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Tempting the devil episode 17 – 18

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( Bounded With You )

By, Cisca. H.

Chapter 17:


” We’ve got a problem.” Mr Thompson said as h£ stepped !nto th£ meet!ng hall. ” Th£re’s a news trend!ng on media and I’m sure every s!ngle one of us have listened to it? ”

h£ h£aved a sigh. ” I love writ!ng articles, but hav!ng th£ same story written over and over aga!n… It tells th£ country isn’t safe anym©r£.”

” Why would th£y kill !nnocent people for j√$t one person? ” Someone asked.

Ruthie looked at me but we said noth!ng to each oth£r. Th¡s isn’t a story for us, it was reality. We experienced it, we saw it all happened.

” You aren’t gonna say a word ab©vt what we saw at th£ beach.” I warned h£r.

” But why? Keep!ng it a secret won’t do eith£r of us any good. We must report th¡s to th£ cops. De Conto must be hunted, likewise those moth£rf*ckers. ”

” It would be safer if we say noth!ng. We don’t know what happened that day, and we didn’t see it happen!ng. It should be that way. ” I f!nalized.

We didn’t meet as usual, we spoke less to each oth£r pretend!ng to have h£ard of th£ news newly today.

I’m beg!nn!ng to see reasons why Dad and Mr Luciano had warned me not to write an article ab©vt th£ Drug Lords.

Th£y is noth!ng safe com!ng ©vt from th£m and you’ll be as dead as a hunted fowl if th£y f!nd ©vt ab©vt that you know much ab©vt th£m.

” So, what are you gonna write ab©vt th£ story?” Ruthie asked me as we walked to wh£re I parked my car.

” I don’t know. I feel unsafe writ!ng ab©vt th£ Mafia’s. It’s like th£y’re watch!ng us all. Th£y know those pok!ng !nto th£ir bus!nesses, and th£ ignorant ones. Though it’s ©vt duty as a journalist to write ©vt facts, but I th!nk th¡s is way beyond… facts. ”

” You wanna quit? ”

” No, why would I. I mean, I didn’t say that, did I? ”

” I wanna quit. ”

” Seriously? Don’t tell me it’s because of what I said. I was only say!ng those because… ”

” No, it’s not ab©vt what you said.” $h£ !nterrupted. ” I j√$t don’t feel safe anym©r£. ”

” You know how [email protected] your fath£r and aunty worked to get you !nto th£ company, you don’t have to let th£m d©wΠ. ”

” Isn’t it better than los!ng my life? Like you said, th£ Mafia’s has eyes on us, th£ best way to stay ©vt of th£m is by stay!ng ©vt of anyth!ng that will get th£m to you. ”

” Maybe we shouldn’t j√$t write ab©vt th£m. Stories are all ab©vt facts, we can fake a fact ab©vt th£m. ”

” Like? ”

” Anyth!ng. I don’t know. ”

$h£ chuckled. ” You’re aren’t serious, I swear. ” $h£ hopped !nto th£ car, while I drove h£r home before mak!ng it to th£ Luciano’s mansion.

I stopped at a store to buy some th!ngs for d!nner tonight and tomorrow morn!ng. I had purchased th£m all, with th£ bag !n my [email protected] I left th£ store.

To my greatest surprise, I saw some group of men lean!ng on my car. Th£y were ab©vt six of th£m.

” h£y, that’s my car.” I said, walk!ng closer. ” Get off.”

” What th£ f*ck is $h£ talk!ng ab©vt?” One of th£m said and th£ oth£rs laugh£d. ” Your car, huh? Your f*ck!ng car?! ” h£ said, hitt!ng it with h¡s legs.

” I don’t want any trouble, j√$t get th£ h£ck ©vt of my car.” I said, sound!ng mean.

” Oops, little angel is angry. ” h£ mocked. ” But that shit a!n’t mean a th!ng to us. Cos tonight, you’re go!ng f*ck!ng nowh£re. ”

I took to my h£els, runn!ng as f*st as I could. I didn’t m!nd dropp!ng th£ pizzas to th£ group while runn!ng, I don’t th!nk those means a th!ng to me right now.

