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Tempting The Devil episode 10

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( Bounded With You )

By, Cisca. H.

Chapter 10:


I appeared on my silky red gown with a long split which travelled up to my th¡gh, expos!ng a part of my leg.

I had my red h£els on and a red small [email protected] !n a purse size shape. I remembered purchas!ng th¡s attire a year ago on my birthday.

It was my favorite dress and I always had it on on special occasions.

I dressed my hair on th£ best style I can ever give to it, apply!ng enough make up on my face. Tho, not too much to cause a havoc.

I glared at myself at th£ mirror for th£ last time, ch£ck!ng on my l¡pstick.

” You look beautiful, Nat.” I praised myself for th£ first time !n centuries. I never had th£ time to compliment on myself, maybe that’s because I got no time for stuffs like that.

Even to yourself?…

Now, that’s th£ annoy!ng voice !n my h£ad talk!ng. Puff.

I opened th£ door, leav!ng th£ room to th£ sitt!ng room. From th£ staircase I could h£ar Mr Luciano talk!ng to someone !n a call.

h£ was [email protected]¢k!ng me wh£n I got to th£ room, one [email protected] on h¡s [email protected]¡$t and th£ oth£r h£ld th£ phone.

” I’m com!ng like I promised. I’ll be th£re at any time. ”

” Thank you. ” h£ said to whatever it is th£ oth£r receiver had said. ” We’ll see wh£n I get th£re. Bye.”

Fus!ng h¡s phone !nto h¡s pocket, h£ turned to ch£ck if I had show up.

h£ gave me a long glance from up to d©wΠ, th£n [email protected]¢k to my face. ” You look great tonight.” h£ complimented with a smile.

” Thank you.”

” Are you ready for th£ ball?”

” Of course, I am.”

h£ curved h¡s [email protected] while I h£ld it with m!ne. ” Let’s get go!ng.”

h£ opened th£ door to th£ pa$$enger seat, I entered, adj√$t!ng myself properly.

h£ got to th£ driver’s seat. h£ started th£ car and off we were ©vt of th£ compound to th£ ball house.

While we were still mak!ng our way to th£ party, I was busy with so many thoughts |ns!de my h£ad.

I was wonder!ng if th¡s ball party would be like that of th£ ancient ball type we all know…

Or if it would turn ©vt to be those k!nds we had [email protected]¢k th£n !n highschool and college.

Or am I th£ one with no s£nse to understand what th£ word ‘Ball Party’ means.

It took us ab©vt close to an hour to get th£re. Th£ build!ng wasn’t th£ highschool or college type thought, it was m©r£ like th£ big men type.

Oh, I’m so crazy to have forgotten, th¡s isn’t j√$t an ord!nary man host!ng th£ party…

I can’t give a confirm explanation to what k!nd of ball party th¡s is. I know I’ve been to a party before, but those were th£ normal highschool ones.

I mean, I haven’t attended to th¡s k!nd before. It’s always dad’s fault, h£ never lets me attend to any.

” Are you s¢ar£d?” h¡s voice brought me ©vt of my thoughts.

” No, I’m j√$t a little bit nervous, that’s all.”

” I see. Guess you haven’t been to a ball before. ”

I shook my h£ad. ” I’ve been to a party but not th¡s k!nd of party. ”

” You mean th£ highschool party? ”

” And college party too. ” I see h£ really understands.

” Don’t worry, you will soon get use to it. You j√$t have to stick @r0vnd with me, or we end up look!ng for each oth£r. ”

I nodded an ” okay. ”

We f!nally entered th£ build!ng, th£ hip-hop music blasted th£ |ns!de that one could [email protected] h£ar th£ oth£r talk!ng no matter th£ distance.

” Come, I’ll show you to my friends.” h£ yelled due to th£ high volume of th£ speaker.

h£ took me to a group of people sitt!ng on a different section of th£ build!ng.

From th£ looks, one can tell th¡s part of th£ build!ng was only meant for th£ rich men.

Th£re were one… two… three… th£y were many of th£m and time can’t tell if I have to count all of th£m.

Th£y [email protected] each oth£r and some who went ah£ad hugg!ng h¡m. My nervousness grew extremely high.

Th£ faces I was star!ng at were different. Both men and young gentlemen and y©vths were all sitt!ng th£re.

” Who is $h£?” One of th£ men asked, scann!ng me from h£ad to toe.

” Th¡s is my best friend’s daughter, Miss Natalie Bradeson.” h£ !ntroduced.

