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( Bounded With You )

By, Cisca. H.

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Daddy s£nds British Luciano to protect h¡s daughter, but once th£ h°t mob boss( Luciano’s son) meets Natalie, h£ wants h£r for h¡mself—on multiple cont!nents.


Natalie is a grad student who’s suddenly thrv$t !nto th£ world of a bus!ness tycoon. $h£ has noth!ng to lack as everyth!ng was th£re for h£r even before $h£ would ask for it.

h£r fath£r placed h£r under th£ ¢ar£ of Lucky Luciano, one of h¡s friends to take ¢ar£ of h£r while h£ leaves for work at Russia.

Natalie’s stay has been a dreadful one as Mr Luciano’s son wasn’t as h£artful as $h£ had thought.

Th£ bus!ness trip was supposed to last for six months, but unfortunately, Natalie’s fath£r had to spend a year at Russia.

$h£’s terrified of h£r stay with a man who could j√$t as easily kill h£r as klzz h£r … now, th£ only way $h£’ll stay safe is if $h£ makes h¡m [email protected]|| !n love with h£r.

( Bounded With You )

By, Cisca. H.

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Writer ✓

Th£ Mafia world is a great world ruled by one brave and stronge person. h£ has evryth!ng !n ¢©Πtr0|.

h£ was self discipl!ned and possesses dignity… h£ had all oth£r Mafia Lords work!ng under h¡m.

How h£ ruled th£ Mafia world was beyound man’s imag!nation… and h£ wasn’t j√$t th£ well discipl!ned man we all know, h£ was also City of London most wanted crim!nal.

h£ was known as th£ strongest and bold Mafia K!ng !n London.

h¡s name is Draco Luciano…


Natalie ✓

“ Dad, are you sure th¡s is a good idea?” I asked dad as I packed my stuffs !nto my luggage.

“ Yes, Nat, th¡s is th£ best idea I have ever made !n years. I trust Luciano, h£ is th£ only one who can do th¡s for me as well as take good ¢ar£ of you while I am away.” Looks at me. “ You don’t trust h¡m?”

“ Not that I don’t trust h¡m, I’m not good at liv!ng with people… oth£r people.”

“ Don’t worry ab©vt Luciano, h£ isn’t j√$t th£ oth£r people, h£’s totally different from th£m. Trust, me.”

Dad and Mr Luciano has been th¡s close s!nce I knew earth, th£y did th!ngs !n common and most times hangs ©vt with each oth£r, especially at night for d!nner and th£y haven’t stopped hang!ng ©vt until last night.

So… I won’t blame dad for hav!ng so much trust !n h¡m.

I a!n’t that good at liv!ng with people who aren’t related to me,I can only pay th£m a visit th£n, I’m off [email protected]¢k home.

But th¡s time, th!ngs seems to be a lot different as Dad will be leav!ng to Russia today on a bus!ness trip which will last for six months.

Dad with some maids h£lped take my stuffs to th£ car while I did some f!nish up on my face.

Yeah, it’s j√$t me and my dad all th£ time. h£’s been th£re for me s!nce I was thirteen, th£ same year I lost my moth£r after a brief illness which had no mean!ng.

But Mrs carol!na, my college guidian councellor would always say, “ That is fate.”

Th£n… fv¢k fate.

Now, I am a grad student, I can actually take good ¢ar£ of myself but that isn’t for dad. That’s why h£ bought th£ idea of putt!ng me under Mr Luciano’s ¢ar£.

Well, it’s j√$t a five days before I get employed !nto th£ Ma$$ Company !n town, I won’t have to be kept under watch for every 24 hours !n every week.

“ Bye, Mr Bradeson, have a safe trip!” th£ maids all waved at us as we s1©wly drove ©vt of th£ compound.

“ I’m gonna miss home, you know.” I said turn!ng my [email protected]¢k for th£ last time.

“ I know, and I’ll miss home too.” Dad said !n a cold voice.

“ So, you said th£ trip will be for six months, right?” I asked.

“ Yes, for six months, th£n I’ll be [email protected]¢k to take you home.” I smiled. “ How ab©vt your new job, how is it go!ng?”

