Tears Apart

Tears apart episode 10

(Before The Accident)
Joanna closed her eyes,her breath increasing at the danger she saw ahead.
She looked over at Ijeoma who looked back curiously at her.
“Something terrible is about to happen.” Joanna announced.
Everyone in the bus looked at her and laughed at the small girl.
“What are you talking about? Something terrible as in what?” A lady, carrying a little baby asked.
Joanna kept mute, looking at them.
Everyone in the bus were more than forty five.
God.. isn’t there a way to stop this?, Joanna asked in her heart.
There is and that is to believe what you are telling them…and to stick to you.
A voice replied.
They were getting closer to the place she saw in her vision.
“Aunty Ijeoma. Hold me…if you wish to survive.” Joanna said to Ijeoma who did not even hesitate.
She would never doubt the girl…not after everything she had seen.
The passangers a d the driver with the conductor looked at Joanna as she said this and laughed.
“Na Wettin this girl dey talk self!” They asked, hissing and rejecting anything terrible she claimed was about to happen.
Joanna sat still and closer her eyes as they drew nearer to the place where the accident was going to take place…
It was noon time.
The driver was growing impatient with the car in front of him. It was so slow he started getting annoyed.
Without looking into his rear view mirror,he swayed to the other side of the road not nothing what was coming behind.
An over speeding trailer crushed the car, climbing it entirely.
Everyone in the car were crushed yo death..their blood flowing like water except……
The bus arrived few minutes later after the emergency call,with police men.
The trailer was moved off from the wrecked bus as everyone put their hands on their head, shouting.
“Wait! Somebody is alive!” A police officer said as they heard noises inside the bus.
Unscratched and unwounded, Joanna crawled out of the car.
People could not believe…they were amazed and surprised.
There was pandemonium all over the place as they took pictures of Joanna.
Reporters gathered and before anyone could say Jack….the incident was all over the mass media.
“Please, please…save my aunt.” Joanna said repeatedly and for the very first time, she cried and no rain fell.
No rain fell!!
All thanks to Amos! She was now in control of her powers. Joanna was exited.
She was thrilled. She cried with mixture of sorrow and happiness.
Ijeoma believed what she told her!
Why then wasn’t she protected?
When everyone was finally brought out, Ijeoma was the only one still breathing. Everyone else were dead with five little children.
The accident was displayed on TV,live.
Ijeoma together with Joanna were rushed to the hospital…the best clinic nearer to the place of accident by the trailer occup-nts and some other good citizens.
Ijeoma was rushed to the emergency room while Joanna was asked to wait in the waiting room with some of the good people that followed them to the hospital.
Joanna knew Ijeoma had been such a bad person in the past but she cried for her.
She was badly wounded.
The reporters were shut out of the hospital for they crowded against Joanna, see her how she was the only one who escaped death and injury.
The news papers came out that sane day…with the headline;Wonder girl escapes death.
Joanna prayed Ijeoma would make it even though she looked like someone who was going to die.
“Joanna!!” A voice called from behind and Joanna turned, startled.
Who knows her here?
Joanna stood up,amazed at whom she was seeing.
Ikenna ran to her and they hugged tightly.” I saw everything on TV! I saw you! I couldn’t explain the type of feeling that engulfed me when I saw you ..alive and unscratched!” Ikenna said happily.
“How.. come you know here…how did you get here?” Joanna asked as they disengaged.
“This is where mom works.” Ikenna replied, smiling.
“Your mom? You never told me she works in a hospital!” Joanna exclaimed.
Ikenna smiled.”Yes. She is a nurse….a senior nurse.”
“Is…she going to make my aunt better?” Joanna asked.
“Your aunt? The lady was still breathing? Is she your aunt?” Ikenna asked.
“I don’t know yet but there has been a lot if possibilities lately.”
“So..tell me. How did you disappeared! I never saw you again!” Ikenna asked.
“I will tell you everything when this is over.
For now…there is someone I need to find desperately.
That woman must not die ….she still have a lot to explain.
Three hours later, Ijeoma responded to treatment and was wheeled to another room. Her arms and legs were covered up with bandage.
Luckily for her,her head was not affected but her right leg has been broken.
Ijeoma was in tears as she layed on her s-ck bed.
Finally, nemesis were catching up with her.
The door opened and a nurse came in, closing the door.
“I never thought of could see you again…not in this situation ” the nurse said and Ijeoma looked up slowly.
“You? Esther? How did you get here?” Ijeoma asked and Esther smiled, coming closer.
“No. I should be asking you that. Aren’t you ashamed?
Aren’t you supposed to be praying for death?
You kidnapped and sold your own niece!” Esther said and Ijeoma’s eyes widened.
“No…tell me that is not true! Tell me it’s not true!” Ijeoma said,tears rushing down her face.
“You Know what? When I saw you in the emergency room,I felt like killing you. When I remembered your twin,whom I delivered a baby for…I shed tears in my spirit.
That day too attacked me and collected the baby…kept on and on, replaying in my head.
I don’t want to know if something is wrong with you of whatsoever or if you had an accident….you must provide that child you took away from me fifteen years ago.
Else….you shall die in prison.”
“The child I took back then is…..” Ijeoma started to say when the door opened and Joanna came in with Ikenna.
“Thank God you are still alive. I have no time to waste here.
Make sure you get better so we can continue what we were looking for.”
Joanna said. She looked at Ijeoma for a minute and turned to go.
“Joanna… wait….” Ijeoma started to say.
Joanna turned around again,her eyes turning red.” What?”
“The woman…whom we are supposed to look for…is here.” Ijeoma dropped the bombshell and Joanna came closer, wondering what she was talking about.
“What woman is here? Who?” Joanna asked and suddenly,her eyes jammed with Esther’s.
Esther’s eyes widened as she looked at Joanna… recognising those beautiful eyes she once looked into.
“Amarachi.” Esther called,her eyes full of tears.
Joanna’s knees buckled as she recognized Esther as the unconscious woman in her vision.”Why…why did you call me Amarachi?” Joanna asked,her voice laced with emotions.
Esther smiled as she went closer to Joanna.
She turned her head to look behind her ear and nodded as the black mark became visible to her.
“It’s really you, Amarachi!” Esther cried and hugged the girl. Why didn’t she recognized her before?
Joanna was in her own tears as she hugged the woman back.
Ikenna stood,transfixed.
“What happening here? Joanna… are you my sister?”
No body answered him. The room was silent and swallowed up with unexplainable emotion.
There was a lot to cry about…a lot to be said…a lot to settle and a lot of emotions to deal with……!!
Read out for the final episode!!
The end  of the road is gradually coming….is Ijeoma going to prison??
Would you want her to go to prison and surfer for her crimes??
Comment below..👇👇👇
Find out what happens next in then final episode..

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