Tears Of A Child

Tears of a child episode 18 – 19



Episode 18.

I stood in fear with my heart beating . Not completing the work Aunty Amara gave me was the mistake I have done.

I was about replying to her question when her phone rang . It was her husband uncle Mike , we could hear him loud and clear because she actually put the call on loud speaker before when she received his call.

She spoke for a while with uncle Mike , on the dining and walked outside still on phone with him.
“That’s my daddy. My daddy is the best daddy in the world . At least even at work he still asked after us . Not like some people who don’t even know their biological parents ” Emeka spoke, as he glanced at me one-sided .

At that moment I felt something burning deep inside me. I knew he was talking to me. I was really hurt with his words. I wanted to cry , but I held the tears in my eyes.

After aunty Amara had finished with her calls , she walked back to the dining table as she continued to dished food into our plate .
I noticed the sadness on her face the very moment she walked in to the dining door. I began to think if her husband uncle Mike had said something bad to her .

” Definitely uncle make must had upset aunty Amara ” I thought to myself .
” Mommy , is everything alright ? ” Chioma asked.
” Yes mom, before you answered to Daddy’s call you were sounding happy and now your mood is something else ” Ada added.
She glanced at her two daughters ( chioma and Ada) and heaved a deep sigh.
” I am good. Just that I heard a woman’s voice at the background while I was making a call with your father. But anyways , I think it must be work ” she replied with a smile .
” Mom , I thought you asked Ben to weed the backyard last night ?” Emeka asked .
I glanced at him in fear cause i didn’t actually finished the work she asked me to.
“Yes I did” aunty Amara replied.
” Then I think it’s right time for you to go take a look at the work . He left it half way maybe he wants you to finish the reaming for him” emeka spoke out as he hung his bag to his neck .
” Haaaaaah, emeka . What’s your problem with that ? “Ada shouted at him wrathfully .
” If he hasn’t complete the work , that doesn’t mean he isn’t going to complete it . Beside we are late for school let us go” chioma added .


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Amara paused and looked at me straight in the eyes. Her eyes were as pure as a snow, her mood changed as she put on a sad face.
That was the first time in my life of looking at aunty Amara straight in the eye with so much fear.
” Chioma, you all can go to school , but as for this idiot who thinks he can kill me before my time will have to stay home today and complete his unfinished work. If I had known that he hadn’t finished what I asked him to do I wouldn’t had given him any food to eat ” aunty Amara spoke angrily.
” But mom, he can finish the work when he returns from school” Ada replied .
” Go to school and don’t argue with your mother ” aunty Amara replied wrathfully.
” But, mom ….. ”
“Don’t but me Ada, I am your mother and you should listen to every single thing I said ” she thundered at her.
Ada took her bag and walked out angrily , as emeka and chioma followed her behind.
Aunty Amara dragged me on my ears to the backyard, giving me a very hot knock on the head .
” You are making everything difficult for me and my family . I didn’t blame your parents that left you with your grandparents . You are truly a witch, your father was right about it. ” she spoke and landed a slap on my face .
I held my face in pains and cried out .
” Crying ? Oh , my God ” she laughed out.
” The day you were born was the day your father lost his job. That was also the same day he had an accident after he went to pick you and your useless mother from the hospital. You are a witch Ben” she spoke angrily at me and walked away .
I closed my eyes in pains, for her words got me bittered . I looked up to the sky and cried silently, as tears continued to roll down my face.
I kept on weeding the grasses as tears continued to roll down from my face . I kept working non-stop till when aunty Amara children returned from school.
” Are you still working?
Since morning you haven’t
finish wedding this small
Portion. You are shaming
me Ben , shame on you ” emeka spoke in a mockery manner and ran in to the house .
At that point , I wished I had supper natural powers to mess him all up. Oh, if wishes were horses.


sat down to have some rest when chioma and Ada walked to where I was weeding . They both glanced at me with their eyes w€t .
” What is the matter, why are you both crying ? ” I asked .
” It’s mom, she wants to take you to the motherless baby home to night ” Ada spoke.
” Why, why would she want to do that? If she doesn’t want me, she should take me back to my grandparents they will welcome me with open arms” I spoke , as tears leaked out from my eyes.
” This isn’t the moment to cry Ben, you must have to go” chioma advertised.
” I should go?
Go to where ? I don’t know
Anywhere around here , Oh, my God why?” I cried out .
” You can go to nurse Jen , toriperi stories she knows where your parents are . I over heard Mom telling her something about your father ” she added .


“You mean nurse Jen knows where my father is ? I jumped up with so much excitement.
” Yes . Here is two hundred naira , am sure it will take you to nurse Jen , it’s mom’s change but you have to use it . I know what to tell her when she asked of it ” Ada spoke out.

I collected it and hugged Ada and Amara . They were both in tears as I walked out of the gate .
I got to the hospital that night , but I was told that nurse Jen wasn’t on duty . I had no other choice than to spend the night there .
The next day ,nurse Jen drove in to the hospital, she was surprised when she saw me .
” What are you doing here Ben ? She asked .
” I am here so you can take me to my parents . Aunty Amara asked me to come meet you ” I replied. I just had to lie so she could believe me and take me to them .

