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Tempted to fall episode 8


Tempted To Fall (episode 8)
The best pay-back revenge is SUCCESS. When people undermine or degrade you, the best way to react is to become a better version of yourself. Crying yourself to sleep over any negative situation you face will only make you weak and incompetent to face the battles of life because believe me, these battles are inherent and will always pay you a visit every now and then. In this life you have to be very tough and strong because challenges isn’t for the weak at heart. It’s OK to break down when you face negative crisis, but make sure to get back up with a renewed enthusiasm to face that problem head on.
When Natasha found out about the betrayal done by her husband and best friend, she could have continued wallowing in pain till eternity and would have probably played the blame game but that wasn’t the case for the grieved woman. Instead of being bitter, she channelled all the pain she was feeling towards a better course. This life never gets fair but we can determine how we react towards every situation and also ensure to make the best out of it.
Finally, the long awaited dreaded confrontation was about to go down and I bet Dora wasn’t ready for what was coming her way at all. That reply Natasha gave her was just the beginning. It took the shameless home wrecker a while to fully digest the shocking reality that was right in front of her. Not in a thousand years did Dora ever imagine such ‘Banging Body’ on Natasha, so it definitely took her by surprise. Dora was jaw-drop shocked and had to take a minute to fully warp her head around everything.
“Welcome Natasha…erm, ermmn we didn’t know we were coming in today, you are looking very beautiful my friend” Dora nervously said. One look at Dora and everyone present could tell that she was highly uncomfortable and tensed. Since their colleagues had no idea of what was going on, they quickly waived the awkwardness and dispatched to their various duty post.
With everyone out of the scene, the two ladies were now the only ones remaining. Natasha’s happy countenance instantly vanished and tears clouded her eyes afterwards. “Why Dora? Why on earth did you betray me like that? I trusted you with all my heart and loved you like a sister, how could you do a thing like that to me? After all these years of friendship, you decide to be a fool, snake and a hypocrite. Get the hell out of my face you shameless slut; I have a paying job to get to unlike you that goes around sending nude pictures to people’s husbands for free” Natasha angrily said and stormed out of the office entrance without even giving Dora any chance to say anything.
Immediately Natasha walked out, Dora stood there looking completely devastated and lost. She held her chest as she struggled to catch some breath. The receptionist who was at the other end, eavesdropped on their conversation. The lady heard everything and walked back to her duty post after Natasha had left. She kept giving Dora side eyes till the devastated home wrecker caught the weird stare and walked away too.
That day was the beginning of Dora’s reputation downfall because gossips started flying around the office that she sends nude pictures to married men and also tried to snatch Natasha’s husband. It was just a matter of 2 days before the gossip got to everyone’s ears and the fact that Natasha and Dora wasn’t in talking terms all of a sudden, further proved the rumours right.
Ever since Natasha resumed work, Dora had been Trying to have a private one on one talk with her, so as to explain everything and also apologise but all to no avail. Natasha didn’t even want to be in the same space with Dora, talk more of having any conversation with her or whatsoever. The betrayal stripes and pain were still very fresh to Natasha so she didn’t want to complicate her healing process.
After about a week of work resumption, words got to Vincent that his wife was back to work. He was very happy and relieved when he received the information. He couldn’t wait for the next day to visit her office so they could see after over two (2) months of being apart. There were so many thoughts on Vincent’s mind because he didn’t know how Natasha would react when she sees him. Despite being scared of the unknown, he still gathered the courage to face his wife once and for all so they could determine the fate of their marriage. It was a long shot but worth trying!
Towards evening period the next day, Vincent set out to Natasha’s office. As he drove down there, his heart raced non-stop but he still managed to maintain a positive attitude. The fact that Dora also worked there worsen everything for Vincent because he knew that his wife was definitely not in talking terms with her. Regardless of everything, the worried man still maintained a positive attitude.
At around 4pm, Vincent arrived at Natasha’s working place. Since everyone knew that he was married to her, they allowed him into her office without first calling to inform her that she had a visitor. Despite the fact that majority of the people in that office were aware of what was going on between Dora and the couple, they kept mute and pretended as though they knew nothing. A Broadway show was about to go down that day but I guess no one saw it coming.
At around 4:16pm, there was a knock on Natasha’s office door and she reluctantly told the person to come in. Immediately the door opened, there was pin drop silence afterwards. Natasha’s heart dropped when she set her eyes on her estranged husband and didn’t know when tears clouded her eyes as she stared at him in total disgust.
On the other hand, Vincent couldn’t believe his eyes at all because the woman he was seeing didn’t look like the Natasha that walked away from his house few months back. His mouth was wide open and the shock in his eyes were highly evident.
Just as Vincent was about to go down on his knees to rain apologies to his wife, the door opened and someone majestically walked in.
They all looked to see who it was and Lo & Behold, it was no other person than ‘Dora Dora’.
End of episode 8 😉

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