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Teenagers and s-x episode 4 – finale

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Teenagers and s€×
Episode 4
I [email protected] on my b£d that night sleepless. It was almost 8 hours after th£ Om©r£ embarra$$!ng show, I was yet to have an er.ect’ion. I was worried, th£n started becom!ng troubled. I slotted !n th£ !ndecency I had !n my room and watch£d it. I m©v£d from one episode to anoth£r; Triple S!ns, l£sblans and so on, but my dikk was as limp as a flat tire. I started gett!ng s¢ar£d.
Wh£n !n th£ morn!ng of th£ next day, I didn’t get th£ usual morn!ng e.rec.ti’on I used to get, I became s¢ar£d! At work, I was a bit nervous. Pay!ng attention to my dkk at !ntervals to note if it was h£avy, but it wasn’t. at th£ end of work, I had to talk to Mike, my friend. h£ laugh£d it off and told me it was usual to get a cold dikk from time to time. h£ told me it was all due to my state of m!nd. Maybe I didn’t have a relaxed state of m!nd, maybe I was battl!ng with guilt of stm.affi’ng that young girl.
I felt better after speak!ng with Mike. We went ©vt and had lots of dr!nks that night. I slept off wh£n I got to my room. Wh£n I woke up midnight to pee, I noticed a small Attention, not much though. I was relieved, although I still had some worries.
“You slept with Om©r£?”
It was Sandra ask!ng th£ question. $h£ didn’t look angry; !nfact, $h£ was smil!ng as $h£ approach£d my table with th£ news. Maybe it was a break!ng news !n th£ir network news that is filled with lies and half truths.
“How did you h£ar that wan?” I asked h£r.
“h£r friend that covered for h£r wh£n $h£ came to your place told me.” $h£ said.
“How was it?” $h£ asked.
“I didn’t sleep with h£r, $h£ was a v!rg!n.” I answered, as if that was th£ reason. How was I to tell h£r that I went limp wh£n it was time for action.
“I thought you liked h£r like that. I know $h£ told you I was a sl.ut so I felt you preferred v!rg!ns.” $h£ asked, laugh!ng at me like $h£ was say!ng; I told you.
$h£ leaned and rested h£r bossom on me as $h£ laugh£d. All of a sudden, like an electric current j√$t flowed to my dkk, I got a fvll-b!0wn er.ect’ion! It was so [email protected] that it became a bit pa!nful. I was excited and I didn’t border hid!ng it. $h£ looked d©wΠ on it as if $h£ was expect!ng to see it, and $h£ cont!nued h£r laughter aga!n wh£n $h£ saw th£ bulge show!ng on my trousers.
“so, why did you cancel our meet!ng th£ oth£r day?” $h£ asked.
I !nsisted I was busy and that I didn’t do it !ntentionally. F!nally, Sandra and I resch£duled; th¡s time @r0vnd, I made sure I cleared my sch£dule and waited for h£r. $h£ had given my dikk a spark of life once m©r£, and I was ready to explore it to th£ fvllest.
$h£ came as $h£ promised. It was difficult to tell $h£ was a secondary school student with h£r new apparel. $h£ was dressed !n maxi-gown that highlighted all h£r fem!n!ne features. I got an immediate Attention wh£n $h£ sprawled on th£ b£d, like $h£ was exhausted from a long journey. $h£ h£aded to my fridge and h£lped h£rself with can star. We engaged !n light talks before I made my m©v£ on h£r.
I didn’t spend much time klzz!ng on h£r l¡ps, I eased th£ maxi-gown off h£r shoulders and reach£d for h£r bra. !n one precise attempt, th£ bra was loos£ned and th£ br’ea’st were freed. I humped on one and started s√¢k!ng almost immediately. Th£ Attention on my dkk was fvll-b!0wn and was ₱ush!ng aga!nst my trousers. Sandra was not pa$$ive !n b£d like Om©r£; $h£ was active. I guess that made th£ difference as h£r [email protected] mov!ng all over my b©dy made me ma!nta!n th£ fvll Attention past th£ romance period to th£ action time. I gently sl¡pped d©wΠ h£r [email protected], wore my ¢0nd0m and thrv$ted !nto h£r with fvll energy. $h£ [email protected] and reach£d for my Tip immediately. With h£r legs $pr£@d widely and rest!ng on th£ wall, $h£ t£@$ed my Tip with h£r t0Πge as I thumped !nto h£r fragile and warm c’u.nt. despite all th£ slutty stories I’ve h£ard ab©vt h£r, $h£ was still t!ght and I could feel every s!ngle twist from th£ muscles of h£r [email protected] Wh£n th£ tempo became high, $h£ crossed h£r legs over my a’rse, hold!ng firm on it with h£r [email protected] as $h£ rocked h£r Bottom aga!nst my d’kk. $h£ knew exactly what $h£ was do!ng, and it worked perfectly on me. I couldn’t stand th£ ₱1ea$vre from th£ ar’se ¢ar£ss and Tip s√¢k!ng $h£ was giv!ng me. I twitch£d !n spasm as I thrv$t firmly and pa$$ionately !nto h£r, over and over aga!n until $h£ let ©vt a loud [email protected] and we both came.
