Teens Romance

Teens r0mance episode 6

💕💕💕TEENS r0manCE💝💝💝




💙💜SHORT r0manCE💛💚

“Am happy to see you Aunt Olive!
Princess hugged me so tight as i stepped in,side the supermarket.

“Am so happy to see you too,my Princess”
I sounded with smiles and gave her a k×ss on the cheek.

“I have miss you so much!
She sounded with smiles.

“I miss you too my Darling! What did you want me to get for you?

“I want chocolate!
She sounded.

“Okay!I will get you packet of chocolate”
I sounded and went for my shopping.

Done with the shopping and went to the cashier,I wanted Andrew to calculate my stuffs but the queue was much that I ended up in the other cashier.

💌 Can i see you in the rest room my love”
I messaged him.

I payed the cashier and went to the guards and handled them the stuffs.

“I want to use the rest room”
I said to them and walked out to the rest room.

“Did he get my message? Why is he not here?
I thought and waited for him for some minutes.

“My love!
He said to me and k×ssed me.

“I miss this sweet l-ips of yours”
He sounded and k×ssed me more.

“I also miss the way you k×sses me and car×ssing me”
I sounded and k×ssed him.

We k×ssed so passionately for about twenty minutes before withdrawing ourselves from the k×ss.

“See you tomorrow my love!
I said and k×ssed him.

“See you too my heart”
He said and k×ssed me on the forehead.

“My love you have to go first okay”

He said and hugged me before leaving the rest room.

“Let’s go!
I said to the guards at the moment I came out from the rest room.

“Princess i got chocolate for you”
I said to her.

“Thanks Aunt Olive!
She sounded with smiles and hugged me.

“You are welcome sweety,see you tomorrow”

“Okay Aunt! Bye!
She waved at me as i made my way out from the supermarket.

I keeping on going for shopping since we are on holidays,If shopping the whole things at the Supermarket am willing to do just to be with my love Andrew,sometimes I shopped four times in a day.

We always snaked to the rest room to have our fun,k×sses and car×ssing each other without anybody’s notice.

“Hey Dad!
I said with smiles as i came back from the supermarket and sat beside him.

“Coming from the supermarket again?
Dad asked adjusted his reading glass probably checking what I brought.

“Yes Dad!
I sounded.

“I have been observing you Olive,this days you have been going to shopping for almost four times in a day,what are you always buying?
Dad questioned me.

“Dad is girls’ s stuffs!
I sounded.

“Girl’s stuffs! From now on you are forbid for going to the supermarket”
Dad sounded.

“But why Dad!
I sounded being so confused and thinking of he suspect something.

“I don’t like the idea of you going to the supermarket all the time,if you need anything,you have your guards you will send one of them”
He sounded being so serious.

“Okay Dad! Let me take this stuffs to my room”
I sounded and with my voice you will know that am not happy.

He sounded.

I went to my room,threw those stuffs on the bed and lie down.

“Why should Dad forbid me for going to the supermarket? Could it be he suspect something or what? But i have been extremely careful and never leave any suspicious things on ground”

“The Supermarket is the only means for me to be spending time with my love and now am forbidden from going there”
I sounded so sadly.

“What am I going to do now? How will l be seeing my love? That’s means I will not see him again to the end of our holidays”

“No! I got to do something! I can’t bare not to see him for one day”
I sounded so sadly as i rolled on the bed.

This holidays has been so good to me,spending a lot of time with my heart on the supermarket,k×ssing and car×ssing her makes me wanna go crazy.

“Why is she not here? She is suppose to be here by now?
I sounded looking out to see if I will see her.

“It is already evening,could it been she will not come today or what?
I sounded.

“I see someone is looking out for his love”
My colleague sounded.

“Guy you will not understand!
I sounded.

“Are you sure your crooked way have not backfire you?
He sounded.

“What did you mean?

“What i mean is your act of messing around with that girl in this supermarket has been expose,if you know what is good for your life,your better leave this Supermarket because that girl’s Dad will not mercy for your life for one bit,I have told you who the father is”
He sounded.

“But there’s nothing for anyone to suspect about because we are always careful”

“And you have forgotten the walls have eyes and ears”
He sounded.

“What he said,could it be true! But we are always extremely careful so it can’t be true,well the only way to find out if it is true or not is to ask Olive but that will be after work”
I thought.

“Bro,Aunt Olive did not come today,what happen?
Princess asked as we closed from work.

“Yes she did not come”

“Are you sure,she is okay?

“Am pretty sure she is well”

“Then what could her reason of not coming?

“Maybe something came up but I will ask her once we reach home”

Fifteen minutes later,we got home,took the stuffs we came back with in,side.

Prepared dinner,eat,showered and went to bed.

“Bro have you call Aunt Olive?

“Yes baby! But it’s not connecting”

“Then message her!

“That’s what I will do right away”

💌 My love i have been trying to reach you but it is not connecting,you did not come to the supermarket today,what happen?
I messaged her on Whatsapp and waiting to get a reply from her.

“Let it not be something bad because I don’t want anything to happen to my beautiful Aunt Olive”
Princess sounded as she rest her head on my chest.