Th£y welcomed me and I felt a bit relaxed. I noticed Mr Luciano look @r0vnd, ” Wh£re is my son?” h£ asked wh£n h£ saw that h¡s son wasn’t with th£m.

h¡s son?

h¡s son is h£re too?

F!nally, I will get to see Mr Luciano’s son???

” I’m h£re fath£r.” A deep voice sounded from beh!nd. Both Mr Luciano and I turned to look at who it was.

” h£y, son.” h£ welcomed h¡m with an embrace, but h£re I am stand!ng at my confusion.

What am I star!ng at?

Now, I am star!ng at th£ same guy from th£ shopp!ng mall who turns ©vt to be th£ one and only Christoph£r Adams, City of London’s most wanted crim!nal.

Who also ends up to be Draco Luciano, Mr Luciano’s son!!

For damn sake why does every th!ng get complicated and confus!ng than it already has.

Oh, now I see.

” Draco, meet Natalie, Mr Bradeson’s daughter. And Nat, th¡s is my son, Draco. ”

Yeah, we’ve met before. Said th£ voice !n my h£ad.

” A ₱1ea$vre to meet you, Miss Bradeson.” h£ stretch£d for a [email protected]

” A ₱1ea$vre to meet you too, Mr Luciano. ” I h£ld h¡s [email protected], return!ng th£ [email protected] which lasted for a second, I guess.

Our eyes has been star!ng at each oth£r for what took like m!nutes and not a s!ngle word came ©vt of our m©vth.

” Have you two meet before?” Asked Mr Luciano.

” No.” We both said at th£ same time.

” I uhm… I’ll go get a dr!nk.” I excused myself.

” Okay, give me a call wh£n you are done.”

” I will.” I left as soon as possible to th£ w!ne bar. ” Please a bottle of w!ne. ” I said.

” Alcoholic or… ”

I didn’t let th£ counter man f!nish h¡s statement I quickly said, ” Non alcoholic, please.”

” Right on your way, ma’am. ”

Even if you have to ask me a million times, I will keep say!ng th£ same th!ng over and over aga!n. Th¡s shit is gett!ng me th!nk!ng.

Not only th£ fact that h£ is City of London’s most wanted, but for th£ fact that h£ is Mr Luciano’s son and a drug Lord for cry!ng ©vt loud.

But, to th!nk of it, does that mean Mr Luciano isn’t aware of what h¡s son does? Or is it because of th£ fact that h¡s media name is totally different from h¡s real name?

To be honest with you, I’m totally as confused as you are right now. Even as I sipped on my dr!nk, noth!ng seem to be h£lp!ng at all.

” I need anoth£r gla$$, please.” I requested and h£ ₱0ured me a gla$$ immediately.

” Shit!” I cursed, stamp!ng my fist lightly on th£ desk.

” h£y,” someone said from beh!nd, ” m!nd for a company?”

I don’t know if I should say a yes to h¡m or j√$t pla!nly tell h¡m that I wanted to be alone.

” Yes.”

h£ sat on th£ empty seat beside me. ” Your th£ girl Mr Luciano brought along, right? I mean, Mr Bradeson’s daughter.”

” Yes, that’s me. ”

” Wow, you look… great tonight. ” Looks at th£ w!ne attendant, ” ₱0ur me a gla$$ of wh¡skey, will you? ”

Star!ng [email protected]¢k at me. ” So, my name is Charles.”

” Nice to meet you, Charles.”

” So, Ms Bradeson, if you won’t m!nd me ask!ng, what’s your occupation? ” h£ asked, sipp!ng on h¡s dr!nk.

” I work as a journalist.”

” A journalist, wow that’s nice. Well, I work for Mr Luciano, ” po!nt!ng at th£ gangster leader, ” We base on foreign exchange. ”

” Like? ”

” Motors. ”

” Oh, I see. ” I looked at Mr Luciano’s son who was hav!ng a long discussion with h¡s fath£r.

h¡s gaze met with m!ne and I quickly took my gaze off h¡m, star!ng [email protected]¢k at Charles.

” Is h£ always like that?” I asked, referr!ng to Draco Luciano.

” h¡m?” h£ chuckled. ” I won’t say no, but honestly, most time h£ is always like that. Why do you ask? ”

” h£ hasn’t smiled s!nce h£ showed up. I was only wonder!ng if it’s h¡s nature. ”

” Don’t worry ab©vt h¡m, h¡s k!nda cool though. ”

I looked at h¡m aga!n, h£ doesn’t really look cool to me. h£ looks m©r£ like th£ monster h£ is.


To Be Cont!nued…

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