We [email protected] exhausted on th£ b£d. I was excited as I klzzed h£r and smiled. I was actually act!ng like a teenager who j√$t had a successful s€× for th£ first time. All feel!ngs of embarra$$ment and worries I had with Om©r£ j√$t disappeared; I was okk, and I’ve found my libido once m©r£.
Moments later, $h£ crawled on top of me. $h£ bent and started teas!ng my ni’pp’le with h£r t0Πge. Th£n $h£ m©v£d h£r [email protected] d©wΠ to my dkk and started ¢ar£ss!ng it s1©wly. It responded fvlly, an soon became turgid with each $tr*me. I jerked my hips forward and d©wΠwards as $h£ did h£r magic on it. Th£n $h£ bent over, h£ld th£ tip aga!nst h£r l¡ps and t£@$ed it with h£r t0Πge. Gradually, $h£ !ns**ted th£ entire length of th£ dikk !nto h£r m©vth, rubb!ng h£r t0Πge and l¡ps aga!nst it.
Wh£n $h£ was done stra!n!ng all th£ muscles of my d’kk, $h£ picked up a ¢0nd0m and fixed it on me. Th£n $h£ mounted on top my dikk, gradually !ns**t!ng it !nto h£r $pr£@d legs and sat on it. $h£ rested h£r [email protected] on my ch£st and jerked h£r hips forward and [email protected]¢kwards. Th£n $h£ h£ld on me stronger as $h£ rose and landed on it; repeat!ng th£ process over and over aga!n until I couldn’t take it m©r£; $h£ was driv!ng me mad with ₱1ea$vre; and I kept wonder!ng how a teenager could be th¡s good, confident and skillful on a man’s dikkk.
I expected h£ news of my s€×capade with Sandra to fill th£ school; but I didn’t h£ar of it. I had expressed my fears over it with Sandra and $h£ a$$ured me $h£ wasn’t go!ng to say anyth!ng. $h£ !nformed me that th£ news that leaks to th£ network was always from a third party. We had few m©r£ fl!ngs that went smooth.
Th£n Om©r£ came [email protected]¢k to th£ picture; like a resurrected case. It felt awkward talk!ng ab©vt th£ last time with h£r, so I avoided th£ topic. Th£n $h£ told me $h£ would like to come to my house th£ next day.i was surprised and speechless, I didn’t know how to take th£ news.
“don’t worry, I’m no longer a v!rg!n.” $h£ said to me.
Wh£n $h£ came that even!ng, I tried discuss!ng th£ v!rg!nity case with h£r. $h£ said $h£ wasn’t go!ng to talk ab©vt it so we started our usual romance. I had no feel!ng of guilt whatsoever. I t£@$ed h£r as usual and wh£n I reach£d for h£r [email protected], $h£ didn’t h£sitate. I m©v£ for my ¢0nd0ms and wore th£m. Th£n, before enter!ng, I ¢ar£ssed h£r !nner th¡ghs, gently rubb£d h£r cl*t, th£n !ns**ted my !ndex f!ng£r gently !nto h£r, it did go !n smoothly; $h£ really had lost th£ v!rg!nity. I didn’t let that border me, my dikk was still [email protected] I patted h£r legs and gently m©v£d !nto h£r. $h£ h£ld on my th¡ghtly as I !ns**ted my dikk, like $h£ felt slight pa!n. I s1©wed d©wΠ a bit, th£n gently !ns**ted th£ dkk gradually until a reasonable length entered. Th£n I thumped away. . .
After th£ s€×, I ¢ar£ssed h£r to make h£r feel needed and liked. After some [email protected]!ng and teas!ng, I asked how $h£ lost th£ v!rg!nity and to who.
“To no one!” $h£ f!nally said.
“what do you mean?” I asked.
“I did it myself!”
What th£ media and ₱vblicity aids of th£ first lady failed to understand that some th!ngs are j√$t natural; at th¡s technology driven age that makes th£ world a global village, certa!n virtues are be!ng lost and replaced with contemporary once that is now widely accepted.
Th£ teenage girl is !nfluenced by lots of factors; peer group and th£ need to feel belonged. Th£y should have understood that th£ teenage girl loves to feel belonged and follow th£ tide as it b!0ws. $h£ wants to be seen and accepted as a “happen!ng” girl. Th£y feel th£ need to practice what th£ see, read and learn @r0vnd th£m.
I quite agree with h£r on th£ resolve to discourage teenage s€×. But if $h£ is will!ng to stop teenage pregnancy, $pr£@d of HIV and encourage girl-child education, th£n $h£ should preach safe s€×! Its high time we told ourselves th£ truth and stop b**t!ng @r0vnd th£ bush.
************Th£ END***********

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