“ Well, th£ manager will be acquit!ng new employed staffs !nto th£ company by next week Monday.” I said.

“ That’s five days from now?”

“ Yeah.”

“ You do love th£ press, don’t you?” h£ asked aga!n, tak!ng off h¡s gaze from th£ steer!ng to look at me.

“ Yeah, who doesn’t love th£ press?” I bit on my nails. “ I want to be known @r0vnd th£ State.”

“ But you are known already.”

“ Because you are my fath£r, who doesn’t know Mr Bradeson?” h£ laugh£d for a while. “ I want to be famous on my own and not under you.”

“ Oh, I th!nk I’m beg!nn!ng to understand wh£re you are h£ad!ng to. It doesn’t matter who or what makes you famous, what matters is what you do that makes everyone know you.

Some people are known for a negative aspect, while some are for th£ good aspect. Th£ question is, what aspect will you be known for.

Th£ media isn’t like th£ video calls wh£re both you and th£ caller see each oth£r, it’s m©r£ like th£ wh0l£ world is watch!ng you ever day.

What am I try!ng to say, whatever you are do!ng !n th£ Ma$$ company, try to be a good child okay?” I nodded my h£ad. “ As soon as you sh°t your first video, don’t forget to hit me up.”

“ I won’t.”

We spent ab©vt two hours on our ride to Mr Luciano’s compound. h¡s compound was as big as ours but th£ only th!ng that made h¡s home m©r£ welcom!ng was th£ decorative flowers.

Th£y had planted it both |ns!de and th£ ©vtside of th£ compound, while we had only few flowers !n our compound and ab©vt one or two ©vtside.

Mr Luciano stood ©vtside h¡s build!ng, h¡s l¡ps beamed with a wide smile as soon as we entered th£ compound.

Dad went to offer h¡m a [email protected] th£n a warm hug with lasted for a second or two. “ Nice to see you aga!n, Mr Bradeson.” h£ said after th£ hug.

“ Nice to see you too, Luciano.” I leaned on th£ car while some maids carried my stuffs !nto th£ house. My eyes were fixed as dad chatted happily with th£ man. Th£n, h£ looked at my direction. “ that’s my daughter, Natalie Bradeson.”

“ Was it necessary attach!ng th£ Bradeson?” I thought to myself.

I waved at h¡m and h£ waved [email protected]¢k. “ Come on, Nat, don’t j√$t stand th£re wav!ng, come say h£llo to Mr Luciano.”

“ Oh, f*ck.” I muttered as I walked to wh£re th£y stood. “ h£llo, Mr Luciano.” I greeted.

“ h£llo, Nat, It’s been a long time. I remember th£ last time I met you, you were !n your f!nal year at high school. I h£ard you’ve graduated, congratulation.”

“ Thank you. It’s really a ₱1ea$vre to meet you aga!n, Sir.”

h£ smiled, “ A ₱1ea$vre to meet you too. Don’t worry ab©vt unpack!ng, th£ maids will h£lp you do that. Have a bath and a good sleep, lunch will be ready before two.”

“ Okay.” I went to hug dad for th£ last time. “ Have a safe trip.”

“ Thank you.” h£ said, klzz!ng my foreh£ad. “ I’ll text you wh£n I get to th£ airport, okay?”

I nodded. “ Okay. Bye.” I waved at h¡m.

“ Bye.” I entered !nto th£ build!ng, with th£ h£lp of a maid who directed me to my new room.

From th£ w!ndow, I watch£d dad shake with Mr Luciano for th£ last time before hopp!ng !nto h¡s car. Mr Luciano had s£nt a guard to follow h¡m so as to return th£ car [email protected]¢k to th£ compound.

I notice dad look up, search!ng for my w!ndow. I shifted th£ curta!ns enough for h¡m to get a clear view of me. I waved aga!n, “ Bye dad.” I m©vth£d !n a way h£ could understand.

“ Bye.” h£ m©vth£d [email protected]¢k before exit!ng th£ compound.

I sigh£d shak!ngly, wip!ng off th£ tears that feel on my ch£eks. I’m gonna miss dad so much, h£ was my only family. And now h£’s f!nally left, six months is beg!nn!ng to look like a year to me.

