Tempting The Devil

Tempting the devil episode 15 – 16

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( Bounded With You )

By, Cisca. H.

Chapter 15:


” You’ve been quiet s!nce we came h£re, hope every th!ng is alright?” Ruthie asked me while we ate our lunch.

” Sure, of course. Why? ”

$h£ rose an eyebrow at me. ” Seriously? ”

” Look, Ruth, I’m f!ne, okay. ”

” I wanna believe that but uhm… your expression says no. Noth!ng is def!nitely alright. So you’re gonna tell me what’s actually eat!ng you up? ”

I let ©vt a sigh.” I don’t know. ”

” Really? You don’t know? ” $h£ scoffed. ” If you keep say!ng that all th£ time, you won’t f!nd h£lp. We’re friends aren’t we? And friends are supposed to be th£re for each oth£r. ”

Not th¡s time. I’d only be a bad friend if I have to tell h£r ab©vt th£ Luciano’s.

I j√$t wish I can be normal liv!ng !n that now-h£ll-shit of a mansion. Even th¡s hang©vt would have been better if we spent it at home.

But with th£ look of th!ngs, I don’t th!nk I made th£ wrong choice at all.

” Why don’t we change topic?”

” Okay, I’m listen!ng.” $h£ sipped on h£r dr!nk.

” So, ab©vt what Mr Thompson said yesterday. ” I started.

” What ab©vt it? ” $h£ asked.

” I can’t even remember. ”

$h£ scoffed. ” You’re funny, you know that. ”

” j√$t jok!ng. Honestly, my h£ad is too busy to th!nk of a topic now. ”

” So, how ab©vt your article on th£ Drug Gangs, are you still writ!ng it? ”

” I uhm.. I was but uhm.. I changed my m!nd. ”

” Why? ” $h£ asked, surprised.

” I realized I shouldn’t be spend!ng almost all my time writ!ng ab©vt those shits. It would be a lot better if I have to write someth!ng m©r£… reasonable. ”

” Some th!ng like..? ”

” I don’t know. Anyth!ng different. ”

After th£ lunch, we went for anoth£r hang©vt at rh£ beach. We didn’t swim, we only watch£d as people walked up and d©wΠ, ₱|@yed sand game and th£ rest of th£m.

I can’t imag!ne myself home alone if not for Ruthie, I would have be [email protected]!ng on my b£d till day breaks.

” So, does your moth£r know you work !n th£ Ma$$ Comp?” I asked, break!ng th£ long term silence.

” I don’t th!nk so. But if $h£ does, that means dad must have told h£r. I don’t ¢ar£.”

” Ever thought of pay!ng your dad a visit? ”

” Yeah, but it didn’t work ©vt, tho. h£ said h£ was work!ng on an issue. ”

” What issue? ”

” Didn’t say so. ” $h£ shrugged. ” We’re both plann!ng on meet!ng next month, with©vt step mom’s cons£nt. ”

” Sorry to say th¡s, but you have a h£ll bitch as a step moth£r. ”

” You can keep say!ng that over and over aga!n, I won’t m!nd. ”

We saw people runn!ng h£lter skelter with loud s¢r**ms from every sides of th£ beach. And th£n th£ sound of a gun which followed after.

Ruthie and I quickly stood up from wh£re we sat, f!nd!ng our way ©vt of th£ beach.

But th£ sound of th£ gun seem to be com!ng from every wh£re. ” What’s go!ng on?” Ruthie asked terrified.

” I don’t know. But we should be work!ng on gett!ng th£ h£ll ©vtta h£re. ”

” But th£y’re everywh£re. How are we go!ng to get ©vt of h£re with th£… fv¢k! ” $h£ s¢r**med by th£ loud sound of a released bullet. ” Nat, get us ©vt of h£re!”

It’s okay for h£r to be s¢ar£d, I am too. But that’s not th£ problem, th£ problem is leav!ng h£re alive.

But what’s actually th£ reason for th£ !ntruders and th£ gun sh°t? What’s wrong with th£ beach th¡s time?

We kept runn!ng, try!ng to make it to th£ corner of a rock, Ruthie fell to th£ ground as soon as anoth£r bullet was released to our direction.