I ran to my capability but I couldn’t make it so f*st from th£m as th£ six of th£m ran after me. One grabb£d me by th£ [email protected]¡$t, and we both fell to th£ ground.

h£ grabb£d my both [email protected] to my [email protected]¢k, lock!ng it with h¡s strong hold. ” Let me go! Let me… Ahhh!!” Anoth£r landed a slap on my right ch£ek.

” Shut th£ f*ck up!!” h£ warned. ” Any m©r£ noise, th£n you’re dead… for darn good. Understood?! ”

I spat at h¡m. ” Go to h£ll, d*ck! ”

h£ laugh£d. ” Don’t worry, pretty, you’ll be th£ first to test h£ll. ” h£ grabb£d me by th£ hair, dragg!ng me along with h¡m.

” Ahh! ” I [email protected] !n pa!ns as it grew m©r£ pa!nful at each ₱v|| h£ gave to me. ” Ahhh!!”

” I said… shut that f*ck!ng m©vth up.” h£ said, toss!ng me to th£ [email protected]¢k seat of th£ir car.

” Someb©dy h£lp! Someone h…” h£ offered anoth£r h°tter slap on th£ oth£r ch£ek, cover!ng my m©vth with a silver tape.

” Better.” I struggled to free my [email protected] and legs from th£ rope th£y had used to tie me up. ” Bye bye, pretty.” h£ covered my nose with a [email protected], after some few seconds, I pa$$ed ©vt.


I [email protected] at th£ pa!n !n my h£ad, it hurts like h£ll. I rubb£d my eyes aga!nst th£ sun which pierced !nto my eyes.

” Wh£re th£ h£ck am I?” I muttered, still [email protected]!ng at th£ pa!ns. I can feel it all over my b©dy.

I remember last night. It all happened after I had bought my d!nner. Those men, th£y were six of th£m. I can remember.

But that’s not th£ problem, I can’t remember how I got !n h£re. Oh, I was drugged. I th!nk that’s th£ least I can remember.

Th£ door swung open and a man !n h¡s late forties walked !n with a golden cane !n h¡s [email protected] ” And what do we have h£re?” h£ squatted, tangl!ng my hair !n h¡s f!ng£rs.

I shifted my h£ad, caus!ng my hair to sl¡p off h¡s f!ng£rs. ” h£llo, beautiful.”

” You made a big mistake, do you th!nk you’re gonna go free for th¡s? ”

” Of course, Miss Bradeson. You don’t work for th£ government or th£ forces, so that’s a relief. ”

” How do you know my name? ”

” Who doesn’t know th£ famous Kelv!n Bradeson, hmm? Well, your fath£r a!n’t my bus!ness right now, you are. ”

” What do you want from me? ”

” I’ve been spy!ng on you for a very long time. And do you know what, I found ©vt that you share th£ same roof with my enemy. ”

” I don’t know what you’re talk!ng ab©vt. ”

” No, you don’t have to. I was only creat!ng some awareness, that’s all. Now, I need you to tell me every th!ng you know ab©vt Draco Luciano. ”

” I don’t know what you’re talk!ng ab©vt. ” I !nsisted.

h£ smirked, scoff!ng. ” Very smart of you, Miss Bradeson. But I’m gonna say it aga!n, what do you know ab©vt Draco Luciano? ”

” First, h£’s an a$$h0l£ and second, h£’s none of my bus!ness. Third, h£’s still none of my bus!ness. ”

” Are you ₱|@y!ng games with me? Huh? ”

” You asked a question remember, I’m only giv!ng th£ answers. Isn’t that what you wanna h£ar, hmm? ”

” Don’t worry, how you’re gonna spit th£m all ©vt is someth!ng you won’t understand even !n your grave. ”

” I hope so. ”

h£ angrily left th£ room, wh¡sper!ng someth!ng to th£ guy stand!ng by th£ door. h£ stared me a [email protected] glance, “torture h£r. ” h£ said before leav!ng.

Maybe I was dream!ng wh£n h£ had said that or… Is it actually what h£ j√$t said?

F*ck!ng kill me.


( Bounded With You )

By, Cisca. H.

Chapter 18: Th£ BAIT.


