Tears of a Helpless Woman


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“Yes madam how can u help you?” The gate nan
asked as I pulled over in,side.
He was new and It was my first time seeing him.
“Halo.. I would like to see the Martin’s” I said.
“Oh sorry madam they moved out” the man said.
“Moved out? When and how?.. Any details about
there whereabouts?” I asked.
“No unfortunately mum I have absolutely no idea”
he said.
I wasn’t sure if the house belonged to the Martins,
so I asked to see the people occupying the house.
I truly hoped it belonged to the Martin’s then they
would definitely know and assist me
After knocking, a fine looking lady stepped out and
she introduced herself as Monica.
“My name is Mwansa, I am looking for Mr and Mrs
Martin’s but I hear they moved out. Would you know
there whereabouts?” I asked.
“Let me call my sister, she is the owner of the
house”. The lady said.
A woman came out shortly holding a baby.
” how are you dear? I’m told you want to know
about the Martins. She said.
“Yes madam” I replied.
“Unfortunately mum the Martins travelled to the
United states. They sold us this house” the woman
“How long ago was that?” I asked.
“Almost a year ago, about 11months” she said.
I knew Atusaye must have remained because I saw
him about 4months earlier. But where was he?” I
When I drove home I was devastated. How come
Atusaye did not mention that the Martins had
shifted when I saw him?. It really didn’t make
Unfortunately I had lost his number, but why didn’t
he ever call me when I had also given him my
number. Many thoughts crossed my mind but I
refused to make any more conclusions like in the
past. I didn’t want to think he had moved on. He
had to be there waiting for me somewhere.
I didn’t know where he would go in his free time or
who he was found with.
It had been a week and two days since I visited the
Martins former home. The devastation I had was
too much especially knowing that theirs nothing I
could do. My heart felt pained. I had been pending
the book launch for a while until I finally decided to
do it. There was nothing I was waiting for.
I hoped the book launch would accord me the
chance to see him, maybe he would here about it
and decide to show up.
I had planned really well for the launch and I made
sure a lot off publicity was done.
The day of the book launch was amazing with a
number of stores showing interest in stocking my
book, I managed to schedule a lot of meetings and
also got the chance to speak to a lot of people.
Media companies showed keen interest in turning
the novel in to a movie.
Everything seemed promising except the one thing I
wanted the most, Atusaye.
It had been a lonely one month without seeing
Atusaye, I managed to sign a good contract to
create a film out of my novel and I got working on
that. It kept me busy as i was ever on set. The
director felt there was no better person than myself
to play the main character.
With so much achievement I still longed for my Atu
day in and day out. Nothing and no one could
replace him. At least even if i would never be with
him all I needed was closure for me to move on.
One day as I was leaving the movie set to go
home, I saw Stella. I hooted and gave her signs to
come to the car park where I was going to park.
“Stella how are you?” I asked
Stella was intimated by my appearance but she
equally didn’t look bad.
“I’m fine boyi I can see a lot has gone right with
you, I’m driving too. I just parked somewhere so I
could move around” she said.
“Oh we thank God for that”. I said
“The Martin’s.. How ate they? I asked while
pretending like I did not know a thing.
“You’re not aware?. They for states. Joy equally
joined them but Clara is married” she said.
“Oh that’s nice…” I responded.
I was waiting for her to mention Atusaye because if
I went had and asked I knew she wouldn’t help me.
“By the way Atusaye and I hav
e been going strong,
put us in your prayers I’m sure will soon tie the
knot”. She said.
” wow really?.. Awwww am so happy for you” I said
as I hugged her.
That was a clear sign of hypocrisy, I would never
be happy to hear such news. But I knew she was
lying, it was funny how even after so long Stella
viewed me as a threat when it came to Atusaye
“A lot of good things have happened to me too, I’m
actually engaged and will be wedding this month
end” I lied.
“Really??? Wow…” She said in excitement.
“Give me your number. You guys should come for
lunch at my house.” I said.
Quickly a thought crossed my mind and I hoped
this plan would work as I beat my tongue.
“Boyi you’ve actually done well ala my battery has
drained I need to make a call” I said.
“Oh no problem sure you can” she said as she
handed me the phone.
I pretended to be typing a number when I quickly
did a search and I found Atusaye’s number. My
mind was quick at mastering and it quickly picked
the number. I got my handbag and removed a note
pad where I wrote the number and shortly wrote
down my number.
“Its not going through but here mama you can call
me on this line” I said as I handed her the small
piece of paper that had my number.
“Thanks love will be in touch” she said before
walking away.
I quickly got my phone and dialed Atusaye’s
number, it wasn’t long before the call was picked
“Atusaye on the line who am I speaking to?” The
voice said.
mwansa” I stammered.
“Mwansa… Where are you?” He asked me.
“Are you married?” I asked blankly.
“Mwansa where are you?” He asked again.
“Am at central park in town” I replied.
“Am 10minutes away… Wait for me right now am
coming. He said.
I didn’t know whether it was good or bad but I
waited patiently and I saw his range Rover pull over.
” I quickly ran to his car as he walked out. His eyes
looking very emotional
“A friend told me, is it true?” He asked me.
“Mwansa is it true you did not get married”
Tears quickly ran down my face as as I looked at
him helplessly.
“If you have someone already its fine I will
understand” I said as I cried.
“My heart has and will always have one woman. I
love you Mwansa and I have failed to move on.”
Atusaye hugged me really tight as tears fell down
my cheeks.
“I never stopped believing Mwansa, I never did. I
knew if its meant to be it would be” he said as he
held me tight.
I cried so bad and now Atusaye also started
shedding tears.
Not even California can stop real love. 
To be continued… 
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