Teacher Murphy

Teacher Murphy episode 5 – 6

(Practical Love)
Episode 5 & 6
Written by author Nath.
Heading: Sealed Poison.
Power generated from solar panels manifested through an energy bulb found outside the house at the love garden, making everything at its range visible including the basketball court and teacher Nwachukwu who seated with Murphy, still staring at the stars in the sky.
Now, it wasn’t only the chirping of crickets and other insect filled their ears, even whining of rabbits added to the sound which indicated curiosity, but was an attention-seeking sound by the animal.
Murphy looked at the direction of the whining then back to his teacher who began to caugh badly again, covering his mouth. The presence of blood as a result of the cough tells that everything wasn’t fine with teacher Nwachukwu.
“Teacher, what is wrong with you?” Murphy showed concern. “The cough is not normal” he added.
“I’m find, my son” Teacher Nwachukwu struggled up with a heavy breath. “Let’s enter in,side. I have more things to show you.” He began to walk into the house followed by Murphy. Their shadows correctly reflected their heights; big and small like David and Golaith.
Murphy walked into his personal room with him to see everything intact; the bookshelf, the bed and his precious bar. Teacher brought out his secret diary from the shelf and handed it to him saying, “That’s all you need to know about everybody that was in this house.”
Murphy looked at him. “You mean Ella and others?”
The young boy opened the dairy to see it completed with everyone’s personality and s€×uality.
“Wow!” Murphy exclaimed. “Ella and Cynthia are… I mean dating?”
“Yes, but I believe Ella lured Cynthia into it. Hence her s€×uality is in her gene.”
Murphy looked at the book again in surprise. “You even know about Judith and Dave.” he looked up at him. “Teacher, how did you know all this then kept quiet?” he asked.
“True love cannot be denied, lad” Nwachukwu grabbed a remote, pressed a button at the bookshelf which reluctantly gave way for the secret control room. Murphy opened his eyes widely as he surged forward there.
“So you have been spying on us! You had hidden cameras in our rooms?” He looked back at teacher for response.
“Do not do to others what you wouldn’t like to be done to you.” He replied.
Murphy kept staring at him like a moron to clarify him.
“I wouldn’t like to be spy on, so why would I spy on others?” Teacher walked to the bar for a drink. He brought out a bottle and a glass cup to pour some quantity only to see Murphy taking them from him and keeping them back to their initial positions. Teacher became speechless. He didn’t need a prophet to tell him that the boy did what he did because he had found out that his health was at a critically condition.
“If you didn’t spy, how then did you find out about all this?” Murphy asked him.
“Your brain, Murphy. Your brain should be your hidden camera.” Teacher began, taking few steps away from the bar. “The inability to understand your environment and everything that happens around it is the beginning of your failure as a human being. Why do you think Judith prefered staying with Vivian instead of Daniella?” he looked back at Murphy to see him thinking critically.
“You know, teacher, I’ve once reasoned that too.” he said. “But why revealing people’s privacy to me?”
“Because Ella and co are like your children now. Ella is a very stubborn fellow, but you still need to love her as much as you love others. That dairy in your hand does not only contain you all personality, it also contains your originality. When you know this, you’ll know what to do when the needs arise.” Teacher concluded, looking at Murphy who suddenly brought out the bottle of drink and began to pour a quantity in a cup for himself alone.
Teacher Nwachukwu smiled….
At a window in the white house, Murphy’s eyes never departed from Vivian’s as he wondered how to tackle the recent issue at hand.
Vivians voice trailed out like an aggression medicine. “The writer of the proverb may be smart, but the decoder of such proverb which is you, is smarter. Murphy, you’re the most amazing person I have ever seen. So I ask again; what do we do now?” she slowly released her hand from his shoulder.
“Call Ella on the phone.” Murphy left the window with a hand in,side his pocket.
“She’s not picking” Vivian reported. “Neither is Cynthia.” she added immediately.
Murphy stared at the floor with a finger in his mouth. He looked up at her once again. “Call your residence, now!” he instructed.
Vivian did as he said in a hurry. “I called Obi, he said Ella isn’t at home. She went to a club.” she reported.
“Summon everybody to your resident. We’re going there now!!” he briskly walked out from the room..
The dance floor at the l-sbian club had become highly saturated with all manner of crazy dancers who had been intoxicated with narcotic and other type of hærd drugs. Daniella could be seen taking Cynthia through a long colourful passage where some girls could be found k-ssing and rom-ncing each other.
