Teens Romance

Teens r0mance episode 1

💕💕💕TEENS r0manCE💝💝💝




♥️♥️SHORT r0manCE💚💚

“Dad am off to school”
I shouted at Dad as i walked down to the lounge.

“Off already? Wait a seconds my angel”
Dad shouted from his studying room.

“Won’t you take breakfast? Sausage Sandwich with Milk Shake your favourite breakfast”
Nanny Kate said at moment she came out from the kitchen.

On hearing that,i went to the dinning table and stared the food and my mouth became watery but I can’t eat because am twenty minutes late to school.

“I can’t have it nanny! Am already late for school,I have test by 8o’clock and it is almost eight”
I said as I checked my wrist watch.

“My angel,you mean you won’t take breakfast?
Dad asked at the moment he came downstairs.

“No Dad! Am already late for school,I have test this morning”
I replied with smiles.

“Okay,Kate pack the food for her so she can take it along”
Dad sounded.

“Dad! C’mon Dad! Am no longer a kid”
I sounded.

“I know but you are my little baby and my angel”
He sounded with smiles.

“I know Dad that’s why I love you and cherish you the most”
I sounded with smiles and gave her a k×ss on the cheek.

“Make sure you take something at the cafeteria?
He sounded.

“I will Dad,see you!
I sounded and about to walked out.

“Won’t you take your good luck k×ss”
Dad sounded.

“Oh Dad! I almost forgot”
I sounded as i turned back to him.

“You will pass your test as usual my angel”
He said and gave me a k×ss on the forehead.

“Thanks so much Dad!
I said with smiles.

“Wait a minute Oliver!
Nanny Kate said.

“Yes Nanny!

“What will you like to eat for lunch?
She asked as she drops the cup of coffee on the table.

“I will like to have pasta with tomato sauce”
I said with smiles.

“I knew that’s what you will say,I wish you good luck on your test”
She said with smiles and k×ssed me on the cheek.

“Thanks Nanny!
I said and ran off to the car.

“Mathias and Brown take good care of my angel,if anything happen to her,you guys knows what the consequence is”
I over heard Dad shouting at the bodyguards.

“Yes Sir! Our heads will be cut off”
They chorused with their deep voices.

“You may take your leave she is waiting”
He said to them as they made their way to the car.

They got to the car and Mathias drives the car.

Dad being one of the top politicians in California made him to got a lot of enemies and my sweet Mom was kidnapped and killed by his enemies and Dad brought a bodyguards for me right from the moment Mom passed away being the Apple of his eyes he don’t want anything to happen to me.

For the past three years, the bodyguards has been around me and I feel so uncomfortable having them,I don’t associate with anybody in the school because of them and especially no one want to be close to me because their are always scared of them mostly the guys.

They make my life so annoying and boring,I don’t even do anything my follow teenagers dose like parties,hanging out with friends or even have a boyfriend all because of them.

I have told Dad that I don’t need any bodyguards around me that I can protect myself but he won’t give ear to to me rather he will said he don’t want anything to happen to me that his enemies are everywhere.

We got to the school, parked our car to the school garage,I walked to the class as the bodyguards followed me behind.

“Miss Oliver your backpack”
Brown said and gave me my backpack.

“Oh! Thanks!
I replied and walked inside the class.

They stood outside the class watching me from the window as usual.

“Hey Benny!
I greeted Benny my bestie with a k×ss on her cheek,Benny is
the only friend I have and the reason why she is my friend is because the father is Dad’s friend.

“How well are you prepare for the chemistry test?
She asked as I sat down.

“Well prepared! You know chemistry is one of my best subject I don’t joke with it”
I sounded with smiles.

“Babe you gonna help me out on this,you know am not to good with chemistry”
She sounded.

“Don’t worry babe,I got your back”
I said with smiles.

“Thanks Oliver!
She said with smiles and k×ssed me on the cheek.

“Benny let revise a little ,We still have fifteen minutes left before the test will start”
I said as I brought out my chemistry book.

She replied with smiles.

“Baby are you not done with the breakfast? I don’t want to be late to school,you know it is my first day”
I said to my little sister Princess but I prefer to call her my baby because she is so precious to me.

She is all I got since our parents died in a fetal accident and our relatives abandoned us and collected everything from us,the worst and heart broken one they threw us out from our house and made us homeless.

We suffered and suffered wandering around the street like a homeless people,nobody to care for us,sleeping on the street with an empty stomach every single day.

The suffering was so much on us until I got a wonderful job which has been our pillar of living with the amount I was paying I was able to secure a room apartment for us and brings food to the table.

With time goes by,I was able to send Baby back to school and for the past three years my job has been so good to us.

I got a scholarship to finish up my high school which has be my dream.

“Baby you are still eating?
I asked again as i walked to her.

“No Andrew! Am done already”
She replied with her tiny little voice.

“Then clean your mouth with the napkin”
I said as I cleared the plates.

“Have you pack your books and lunch box?
I asked.

“Yes Andrew! please help me with my shoes”
She said.

I bend down and helped her out with the shoes.

“Lets go,we are already late for school”
I said as I carried her backpack.

“No Andrew! I can’tgo without my hair ribbons”
She sounded.

“Your hair ribbons!
I sounded.

“Yes Andrew! I need to pack my hair with it”
She said.

“Baby please leave your ribbons for today we are running late,tomorrow you will pack your hair with”
I said.

“No Andrew! I can’t go to school without it,I need to pack my hair with my ribbons”
She sounded frowning and sat down.

