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Teens romance episode 3






“Baby you have not touch your breakfast,why the sadness on your face?
I asked being so worried.

“Baby what is it?
I asked again and she keep on staring at her drawing looking so sad.

“Is the Princess!
She sounded sadly.

“The princess! What’s wrong with her?
I sounded.

“The Princess is always sad and lonely,she need a friend,a true friend,a companion”
She sounded sadly.

“Is that why you are sad?
I sounded as i stares at the drawing.

“Yes! I don’t want the Princess to be sad anymore”
She sounded.

“Baby,rewrite it then beside is your drawing and story”
I sounded.

“I can’t rewrite it”
She sounded.

“What did you mean you can’t?
I sounded confusedly.

“I can’t rewrite it because the Princess have to be lonely until she meets the dragon that’s the charming prince who will now take her out from the stage of loneliness”
She sounded.

“Is that so! Then you got no reason to be sad”
I sounded.

“Am sad because the Dragon Prince is taking time to meet the Princess,I thought he will meet her yesterday but he did not”
She sounded and got me so confused.

“Meet her yesterday! What did you mean?
I sounded with so much confusion on my head.

“Bro am composing the story for you,am writing your love story”
She sounded.

“Writing my love story!
I sounded surprisingly.

“Yes Bro! I want you to have a perfect love story and you don’t want to meet the Princess”
She sounded.

I stared at the drawing and said,
“No wonder she looks like the Princess on her drawing”
I mumbled.

“Did you meet her Bro?
She asked.

“No baby! I did not meet anybody”
I sounded.

“Are you sure Bro? Because I heard you saying she looks like……….

“Baby I did not meet anyone and stop being sad over your the Princess,she will soon meet her Prince charming, eat your breakfast”
I sounded.

“Okay bro,let the meeting happening soon”
She sounded.

“Should I feed you?

“No bro! Am no longer a kid or a baby”
She sounded.

“Oh yeah! You are still a kid and also my baby girl”
I sounded with smiles.

“Okay! Am only your baby and not a kid but I don’t want you to feed me”
She sounded with smiles.

“Okay! Hurry up and eat so that we won’t be late to school”
I said as I went to pack her lunch box.

“I can’t believe that my own sister is composing a love story for me”

“Princess is just eight years but she has a brain of an adult always thinking like an adult and very intelligent too”

“I can say that she has this spirit of seeing things and if she composed something about someone it will happen the way she said it”

“I can recall back years ago,the day we lost our parents,Princess saw it coming and informed Mom and Dad about it but they never believe her and took it as kid talk,had it been they listened to her they will still be with us right now”

“Princess is a precious child and a gifted one”

“Thank you Bro!
She said as she dropped the plate at the kitchen.

“Take your backpack and lunch box”
I said.

I checked her,she is well dressed,
“I guess we are ready to go”

I took my backpack,we walked outside got a cab,dropped Princess and later arrived to school.

“Hey dear!
Andrew said to me with smiles at the moment i came to the class.

“Hey Andrew!
I replied back at him with smiles and walked to my sit.

“Hey Benny!
I said to her with a kiss on the cheek.

“Hey Olive! How was your night?
She asked with a kiss.

“My night was good!

“I know you will be the winner of the Chemistry test”
She sounded.

“What makes you think so?

“You are always winning and beside you are the best in Chemistry”

“Okay! Let see how it will goes”

“Everybody knows you will get the prize but what will the prize be this time?
She sounded with smiles.

“Nobody can tell until Mr Jeff announces the winner and we will get to know the prize”

Within some minutes,the Mr Jeff came inside and we greeted him as usual.

“Morning my beautiful and handsome students,I know you all are anxious to know who the winner will be”
He said.

“No Mr Jeff! We alreday know who the winner is,is no other person but Oliver”
The students said out loud.

“Okay let see! Firstly I will like to call out Oliver and Andrew”
He said.

The students were saying being so surprise.

Even me i was surprised too.

We came out standing in front of the class.

“What to say a very big congratulation to you two”

“To us!
We both sounded.

“To them!
The students sounded.

“Did you know why?

“No Mr Jeff! We are desperate to know”
They sounded.

