Tears Of A Young Maid

Tears of a young maid episode 7 – 8

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I was cogitating wistfully when the gate man came in suddenly.

Seeing him gave me the heebie-jeebies because he was the one that slapped me previously.

He rendered an apology that he was very sorry for being acerbic.

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I accepted his apology without hesitation because what I did was one hundred percent ridiculous.

Smiles of gratitude filled up his face and he asked me why I behaved preposterously.

I had a lump in my throat and I was beside myself.

I groaned inwardly but he insisted that there I should tell him.

I narrated everything to him with face like a w€t week-end.

He was astounded after my narration and asked why I didn’t tell him when it started.

I looked at him in a black mood “what would you have done?” I asked him as though I wanted to fly off the handle.

“Let your temper subside,it won’t solve the problem” he said as though there was ants in his pants.

My temperament became low instantly,then I knew that a soft answer turneth wrath.

“I’m glad you share your problems with me because a problem shared is a problem halved” the gate man said.

I was relieved a little because I believed that gate man would come up with a good suggestion.

“Advice is cheap and advisors runs no risks” the gate man muttered bouncing off the walls.

When he was saying all this,I kept glancing beneath his trouser because I was very lustful and couldn’t wait to copulate.

Immediately he wanted to say another thing,we heard horns blowing deafeningly at the gate.

He left quickly and I grinned like a Cheshire cat because I was going to exchange flesh with my boss once again.

My aunty’s husband entered and I greeted him instantly. “Good evening uncle”.

“Mezuo! my name is Leonard, so call me that, don’t call me uncle again. Is that clear?” He ordered with great smiles on his countenance.

“Yes Leonard” I replied.

He asked me to get ready and went to his room.

I was very happy and I couldn’t wait for him to touch me.

When he finally came out,we heard some knocks at the door and it was Leonard’s good friend.

Leonard welcomed him and whispered something to his ears.

I was curious to know what he whispered until his friend started touching my bōobs.

The man was too romantic and I couldn’t wait to lay down with him.

After we had finished copulating,the man gave me huge amount of money and I was very happy.

Two days later,I fell sick and was puking out food contents and blood.

Leonard was worried and he took me to the hospital.

The doctor ran series tests on me and told Leonard to excuse us when he finished.

He was down in the mouth. “How old are you?” he asked.

“Sir! I’m thirteen” I replied with boldness.

“You’re thirteen and you’re having séx daily” he said as though he wanted to eat me.

“Sir you won’t understand” I replied with bundle of nerves.

“I won’t understand what? You’ve been infected with Human immune Virus (HIV)” he roared like a lion.

My heart was in my mouth and I felt like shuffling off this mortal coil.

Tears was raining on my face and the doctor consolidated with me.

Leonard heard my shaking voice and he rushed into the doctor’s office instantaneously.

I stood up and left while he was asking the doctor what the problem was.

The doctor discarded and commanded him to ask me.

I went inside the car and Leonard came in and started asking me why I was crying.

I told him not to disturb himself and we drove off to the house.

When we got home,I ran inside my room and took the sníper at the cupboard.

I wanted to sleep with my ancestors but I remembered that I haven’t taken revenge on the people that kept me in that condition.

I dropped the sníper and bursted into tears.
To be continued



I was crying my eyes out when a thought ran through my mind.

“Mezuo you should not be shivering,you should be brave and payback these people that put you in this fettle.


stopped crying instantly and my heart was filled with wrath and rage.

I was foaming at the mouth when my aunty’s son entered and my mood changed immediately he touched me.

I want to jog with you horizontally “he said as he pulled off his trouser and underwear. Smiles filled up my face and I was in a fool’s paradise because I have met my first prey.

I chuckled as he kept refreshing horizontally on my inkwell.

” Forasmuch,he will be infected with HIV,he can copulate till morrow” I said and laughed in my mind.

After he had finished copulating to his satisfaction,he locked his lips with mine. I was pushed to slap his face out but I kept silent in other not to ruin my plans.

He was really drained and slept off in my bed. I wanted to stáb him as no one was around but I was timid as a mouse.

I cogitated out that kílling him yet was not the best option. Leonard and his friends needed to be infected as well.

It was the last day of the month and my Aunty would be coming back next month.

I had to surreptitiously carry out this task before my aunty returns because if she returns,it’d not be easy for me.

Leonard went to work and I was certain he would come back with his friends….

I was bathing when I heard the horn. The sound of the horn was unusual and I bathed precipitously.

Leonard’s son was still sleeping as I dressed on my miniskirt. My bútt was now big and soft–it can easily make a man’s pen to stand tall.

I wore a miniskirt that would expose my endowments.

Leonard and his friends entered.they were five in number. I crossed over my legs as though I wanted them to see my fresh laps.


friends didn’t stop looking at me as they sat down on the long sofa.

He made an eye contact with all of them and they came towards me and started caressing me…

It was nothing new because I had experienced this time after time. Some súcked my bóobs while some played with my private part with their tongue.

They all inserted their er£cted deck in my inkwell and I was happy as a flea in a doghouse because they would also infect it to their wives and side chicks.

I prayed my Aunty’s husband will also infect his wife with the virus.

After they had finished making love to me , Leonard’s friends friends commended me for being strong because I stood firm without howling….

They also gave me huge amount of money and I was happy as Larry…..

Few days later,my aunty heard that her husband and son were very sick that her attention was needed.

She came back and saw how big I had grown. I was indeed not looking like a thirteen year old girl.

She was really stunned when she saw that my bóobs and bútt have grown…..

My aunty came back very late in the night because there was traffic. Her husband and son had long slept off before she returned–I was the one that welcomed her.

The next day,we went to the hospital after the cock crew .

My aunty forced me to come with them but initially K hesitated but later on ,I concurred and followed them.

When we got to the hospital,the doctor ran series of tests on us and disclosed that all of us were infected with HIV.

My aunty howled while Leonard and his son had lumps in their throat. I was surprised because I didn’t know my Aunty had séx that night with her husband.

I was crying bitterly but in my mind,I was the happiest person alive.

The doctor kept glancing at me as he knew that I was the one that infected them with the virus but he did not open the skeleton in my cupboard….

The doctor assured us that he would surely give us drugs that would be sustaining us and we left the hospital.

I was a bit happy and sad because they won’t buy drugs for me– they would allow me to die.

Some days later,I requested for some drugs but my aunty beát the daylights out of me.it was normal and I did not cry a lot.


want me to díe,I would kíll them first” I uttered with tears of wrath and anger dribbling from the sides of my cheek.
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