Writer ✓


” Hi, my name is A$h£r LuCra!ne. I’m from Texas, I love pa!nt!ngs and hang!ng ©vt !n beach£s.”

” Th£re you have it boys and girls, Miss A$h£r LuCra!ne. Th£ start!ng bid it $20,000!” Andrea spoke enthusiastically from th£ right side of th£ stage.

” $25,000.” A man spoke.

” $30000.” Anoth£r yelled from th£ [email protected]¢k.

” Aww, you can do m©r£ better than that. ” Andrea called as $h£ po!nted to A$h£r, who smiled wider, tilted h£r h£ad to th£ side.

” $40000.” A woman yelled, rais!ng h£r gla$$ of champagne.

” $45 thousand.” Th£ second yelled h¡s voice m©r£ louder. ”

” Wow, 45000 dollar, th£ high£st bid tonight. Go!ng one… two… three. 45 thousand dollars it is! ” Andrea said ch£erfvlly and po!nted to th£ bidder.

Th£ dance floor politely applauded A$h£r as $h£ strutted off th£ stage.

” Alright, next person. Remember, state your name, wh£re you’re from, some th!ng !nterest!ng ab©vt you.”

Natalie let ©vt an annoyed sigh as $h£ s1©wly walked up th£ stage with h£r one side of h£r ch£ek bruised. $h£ had used h£r hair to hide it from be!ng exposed.

$h£ didn’t say anyth!ng, rath£r $h£ stood still, star!ng at th£ faces pres£nt. ” Please, you can at least tell us your name, Miss.” Andrea wh¡spered.

$h£ sh°t Andrea a [email protected] glare. h£r gaze fell on th£ microscope before h£r. ” My name is none of your bus!ness, wh£re I am from is none of your bus!ness. And what !nterests me th£ most, is actually no one’s f*ck!ng bus!ness. ”

Th£ crowd fell deathly silent below h£r as $h£ smirked !n amusement.


” 50 thousand dollars!”

” 100 thousand dollars!” A thick Mexican voice called ©vt, mak!ng h£r to $h!very. $h£ knew whose voice it was, it was De Conto’s.

That can’t be f*ck!ng happen!ng right now.

” Wow, that’s th£ biggest now, Mr De Conto.” Andrea said. ” Go!ng one… go!ng two…”

” $150 thousand!” A deep voice called ©vt from th£ [email protected]¢k of th£ room. Nat let ©vt a small smile as h£r shoulders slightly relaxed.

$h£ was happy some one ©vt bid De Conto but $h£ wasn’t aware whose voice it was.

” $200 thousand.” De Conto called ©vt.

” #250 thousand.” Th£ deep voice kept ©vt bidd!ng h¡m.

” #300 thousand dollars!” De Conto called ©vt aga!n, refus!ng to be b**ten.

” $500 thousand.” Th£ cold voice yelled. De Conto h¡ssed, h£ was start!ng to get angry at h¡s loss.

” O-oh my, my high£st auction record. Anyone ©vtbidd!ng h¡m? Go!ng one… two… and sold! Th£re you go, $500 thousand it is! ” Andrea said ch£erfvlly like $h£ was klzz!ng h£aven by th£ mention of th£ name.

” Thank you, Draco Luciano for your generous donation! ” Andrea exclaimed !n th£ microphone before $h£ began clapp!ng h£r [email protected] togeth£r.

Th£ ball room erupted !n applause as th£ lights dimmed and Natalie’s attention fell immediately on th£ smirk!ng Draco Luciano.

h£ was lean!ng aga!nst th£ [email protected]¢k wall of th£ room with h¡s eyes fixed on h£r. h¡s was putt!ng on an expensive black suit, h¡s black hair perfectly done and no strand fell ©vt of place.

h£ motioned h¡s f!ng£r for h£r to come dance with h¡m.


Natalie ✓


My eyes were locked !nto h¡s grey irises as I made my way d©wΠ to h¡s direction. h¡s glares were deadly, but th£re was someth!ng ab©vt those glares I can’t compreh£nd.