I went to her bend down holding her little hands.

“Baby why can’t you forget your ribbons for today,you know it’s my first day at school and I don’t want to be late”
I sounded.

“I can’t forget Andrew,I need it”
She sounded still frowning.

I breathed and asked,
“Where is the ribbons?

“They are at the basket”
She said pointing at the basket where her toys and other things are kept.

“Go and get it and don’t waste my time”
I sounded.

She rushed out immediately and started searching for it.

Baby is always proving stubborn anytime but with her stubbornness I still love her,she is my little princess.

“Baby if you did not see it that means the ribbons don’t want you to make use of it”
I sounded.

“No! I will find it”
She sounded and keep on searching for it.

“You are wasting my time,leave it let’s go”
I sounded.

“I have seen it,pack my hair”
She rushed and gave me the ribbons.

I divided her hair into two and packed it with the ribbons.

“Now I look like a Princess”
She sounded with smiles showing me her Princess dance styles.

“I know that’s what you always want to look like a Princess”
I said with smiles as i touched her soft cheeks.

“I always love to dress like a Princess”
She sounded with smiles.

“I know being addicted with farytail movies made you to be dressing like a Princess”
I sounded as we walked out from the house.

“That’s why I always love to write my own fairytales stories especially the Princess and the dragon”
She sounded with smiles.

She is very good in drawing and writing a fairy tales stories,it makes her to feel so happy.

We got a cab and directed him to our destination.

Some minutes later,we got to Princess’s school.

“Don’t look for trouble Baby”
I said to her as we stepped down from the cab.

“Bro,you know am not a trouble maker but I hate when those annoying kids gives me trouble and I will not hesitate in giving them double”
She sounded.

“Stay on your lane and leave them,Don t fight anybody okay”
I said.

“I have heard you Bro,I will not fight but let those annoying kids mind their business because am ready for them”
She sounded.

“Don’t fight Baby,I have said it agian”
I sounded.

“Okay Bro,I will not fight nor look anybody’s trouble”
She sounded.

“That’s my Princess!
I sounded and gave her a k×ss on the cheek.

“Bro,have a good day on your first day at school and I hope and wish for you to meet your crush because I need a beautiful Aunt”
She sounded.

“What did you just say Princess?
I asked.

“I need a beautiful Aunt bro!
She shouted and ran inside the school.

I laughed,shooked my head.

“This my little Sis is so funny! She need a beautiful Aunt”
I sounded with smiles as i got into the cab.

Some minutes later,We got to the school,I payed the cab man as he made his way out.

“Welcome to Hill Top School”
I smiled as i read what was written boldly on the school wall.

I went inside,my identity card was required from the gateman and I told him that am new in the school.

He helped me out by directing me to the administrative office.

The school is indeed a big school and rich kids school,one of the best schools in California.

“Good morning Madame!
I greeted polity at the moment I got to the office.

“Mrs Harrison!
She corrected.

“Good Morning Mrs Harrison!
I greeted again.

“Morning! You must be Andrew Patrick,the new student that got a scholarship to study in this school?
She asked going through some files.

“Yes Mrs Harrison! Am Andrew Patrick”
I responded being so polite.

“You may have your sit”
She sounded.

“You have to register your name and sign in the rules and regulations of the school”
She said and passing the file to me.

“Okay Mrs Harrison!
I said and went through everything that is written on the file before filling up the necessary things.

“I hope you will make us and the school proud?
She asked as I handled the file to her.

“Mrs Harrison! I promise to make you and the school proud and I abide the rules and regulations of the school,my studies to this school will not be bring disappointment”
I sounded with smiles.

“Okay! You may make your way to your class”
She said.

“Thank you Mrs Harrison”
I said as I used the door.

“The school is so big,how am I going to find my class? I don’t even the direction I will use”
I said as I looked around.

I decided to follow my right path,students were mopping at me both boys and girls mumbling something among themselves probably saying i meant be a new student maybe looking for someone or something.

“I guess I have to ask for direction before I will be here looking for my block and misses some lessons”
I said.

I said to the girl i stopped.

“Please i need your help!
I said to her with smiles.

“Yeah! How may i help you?
She asked.

“Am a new student here,am kind of lost please can you show me the direction that leads to BLOCK A?
I said.

“Oh! there’s no problem,follow your right path,walk straight,you will got to the library and pass three more offices before you will get to the BLOCK A”
She directed me.

“Thank you so much!
I replied with smiles.

“You are welcome!
She replied back with smiles and made her way out.

I walked out following the direction she gave me,at the moment I passed the library I bumped into someone.

“Oh my God! Am sorry I was not paying attention on my destination”
I sounded as i bend down to pick her books.

“Don’t worry! this can of things do happen”
She said to me with a soft voice as she also bend down to pick her books.

Our eyes met and I was lost in thought,we stares at each other forgetting ourselves.

“She looks so beautiful,I have not seen such a beauty before which planet of the earth did she came from? She looks so beautiful like the drawing of Baby the Princess and the dragon,the way she described the Princess’ s beauty reveals around her,her blue eyes sparkling and her skin shinning like a stars even her cute tiny lips,every pieces of write up about the Princess all revealed around her”
I said to myself as we keep starring at each other with smiles.

“Ah young man!
Someone touched me and said with a deep voice.

I stood and turned I became so scared immediately I saw this musical men.

“Am sorry!
I sounded with a scared voice and ran off without turning back.



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