Nevertheless, they entered into another room thereby reducing the sound of the music. Only a bed and a wardrobe were found in,side the room. Daniella quickly began to k-ss and rom-nce Cynthia when they entered, gradually waltzing her to bed. She laid her flat in a way she was on top, soaring her l-ips.
Cynthia raised one of her legs in a triangular form thereby exposing her underwear. rom-ntically, she pulled up Ella’s gown to pleasurably feel her buttocks covered in a black tight.
The rom-nce became intensively unbearable thereby making their cl*ts crave for stimulation and their vag-nas salivate like molluscs. Swiftly, they became totally unclad with er-cted n-pples and thrubing cl*t. Daniella did not only feel her br-ast in her hands, she also felt her w-t p*ssy on her thighs as she kept soaring her l-ips. From l-ips to her br-ast, and from her br-ast to abdomen before she widely opened her legs for cunniligus…….
After the act, both laid unclad staring at each other.
“Ella?” Cynthia called on her.
She didn’t reply rather began to cares her hair gently, waiting for her to proceed.
“Where is this leading us to?” Cynthia asked her.
Daniella withdrew her hand from her hair, raised her head up with a confusing expression. “What do you mean?” she asked.
“I mean.. um.. I mean how long is it gonna last?”
“It doesn’t matter. What matters is that I love you so much.”
They became quiet, using their initiatives.
“You don’t seem to worry about your origin, Ella. I mean your biological parents. Why?”
Daniella stood up to dress up. “Because they never worried about me when they gave up on me.” she replied without looking at her.
Just then, two men in black barged into the room. They frighteningly scre-med, covering their uncladness.
“Who the f-ck are you?!” Daniella sparked.
“Teacher Murphy needs your attentions now.” one of the men instructed while the girls looked at each other..
At the residence of the orphans, all assembled in the living room except Ella and Cynthia. They all seated down watching Murphy walked to and fro before them like a pendulum bob. Ever since he arrived with Vivian, he had not said a word.
“Murphy, is everything alright?” Dave asked him, yet no response.
“Murphy, you look worried. Why this sudden visit by this time of the night?” Obi added, but didn’t get a response too.
Judith who seated beside Vivian whispered to her, “What’s going on?”
Just before she replied, Daniella and Cynthia entered like prodigal daughters. Everybody’s eyes went to them. They did not only appear as wh-res but like marine entities too. The presence of the president in the house was an indication to them that there’s fire on the mountain.
Murphy turned to them, crossing his hands behind him like a headmaster about to address his students.
“If all of you knows what I’m passing through, you won’t complicate issues for me..” he began to narrate to them about the proverb and how he decoded it. He never mentioned about the brighter star or the drawing on the projector to them. “..these are the two the proverb is meant for and they want to bring us down with their act!” he concluded pointing at the g-ys.
Everybody marvelled except Judith and Dave who already knew about them.
“You knew all this while, you never told me?” Vivian whispered to Judith.
“I’m sorry. I promised her never to tell anyone.” She whispered back.
Cynthia bent her head down in shame while Daniella stepped out boldly saying, “You all should stop behaving as if we’ve commented the worst atrocity. I didn’t determine my s€×uality, did I? Is it my fault that I’m only attracted to my fellow girls?”
Murphy also stepped closer to her angrily. “Whosover you’re attracted to is none of our business. The problem is that you’re dumb, you can’t use your brain!” He pointed at his side head with a finger as he continued, glaring at her unabashedly. “You have already been caught. By dawn, your l-sbian pictures will be all over the internet. What do you think people will say when they’ve already seen us as intelligent role models! If you want to make out with your f-cking g-y friend, why don’t you do that in a more secure place using your brain not in a f-cking public l-sbian club!” he shrieked the last statement bitterly.
Daniella boldly walked up to him at a very close range, also returning the glare as others watched them like a movie.
“How do we know that your interpretations of the proverb is correct? Anyways, I’ve hidden in the shadows for long. I guess is time I come out from it. Why don’t you use your power as the president to legalize LGBT in this country for people like us to come out from our shadows” she fiercely uttered thereby rising Murphy’s anger the more. So the young boy slapped her thunderously.
The sound alone did not only startle Cynthia, it also activated her tears gland thereby shedding tears instantly. She began to run out of the house, but stopped at Murphy’s voice that roared like a lion to her saying, “Cynthia, you dare not leave this house!!”
The girl began to quiver at the door and the tears pouring more and more from her eyes like a running tap.
