable needs.
TO be continued

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