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When I was four, aunty Amara sent me to a public school as a child, I started schooling like any other child out there that’s of my age . My first day at school everything was strange to me as I began to study the kind of people in my class and the school entirely.

I grew up in the village with my grandparents even when I never had that chance to experience parental love . The little love and care I got from Grandpa and Grandma made me forgot about my really parents.

But as a child I had no choice than to keep watching and hopping that one day I might get to know my biological parents.

Other children I have seen are with their parents I wonder why I am with my grandparents . This kept me thinking but I was only four years old that couldn’t asked questions, the last time I did asked a question, the reaction given to me got me scared to asked no more ..

My grandparents couldn’t afford my fees so they took me to the city to stay with aunty Amara .

Aunty Amara they said was my Mom younger sister. But before my dad got married to my mom , I heard mama choima telling grandpa some weeks back that daddy was having an affair with aunty Amara before he married my mother whom I never got to meet.

Mama Chioma is an old woman that once lived in the city before coming to the village to live her life after she had lost her husband and her two children in a motor accident.

We landed at the city . My eyes were everywhere in the city . I saw the street light shining cause we landed at night . The city breeze and the village breeze can’t be compared to me because the city breeze is wormer to the village breeze as I experienced.

β€œGrandma , I don’t want to stay with any other person aside you and Grandpa , you have shown me love and I don’t think I could find such love anywhere else in this world ” I said to grandma.

” You will find love here with aunty Amara she is rich and could take good care of you . She will send you to school and you will grow up to become somebody someday ” grandma replied, giving me a strong assurance just as Davido gave Chioma.


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first day at aunty Amara’s house , I was filled with joy as grandma had said aunty Amara will take good care of me .


Amara’s house was well furnished everywhere was kept clean and well arrange . Ac, everywhere . I could see her big flat screen television that was hanged on the wall .

” I think I will love it here ” I whispered to Grandma .

” I told you , you will ” she whispered back , before aunty Amara walked in.

” Haah, Mama you are welcome ” she spoke in a respectful manner going down to her knees .

” Thank you my daughter . You have changed like seriously ” grandma replied .


a child I was shy cause I have never visited a big house in my life and haven’t gotten used to people yet.

” Greet your Aunty Amara ” grandma whispered aloud to my ears .

β€œGood evening aunty Amara ” I greeted her stammering.

β€œOh, sweet boy , good evening” she replied as she played with my hands giving me a smiles look.

” He is a shy kid ” grandma added .

” What’s his name ” aunty Amara asked grandma.

” His is old enough ask him his name he will tell you ” Grandma replied .

Aunty Amara laughed . I became uncomfortable as my stomach started making those thunderious sound ” chroo, chroo” they sound .

” What’s your name ? ” Aunty Amara asked gazing straight to my eyes .

” My name is Bernard Patrick ” I replied with shyness in my eyes .

” Nice name you got , you took your father’s name ” she spoke and asked us to go and take our bath then come over for dinner.

I went in to the bathroom oh, my God it was a shower. I have never in my life taken a bath with a shower before , as a child, I cherished every new thing in my life , so that evening I spent hours taking my bath like never before on a shower.

” Bathroom will soon become my best friend in this house ” I thought to myself in excitement.

After I had taken my shower, aunty Amara called us to dinner room and served us food . That night , I ate like never before .


Grandma this is delicious ” I whispered to her ears, with excitement.

Grandma gazed at me and smiled , she smiles just like my school teacher back in the village we call aunty grace .

Aunty grace was my best teacher in school back in the village. she thought me how to write my name. At four, I can’t even spell my name but she kept teaching me until I catch up.

β€œI told you, you will love it here. Am sure this is just the beginning. You will eat and eat till you get tired of eating . No more garri every afternoon when you return from school ” grandma whispered back with smiles on her face.

” I will be leaving to the village first thing tomorrow morning and I will be leaving Ben with you just as we agreed” grandma said to aunty Amara.

Aunty Amara smiled and said;

” Mama, you have nothing to worry about . For I will take good care of him as my son” she spoke in a cool voice .

I was led to my room , it was well furnished like a hotel room .

The next morning grandma dressed up and was ready to leave to the village .

” Make sure when you go to school you read hard Ben and also respect your Aunty ” grandma spoke in a cool manner and left to the city.

I shade my first tears as aunty Amara drove off with Grandma to the park. I was only four and wasn’t used to staying with any other person aside my grandparents.

Later that morning Aunty Amara drove in with her Jeep.

” You are still here crying ? Have you washed those dishes ? ” She asked wrathfully.

I quickly and quietly walked in to the kitchen to wash the plates.

β€œI was told that aunty Amara has grown up children , wher are they ? ” I thought to myself in confusion.

I was washing the plate when a glass cup fell from my hand to the floor and broke making a sound . I was worried and confused when I heard aunty Amara shouted from inside ;

” This boy won’t kill me , what have you broken?” She asked rushing to the kitchen

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