I almost thought I had lost Ruthie, but wh£n I turned to ch£ck on h£r, $h£ dragged me d©wΠ, crawl!ng ah£ad of me.

” Those bastards will have one of our h£ads b!0wn ©vt.” $h£ said, lean!ng aga!nst th£ rock. ” We’re doomed for good. ”

” It’s all my fault. ” I hated myself for ever br!ng!ng up th£ idea of visit!ng th£ beach.

” For what? Br!ng!ng us h£re?” $h£ scoffed. ” Oh please, spare me that now, Nat. Th£ most important th!ng is stay!ng alive. As soon as we get ©vt of h£re, we’ll talk ab©vt th¡s. ”

” Everyone h£ads d©wΠ!! ” We h£ard one of th£ voices say. ” I said h£ads d©wΠ! ”

I poke my h£ad ©vt to see what was go!ng on. Anoth£r was po!nt!ng a gun of a victim’s h£ad, ” h£ads up aga!n, and I will b!0w your skull.” h£ threatened.

” So, I’m gonna ask, wh£re is De Conto? ” h£ yelled th£ name.

” Who th£ h£ck is De Conto?” Ruthie wh¡spered.

” Never h£ard of th£ name before.”

Th£re was no reply from any of th£ people [email protected]!ng on th£ ground. h£ released fire !n th£ air, threaten!ng th£m th£ m©r£.

” I said, wh£re th£ h£ck is De Conto?” After a short while, h£ chuckled. ” No one’s gonna answer me, huh? F!ne.”

” What’s h£ gonna do, b!0w th£ir h£ads off?” $h£ asked, now I can feel th£ $h!very!ng vibration of h£r b©dy on m!ne.

” I th!nk so.” I sneaked my h£ad ©vt aga!n, h£ was talk!ng to one of th£ victims. h£ ₱u$h£d h¡m by th£ h£ad, caus!ng h¡m to [email protected]|| on someone else.

h£ had a brief call, which after h£ gave a nod to th£ oth£rs who accompanied h¡m. ” Th£y’re gonna kill th£m all.” I said, lean!ng my h£ad [email protected]¢k on th£ rock.

” What?! ” $h£ was quick to cover h£r m©vth from caus!ng any sound.

Th£n we started h£ar!ng gunsh°ts, countless of th£m. I sh°t my ears from h£ar!ng th£m. I couldn’t stop from imag!n!ng th£ !nnocent bloods gone for no reason.

I shut my eyes close as if leav!ng it open would cause me a nightmare at night. Th£y were gonna kill th£m… all those !nnocent souls for one s!ngle person no one knows.

We waited for m!nutes after th£y had all gone. Ruthie was already weep!ng like a child. It has always been a talk at th£ office, but today, $h£ was see!ng it reality.

It is all my fault, I shouldn’t have brought neith£r of us to th¡s mess.

” I th!nk th£y’re gone.” I said, ch£ck!ng for th£ fifth time.

” I… I can’t. Nat, I can’t. I’m s¢ar£d.”

” You can only be s¢ar£d if you rema!n h£re. Th£ cops are gonna h£ar of th¡s and if th£y f!nd us h£re, th£y’re gonna keep us !n custody. ”

” Are th£y… ” $h£ swallowed [email protected] ” Are those people th£ drug gangs? ”

I knew that was what $h£’d ask, so I nodded my h£ad at h£r. ” Th£y work for th£ Drug Lords.” I answered. ” Now, let’s get ©vt of h£re. ” I h£ld h£r [email protected] as we got to our feet.

We luckily got ©vt of th£ beach with our eyes focused straight. Th£re weren’t any survivals.

” I’ll never visit a beach.. ever aga!n !n my life.” Ruthie vowed with a shaky voice. ” I hate today! It s√¢ks!”

” I’m sorry,” I apologized.

” You don’t have to, it’s not your fault th£y were look!ng for De Conto. And no one knew th¡s would happen. ” $h£ exhaled shakily. ” I j√$t wanna go home. ”

I threw my bag on th£ chair, h£ad!ng to th£ fridge for a gla$$ of water. I understand how terrified and hurt Ruthie is.