Few minutes later,her message came,
💌 My love how was work? I will not be able to be coming to the supermarket again”

💌 Why? Did something happen?
I asked being so confused.

💌 It seem Dad suspected something and forbids me for going to the supermarket anymore”

💌 Oh my gosh! How are we going to be seeing each other now? 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁”

“Bro,what did Aunt Olive said?

“Baby is nothing! She executed her Dad somewhere that’s why she did not come”
I lied.

“Thank goodness that nothing happen,now I can sleep”
She sounded.

💌 Even me Baby am also sad but we have to apart away from each other for sometime”

💌 My heart you know it is not easy to be away from you,I can’t bare not to see just for one day”

💌 Even me my love but we have to try to avoid my Dad for finding out something”

💌 Okay! But for how long are we going to stay away from each other?

💌 Just a matter of time okay,I will find a way for us to be spending time together”

💌 Okay my love! Always bare it in mind that I will always love and cherish you the most”

💌 I also love you too my Prince Charming,💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋”

💌 💋💋💋💋💋💋💋 to you too my love”

We ended the chat with good night wishes and slept off.

It has been two weeks I have not see my love Andrew and am dying to be with him,misses his k×sses and his romatic car×ssing on my body.

Am desperately yawning to be in his arms but there’s nothing I can do.

“Dad I won you again! This is not the first nor second rather the third time am winning”
I sounded with laughs as i came out from the swimming pool.

Today is Saturday,Dad didn’t go out so we decided to have some fun by swimming.

Nanny gave me the towel I covered my body and sat down chilling myself with some juice.

“Angel you know am not in the mood to swim, had it been am in the mood you wouldn’t have gone half with me”
Dad sounded with laughs and came out from the swimming pool.

I laughed and said,
“Is not true Dad! You are in full mood and am the best swimmer that’s why I beat you”

I laughed again including Nanny Kate.

“Oh you ladies are laughing at me! Have you forgotten who I used to be when it comes to swimming? Am a great swimmer,I always won medals both Gold and Silver”
Dad sounded with laughs.

“That was then Dad! And it this present time am the great swimmer”
I sounded as we both laughed.

“Let see this time,if you are going to beat me again or not,are you in for another round?
Dad sounded.

“Another round! I will defiantly defeat you again”
I sounded with laughs.

“Let see how it goes!

We laughed and jumped in the pool for another one.

“Oh yeah! Come on Olive! Come one!
Nanny Kate shouted.

“Oh Kate! You want her to win me again? Let see how it goes”
Dad sounded as we laughed.

“Oh yeah! I won! I told you am gonna win”
Dad rejoiced as he came out from the pool.

“Is because I allowed you to win Dad!
I sounded as i came out from the pool.

“Is that what you thinks?
Dad sounded and took a sip of his drink.

“That’s true Dad”
I sounded and took a sip of my drink.

We gisted and laughed uncontrollably.

“That reminds me Angel,next week is your birthday,how are we gonna celebrate it?throw a big party invite thousands of my politician friends,how did you see that?
He sounded with smiles.

💭 My birthday will be an opportunity for me to see Andrew again,invite him and spend a lot of time with him,that’s a great idea💭

“Dad I don’t want a big party, I only want to invite my friend and celebrate it with her”
I sounded with smiles.

“Okay is that what you want?
He sounded.

“Yes Dad! I don’t want a big celebration”

“Okay! Is your birthday so anything you want is okay for me”

“Thank you Dad!
I sounded,hugged him and k×ssed him on the cheek.

“Am catching cold Dad,I need to go in,side”
I said,that’s an excuse to go in,side and talk to Andrew right away.

“Okay Angel!

I covered myself with the towel and went in,side to my room.

“Bro your phone is ringing!

“Help me with it”

“Bro is my beautiful Aunt Olive!
She sounded with smiles as she brought the phone to me.

📞 Hey sweety! I have been expecting your call”

📞 My love i have a great news for you and a plan for us to be together”

📞 What’s the news my love?

📞 Next week is my birthday and i told Dad that I will like to celebrate it with a friend”

📞 What makes you think your Dad will accept me in?
I sounded.

📞 My love you are not meeting my Dad as Andrew rather as Andrea because you will disguise as a girl”

📞 Me disguise as a girl!
I sounded unbelievable.

📞 Yes my love! That’s the only way for us to be together again”

📞 But my love is somehow!
I sounded.

Baby dragged the phone from me and said,

📞 Aunt Olive he will do it,if making Andrew to dress like a girl just to see you again I will defiantly make him to do it”

“Give me that phone Baby!
I shouted and dragged the phone from her.

📞 I love that Princess!
She sounded with laughs.

📞 My love it will be so difficult for me to do”

📞 You have to try my love because that’s the only way to be with you”

📞 Okay,I have to try”

📞 Am coming Dad! I will message you later,I love you”

📞 I love you too my love”
I sounded as she ended the call.

“How may i gonna disguise as a girl?
I sounded and sat down on the couch.

“Bro there’s nothing in disguising as a girl so you can do it,me I want to see my Aunt Olive again so you have to do it”
She sounded.

I couldn’t stop thinking about the whole thing of disguising as a girl.




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