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Teach Me Dirty,Professor💕
Chapter 9
I was locked !n th£ school basement. My l¡ps were gagged. My [email protected] and legs were tied. I was still !n my bik!ni. How long have I been h£re.

My eyes flutter opened as i looked @r0vnd. It’s so dark !n h£re. I don’t th!nk i can make it and i don’t even know what says th£ damn time.

Is Ian look!ng for me. Well I hope so cause I really will appreciate if I’m be!ng found. I could h£ar th£ loud music bang!ng. Oh no, it’s time, I needs to get th£ h£ll of h£r. I stared at th£ ropes b!nd of my wrists. I started struggl!ng and I s1©wly relaxed.

I can do th¡s .

I can do th¡s. I encourage myself and bend low to wh£re my wrists were bound and rem©v£d th£ gag from my m©vth. Th£ next plan made it easier. My teeth started do!ng th£ job on its own.

I quickly rem©v£d th£ ropes from my b©dy. My while b©dy ach£ due to th£ position !n which I was tied.

I tried open!ng th£ door but to no avail. I hit th£ door so [email protected] but noth!ng and it didn’t discouraged me. I kept hitt!ng till I felt someone open!ng it.

I m©v£d [email protected]¢kwards and curiously took a golf stick from th£ room !ncase if it’s Zola or Poppy, I won’t m!nd strik!ng th£m.

Th£ door c|¡¢ked and I ran towards but froze for a moment see!ng th£ eyes wide janitor.

“Miss Rhodie, what are you do!ng h£re?”, h£ asked, “Everyone is wait!ng for you to take th£ crown”.

“Thank you so much… You are my saviour. Thank you”, I quickly hugged h¡m runn!ng d©wΠ th£ corridor. It was even!ng… I can’t believe i was h£re over night.

Runn!ng d©wΠ to th£ party, everyone stared at me weirdly. Ph°tograph£rs were all @r0vnd tak!ng pictures of me.

I know I was !n th£ wrong attire. I match£d !nto th£ room. Miss Dean was already hold!ng th£ crown congratulat!ng Zola while Poppy had veronica were stand!ng beh!nd h£r. I saw Ian dressed !n tux, h£ was [email protected] as usual. h¡s face so worried.

“S!nce Miss Hudges isn’t h£re….”

I !nterrupted, “I’m right h£re”, I said loudly while everyone stared at me. I walked through th£ aisle. Zola and Poppy were shocked. I j√$t kept my h£ad high walk!ng through th£ aisle to meet Miss Dean.

“Well, s!nce th£ w!nner h£re… lets”, h£r s£ntence stopped wh£n Zola grabb£d th£ crown from h£r.

h£r face fvll with rage, “th£ crown is m!ne… it’s all m!ne”

“Excuse me?”, Poppy fumed tak!ng th£ crown from h£r, “it’s m!ne”.

“No, no.. th¡s was a deal b£tweeΠ us and you know it”, Zola tried grabb!ng it but $h£ missed.

“I’m so sorry Zola but you see I’m th£ queen now”, and with that $h£ ran ©vt while Zola followed mak!ng everyone wild.

Suddenly everywh£re was silent, “And now our new queen,Miss Rhodie Hudges “, th£n I h£ard applause and wh¡stles and Miss Dean [email protected] me th£ Mic. I was so nervous but star!ng at Ian, I felt safe.

“First of all, I’m really sorry for th£ !nappropriate dress but please forgive me.”

I kept quiet for a while th£y waited for me to cont!nue, “wh£n I came h£re, damn it wasn’t easy. You know, a villager !n a rich university, thats what poppy will say. ”

Th£n I h£ard laughter, “But after several challenges and much hara$$ment, I tried to fit !n. To cut everyth!ng short, all i wanted to say is no matter how someone try to humiliate you, make you feel bad, j√$t don’t let th£m br!ng you d©wΠ because you are special m©r£ than you th!nk. I would like to thank everyone who supported me, especially my friends and th£ love of my life, Professor Ian…thank you all very much and God bless u”, applause followed while i [email protected] th£ Mic to Miss Dean.

Ian stood up from seat walk!ng towards me but unfortunately, Chloe ₱v||ed me dragg!ng to th£ small room.

$h£ went straight select!ng a dress, “You need to wear th¡s please…”, $h£ smiled.

I wore th£ dress and stared at h£r, “You know i was so worried wh£n you were miss!ng..”

I tapped h£r shoulder, “I’m h£re now… let’s forget ab©vt th£ past”

“Okay … but i j√$t want to let you that Zola and Poppy are expelled by Miss Dean..”

I j√$t nodded, “thanks for everyth!ng, Chloe.. ”

“You are welcome …”, $h£ answered and I m©v£d ©vt wh£n Carter, Louis and professor Roberta hugged me so t!ght. It was really fun, you know.

Walk!ng towards Ian, h¡s worried expression turn !nto anger,” let’s go home”

Oh boy, h£ has every right to be mad.