Everyone would feel th£ same !n a case like th¡s. Though I felt th£ same way Ruthie feels, but if I have to be so terrified like $h£ is, we wouldn’t have gotten ©vt of th£re alive.

Daddy always say; “ One ought to be brave sometimes.” I’ll never forget those words.

I picked my bag from th£ chair I had thrown it, h£ad!ng to my room. Today s√¢ks… A lot!!

( Bounded With You )

By, Cisca. H.

Chapter 16:

I sat on th£ three size couch, my legs folded to each oth£r, and th£ long blanket $pr£@d @r0vnd my b©dy.

Th£ weath£r was normal but one might th!nk I had luckily got ©vt from an atlantic ocean.

I s1©wly ch£wed on my popcorn while I glared at th£ television with a dull and fa!nty eyes.

I wish I can sleep till god-knows-wh£n, th£n I’ll wake up forgett!ng I had ever witness a murder!ng scene before.

I rubb£d my both eyes, yawn!ng like a stressed rat. Th¡s was th£ second time I was listen!ng to th£ case at th£ beach, it’s all over th£ media.

I know it’s gonna be an a$$ignment for tommorow. Mr Thompson won’t let th¡s topic slide away.

Th£ door open. I was too lazy to open it for whosoever that was knock!ng so, a maid came to open it !nstead.

” Good morn!ng, Sir.” $h£ greeted with a bow as Draco walked !n with someone after h¡m which I guess must be… Charles.

h£ stopped, star!ng at th£ television th£n at me. I would have guessed that it has someth!ng to do with h¡m but I didn’t.

Th£re were many Mafia Lords ©vt th£re who also wants th£ worst of th£ir fellow Mafia Lords.

I returned my gaze [email protected]¢k to th£ television while h£ mutely walked pa$$ed me to h¡s room.

My phone buzzed and I picked it from my corner, pick!ng th£ call. ” h£y, Nat.” Dad said from th£ oth£r side.

” h£y, Dad. Good morn!ng. ” I greeted.

” Good morn!ng. How you do!ng? ” h£ asked.

” Great. What ab©vt you? ” I asked [email protected]¢k, dropp!ng th£ popcorn beside me.

” Good too. I h£ard th£ news, what’s go!ng on? ” h£ asked aga!n.

” I don’t know, Dad. I don’t th!nk h£re is safe anym©r£. I don’t th!nk we all are. Dad please, j√$t take me ©vt of h£re for damn good, I freak!ng ©vt of th¡s shits. ”

” Look, Nat, runn!ng away won’t solve th£ problem. Your Visa needs to be renewed and it’s gonna take a lot of time and procedures. ”

” You th!nk stay!ng h£re is gonna h£lp eith£r? ” I said !n a wh¡sper. ” I’ll only end up !n danger if h¡s enemies f!nds ©vt that we have a th!ng !n common. ”

” You don’t have anyth!ng to do with Draco Luciano. ”

I rubb£d my foreh£ad. ” I don’t th!nk you understand, dad. If th£y f!nd ©vt I live under th£ same roof with h¡m, th£y’ll th!nk I work for h¡m or someth!ng like that. Or even use me as a bait to get to h¡m. ”

” I know, but that shouldn’t be our problem now. ”

” What should? ”

” Stay!ng alive. ”


Th£ ray of th£ th£ car lights shun through my curta!ns, gett!ng my attention that I quickly walked to th£ w!ndow to ch£ck on who it was. h£ was leav!ng for th£ third time today.


Writer ✓


~ !n Th£ BAR CLUB ~

Th£ loud music made it possible for one to h£ar th£ oth£r. Draco with Charles and oth£r of h¡s men, ab©vt four of th£m sat !n a round table, dr!nk!ng on th£ five bottles of wh¡skey on th£ir table.

Th£y all had girls with th£m except from Draco and Charles. As usual, Charles was busy with h¡s Cigar, puff!ng a large amount of smokes th£n h£’d gulp h¡s alcohol all at once.

Th£re was a lady stand!ng by th£ waiter’s table. One [email protected] lean!ng on th£ table and th£ oth£r hung on h£r [email protected]¡$t.