“Oliver and Andrew did a very in the test but there must be only one winner,did you know who the winner is?

“Oliver! Oliver! Oliver!
The class called out my name.

“To shock you all is not Oliver but Andrew here”
He said.

We became so shocked and surprised,
We sounded shockingly.

“He impress me on his performance on his first day at the school which shows how intelligent he is,congratulation Andrew”
He congratulated him and presented the prize to him.

“Thank you Mr Jeff”
He sounded.

“Won’t you congratulate him Oliver?

“Congratulation Andrew!
I said to him with smiles.

“Thank you Oliver”
He said with smiles.

“You may now back to your sits”
He said.

“Thank you!
We sounded and went back to our sit.

“See you guys tomorrow!
He said before leaving the class.

“So he is this intelligent that he was able to beat Oliver on his first day”
The students sounded.

“Olive I felt so sad for you,we all thought you will win,you know you will be feeling so sad”
Benny said to me as I came to my sit.

“Not at all Benny! Am not sad rather am happy that Andrew won the prize”
I sounded.

“That means you now have a competitor on Chemistry”

“No Benny! I got no competitor”

“Okay as you said! Andrew is very intelligent”

“Yes! He is indeed intelligent”
I sounded.

“Finally i have gotten her name Oliver! What a sweet name? All thanks to Mr Jeff”

“Am happy that I won but am not happy that I beat Oliver,the whole class expected her to be the winner”

“I hope she will not take me as a competitor?

I gazed at her,
“Well she seem happy and not sad”

“Congratulation Andrew!
Jenny and Julie said to me.

I sounded with smiles.

“You got us surprised Andrew!
Julie sounded.

“Yes! How were you able to beat Oliver? No one has ever beat her in Chemistry before and you did”
Jenny sounded.

“You know what Chemistry is my best subject and I don’t joke with it”
I sounded.

“That’s good to hear Andrew and you are so intelligent”
Julie said.

“Thank you”
I sounded with smiles.

“I will be so greatful if you help me out in Chemistry am very bad”
Jenny said.

“No problem! I will”

“Even me Andrew not only her”
Julie sounded.

“Okay I will be helping you both”
I sounded.

“Thank you”
The both said.

Mr Paul the Maths teacher came inside and they went back to their sits.

He taught for over thirty minutes and assigned Maths project for us before leaving the class.

We had one more lecture before going out for lunch.

I went to the cafeteria and this time I didn’t go with Jenny and Julie.

I was getting my orders and Oliver came alone without her bodyguards.

I felt so happy when I saw her,
“Hey Oliver!
I sounded with smiles.

“Hey Andrew!
She replied back with smiles.

“I hope you are not angry that I beat you on Chemistry and now takes me as a competitor”
I sounded.

“Not at all Andrew! Am so happy that you won it on your first day and am so impress of you,Congratulation again”
She sounded with smiles.

“Thanks!You know what Chemistry is my best subject”
I said.

“Even me i love chemistry too”
She sounded with smiles.

“Wow! That’s good to hear”
I said with smiles.

We stared at each other without uttering any word and I felt this butterfly around my stomach again.

“She danm beautiful!
I thought.

I decided to break the silent by telling her how beautiful she looks.

“Olive you look so beau……..
I was interrupted by a muscular hand on my shoulder.

“Am sorry! Am sorry!
I sounded with so much scared and grab my lunch rushed out immediately.

I go to the table,sat down,
“Thank God I did not complete my statement my life would have been sorry”
I sounded.

They passed me and one of the bodyguard said to me with a sign,”I got my eyes on you”

“I have to be extraordinary careful,I don’t have problems in this school”

Jenny and Julie came to me,
“Andrew you came to the cafeteria and you did not care to call us”
Julie sounded.

“Is not good Andrew!
Jenny sounded.

“When I was coming out I did not see you too”
I lied.

“Oh! It meant be when we were at the lab”
Jenny sounded.

“Will you like to visit the Chemistry lab?
Julie asked.

“Yes I will love to”
I sounded with smiles.

“Then let’s go”
Jenny said.

