Teens Romance

Teens r0mance episode 4

💕💕💕TEENS r0manCE💝💝💝




💙💙SHORT r0manCE💚💚

“Oh my God! Andrew is your brother!
I sounded surprisingly.

“Did you know my brother?
She asked.

“Yes! We attain the same school”

“That means it has work”
She sounded happily.

“So tell me Aunt,how cute is my brother?
She asked.

I gazed at him and said,
“Your brother is handsome”

“So Aunt have you expect to be my brother girlfriend?
She sounded with smiles.

I laughed and laughed without saying any word to her.

“Please Aunt! Be my brother’s girlfriend”
She sounded with her two hands folded.

“You know what Princess,let me meet your brother first okay”
I said.

“That means is a yes!
She sounded.

I smiled and said,
“I don’t know until I meet your brother”

“Okay! I did not know my beautiful Aunt’s name”
She sounded.

I smiled and said,
“Oh! Am Oliver!

“Wow! You got a beautiful name! Aunt Olive! I love your name”
She said with smiles.

“Thank you and I also love you too”
I said,bend down and k×ssed her on the cheek.

“I love you too and I will be so happy if you accept to be my brother’s girlfriend”
She sounded with smiles and k×ssed me on the cheek.

I smiled and walked to do my shopping.

“I was so surprised when i saw Oliver and my heart started beating so fast”

“I wonder what Princess is telling her and she seem so happy talking to her,what could be the thing?

I sighted her coming to me and my heart started racing again.

“This bodyguards will not leave her alone for once”

“Hey Andrew!
She said to me with smiles and handle her stuffs to me to calculate.

“How are you doing?
I asked with smiles.

“Am good! You have a lovely and funny sister”
She said.

I was starring at her with smiles,I can’t talk to her because the guards faced me.

“Your bill!
I gave her the bill and she made her payment.

“Thanks for shopping with us,I hope to see you next time”
I said with smiles as i handled her stuffs.

“For sure! You will see me again and again”
She sounded with smiles and made her way out.

“My beautiful Aunt Olive,did you talk to my brother?
She whispered to me with smiles.

“Oh my cute Princess! I did not”
I sounded with smiles.

“Don’t you like my brother?
She whispered.

“Leave the answer for another day okay”
I sounded.

“Okay! I hope to see you again”
She sounded with smiles.

“For sure! You will see me again,you know what I got something for you”
I sounded and gave her chocolate.

“Wow! Chocolate! How did you know that I love chocolate?
She sounded with so much joy.

“I know a cute Princess like you will love to eat chocolate”
I sounded as i car×ssing her hair.

“Thank you so much! I love you”
She said and hugged me so tight.

“I love you too”
I said and k×ssed her on the cheek.

“Bye! See you next time”
She waved at me as i made my way out.

I got home and Dad is not yet back,I took the stuffs in my room and rest on the couch.

“Princess is so funny and so lovely to be with,she want me to be her brother’s girlfriend”
I smiled as i remembered her.

“When I set my eyes on Andrew at the Supermarket my heart started beating so fast,I have fallen deeply for him but there’s nothing I can do to be with him”

“I know he has feeling for me too because his eyes tells me that but he is being scared to confess his love to me because of those annoying bodyguards”

“I have to find a way to talk to him,I can’t let the feelings I have for him to die,now I have found out he is working at that Supermarket, I will be shopping every blessed day just to see him”

“Bro did you like her?
Baby asked as we got into a cab.

“Like who?
I sounded.

“Aunt Olive! She is so beautiful and she is the one I want for you”
She sounded.

“Who is Aunt Olive?
I asked.

“The Aunt you saw me discussing with at the Supermarket”
She sounded.

“Oh Oliver!I know her,we are in the same school”
I sounded.

“Yeah she told me so, Bro did you like her?
She asked.

“Nope! I don’t like her”
I lied.

“Don’t lie to me Bro! I know you love her,I saw the way you were staring into her eyes with so much love and I also saw the love written all over you and in this pretty eyes of us”
She sounded.

