Tears Of A Child

Tears of a child episode 8 – 10


Tears of a child


Aunty Amara has been heartless to me , she has created in me the spirit of fear when ever I set my eyes on her. β€œWhat have I done to deserve hatred from this woman ? Why is she treating me bad ? ” This questions kept ringing in my head.

I dropped the plate of pounded yam as aunty amara instructed, I was bitterly hurt deep down inside me, I turned to walk to my room when her husband saw me crying to my room, he hanged up his call . I was sad wishing i never came to stay in aunty Amara’s house .

” Bernard, Bernard ” her husband screamed my name . I stopped and gazed at him in tears .

” You should be eating with your brothers and sisters in the dining. Why are you crying?” he asked, wiping my tears.

β€œI am not crying sir ” I replied.

He became angry and held me by the hand to the dining table.

” Amara , Amara ? Where is your mother? ” he asked emeka his son .

” She is outside the compound cleaning her car ” he replied . I was standing by the dining table crying when he walked outside. Emeka was busy eating and laughing at me .

” Will you stop laughing ” Ada shouted at him. I turned my face , facing the television in tears . Ada looked at me and started crying , she ran to her room in tears .

” Ben, ever since you came to this house all you do is to make my parents fight . Mother was right when she said you are a witch” emeka spoke, pointing his fingers at me .

I started crying , for the first day I stepped my legs in aunty Amara’s house , I never experienced peace it’s either one problem or the other .

” Am i really a witch ? If am not a witch why then do my parents has to leave me ? ” I thought to myself In tears .

I was just thinking when Ada came out and landed a very sound slaps at emeka’s face. The sound of the slap reverberated in my ears .


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The next time you call him a witch I will beat the hell out of you ” she spoke wrathfully at him .

Emeka held his face with tears dripping from his eyes and ran to the compound to report to aunty Amara his mother .


You shouldn’t have done that to your brother . Aunty Amara your mother will think I am causing trouble in the house” I spoke in tears .

Ada gazed at me and left to her room without uttering a word . Chioma was on the dining table pressing her phone when we heard a clamored outside.

She dropped her phone and ran out , I also followed as well .

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” What is your problem with that child? Answer me Amara. Ever since I got back that child’s face has always been in tears. don’t you have human sympathy in you ? ” He spoke wrathfully at aunty Amara.

” Is that why you left your food to get cold to say to me ? See I don’t have your time now . Just go and eat your food and leave matter for Matthias ” she replied in a disrespectful manner.

He got angry and landed her a slap on her face, pouching her so badly . She started crying and shouting before Chioma and Ada came to her rescue.

” So because of that thing you are beating me . That boy must leave this house today ” she spoke in tears .

” This is my house not your house so I choose who to stay and who to leave. If there is anyone to leave it should be you. Get that to your skull ” he replied wrathfully and left her presence.

” Where are you going to ? Come and finish what you have started , come and kill me ooh, I want to die , kill me ” she spoke in tears .

I followed the back door and went to my room quietly. Some minutes later I heard her shouting again .

” Where are you? foolish man . Come out and fight since you want to fight ”

” Mom, stop is ok naah ” Chioma replied.

” I want your father to kill me . come and kill me today useless man ” she added, speaking disrespectful to his hearing.

He came out from the bedroom angrily and gazed at her and heaved a deep sigh


Do you realise that am your husband, Do you ? You should treat me with respect for crying out loud , you should do what I said not what you said ” he spoke angrily at aunty Amara.

” If you’re my husband then you should act like one ” aunty Amara replied.

” I don’t have time for your c–k and bull stories . Am taking the boy to a restaurant where he can eat and enjoy himself ” he replied .

” Take him to Dubai restaurant I don’t care for all I know is that he will still come back to this house and meet me here still gallant ” aunty Amara added .

I was by the side panicking when her husband asked me to come over to his side. I went to his side with fear when aunty Amara rushed in to her car and started the engine.

I was standing with her husband at the front of her car .

” If you don’t shift from the way i will jam you to death ” she spoke wrathfully to her husband.

” Dad , biko shift ” Ada pleaded .

” I am not shifting , she can’t jam me with my own car. She is my wife and should respect me ” He replied.

I looked at aunty Amara’s eyes from the glass and saw the anger on her face I decided to shift from the way .

Immediately I shifted, she drove on her husband jamming his head to the gate he fell sideways on the ground as blood started rushing from his forehead.

” Mom, you have killed daddy ” ada shouted in tears, as we all rushed to him.

” Mike get up, please get up” Aunty Amara cried .

