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Tears of a young maid episode 9 – Finale

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I was bitter in the heart when I kept pondering on how to get money to bug drugs in other to elongate my lifespan.

Leonard took all the money his friends gave me and I had deciphered that HIV drugs and medication was not free.

I was still a Séx maniac and I had strong desire to have séx every second….

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Infact,I wanted a pen to be dipped in my inkwell even when am in my slumber.

My aunty Alice was perplexed with the whole event that had happened. She was thinking like a man who made loss in his investments.

Instantly,she started yelling my name as though she wanted to eat me alive. I ran to the sitting room with my legs up to my head because I thought something grievous had happened.

“Mezuo why are you now chubby? you were very skinny when I left for my business trip” Alice said as though she was absolutely cheesed off.

I ran out of answers and didn’t know what to say….

I was doing em.. em.. when she shouted at me. I tried to lie but I just couldn’t…

My dad before he married my stepmom always tell me not to tell lies that the world hates the truth but the truth shall set you free.

I was about to narrate everything that transpired to Alice when Leonard intruded.

“Get lost you daughter of a bástard” he roared like a lion.

I made my way out to my room immediately. The way he shouted,it seemed he overheard us discussing.

“Leonard what is the meaning of this?” Alice asked querulously.

“I wanted us to talk” he said with chilly voice.

Instantaneously, their son entered and said that he would be going back to school the next day.

“My son you didn’t inform me earlier. I have no money at the moment” Leonard said as he breathed out heavily like a man who had been weighed down by some mental burden.

“Oh! you want my son to miss his lectures?it won’t work” Alice uttered pointing fingers at Leonard.

Leonard concurred and his son was wreathe in smiles and thanked his parents.

Their son left and Alice asked her husband how he contacted the virus and infected it to her that he slépt with prostítutes while she was away.

Leonard was short of words as he was staring at his wife without responding. Alice was flummoxed and she tapped her husband on his laps.

Leonard then heaved a big sigh of grief like a man whose long expected desire ceased to being achieved after a dogged effort.

He looked at his wife vulnerably and narrated everything that occurred to her.

“Leonard, you’re indeed a beást” she said with a voice like blast of thunder.”you should be dinning and whining with the dévil himself.

He knelt down and started begging apologetically.

He beseeched thee for over an hour before Alice accepted his apologies.

“This girl might report the event to the police which may lead to your imprisonment if charged to court. She must be eliminated” Alice muttered as though she went ballistic.

“Definitely,you said it all” Leonard said looking at his wife thoughtfully. “So what’s the plan?”.

Alice cleared her throat and said ” We would kïll her while she is asleep and throw her into the river in the night.

“I know the type of wife I married” Leonard said ebulliently “You’re really a brave woman”.

“What shall we tell her father?” Leonard asked with curiosity.

“We would tell him that she went to school and did not return”Alice answered boldly” and they bursted into laughter and hugged each other passionately.

I heard everything they discussed and urine wanted to flow out through my thighs.

My tongue-tied as I was thinking quitely on what to do.



I was contemplating timorously on what to do in other to elude from being kïlled by Leonard and his wife.

Their plans scared the daylights out of me and I couldn’t think straight.

I thought about running out through the window but unfortunately,it was protected with iron rods .

My aunty and her husband had been conversing for hours in the sitting room and the sun had stopped shinning because it was already evening.


sitting room was the only path that leads to the exiting door of the house–the door at the back was locked.

I was sitting on the bed shaking like a leaf when Leonard’s son came in. I whistled in the dark instantly because i didn’t want him to suspect anything.

He offered to copulate with me but I declined. He was shocked and stood rooted to the spot. This was the first time I declined such offer since I started doing the deed.

“Are you serious?” he asked and tried to touch my laps.

“Take your filthy hands off me” I replied angrily though deep inside I was fearful.

He went out hastily when his dad yelled his name insistently.

“A bad tree cannot yield good apples” I said in my mind.

“At least,I knew their plans. A danger foreseen is half avoided. If my fate is to be doomed today,let so be it” I groaned like a poor widow.

Forthwith,I gave a glance at the top of the wardrobe and saw a lethal substance in a white container.

The container was inscripted “Sniper” on it. A thought ran through my mind on the nail and I was relief to a small extent.

