Teens Romance

Teens r0mance episode 7

💕💕💕TEENS r0manCE💝💝💝






💛💚SHORT r0manCE💙💜

“Bro check this,it gonna suit you very well”
Baby sounded and brought this butterfly gown for me.

We are at the shopping mall,selecting clothes for Olive birthday and the birthday is in two days time,I have made up my mind to disguise as a girl since is the only way for us to be together and the sweetest part of it we will be spending the weekend there.

Baby places the gown on me and sounded,
“Wow bro! The gown really fits you”

“Fits who! Am not gonna wear this okay”
I sounded as i went to select my own taste.

“How did you see this outfit?
I asked with smiles showing her the pant(trouser) and the shirt.

“Don’t tell me you gonna wear this bro”
She sounded.

“Oh yeah! What’s wrong with it?
I sounded looking at the pant and the shirt.

“It won’t fit you! You need to dress like a girl and we will be going with this gown I choose for you”
She sounded and collected the clothes from me and hanged it back.

We spend almost two hours in selecting dress and Princess being so funny went and selected gowns for me,imaging me wearing gown,I wonder what I will look like.

We went to the cosmetic shop bought some make up stuffs before heading back home.

Meanwhile I have already taken permission from the Madame that I will not be coming for the weekend and she granted me.

The ringing tone of my phone wakes me up.

“It must be my love Andrew”
I sounded with smiles and reached for my phone.

📞Happy Birthday to you………………….
They sang for me.

📞Happy Birthday my beautiful Aunt Olive,I Wish you a very happy birthday,May life lead you to great happiness,Success and hope that all your wishes comes true and also wish you sweet memory in your relationsh¡p, Enjoy your day”

📞 Thank you Princess! k×sses”
I sounded with so much joy.

📞 Sweetheart!you are so beautiful my love for you will always be true, Here’s a wish for my darling… May all your dreams come true, I wish you a very happy birthday With lots of love and k×sses from a heart that beats just for you by me, Happy birthday to you Darling!

📞 Thank you so much my sweet darling,I can’t wait to see you,hug and k×sses you again”

📞 Even me my love,am dying to k×ss those soft l-ips that always drive me crazy”

📞 I will send you the home address after the call”

📞 Okay my love”

📞 Aunt Olive I can’t wait to see you again”

📞 Likewise me My beautiful Princess”

“Arise and shine my sleeping beauty,my morning stars,my joy and pride”
Dad sounded as he approached to my door.

📞 I will be expecting you guys,I love you all”
I sounded and ended the call.

“Happy sweet sixteen my Princess,the joy of my life”
Dad said to me with smiles at the moment I opened the door and hugged me.

“Thanks so much Dad!
I sounded with smiles and gave him a k×ss on the cheek.

“You know what my Angel,I have something for you”
He sounded with smiles.

“What’s that Dad?
I asked with smiles.

“It’s a surprise so you have to close you eyes”

“Okay Dad! My eyes are closed”

“Don’t blink your eyes”

“I will not Dad!

He lead me to the stairs and the lounge.

“What’s the present Dad?
I asked be so anxious to know.

“Just follow me,don’t blink”
He sounded and led me outside the house.

“You can now open your eyes”

I opened my eyes and saw my dream car parked in front of me and Dad showing me the car key.

“Happy birthday once again my sweet angel”
Dad sounded with smiles and gave me the car key.

“Oh my gosh! Dad you got me my dream car,Lamborghini,thank you so much Dad,I love you,I love you,l love you”
I sounded with so much excitement and gave him a thousand of k×sses on this cheek.

“Check your car darling!

He gave me the car key,I went in,side the car,
“I love this car!
I sounded and start it.

I came down and said to Dad,
“This is the best gift I have ever received in my life,thank you so much Dad”
I hugged her so tight.

“Nanny! Nanny,come and see my car!
I shouted with so much joy and even jumping.

“Nanny see my car!
I sounded rejoicing.

“Wow! It looks so beautiful!

“Come let me drive you around the compound”
I sounded.

We went in,side the car and drives around the compound.

Few minutes later,we came down from the car,

“My angel have you text your friend the address?

“Yes Dad!

“Okay,let’s go in,side and get prepare for the guest”
He said and we went in,side.

“Baby how did I look on the dress?
I asked feeling so uncomfortable with the gown

She laughed and laughed making me to be so embarrassed.

“I look like a monster right! Let me go and remove it right away”
I sounded as i went to remove the gown.

“No Bro! It fits you but the funny part of it is that your br××st is so flat”
She sounded and laughed again.

“Oh that!
I sounded starring at myself at the mirror.

“We need to put something in there,to pump out the br××st”

She went and put her dress and put it in,side the bra.

“It looks good on you now,time for the make up”

“Don’t make me to look like a monster”
I sounded as i sat down.

“Trust me bro,you gonna looks so beautiful,you no I do make up my toys and they are always look beautiful”
She sounded with laughs.

“Don’t face the mirror”

“Why? I need to be seeing what you are doing”

“I disagree with you bro,you need to face the other side once am done you will use the mirror”
She sounded and turned me the other side facing the dinning.

She started with the make up,fifteen minutes she is not done.

“You are not done with the make up! What are you doing on my face?

“Relax bro! I want give you a perfect look,make you looks beautiful so that nobody will ever know you are a guy”
I sounded and continued applying the make up.

Five more minutes,she is not yet done,

“Am tired with this make up,is that how girls waste time in making up?
I sounded.

