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Tears of the temple episode 5



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Episode 5

‘Inside the blue sea’

Seb’s POV

“hey, I hope you are fully awake” a voice startled me up as I came back to consciousness

The last thing I remembered was that I fell into the Blue Sea

I suddenly find myself amidst mermaids, they looked beautiful and their coloured tails looked so pleasant

I was laying on a glass made bed, I tried to stand up

1st mermaid: Oh no, don’t, you cant stand up now, you still need little strength

I looked at her in amazement , wao! So they can talk? I asked myself in my thought

“Can I even stand up? I remembered that I was stricken to the wheel chair, I could not walk

I finally summoned courage to speak because all this while I had being staring at all of them in awe

Seb: Please , where am I?

Second mermaid: Inside the blue sea

Ist mermaid: The kingdom of waters

Seb: How did I get here?

The two of them looked at themselves and looked back at me

Ist mermaid: At least you remembered u fell inside here

Seb: Yes, I do

The 1st mermaid try to speak, but the second mermaid interrupted her

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1st mermaid: what is your name?

Seb: Seb, seb is my name

2nd mermaid: Well, I’m kyra and with me here is Ephyra

Seb: Kyra, Ephyra, nice meeting you

Ephyra was the first mermaid while Kyra was the second mermaid

Ephra looked at Kyra’s face to know if she can go ahead and speak

Kyra gave her a go ahead

Ephyra: You fell deep down here and we came to your aid, you were almost dead but we used out powers to save you

Seb: Your power?

” yes our… Ephyra tried to talk but Kyra interrupted

Kyra: Seb, where did u come from?

Seb: I came from the Temple

“Temple! She said in awe and faced Ephyra

Ephyra: what did u mean by Temple

Kyra: And where is the temple ?

Seb: It’s in our kingdom, the space between the heavens and the earth, I came from the kingdom of the air just as this is the kingdom of the water

Ephyra: I see

Kyra: But you should have powers, It is human being that do not have supernatural powers, other beings do

Seb: Yeah, I do have power, Just like you have tails to swim , I have wings to fly

Ephyra and kyra: Really?

Seb: Yes, but I cut if off when I came to the earth

Kyra: Why?

Seb: Because I wanted look like human so that it can be easy for me to accomplish my mission

Ephyra: And what is the mission

Seb: The Temple is where I came from, it is a kingdom and their are other surrounding kingdoms

Ephyra: In this same air that is above us

Seb: Yes

Kyra: How come people can not see your Temple, since it is above the earth

Seb: It is too far from human eye

Kyra: anyways , continue

Seb: We have doctors , soldiers and many professions in the kingdom

Seb: The leader of all soldiers in the kingdom was Senior brother Feri

Ephyra: Oh! You call him senior brother because he was born before you

Seb: No, none of us was ever born

Kyra: so?

Seb: We were all created , His majesty spent so much time and energy in creating two people in the kingdom, His majesty loves this people so much, that he almost can not live without them

Kyra: Who is this majesty?

Ephyra: And who are this two people?

Seb: Senior brother Feri’ and I

Kyra: Oh! i see

Seb: His majesty is our king and we all have the ability to convert into a wind , but we are stronger that one another

Ephyra: Really, when you were falling down, why don’t you use your wing? Where were your powers? Why don’t u convert into a wind

Seb: I told u I cut off my source of power

Kyra: Which is your wing?

Seb: Yes

Ephyra: So, you are powerless forever ?

Seb: No, the wing will grow back

Kyra: So what happened in the temple?

Seb: Senior brother Feri betrayed the kingdom, he joined another kingdom to fight us, but I led my soldiers to fight him and we defeated them, so he ran to the earth for safety

Kyra: so what happened ?

Seb: I told his majesty to release me to go and search for Senior brother Feri’ and bound like a prisoner back to our kingdom , he didn’t want to release me at first but my other sisters pleaded for him to release me

Kyra: So what happened?

Seb: I came to the earth, I stupidly cut off my wing, I had a fight with senior brother Feri and he defeated me , I became paralyzed , His majesty sent me two of my sisters , Josy and Basy, to come and help me on earth, they came,, they carried me on their wings to fight senior brother Feri, but he attacked us on the way when we almost got there, I fell from their wings and that was how I fell here

Ephyra: So pathetic, what about your two sisters

Kyra: Josy and Basy?

Seb: I do not know if senior brother Feri has killed them

Ephyra: So sorry, now that you are here , we have healed you with our powers already , you can now walk but you still need some rest

Kyra: And I think you need to be patient till your wing grows

Seb: I will, thanks, tell me about where I am and this place

Ephyra: I told you already that this is the kingdom of waters , we are mermaids , we live here

What else?

Seb: do you have a king?

Kyra: Yes, we do, we are princess

Seb: Oh really

Ephyra: Yes, Kyra is my yonger sister

Kyra: The queen likes you, she has always come to check on you to know if you are getting better

Ephyra:(faced kyra) kyra, go and inform mum that she is awake

Kyra: Okay

After few minutes , I saw an older mermaid, she looks so beautiful just like Kyra and Ephyra

Queen : Young lady, Hope you are fine now

Seb: Yes my queen

Queen: ( facing Ephyra)Has she explained who she is to you

Ephra: Yes ma and she will need to spend more time here, she is on a mission

Kyra: Mum, I will explain everything to you, let us allow her to rest

Queen: Okay

The queen , Ephyra and Kyra left me

I tried to stand up and to my surprise I could stand up, my back is healed , I was happy, I opened my thigh and checked my wings

Oh my! It has grown , fully grown

I brought it out and flapped it, wao!
‘I’ve finally regained my powers, time to charge back at senior brother Feri’
I just hop he had not hurt John and his chief servant

I couldn’t fly inside the water , I just flapped it and fold it back inside my thigh

I noticed someone coming, I quickly pretend like someone sleeping

The person entered , it was Kyra

Kyra: Hey, Seb, are you sleeping

Seb: Not really

Kyra: The queen said when you are healed , my sister and I would follow you to the earth to help you fulfill your mission

Kyra: Mother hates people who betrays, she wants us to teach him a lesson

Seb: I would be glad

Kyra: I have some other things to attend to, see you later

Seb: Thanks Kyra, bye

Kyra left me

Wao! Two powerful mermaid are helping in my fight against senior brother Feri’


Question: Did you think Kyra, Ephyra and Seb would defeat Senior brother feri?

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