“Let’s go home or else, I’m carruojg you on my shoulder…”

“F!ne..”, I frowned walk!ng past h¡m.

Wh£n we webt ©vtside h£ wr*₱ped @r0vnd me, and I h£ld h¡m. h£ buried h¡s face !n my neck, and h£ shuddered !n my arms. We were both drench£d, both $h!very!ng, but I didn’t ¢ar£.

I miss h¡m so much and I know h£ did too… h£.had every right to be mad at me.

I didn’t how we made it [email protected]¢k home, but we did. Everyth!ng was a blur, th£ world sway!ng, [email protected]¢k and forth, !n front of my vision.

I h£lped Ian ©vt of h¡s w€t cloth£s and jo!ned h¡m !n b£d, both of us desperately chas!ng for warmth under th£ blankets.

h¡s cold l¡ps found m!ne, and I let h¡m take th¡s klzz. Soft. Tender. Sweet.

It wasn’t desperate or crazed.

Ian klzzed me like h£ wanted to taste me forever. My l¡ps fused with h¡s, and my arms curled @r0vnd th£ [email protected]¢k of h¡s h£ad, as h£ rolled over, p!nn!ng me under h¡m.

h£ settled b£tweeΠ my th¡ghs.

klzz. I love you.

klzz. I’m never go!ng to leave you.

klzz. I promise.

klzz. Forever, baby.

h£ wordlessly wh¡spered all h¡s promises to me, through our klzzes.

Ian tenderly traced my sk!n, before h£ cupped my br£@st and ¢ar£ssed my n!₱₱!e. I [email protected] !nto h¡s m©vth and ₱u$h£d my knees up, wr*₱p!ng my th¡ghs @r0vnd h¡s hips, so that we were aligned, right wh£re I wanted h¡m.

Our l¡ps parted, our eyes met – h¡s pupils dark and dilated – and h£ s1©wly filled me.

It was exquisitely s1©w and pa!nfvlly pa$$ionate.

I ach£d at th£ tenderness !n h¡s eyes.

I hurt at th£ adoration on h¡s face.

h¡s f!ng£rs curled @r0vnd m!ne, before h£ p!nned my [email protected] on eith£r side of my h£ad.

h£ started thrv$t!ng !n and ©vt. h¡s thick length stretch£d me, and my [email protected] spilled from my l¡ps, as h£ filled me with s1©w, deep $tr*mes, our [email protected] and [email protected] fill!ng th£ room.

My l¡ps bru$h£d across h¡s ch£st, over h¡s b**t!ng h£art. “I love you.”

Th¡s was my first time say!ng it ©vt loud. But Ian already knew that… with©vt me hav!ng to say those words.

h£ chuckled. “I know.”

I tweaked h¡s n!₱₱!e. “Say it [email protected]¢k.”

“I love you, Rhodie.”

Oh, th£se butterflies.

“My Rhodie,my beautiful queen” h£ rasped !n my ear.

Two years later
“We did it!” I ran to Ian. I jumped !n h¡s arms, wr*₱p!ng my legs @r0vnd h¡s [email protected]¡$t. We laugh£d, as h£ dipped me and planted a loud, w€t klzz on my l¡ps.

“You’re mess!ng up my l¡pstick!”

“Fvck it,” h£ growled, klzz!ng me deeper.

While all our friends gath£red @r0vnd us, Ian and I. F!nally i was now a graduate.

“Sweet Jesus! You guys need to stop with all th¡s PDA,” Professor Roberta hollered.

“At least let th£m today,” Chloe said.

“I’ve seen Ian and Rhodie do worse,” Professor Vivian laugh£d, referr!ng to th£ time $h£ walked !n on us fvck!ng two weeks ago.

I rolled my eyes and wiggled, lett!ng Ian know I wanted to be let d©wΠ. h£ reluctantly let go, and I settled on my feet aga!n.

Our friends and family were all h£re, and I j√$t couldn’t be any happier…

Zola was officially ©vt of our lives, wh£n $h£ ca$h£d ©vt h£r trust fund, and $h£ left th£ state, and we never h£ard from h£r aga!n.

As for Poppy… no one knows wh£re $h£ is now.

I always joked that I didn’t need a knight. But Ian? Even though I wasn’t look!ng for one, h£ turned ©vt to be m!ne.

My Professor.

My best friend.

My first love.

My last love.

We took a few m©r£ pictures, until Maddox was done. Surrounded by our family and friends, Ian cupped my face and sma$h£d h¡s l¡ps d©wΠ on m!ne.

t0Πge and all, as h¡s mom c|¡¢ked a last picture of us.

h£ ₱v||ed away, long enough to gr!n devilishly at me, before h£ bent d©wΠ and shoved h¡s shoulders !nto my stomach.

I [email protected] and th£n giggled, as h£ threw me over h¡s shoulder and march£d away.

“Ian ! What are you do!ng?”

h£ gave my arse a love tap. “Steal!ng you away. You promised me a graduation fvck.”

Oh God. Ian and h¡s !nsatiable needs.
TO be cont!nued

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