“Princess what did you know about love?
I questioned her.

“Bro I know so much about love”
She sounded.

“What will a kid like you will probably know about love?
The cab man laughed and it seem he was pay attention on our conversation.

“Sir! I meant be a kid in your eyes but I think like an adult so I know so much when it comes to love”
She sounded.

“How will you notice that someone is in love?
The cab man asked.

“When someone is in love they always think about you every minutes,every seconds and hours,they always pay attention to you,they cares and treat you so special and also want to be by your side”
She sounded.

“Wow! Kid how did you know about all this?
The cab man asked.

“Sir! I told you that am not a kid”
She sounded.

“I can see that! You are indeed an adult in a kid body”
The cab man sounded as we both laughed.

We arrived at our destination,payed the cab man before going inside the house.

“Bro I know you love her and she is the one I have chosen for you,both of you will make a great partner”
She sounded.

“But I don’t know if she love me too”
I sounded as i dropped my backpack on the dinning table.

“That means you love her Bro?
She sounded.

“Yes I love her right from……
She interrupted.

“Yeah! Andrew is in love with her”
She shouted and jumped with so much excitement.

“Baby you don’t have to be exciting like this because I can’t be with her”
I sounded sadly.

“What makes you think,you can’t you be with her?

“Because she has bodyguards that always around her and i can’t talk to her because of them”
I sounded.

“Bro her bodyguards should not bother you because you will be with her and I will make it work because I don’t want to loose Aunt Olive”
She sounded.

“You make it work! How?
I sounded as i brought some food from the fridge.

“Bro just leave it for me,you will see how it will work”
She sounded and went to the bathroom to shower.

“I wonder how Baby will make the love between me and Oliver works?
I thought.

We had dinner and slept off for the day.

“Hey Andrew!
I said to him as i walked to his sit.

“Hey Benny!
He replied back with smiles.

“Please can I have a moment with you?
I asked.

“There’s no problem!
He sounded.

“Can we talk at the cafeteria?
I asked.

“Okay dear!

We went to the cafeteria,ordered our drinks.

“Did you love my friend Oliver?
I threw the question to her and the look on his face was not pleasant at all.

“Why did you ask?
He asked surprisingly.

“I just want to know”
I sounded and he kept silent for about ten seconds before speaking up.

He cleared his throat and said,
“Yes am deeply in love with her but what’s the need of begin in love with her when I can’t talk to her nor confess my love to her”
He sounded.

“I understand is because of her bodyguards and she also felt the same way,she is in love with you but she can’t talk to you because of them and to avoid putting you in danger”
I said.

“What I don’t understand is why she brings bodyguards to the school? Why did she need them around her?
He sounded as he took a sip of his drink.

“If it is in her hands she would have sacked the bodyguards a long time ago but there’s nothing she can do since it her father’s decisions”
I sounded as i took a sip of my drink.

“What will be the father reasons for hiring a bodyguards to her?
He asked being so curious.

“You know what,Oliver is the only child of a popular politician and she lost her Mom in the hands of the father’s enemies and her father vowed to protect his daughter by employing the guards to watch over her”
I explained.

“That’s so bad! Now I know the reason of that boyguards,We can’t be together because of them,what will now happen to our love?
He sounded being so worried.

“You don’t have to worry there must be a way for you and her to be together okay”
I sounded as i tapped him on this palm.

The bell for lunch over ranged,we hurried and rushed back to the class.

Later,I told Olive about Andrew’s feelings towards her,she was so happy and also sad that she can’t be with him.

“Good evening Aunt Olive!
Princess shouted with so much happiness and hugged me.

“How are you doing my Princess?
I asked as I k×ssed her on the cheek.

“I was not feeling fine a while ago but now am okay because I have seen you,I thought you won’t come again”
She sounded.

“I promised you that I will come again and here am I”
I said.

“I miss you!
She sounded.

“I also miss you too my Princess!
I said and hugged her.

“Let’s me go and do my shopping okay”

She sounded with smiles and went for my shopping.

Done with the shopping,went to the cashier to cross check it.

