Tears Of A Child

Tears of a child episode 13 – 15


Tears of a child


I followed the sleeveless man outside and saw aunty Amara with Ada standing by the hospital door, aunty Amara was angrily gazing at me.

β€œMadam , we waited for you to come and pick up your son but you didn’t show up” nurse Jen spoke in a cool voice .

” The idiot you called my son is not my son but a witch . This boy you are seeing here , because of his wicked soul his parents left him . His Grandparents couldn’t take his bad habit so they brought him to me to kill me . First thing tomorrow morning he is parking his clothes and leave my house as for me, I can’t stay with a devil child ” aunty Amara spoke angrily.

” Haaaaaah, madam you don’t have to say such words to a little child , he is just a child” nurse Jen replied in a cool voice , taping aunty Amara on the shoulder.

” A child with a devlish heart is leaving my house to day , today I can’t keep him anymore” aunty Amara added.

Nurse Jen became speechless , immediately her phone rang and she went aside answering her phone.

I was sitting on the hospital chair when aunty Amara came and dragged me to the ears , pulling them as if it was a rubber bang . I was shouting and crying for pains put she kept on drawing them very hard . My eyes turned red all because of pains .

” You think you can kill my husband and walk away freely? No, no, nooo. I will kill you to day by the time we get home. I will make sure you join him to wherever you sent him to ” aunty Amara sparked wrathfully hitting my head to the hospital chair .

I was by the side of the hospital chair crying and panicking for fear, fully knowing what aunty Amara is capable of doing . I looked up to the sky and prayed silently to God in heaven even after doubting on him . Just that something deep inside me was still having that trust and love for him .


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was quite by the chair as tears continuously to leak slowly from my eyes to the ground. My eyes was still w€t when nurse Jen came and saw me in tears , I saw the look on her face she felt pity for me but didn’t uttered a word to me or aunty Amara.


I don’t want to go back home with aunty Amara . Please don’t allow her take me home with her ” I cried out whispering to nurse Jen ears .

” You have to follow your aunty to the house . I have no power to stop her from taking you home , beside you have been staying with her , Am sorry Ben, I can’t stop her from taking you home” she replied.

” She will kill me if I follow her home please nurse Jen don’t let me go with aunty Amara ” I shouted out this time around to everyone hearing .


Hahahaaha evil child . He knew what he has done that’s why he doesn’t want to follow me home ” Aunty Amara spoke wrathfully.

” You have used your evil spirit that you have been praying to every night to kill my father right? I don’t blame you I blame the person you prayed to every time ” Ada spoke in an annoying manner.

I didn’t uttered a word to her for all I could do was to cry like a baby . Just Jen nurse Jen held me by the hand, dragging me to the corner and asked a question that broke me in pieces. She said ;

” This one that everyone is calling you a witch , tell me the truth did you killed your uncle? mike ”

I became speechless as i gazed her in the eyes. Tears of pains and heart break dripped down from my eyes to the ground.

” If aunty Amara is calling me a witch will you also call me that ?” I asked bitterly and ran to where I threw my Jesus neckless and wore it back to my neck .

” I rather believe in a man I have never seen even if he failed me over and over again ” I said to aunty Amara arranging my Jesus neckless to my neck .

I was in tears praying deep down inside me when the mortuary attendance ran to aunty Amara and said ;


Nurse Jen , the body wey you bring some hours ago to the mortuary they move oooh , the man never die. I swear I saw him move and shouting ” the mortuary attendance spoke out in fear.

Nurse Jen left what she was doing throwing her phone to the ground and rushed to the mortuary with the mortuary attendance.

Aunty Amara and Ada followed her to the mortuary with run .

I was crying by the side wondering which body nurse Jen took to the mortuary . Because I can fully recalled that the body she took to the mortuary was uncle Mike’s body .

” Could it be uncle mike? Is he alive ? Has God finally answered my prayers ? ” I thought to myself in fear .

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I wiped off my tears and quickly followed them to the mortuary . The mortuary was crowded, people were standing looking at wonders .

I also rushed in between crowd of people to see the wonders, some stood still, others were having a conversation with there fellow friends.

β€œGod let it be uncle mike please . I am sorry for not believing in you at first . I am deeply sorry . Grandma has told me a lot about you, the good things you have done to her please lord , show that goodness upon your son” I prayed silently in my heart wiping off my tears.

Just then the mortuary door was opened and a man covered with in white clothes was been rushed in to the main hospital . The doctors and the nurses were all amazed.