I f!ni$h£d tak!ng my bath, now I was [email protected]!ng on th£ b£d. I decided not to sleep until h£ gets to th£ airport. h£ said h£’d text me wh£n h£ gets th£re, so I’m actually wait!ng patiently until h£ texts me.

Few m!nutes later, my phone beeped. I was halfway to sleep but thankfvlly, I wasn’t totally gone. I ch£cked on it, it was a message from dad.

“ I’m at th£ airport now, few m!nutes and we’re up !n th£ air. How do you see your temporal home?”

“ I haven’t studied @r0vnd yet, can’t really tell yet.”

“ Don’t worry, your’e gonna love it.”

“ I know. Don’t forget to call me wh£n you get to Russia.”

“ I won’t.”

“ Gotta sleep. Bye.”

“ Bye.”

Now, I can sleep !n peace…

I was listen!ng to music wh£n I fell asleep, th£ stress was a lot on me that I spent th£ rest of th£ day on th£ b£d.


I jerked up by th£ sound of a knock on th£ door. Th£ sound was loud enough, caus!ng my h£art to b**t than normal.

“ Who’s that?” I asked.

“ Th£ Master s£nt me to call you. D!nner is ready.” Said th£ voice from th£ oth£r side of th£ door.

“ I’ll be th£re !n a m!nute.”

“ Okay.” I could h£ar h£r footstep retreat!ng d©wΠ th£ hallway.

I rubb£d my eyes gently, yawn!ng tiredly. I stood up, h£ad!ng to th£ door wh£n I discovered I wasn’t with my phone. I went [email protected]¢k to pick it from th£ b£d, ch£ck!ng if dad had been call!ng.

Mr Luciano was sitt!ng on one of th£ chairs, h£ ₱|@yed a smile on h¡s face as soon as h£ saw me.

h£ was a man !n h¡s early 50’s, ab©vt six years older than my dad. j√$t guess!ng, tho. But th£ way th£y did th!ngs !n common, one may th!nk th£y were of th£ same age.

I h£ard h£ had a son from h¡s first wife two years before $h£ divorced h¡m. It was h¡s younger sister who took ¢ar£ of h¡s son until h£ turned ten. $h£ had to leave to h£r own new home wh£re $h£ was blessed with two kids.

Luckily h¡s wife came [email protected]¢k to h¡m, that was wh£n th£ir child turned fourteen. Due to h¡s love for h£r, h£ accepted h£r immediately.

Ten years later, h¡s wife died, leav!ng h¡m with h¡s only son. I also h£ard that s!nce th£n, h¡s son stopped liv!ng with h¡m. h£’d only pay h¡m a visit, th£ next day h£’s off.

I stared at th£ di$h£s on th£ table, it had my favourite. “ I asked your fath£r ab©vt your favourite dish, h£ said you love th£ stuffed sweet potatoes.”

I sat on th£ chair opposite h¡s, I wore my apron, pick!ng th£ fork beside th£ plate. “ Like I h£ard, you will be start!ng your new job by Monday, right?” h£ asked as we started to eat on our meal.

“ Yes.” I answered.

“ I hope you are prepared? Th£ press isn’t that easy to work !n with th£ protocols required !n it.”

“ I can make it up with th£ protocols, those aren’t my problem. “

“ What is?”

“ I don’t th!nk I will have a problem with th£ Media centre,and besides, it has always been my dream to become a jounalist. Now I have th£ opportunity, I don’t th!nk I am ready to risk it for anyth!ng.”

“ That’s a great pa$$ion, Natalie.”

“ Thank you, Mr Luciano.”

“ Well, if you m!nd for anyth!ng, please don’t h£asitate to let me know. We might not have everyth!ng you need, but I know we do have some.”

“ Don’t worry, Sir, I’ll def!nitely let you know if I need any.”

“ Please eat up.” We cont!nued with our meal and we had some few discussions. We actually talked ab©vt how h£ met my dad and how th£ir friendship began.

I really enjoyed every bit of conversation I had with h¡m, and I was beg!nn!ng to doubt th£ fact that I hated it h£re.


To Be Cont!nued…

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