She looked at me in surprised and heaved a deep sigh.
” I don’t think your aunty Amara will say such a thing . Let me put a call to her ” she spoke out , as she removed her phone to call.
” Wait !!. You don’t have to call her. please don’t call her. I just want to see my parents. I will be delighted if only you will take me to them . Infact you don’t even need to follow me to the house if you are scared . All you need to do is to point the house to me when we get there , I will go in myself please, I beg of you ” I begged in tears .
She thought for a while and shouted ;

” Get in, let me take you to your parents ” she drove all the way from the hospital to an unknown place . She parked her car in front of a big house and pointed to the gate saying;
” That is your father’s house ”

Episode 19.

While inside nurse Jen car, I took a proper look at the house she pointed, the house was a mansion with a big gate and flowers beside the fence . With so much excitement , I smiled.

” Nurse Jen, are you saying this is my parent’s house ? Oh, my God, I can’t wait to get into that house and shout mommy and daddy I am home!! Just like emeka does in his father’s house”
” Ha,ha,ha” she laughed. ‘ you are funny Ben, go and knock at the gate someone will open it for you , I will be right here waiting until they welcome you in before I leave ”

” Thank you nurse Jen , you are the best nurse in the world, may God bless you in everything you do ” I thank her and left to the gate, I was about knocking at the gate when I remembered something, I rushed back to nurse Jen and asked ;
” Please don’t be upset , I just want to ask you a question ” She looked at me with a smile and said ” go ahead and ask” I took a deep breath and said;
“My parents, have they been here in Lagos all this while ?
If they have been here in Lagos , why haven’t they find me?
Do you think they will
want to see me?”

My questions got nurse jen confused. I looked her in the eyes, she was speechless. it took her some couples of minutes before she replied me .
” I don’t really know if your parents have been here in Lagos all this while , it was your aunty Amara that pointed this house for me saying it’s your parents house . I have no idea ”
I looked at nurse Jen and said ” I pray they will welcome me ” she nodded her head without uttering a word.

I turned to walk away when I heard” pray Ben , pray” I began to wonder, because nurse Jen I know doesn’t believe in God why then is she now saying I should pray I thought to myself .
” Are you surprised I said you should pray ? She asked , with a smile showing out her White teeth.
“I am nurse Jen” I replied.
“Let me tell you what happened . I remembered I told you that God doesn’t exist some years back , but I was wrong.”
” Eight years ago ” she started. ” My mom was sick and I am sure it was when your uncle mike was discharged. I could remember telling you that she was the only one I had in the world .
I didn’t believe in God. For all my savings and salary goes to her, I worked so hard and yet use the money to buy her drugs . At a time I wanted injecting her to just die because the doctor told me she will still die after all .

I was confused and decided to put God to test for the very last time even after he had disappointed me.
To cut the story short I prayed and fasted for a week just for my mom to get well. After my prayers and fasting, I was home when I received a call from the hospital that my mom has woken up from coma my Mom is now strong and healthy. Ever since then , I believed that God is alive ” .
After she had finished narrating her story to me, tears started rolling down her face, she brought out a hand towel from her car and wiped her tears off.

” Don’t cry nurse Jen. God is good and he will never forsake his children ” I added with my eyes w€t .
” Oya, let’s go to your father’s house let me walk you” she spoke wiping off her tears.
I followed her to the gate, and we both knocked at the big mansion with a gate .
A beautiful young woman with long hair came out .
” Good morning madam ” nurse Jen greeted the Young woman .
” Good morning. Who are you looking for ?” The Young woman asked , wearing a sad face .
” Well, we are here to see Mr Nonso popularly known as Patrick ” nurse Jen replied.
” Ok, hope that’s no problem ”
” No problem at all ” nurse Jen replied . Just then two children ran out from the compound a boy and a girl.
” mommy, we are going to buy biscuits at uncle chima’s shop. The little girl spoke out.
” Come back here princess , hold your brother Samuel back in to the house ” the young woman thundered at the children.

The children walked back in to the house crying .
” Sorry for that, Come inside the house”. Nurse Jen and I walked in, and I saw cars parked everywhere in the compound and it was an upstairs.
” So my parents are rich?
Why then did he not pick
Me with him?
Why then did he allowed me
To suffer ? Could aunty Amara be saying the truth when she said my parents doesn’t want me ? ” Questions kept ringing in my head. I looked at father’s mansion and allowed tears to pour out from my eyes .
” Nurse Jen, is she my mother ? She is beautiful and I think she has my nose ” I whispered .
” Shut up Ben. I don’t know your parents , I have never seen them , so I don’t know if she is your mom or not. And why are you crying? ” I didn’t answered her.

The Young woman took us to their sitting room and we sat down with nurse Jen on their couch.
” Daddy have a big flat screen television and a computer game ” I shouted with so much excitement.
” Shut up Ben” nurse Jen thundered at me . Just then a tall young man with side beards walked out from one of the rooms and sat down on the couch .
” Good morning sir” nurse Jen and I both greeted him .
” Good morning Young lady , what can I do for you?, my wife toriperi stories told me that a woman is down stairs with her son waiting to see me” I turned and looked at nurse Jen in so much confusion.
Nurse Jen smiled . ” Sweetheart, drive the children to school” he spoke out loudly to his wife.

The woman came down stairs with her two children and left to drop them at school.
” Sorry for that young lady . So tell me , what can I do for you ?” He asked .
” Sir, I don’t know how to tell you that this boy seating with me here is your son ”
” Ha, ha,ha, ” he laughed. ” Are you ok at all Young woman ? How is that possible? This thing here can’t be my son . He doesn’t even look like me, no, no, no you must be joking ”

I thought I have found one I could call father, I stood up and looked at him in the eyes and allowed tears to rolled down my face .

To be continued.

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