Meanwhile, Daniella’s eyes have also circulated with tears, wanting to return the slap but four guards pulled out their guns and aimed them at her. So she mellowed with bitterness of heart.
“Sorry, Ella, but I won’t allow you to ruin what teacher suffered so much to build. That we’re where we are today is because of his effort.” Murphy broke the silence.
“F-ck you, Murphy!!” was Daniella’s last statement.
Dave stood up. “Let’s deliberate on how to stop whoever we think has their picture from making it go viral.” He suggested.
As everyone was thinking, Ada stood up to Cynthia where she was weeping and gave her a shoulder to weep on.
“Is okay. Lets go sit down.” she whispered to her, leading her to a seat.
“Vivian, get the press for us.” Murphy instructed. The girl didn’t need to question him. She did as he said.
“Why the press?” Judith asked.
“Time…” Murphy began like his late teacher, folding his fingers as if grabbing a mustard seed, looking at all of them. “Time is relatively proportional to events. I will make a public broadcast which will make the citizens happy; like donating something to some sectors through our names and pictures. And the press will carry this news saying that i, the president has been in an indoors meeting with all of you from the time before Ella and Cynthia went to the club till now. Then the outcome of the meeting will be stated which is the donations.”
“How will this prevent the person from posting the pictures?” Obi asked.
“It might not prevent him, but many will not believe him if posted regarding to the time he will say he snapped the picture.”
“And another thing” Dave spoke up. “The donation will brainwash them. Therefore, they won’t believe the pictures”
“Exactly!” Murphy exclaimed. “That’s materialism for love as teacher taught us.” He concluded.
Very early in the morning, the weather had become favourable to those jogging on the road to kept fit and only such individuals and road sweepers could be found by that time of the morning.
In a local house, a young girl could be seen from behind watching a television. She had the hair of a rastafarian looking younger than any of the orphans. She was the brighter star. Just then, a breaking news came up on the screen.
“..The president known as teacher Murphy who was in a close meeting with his siblings from 6pm to 9pm deliberated and came out with a result of a huge donation to every traders, orphanage home and…”
“Can we make the pictures public already?” A male voice from behind distracted the young girl from listening to the news.
“It’s already too late” the girl replied without looking back.
“Listen to the news and know why? The news is made up with a fogged time but nobody will know.”
“It doesn’t matter, we can still post it.”
“Don’t be foolish, Idika. Posting the pictures will bring enemity to us coz people will think we want to destroy their image regarding the news and the time. Time is relatively proportional to events. Hmmm…” She began to rincle one of her hair. “That boy is as clever as they say. My father, Nwachukwu, thought him well.” She confessed.
The country wanted to break into two for the very donation. People loved teacher Murphy the more that, nothing negative they would easily believe about him. The news on how he cleverly caught Mr Odili plans made people to love him the more too.
On his convoy, Murphy set out to the street to show love and spend time with panhandlers and the less previlage. People clusted any place he entered just to touch him or hug him but securities never allowed them. So they did nothing but to confess with their mouths.
“I love you, teacher Murphy!!” They kept shouting.
Vivian who heard them, became extremely jealous coz many of that statement was coming from females.
“You are the brain!” Others exclaimed.
“Teacher Murphy, I want to be like you when I grow up!” I small boy shouted from the crowd.
On the other hand, in a bottle-water-producing industry, one can see a young guy at a private room adding a poison in,side a bottle of water then took it to a machine that sealed it. He placed a tag on it and handed it to another person who handed it over to another person that finally put it in a vehicle. The driver stopped at the white house, carried the bundle of bottled water which the one with a tag was among them. He handed it to a maid.
The young maid carried them in,side, took off the tag on the particular bottle with poison then set it for Murphy’s part of a long table where he would be having a meeting with his carbinate soon. It was a very planned plan to poison him coz nobody will suspect a water on a sealed bottle which no one has opened.
Nevertheless, Murphy returned from the street to see Bolaji already seated with others.
“Please, sorry for keeping you waiting” he apologized as he took his seat.
“My teacher, you don’t need to apologize oh” Bolaji began. “Your fame has crossed pacific ocean. You’re for the people not for us.”
They chuckled happily even Murphy.
“It’s called practical love. When you love someone, you show it by all means. I love my people” Murphy said.
“Gbam!!” Bolaji exclaimed. “Not someone as stingy as I am.” He added hilariously, while they laughed again.
Murphy saw them opening their water one by one to drink. Only then did he remember he was thirsty too, therefore he learned forward and grabbed his own water too. He opened it and poured it into a glass cup to drink….

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