$h£ was talk!ng to a guy who was an !nch or two taller than h£r. Has a golden hair and tattoos on h¡s two arms.

h£ was with a dr!nk !n one [email protected] and a Cigar on th£ oth£r, puff!ng every smoke h£ !nhaled on th£ lady’s face.

Charles followed th£ direction of h¡s eyes, chuckl!ng. ” I can call h£r if you want.” h£ said and Draco rem©v£d h¡s eyes from th£m. ” Besides, it’s j√$t a night stand, isn’t it? ”

h£ smirked.

Charles, dropped h¡s gla$$ of wh¡skey on th£ table still with h¡s cigarette !n h¡s [email protected], h£ walked up to th£ girl’s direction, stand!ng !n b£tweeΠ th£ golden haired guy and h£r.

” h£llo, pretty.” Th£ girl seem to focus h£r !ntention to Charles. Th£ oth£r guy was vexed, h£ h£ld Charles [email protected] strongly.

Charles looked at h¡m from h£ad to toe, th£n at th£ [email protected] h£ had grabb£d. ” Take your f*ck!ng [email protected] off me.”

” Th£n you have to leave my girlfriend alone. ”

” Girlfriend? ” h£ chuckled, ” Well, $h£ doesn’t look like one to me. Besides, I don’t th!nk $h£ was !nterested !n whatever f*ck you were say!ng. Now get your moth£rf*ck!ng [email protected] off me or you’ll be klzz!ng h£ll. ”

That really got th£ guy terrified that h£ quickly loos£n h¡s grip. ” Whatever.” h£ walked away.

Charles smirked, return!ng [email protected]¢k to th£ young girl who has silently been watch!ng th£m. ” So, would you like to hang ©vt with someone bigger?”

” I hang ©vt with any k!nd.”

” What ab©vt someone like th¡s. ” h£ po!nted to Draco’s direction.

” That’s my specialty. ” $h£ smirked.

h£ looked at h¡m, w!nk!ng an eye as a sign that it actually worked.


Natalie was watch!ng a movie wh£n th£ door swung open. That was @r0vnd eleven that night. $h£ couldn’t sleep.

Each time $h£ tries to, $h£ keeps h£ar!ng those gunsh°ts like h¡story was repeat!ng itself over and over aga!n.

h£r eyes followed Draco and th£ young lady who was with h¡m. Th¡s was th£ first time $h£ was see!ng th¡s happen!ng.

Whatever h£ was up to with th£ lady was someth!ng Natalie doesn’t wanna th!nk ab©vt.

” Who’s $h£?” $h£ h£ard th£ girl ask h¡m.

” $h£ isn’t our bus!ness.” Well, that was someth!ng Natalie wanted to h£ar.


” Ahhh… F*ck me [email protected]!” $h£ could h£ar th£ [email protected] from th£ sitt!ng room. ” Don’t stop… keep f*ck!ng. Yes.. that’s it… Your go!ng th£re… Ahh. F*ck!!”

Natalie placed h£r ear plugs !n h£r ears, avoid!ng th£ loud annoy!ng [email protected] of th£ lady. $h£ hated why $h£ was awake.

It was a lot better dream!ng nightmares than to h£ar what was m©r£ annoy!ng than th£ devil’s speech.

$h£ went ©vt for a walk, leav!ng both th£ house and atmosph£re for th£m. $h£ spent an hour at th£ coffee shop, star!ng as cars dash!ng from both direction of th£ road.

It was after twelve, everywh£re was becom!ng dried and quiet, $h£ decided to go [email protected]¢k home, hop!ng th£y must have had enough for th£ night.

$h£ quietly shut th£ door after h£r, bolt!ng it. $h£ switch£d on th£ light, fl!nch!ng as $h£ saw h¡m sitt!ng on one of th£ couch.

$h£ didn’t say a word, but switch£d off th£ light, leav!ng to h£r room. $h£ wondered why h£r life has to be so miserable everyday.

Each time $h£ tries to make it lively, h£ was always th£re to ru!n it for h£r.


To Be Cont!nued…

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