The both held my hands as we walked to the lab,when we passed Oliver I saw this jealously written all over her face.

“Why did Oliver always come to school with bodyguards?

“That Oliver! Her father is one of the top politicians in this country that’s why he hired a bodyguards for her”
Jenny sounded.

“And nobody dares to come near her because of her bodyguards”
Julie said.

“Right from the day a guy was chatting with her got beaten of his life since then people started associating with her both male and female”
Jenny said.

“This is serious!
I sounded.

“Benny is her only friend and the reason why she is her friend is because Oliver’s father and Benny’ s father are friends”
Julie sounded.

We got to the lab it was such a very big lab,I examined all the equipments there.

We went back to the class when the lunch was over.

“Why are they always with him? It seem he even enjoy their company”
I sounded burning with jealously.

“He wanted to tell me something and this my annoying bodyguards interrupted us”

“What is it Olive?
Benny asked.

“Is nothing Benny!
I sounded.

“Don’t tell me is nothing when your face is written with jealously”

“What are you jealous about?

“Those drama queens are really pissing me off”
I sounded.

“Oh! Now I know why you are burning in jealously because they are always with Andrew”

“I hate seeing them with him”
I sounded.

“But why are jealous? Don’t tell me that you have started falling for him”

“Benny since the day I met him I have not been myself,I found myself thinking about him”
I sounded.

“Wow! That means you are in love with him! I told you that you will soon start to dance in love”
She sounded feeling so happy.

“What’s the need of being in love with him when I know I can’t be with him?
I sounded sadly.

“C’mon Olive! You don’t have to be sad okay! I will help you to talk to him”

“How will you do that?

“Don’t worry just leave it for me,okay!

Our Science teacher came inside and taught for the day before school dismissed.

“Good afternoon Dad!
I greeted Dad as i stepped inside the house.

“Afternoon my angel! How was school today?
He said and kissed me on the cheek.

“School was fine Dad!

“Okay! Go and shower and come down for lunch”

“Okay Dad!
I said and went up to shower.

Fifteen minutes later,I came down for lunch.

“Yummy! Yummy! My favourite food!
I sounded and sat down.

Nanny Kate dished the food to me,
“Thanks Nanny!

“Dad I will like to go to the supermarket and get some things”

“Okay! By what time will you be going?

“In the evening Dad!

“I will drop some money to your Nanny because I will not be around when you will be going”

“Where are you going to Dad?

“We will be going to visit Mr Edward,he was discharge from the hospital”

“Okay Dad!

Twenty minutes later,we were done with the lunch,I went to my room to rest before going to the supermarket.

After resting for a while,I showered and got dressed to go to the supermarket.

“Nanny am ready to go!
I said as I came downstairs.

“Okay! Wait a mintue,am coming!
She shouted from the kitchen.

She came out and gave me the money.

“Bye Nanny!

“Bye too my angel!

I arrived at the Supermarket with the bodyguards and I met this little girl welcoming the customers.

“You are welcome to AMAZING SUPERMARKET your satisfaction is our priority,enjoy your shopping”
She said to me with a demonstration.

“Thank you so much,you got a sweet voice”
I said to her with smiles.

“Thank you and you look so beautiful”
She said to me smiling.

“What’s the angel’s name?

“Am Princess that’s why I like to dress like a Princess but my brother like to call me Baby because am so precious to him”
She sounded showing me her Princess dancing style.

“Wow! I love that and I love you too!
I sounded with smiles.

“Thank you! Did you know you are beautiful?
She sounded with smiles.

“Are you serious?
I asked smiling.

“Yes! You are beautiful and I always want a beautiful Aunt like you to be my brother’s girlfriend”
She sounded.

Meanwhile the guards were not paying attention on our conversation.

I laughed and said,
“You are such a lovely kid”

“Please Aunt will you be my brother’s girlfriend?
She asked with her two hands folded.

I laughed and asked,
“Are danm serious?

“Yes Aunt! My brother is very handsome,you will like him”
She sounded.

“Where is your brother?

“He is over there!
She pointed.

“How cute is he?
She asked.

“Oh my God! Andrew is your brother!
I sounded surprising!


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