“Mezuo,you shouldn’t pity your enemy,you’ve to crush him or her totally” I said in my mind but it seemed my mom was talking to me through me.

I was tinkled pink when I was thinking of how all these would work out.

Alice called me when I disclosed my white dentition. I had always hated the way she usually yell my name.

I answered her call and she instructed me not to cook anything that she would cook by herself in the night.

“Yes ma” I replied her with a knot in my throat.

I left, down in the mouth and my mood changed instantly.


the time when people and animals go to their various destination,my aunty started cooking her favorite Egusi soup.

Her husband and son were watching a movie titled “Half of a yellow sun” written by Chimamanda Adiiche and acted by Genevieve Nnaji and co.

The movie was trending in our state and my aunty wouldn’t focus on what she was cooking.

When she finished cooking,she dished out the food for me,her son and husband. She muttered that she was appetiteless.

She asked me to serve her husband and son their food and she left the kitchen. I went into my room immediately and brought out the poi.sonous substance.

I added some quantity of it to Leonard and his son’s food and served them.

I was on cloud nine because my revenge was about to take place.

I watched them eat the food wholly and swallowed a mouthful of cold water for the food to digest with the poi.son in their stomach.

I was terrified because they didn’t díe while or after eating the food but I hoped that they would surely bite the dust.

Shortly after they had finished consuming the plate of food, they went to sleep while my aunty continued watching the interesting movie.

I was awoke throughout the night with my door closed and , thinking of the doom that will befall me if the poi.son didn’t work gave me goosebumps.

In the morning, Leonard and his son did not wake up. They puked lumps of bloods before they answered the call of nature.

Alice was sobbing with w€t streaks on her face which was caused by the constant wiping away of tears.

Leonard’s brothers entered when Alice wanted to be.at me for no reason.

They stopped her and asked her what happened to their brother and his son. “They slept and didn’t wake up” she spoke as though energy had left her body the way juice leaves the pulp of a devoured orange.

Leonard’s brothers were all tall and lanky. They were really belligerent set of people. After few minutes,they opted for autopsy.

Autopsy was conducted on the de.ad bodies and it was disclosed that they were pois.oned.

Fingers were pointed at Alice who cooked the food.

Leonard male siblings hired an ambulance who took the dead bodies to the village for traditional rites.

Alice and I joined them in their car. The village was very far and had muddy potholes on its road.

When we finally got there, Alice was asked to bath her husband and son in other to prove her innocence. She did that with her face buried in her hands, weeping uncontrollably.


folded their hands sighing and shaking their heads in melancholy.

After that,she drank the water used in bathing those corpses wholly. Her facial expression said it all that the water was nauseating.

I was crying facially but deep down,I was like a dog with two tails.

The Kinsmen later invited a wicked barber who shaved her hair angrily with a sharp clipper.

She shaved off all the hairs in her head and she was now bald. Alice cried bitterly when the barber cut the hairs in her neckline.

Seeing tears dropping down from her cheeks made me happy. At least she’s feeling the pain I felt when her husband and son ra.ped me uncountably.

Alice was locked with the two corpses in a room for three days before they were buried.

On the day Leonard and his son was buried, I dressed on my best outfit because it was a happy day for me and sad day for others.

I was much elated when their casket was put into the grave.

Alice went numb and was behaving like a mad woman as a result of the shock of losing her loved ones in a blink of an eye.

I was chuckling around the corner and I said in low tone “The Revenge is over.

Instantaneously, I felt a finger prod at my back,I turned round and behold,I saw Leonard with an axe.

I was frightened “You have to come with me ” he roared angrily like a lion.

“No it’s not yet her time but she’d visit our kingdom soon! Leave her and rest in héll” A voice said thunderously.

Leonard vanished into thin air and I jumped out of my skin. Finally,I thanked God for saving me.

This story talks about how maids are being maltreated in Africa. In this story, Mezuo was abused, maltreated and molested by her Aunty,her Aunty’s husband and son.

Some young maids and teens are encountering this now and some had committed suicide while some are being kïlled or infected with deadly diseases.

Dearest parents, often visit your wards who are living with your relatives and others.
Please! Visit them and ask them questions. Do not listen to what they say on the phone when called. Re-read please.

This story also captures how widows are being treated odiously in Africa to prove their innocence when their husband had kicked the bucket.


©Mezuo 2021

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