” I have never witness this kind of thing in my life before except in a movie ” one of the nurses spoke out loud to everyone’s hearing .

” This is unbelievable . I can’t believe it myself ” another nurse replied from afar .

My heart was pounding , I kept on praying deep down inside me asking God to answer my prayers.

” Where are the family of Mr Mike? ” the doctor asked . Just then aunty Amara got up from where she was seated and rushed to the doctor .

” Here we are ” she replied , holding Ada’s hands.

” Follow me inside ” he replied . I was standing outside the hospital , my head was heavy, my heart was pounding , I was sweating and scared .

” Could it be that God in heaven has finally answered my prayers ?” I thought to myself .

I was still in thought when I sighted nurse jen , I rushed up to her holding her white clothes .

” Nurse Jen. The man the doctor rushed in to the hospital is he …” Nurse Jen caught me shut and said ;

” He is not dead but alive . Your uncle mike is alive . You should be inside with them , beside he said he wants to see his family ”

” I can’t stand aunty Amara . She will kill me when she sees me around him” I replied sadly.

” Come on let me take you to see him ” nurse Jen replied .

I followed her to the hospital room and found uncle mike . His eyes were opened. When he saw me, he smiled and closed back his eyes .

” Madam , The God of Ben has saved your husband from dying . Your son Ben has prayed and God has done it not for him alone but for you all ” nurse Jen said to aunty Amara.

” Ben’s God you said . Ha,ha,ha” Aunty Amara laughed.

β€œWho told you I am not a Christian? Who told you I don’t go to church ? God has saved my husband from the hands of an evil child . Don’t tell me his God saved my husband ” Aunty Amara added.

Nurse Jen became speechless and walked out of the hospital room . I quickly followed her .

” Nurse Jen , where is your mother ?” I asked .

β€œMy mother is in this same hospital in ward thirteen” she replied.

” Can we go and pray for her ? ” I asked

” Hmmmmm, Ben , the doctor and I has confirmed that , there’s nothing one can do to safe her life . She just have some months to live ” nurse Jen spoke out in tears .

” You don’t have to cry nurse Jen, if God can do it for the dead , why can’t he do it for the living ” I asked .

She took me to her mother and we prayed for her . After praying for nurse Jen mother we both left the ward and went back to the ward of uncle mike .

” Ada , go home and have your bath, and tell chioma to prepare some light for your father. and take that evil child with you home ” aunty Amara spoke.

” Who are you calling an evil child? ” uncle mike spoke .

” Sweetheart, you are awake?” Aunty Amara asked in a cool voice .

” If there’s anyone here that will be call with such name it should be you Amara . Yes! It should be you!. You are an evil woman with a devilish heart . When I get better from here you will know me too well ” uncle mike replied pointing his fingers at her.

” Sir, you have to take it easy , you don’t have to shout . Beside you just recovered ” nurse Jen spoke out.

Aunty Amara angrily left the hospital room calling Ada her daughter . I was inside the hospital room about to greet uncle mike when Ada came.

” Ben, my mom wants to see you” I followed Ada outside leaving nurse Jen with Uncle Mike .

Reaching to the door , aunty Amara landed two dirty slap on my face , I held my face and slowly tears dripped down from my eyes to the floor .

” You want to destroy my home right ?” She sparked, pulling my ears with her hands .

She was madly angry at me . ” Take him home by the time I got home I will teach him a lesson of his life ” aunty Amara added hitting my head to the wall .

I was crying in pains , tears couldn’t stop from puring down my eyes. I was in pains , I was in tears , blood was rushing down my forehead . I was only a child whose parents left to die . I cried so bitterly as I gently followed Ada behind to the house.

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Episode 15.


We got home that evening with Ada. I was very hungry and tired because I didn’t had anything through out my stay in the hospital. I stood behind uncle Mike’s car that was parked in the compound and prayed silently to God for restoring life back to uncle mike.

After a little stay outside, I walked in to the house and walked straight to uncle Mike’s picture that was hanged on the wall and stared at it. Beside it, was Jesus picture .

” Thank you Lord Jesus for everything you have done in our lives ” I spoke out loud as tears rolled down my eyes to the floor .

” Ha,ha,ha ” Chioma laughed . I never knew she was behind me on the dining chair reading a novel .

” Thank you Lord Jesus for everything you have done in our lives ” she mimed and clapped her hands to the air .