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Aunty Amara started rolling on the hospital floor crying and shouting chioma was by the corner shedding tears emeka on the other hand was shouting and crying like his mother .

My body was weak , my heart was pounding , my eyes were red but I wasn’t crying out loud , I was crying emotionally deep down inside of me .

” Madam, you have to stop crying out loud, take your children out this is an hospital please. You are disturbing other patients ” the doctor spoke in a cool manner.

” No!!, No!!,No!! , Mike can’t die just like that, he is my husband for crying out loud. Doctor Please do something to bring him back to live . I have money , plenty of money , I will pay you in dollars , in pounds . Please do something Doctor ” aunty Amara spoke in tears.

” As I said earlier madam , your husband is dead and there’s nothing i can do or anyone can do about it . He is gone and gone for good . Your money can’t bring him to live. Am so sorry madam” the doctor spoke in a cool voice and went upstairs.

β€œBen has killed me Oooh, Ben has killed me, I regretted ever bring him to my house . The very day he stepped his legs in to my house, I knew he was nothing but bad luck. Where am I going to start from ? What will I tell the world that happened to my husband?” Aunty Amara kept on crying and blaming me for her husband’s death .

I became so worried to the extend I didn’t know what to cry for . Should I cry for saying I made her killed her husband? or should I cry for the dead of uncle mike? .

I was so confused in tears , I cried like never before . I was deeply in tears when aunty Amara walked to me and said;

” You have succeeded in killing him ,you evil child. I must kill you today ” she spoke in anger and landed me four hot sound slap on my face , she was about booting me when a nurse came to my recuse .

” Madam you shouldn’t be doing this , you should be thinking of how to bury your husband not on how to kill a child ” one of the nurses spoke wrathfully at aunty Amara.

Aunty Amara angrily walked out of the hospital with her children . I hurriedly followed them behind .

” Where do you think you are going to ? And whose car are you thinking of entering? Haaaah, you have killed my husband and now you want to kill me and my children ? Mba nu, nu. Go and eat him stupid child ” she spoke angrily at me and drove off .

I chased her car in tears but she didn’t stop .

I went back to the hospital in tears . I went back to the hospital room where uncle make was lying down and started crying bitterly.

About some minutes later the nurses and the doctor came in to carry uncle Mike’s corpse to the mortuary when they saw me crying inside the room.

β€œWhat are you still doing here ? You should go home is getting late” the doctor spoke in anger .

” This is 8pm. Where is your mom and your siblings?” One of the nurse asked .

” They have gone home ” I replied in tears .

β€œGo and stand outside we want to take his corpse outside ” the doctor spoke in a cool voice.

” Doctor do you believe that I killed him? I asked in tears .

” Son, You didn’t kill him , God knows why he took him away . Everyone will die one day we are living by God’s grace in this world . It’s his time and we shouldn’t question God for that. God gives and takes. It’s not the end of life for you, God knows how to take good care of his children. That is what my pastor told me” the doctor replied.

” Doctor do you believe in God ? I asked in tears .

” Hahaha, there is no God in this case. Person wey done die , done die ” the doctor added.

” If you all don’t believe in God as you said , then allow me to pray for him. If he didn’t wake up the next morning then you can come and take him to the mortuary”

The doctor and the nurses were all amazed by the kind of words that was coming out from my mouth.

” We can’t allow him here , he is dead already . Our hospital is one of the best in this country when one is dead here is dead β€œone of the nurse replied.

” No, nures jen, let’s allow him to pray , tomorrow we will take his corpse to the mortuary if he didn’t wake ” the doctor spoke and they all left .

I was left all alone in the hospital room . I have never seen a corpse in my life before until that day . My heart was beating , I was scared before I decided to pray .

I prayed all through the night asking God to bring back uncle mike but there was no sign of him breathing.

The next morning , the doctor came with nurse jen to take the corpse to the mortuary.

” I told you, your daddy is dead . There is no God. We are born to give bath and die ” the doctor spoke.

” Remove the oxygen from his mouth ” the doctor instructed nurse jen.

” After you have deposited his corpse to the mortuary ,you take the boy home ” the doctor added.

I angrily ran outside the hospital in tears . I was outside crying in disappoinment throwing away the Jesus neckless grandma had given me .

I could remembered very clearly when she said Jesus is the light if the world .

” If he is the light of the world why didn’t he safe Mike ? ” I thought to myself in tears .

I was crying so bitterly when nurse jen came .

” You have to stop crying , let me take you home ” she spoke in a cool voice .

” I don’t want to go back home . Aunty Amara will kill me ” I replied in tears .

” She won’t kill you,let’s go home ” I entered her car and she drove off .

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