“Wait bro! It remains the l¡psticks”

“l¡psticks too!
I sounded.

“Keep your mouth very well,let me apply it little”

“Can i see myself now?

“I present to you Miss Andrea!
She shouted.

I checked myself on the mirror,I can’t recognize my face anymore.

“Baby what have you done to my face?
I shouted.

“Don’t you like it? Didn’t you look so beautiful?

“What beautiful! You make me to look like a monster in the Halloween,clean my face right now”
I shouted.

“You don’t know what you are saying bro,this make up looks so beautiful on me,Aunt Olive won’t recognize you again”
She sounded.

“Are you sure?

“Check it and see how I transformed you”

I stared at myself at the mirror,
“What did you see bro?

I smiled and sounded,
“Beautiful Miss Andrea”

She laughed and said,
“Another stage completed,let move on the next one”

“What’s the next one?

“To learn how to walk on heels”

“Being a girl is so difficult! Why can’t i go on sneakers,it will be so simple?

She laughed and said,
“Sneakers on this butterfly gown! No Andrew,it doesn’t match it”

I worn the heels and started learning on how to walk on it,it was so difficult to do,i will walk and slipped.

“Be careful bro!

I practiced on the heels for about thirty minutes before getting it a little.

“Bro,we are wasting time,I think we will manage with the heels like that”
She sounded.

“Bro remember you gonna change your voice too,please don’t make anybody to suspect anything”

“I gonna do that”
I sounded in a girl’s tone.

“That voice is somehow,put more light on it”

I sounded still with a girl’s voice.

“We can manage this voice”

Five minutes later,we are ready to go,we got a cab and gave him our direction.

“Your guest are not here,have you call them?
Dad asked.

“Yes Dad,they will soon be here”
I said.

Twenty minutes later,the door bell ranged.

“It must be them”
I sounded as i went to open the door.

I became so shocked of who I saw,
“Is this you Andrew?
I sounded.

“Is me my love”
He sounded with smiles.

“Oh my goodness! Your transformation is extraordinary! You look so beautiful! I can’t recognize you anymore Andrew”
I sounded.

“All thanks to Baby for transforming me like this”

“Aunt Olive,is beautiful Andera”
Princess sounded.

I smiled and said,
“Come in,side”

We went in,side,
“Oh my goodness! You have a very big mansion Aunt Olive!
Princess sounded and stares around everywhere.

“That’s my Dad coming!

“Dad meet my friend Andrea and her sister”
I introduced them.

“Good afternoon Sir!
Andrew greeted with a girl’s voice and also smiling.

His voice sounds so funny.

“Afternoon Andera! You are welcome”
Dad replied with smiles.

“Good afternoon Sir!
Princess greeted in her lovely way of greeting.

“Afternoon! What’s your name?

“Am Princess Sir!
She answered with smiles.

“I see why you greeted me in a princess way and also dress like one,are you a princess?
Dad asked with smiles.

“No Sir! But I love dressing like a Princess”

“Don’t tell me you love watching Fairytale movies?

“Yes Sir! Fairytale movies and stories are my favorite”
She sounded with smiles.

“Wow! I love that and it reminds me when I was a kid like you,I love watching Fairytale movies especially the Princess and the dragon”

“Wow! That’s one of my favourite Sir!
She sounded with smiles.

“I have already love this kid,come and give me a hug Princess”
Dad sounded spread out his hands to receive her.

Princess looked at Andrew,
“Go and give him a hug”
He sounded with his girl’s voice.

“C’mon Princess!
Dad sounded and she gave him a hug.

“Make yourselves comfortable girls,Olive show them around the house”

“Okay Dad,let’s go girls”

We walked around the compound,showing them everywhere and including the swimming pool.

Few minutes later,I changed to my swimming suit and we went down to the swimming pool.

“Andrea come and join us we usually have a swimming competition on her birthday”
Dad sounded and the look on Andrew’s face was so funny.

“No Sir! I don’t know how to swim”
He sounded with his girl’s voice.

“Yes Sir,Andrea my sister Is so scared of the swimming pool,there’s a time she was pushed in,side the swimming pool she started crying and shouting,to was so funny to watch her”
Princess sounded with her demonstration,the way she demonstrated was funny that we started laughing uncontrollable.

“Princess you are so funny!
Dad sounded with laughs.

“Then you girls should watch us swim”

“Sir,can I join in the swimming?

“Can you swim?

“Yes Sir!

“Okay jump in”

Princess jumped in and started swimming,I won the swimming competition as usual.

We went in,side for lunch,
“So tell me Andera who is your father?

“Sir, our father is de……..
He wanted to say dead and Princess discut immediately.

“Sir,our father is Philip Morris”
She answered with smiles.

“Philp Morris! The one that owns Philip Morris international airport?
Dad asked.

“Yes Sir!
Princess answered without any sign of lie in her voice.

“Your Dad is a great man”

“Thanks Sir!
They sounded.

Thirty minutes later,we were done with the lunch,

“Thanks so much Sir!
They said.

“Are you girls okay?

“Yes Sir,we are okay”
They said.

“Dad let me take them to the room”


I took them to my room,Andrew removed the heels immediately.

“Oh my gosh! Am so tired of this,being a girl is not easy”
He sounded.

I laughed and said,
“That’s what you have to do to be with me”

“Come here my love,I miss you so much,miss this l-ips of yours”
He sounded and k×ssed me.

“Am still here guys!
Princess sounded and walked out to the balcony.

We continued with our k×ssing,we landed on the bed and k×ssed so passionately.


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