” That’s all you do. Praying to a picture that doesn’t talk nor listens . ” I slowly turned around facing her .

” Good evening sister chioma ” I greeted her wiping the tears on my face with my clothes .

Just then emeka her younger brother walked in.

” Sister did you beat him ? ” He asked . Just then I saw Ada with a plate of rice and a meat . The meat was dancing on her plate of rice the aroma made me swallowed silver down to my stomach.

Immediately i felt the Sting of nagging hunger in my stomach.

” I didn’t beat him ooh . He was looking at Jesus picture and that’s all oooh , he started carrying ” chioma replied .

” Sister Ada told me that nurse Jen said it was Ben’s prayer that brought daddy to life . Is it true ?” Emeka asked .

At that point I wasn’t paying attention to their discussion as hunger grabbed me from cloud nine making my stomach cry .

I walked to Ada in awe and stood right in front of her facing her plate of rice . She gazed at me in amazement.

β€œWhat are you looking at ? ” She asked angrily. ” I don’t like it when am eating and someone is standing behind or in front of me . So Biko shift or go away from my side if you have nothing to say ” I heaved a deep sigh .

” I just wanted telling you that am hungry ” I replied to her in a stammering voice .

She looked at me for some minutes without uttering a word . I stood beside her in fear as my heart beat began to pound.

” come and have some with me ” she replied with a smile.

” Did she say I should come and have some with her ? Are we going to eat on the same plate ? ” I thought to myself in excitement.

I rushed to the kitchen and picked a spoon . I stood in amazement still gazing at her with the spoon on my hands.

” Won’t you eat ?” She asked
Immediately I dug my spoon in to her pate of rice and started eating with her .

Ever since I came to aunty Amara’s house I have never for ones eaten with them in the same plate as a human being instead they treat me like a dog .

” Aunty Ada, are you eating with Ben? Have you forgotten what mom told us? You are eating with a witch very soon he will kill you just as he planned to kill daddy but didn’t succeed” emeka her younger brother spoke .

I dropped the spoon on the dining table and slowly raised my head facing emeka .

” I don’t believe what Mom said about Ben. Beside nurse Jen said his God brought father to life . So I have a strong feeling that he is not a witch ”

Chioma heaved a deep sigh and took her novel walking towards the door .

” Ben is a witch . I don’t believe you Ada . Beside mom is not gonna lie to us. They said he wanted killing his parents when they ran and left him”

” Shut up your mouth emeka” Ada thundered at him .

My eyes were w€t with tears as his words thundered my heart like a thunderstorm. Slowly I threw my eyes to the floor and allowed tears to pour out of them .

I walked to my room straight loosing appetite to the delicious meal .

The next day , we were all seated in the sitting room watching movie on MBC action when Ada’s phone rang .

We all gazed at her because the ring tone of her phone rang so loud to everyone’s hearing .

We all gazed at her as she picked up her phone.

” Good morning Mommy ” She greeted . Then I knew it was aunty Amara that was calling her. She immediately put the phone on loud speaker because emeka was trying to force his ears in to her phone.

” Ada, Ada, Ada” aunty Amara shouted her name three times . I began to wonder what the reason in calling Ada’s name was for . ” How many times did I called you ?” She asked .

Ada gazed at us in amazement wondering what went wrong without saying a word to aunty Amara on phone .

” Are you deaf ? Can’t you hear me ?” Aunty Amara thundered at her from the phone .

” Mommy , three times . I answered maybe you didn’t hear me clearly. ” she replied , dangling with her hands .

” Good. I was told that you shared your food with that evil boy that wanted taking your father’s life . I have warned you to stay off that evil child but you wouldn’t listen . Any ways. Your father and I will becoming home in two days time . As for that witch, I am coming for him , he wants to wipe away my family as he tried on his which he didn’t succeed” aunty Amara spoke wrathfully And ended the call.

” I told you that Ben is a witch but you wouldn’t listen now you have heard it from Mom herself ” emeka spoke out loud.

” I know you were the one that told her I shared my food with Ben . Ain’t you?” Ada spoke wrathfully at emeka and landing him a slap on his face.

” How dare you raised your hands on him because of a witch ? Chioma sparked. ” For your own information. he didn’t tell Mom . I did ” chioma replied angrily .

I slowly and quietly walked out of the sitting room and went outside. I raised my head to the sky with my w€t eyes . And slowly tears rolled down to my face and dropped on the floor.😭😭😭

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