I was starring at him r0mantically without uttering any word to him.

I thanked him when he handled over my stuffs to me and that was the only word that came out from my mouth.

“Aunt Olive please can I have your contact so that I can reach you anytime I want”
She said to me.

“Okay Princess!
I wrote down my number on a sheetof paper and gave it to her.

“Thank you so much! I appreciate it”

“You are welcome my Princess”
I hugged her again before leaving the supermarket.

“Bro I got something for you!
She sounded at the moment we were done with dinner.

“What did you have for me?
I asked.

“Is something that will make you feel happy and you will even dream about it”
She sounded putting confusion on my head.

“What could that be?
I asked with so much confusion.

She brought out a sheet of paper and flipping it around my face.

“What’s that! I hope is not from your school?
I sounded.

“Not at all Bro! I got you Aunt Olive’ s number”
She sounded with smiles.

“Are you damn serious Babe!
I sounded.

“Yes! Here it is”
She sounded with smiles and gave me the paper.

“Thank you so much baby! Am so happy for this”
I sounded with so much joy.

“I know you will be happy,call my beautiful Aunt and tell her how you feel about her”
She sounded and went to bed.

“My heart is filled with so much happiness,the happiness am feeling inside of me is beyond human imaginations”

I dialed her number and without waiting any time she picks up.

📞 Hello!
She sounded with that her sweet voice.

📞 Hey Olive!
I sounded with smiles.

📞 Oh my God! Is that you Andrew?

She sounded.

I went and lie down on the bed because I know it gonna be a long conversation.

📞 Yes,is me Andrew! I have been expecting a moment like to talk you and all thanks to my caring sister who made it possible for me”
I said as I car×ssing her hair.

📞 You really got a lovely and a caring sister”
She sounded.

📞 Yeah! Baby is all I have,I love and cherish her the most”
I sounded with smiles.

📞 I also love her too,she is so funny to be with”

📞 Olive I want to confess something to you”

📞 What is it Andrew?
She sounded.

📞 Olive right from the first day I bumped into you I have not been myself, I think about you every night and day, I am not famous in this world but I know I am famous in someone’s heart and that is all I want”

📞 Olive if loving you is a crime then consider me as criminal,Let me be the one who loves you even more than you love yourself.

📞 Olive Believe me, you are the one,
Whom my heart finds,Whom my mind reminds me of,Whom my destiny wants,
Whom I love the most, I love you so much Olive”
I sounded waiting to hear what she will say.

📞 Andrew I can’t lie to you nor hide my feelings from you anymore, I have fallen deeply in love with you right from the first day I met you”
She sounded and I started blushing.

📞 Andrew, My love for you is like water,
Falling countles, The beating of my heart,
For you is so heavy and soundless,The feeling of being in your arm is so
Precious and endless”

📞 Without humor, life is sick, Without courage, life is hard, Without love, life is hopeless and Without someone like you,my life is impossible, I love you so much Andrew”
She said and I could not stop blushing.

📞 I love you too Olive and am dying to be in your arms”
I sounded with my heart filled with so much love.

📞 How are we going to make this our love work when I can not talk to you and hold you in the school?
I sounded.

📞 My love don’t worry with the love we share together we can conquer anything”
She sounded.

We spoken for about three hours telling each other sweet and romatic words.

📞 My love it alreday late,you know we have school tomorrow”

📞 That’s true my love! How I wish we will keeping talking till night breaks”

📞 Even me but we can’t because of school but don’t worry we will talk after school”

📞 Okay! Are you on Whatsapp,Facebook or Twitter?

📞 No my love! My phone doesn’t browse”
I sounded feeling so ashamed to say it.

📞 Oh! I will see what I will do about it”
She sounded.

📞 Dreams touch your heart and soul,it is a magical memory that unites fantasy and reality,Hope you have the
sweetest dream tonight, Good Night my love”

📞 Thousands of stars in the sky shine bright,but you are the only shining star in my sight Good night my love”

I ended the call after wishing each other good night and slept off peacefully.


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