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Tempted to fall episode 5


Tempted To Fall (episode 5)
These days, it’s hard to completely trust anyone because you don’t know who is plotting your downfall. This simple reason is why a lot of people have walls around their lives and also have a very tight inner circle with few trusted people. Who would have thought that a trusted best friend like Dora would do a thing like that to a genuine and loving friend like Natasha. What was in Vincent’s body that Dora couldn’t find elsewhere in another man? Why snatch your best friend’s husband when there are so many other man walking the surface of this earth that she could go after? It’s quite disheartening to realise that Dora didn’t hesitate to ruin her best friend’s home. Too bad!
That evening at the hotel was going to determine the fate of Natasha’s marriage. If Vincent and Dora succeeded in having an affair, then we are sure that will be the downfall of Natasha’s marriage because Vincent will now have an alternative option and also something to compare his wife to; which I believe we all know how dangerous having a better alternative is.
As the atmosphere got thicker that evening, Dora was ready to devour Vincent than he was ready for her. After those words left the starved married man’s lips, she smiled and continued kissing him passionately. As her succulent lips locked with his own, she began to remove his clothes in haste. In no time, Vincent was ripped off his clothes; remaining only his underwear. While Dora removed his clothes, he also removed hers and just as they were about to go completely [email protected], something we could call a ‘Miracle’ happened.
Immediately they were about to finally take off their underwear, a call came into Vincent’s phone. While the phone rang, he wanted to check who was calling but was too distracted to pay any attention to his phone. It was when it rang for the forth time that he was able to unlock his lips from Dora’s own and locate the phone. One look at the caller and his heart dropped; it was no other person than ‘Wifey’.
Regardless of the fact that Vincent was highly engrossed in the affair he was having with his wife’s best friend, he was disciplined enough to not neglect his wife’s phone call. “You can’t pick that, come here because I haven’t even started with you” Dora said in a slightly pissed tone, “Just give me a second, let me discard her” he replied and immediately picked the call. “Hello” he coldly greeted, “Baby, where are you? It’s our son” Natasha said in a panicked tone. Her tone alone was enough to bring Vincent’s stray sense back into his head because it sounded as if there was fire on the mountain.
At that moment, Vincent became tensed and quickly sat up. “Why do you sound worried, what happened?” he nervously inquired, “It is our son, he has been running very high temperature since he got back from school and hasn’t been able to eat anything since then” Natasha soberly said. Immediately she said that, Vincent jumped up from where he sat and rushed to where his clothes laid on the floor to pick them up. “I am coming home now so we can take him to the hospital. Dress him up so we don’t have to waste anytime when I get home” he said and ended the call.
Immediately the call ended, Vincent wore his clothes in haste and completely forgot that Dora was even there. The shame and disappointment on her face was beyond imaginable. “So you are just going to leave me hanging like this?” she shamelessly asked. Without hesitating, Vincent replied; “Yes I have to, my family needs me” and zoomed off immediate afterwards, leaving the home wrecker there all alone.
It’s baffling how a person will choose to settle for a ‘Side Piece’ when they have all the potentials to be the centre of attention and the centre of their partner’s heart. You see how no one can take the place of family in a person’s life? Why didn’t Dora’s motive prevail despite how thick the atmosphere was before Natasha’s call came in? How come all of a sudden, Vincent realised that his family came first and he was willing to let go of everything just to be there for his wife and son? With these being said, you might want to rethink before settling as a side piece to a married person or become a home wrecker.
With Vincent out of the hotel room, Dora laid back on the bed and fell into deep thoughts. She was extremely hurt and felt stupid at that moment. “Such insult; I have suffered in his life because of love” she said and shook her head in disappointment.
While Dora wallowed in disappointment, Vincent was already halfway in his destination. In 20 minutes time, he arrived home and took his family to the hospital. Their son was admitted because he had high fever and needed proper treatment. Due to that development, they all had to spend the night at the hospital.
All through that night, Vincent’s conscience kept judging him. Whenever he looked at Natasha, the guilt increased. Dora didn’t help matters because she kept calling and he would decline the call. On seeing that the desperate lady wasn’t ready to back down, he switched off his phone so that Natasha wouldn’t suspect what was going on.
The next day, their son was discharged and they headed home. Vincent didn’t really communicate with his wife at the hospital and even as they drove home because he was dealing with his conscience. Despite the fact that he knew deep down that he broke his marriage vows to his wife and was probably feeling guilty, he still somehow missed his short lived romance with Dora.
The fact that Vincent didn’t completely have his way with Dora made him feel like he was losing on both ends. Feeling guilty for something he didn’t really do, worsened the situation. At that point, he somehow began to realise that Natasha deserved more than being back stabbed by her husband and best friend. For some strange reasons, Vincent began to see the need to retrace his steps and possibly never return to his sinful ways again.
Days passed and the harassment from Dora continued. At random times, she would send nudes to Vincent and it began to scare him because the chances of Natasha finding those nudes were high. He blocked her on two WhatsApp lines but the harassment never ceased.
The more Vincent drew away from Dora, the intense the harassment became. I believe this could have been the perfect time for him to come clean and reveal the dirty secret to his wife but he still kept everything all to himself.
Well, you know how they say every secret has an expiry date? well so with this one. The bird was finally about to be let out of the cage without the owner’s knowledge. A thief could steal for a long time but would be caught one day. It was time for Natasha to find out the betrayals that had been going on behind her back. That fateful day finally came one evening.
It happened that Natasha was tidying the house one evening because that’s basically the only time she normally have to do some cleaning due to her tight work schedules. At the time she came into her matrimonial room to tidy it up, Vincent was busy taking his bath and didn’t hear her come in.
As Natasha arranged the bed, Vincent’s phone light came on as though his phone just finished ringing. Initially, she ignore the phone and was busy with her cleaning, but was later drawn to it after the light came on again.
Anxious to know who was calling, Natasha picked the phone up and realised that it was actually ringing but was on silent. She looked at the number that called but it had no name. Just as she was about to drop the phone back, it beeped. Still holding the phone, she anxiously looked to see what the message was all about because she has low-key been suspecting her husband of infidelity since he hadn’t touched her in a long while. Despite being suspicious, I believe she wasn’t ready for the shocker she was going to get that evening.
Immediately Natasha opened the message, she almost collapsed when she saw two nude pictures. The face of the sender didn’t show but her tattoo and the side of her face showed.
As Natasha stood there heartbroken with tears falling off her eyes, she kept looking at the tattoo as though she had seen it before. After about few seconds of refreshing her memory, it finally dammed on her where and in whose body she had seen that tattoo.
Dumbfounded and highly shocked, she soberly muttered “Dora?”
End of episode 5 😉
Stay tuned tomorrow to see what happened next.

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