Th£ space b£tweeΠ us started to close as th£ music began to ₱|@y. I wasn’t a good dancer, possibly I might make a fool ©vt of myself h£re.

h£ leaned h¡s face closer so h¡s l¡ps grazed my ear, ” What were you do!ng ©vt !n th£ dark?” h£ said softly as h¡s [email protected] went to my [email protected]¡$t.

I bit my teeth from [email protected]!ng loud. I could feel th£ sharp pa!ns of th£ torture by th£ side of my [email protected]¡$t and that was th£ exact place h£ had touch.

h£ s1©wly slide h¡s [email protected] !nto my f!ng£rs until it !nterlocked. My [email protected] traveled to h¡s [email protected]¢k, feel!ng h¡s dense muscles underneath h¡s suit.

I curled my [email protected] @r0vnd h¡s [email protected]¡$t, mov!ng it s1©w. I glided my [email protected] from one side of h¡s ch£st to h¡s def!ned abs. h£ tensed h¡s muscles, tak!ng a deep breath.

” Half a million for a dance and a date? Gett!ng desperate, Mr Luciano. ” I smirked.

h£ ₱v||ed me, so we were ch£st to ch£st. h¡s nose trailed d©wΠ my jaw, s£nd!ng $h!verys runn!ng d©wΠ my sp!ne.

I leaned !nto h¡s [email protected], caus!ng h¡m to follow. h¡s [email protected] began slid!ng d©wΠ my curves, feel!ng each side of my [email protected]¡$t.

” Don’t let it get to your h£ad. You still have an unanswered question, Mrs Bradeson. ” h£ said under h¡s breath. I twirled before h£ caught my [email protected]¡$t !n one [email protected] while th£ oth£r trailed d©wΠ my [email protected]¢k.

” Why did you do th¡s?” I asked !n serious tone as I looked up at h¡m. ” Why did you bait on me?”

Our nose was practically touch!ng as we cont!nued to glide across th£ floor. h¡s arm grazed underneath my br£@st th£n m©v£d to th£ side, ¢ar£ss!ng under my arm until h£ reach£d to my [email protected]¡$t aga!n.

I felt my [email protected] drench£d !n w€tness and I mentally cursed my b©dy for betray!ng me.

” I was only try!ng to keep a clean note with your fath£r. If not of h¡s relationship with my fath£r, I wouldn’t m!nd if th£y have you dead.”

” Oh, I see.” I said under my breath as my nose trailed on h¡s neck to h¡s jawl!ne. h£ !nhaled sharply while I smile softly.

I looked away, bury!ng my gaze to th£ ground. It would have been much better if De Conto had killed me wh£n h£ had th£ chance to.

With h¡s first f!ng£r, h£ slightly shifted my hair to th£ side, reveal!ng th£ bruise on my ch£ek. ” You were tortured, weren’t you?” h£ asked.

” Not like you ¢ar£.” h£ dropped it [email protected]¢k !n position and aga!n, it covered th£ bruise.

h¡s m!nty breath !nvaded my s£nses, h¡s pierc!ng grey eyes seems like th£y were always danc!ng with excitement. h¡s touch£d were soft and delicate. I can’t believe I was th!nk!ng of all th¡s, right now.

Million times have I hated h¡m and anyth!ng that has to do with h¡m that I never realized how … [email protected] h£ was.

But I ₱u$h£d away all those thoughts, not lett!ng it deceive me. Besides, th¡s is all a game. No one was actually !nterested !n th£ oth£r’s survival.

h£ dipped h¡s h£ad and brought h¡s l¡ps close to my ear. ” You want my advice, stay ©vt of th£ dark.” Th¡s time, I could s£nse th£ seriousness !n h¡s voice.

We both stared !nto each oth£r’s eyes, h¡s grey eyes locked !nto m!ne. h£ gave me a signature smirk as h£ dropped h¡s [email protected] d©wΠ. h¡s h£at was replaced with !nstant cold as we walked away from each oth£r.

Applause erupted th£ hall.

h£ had s£nd someone to drive me home while h£ went to whatever bus!ness h£ has to do.


I had taken th£ pa!n relief tablet before walk!ng !nto th£ bathroom for a shower.

I sat !n th£ bathtub, bury!ng my b©dy !n it, only my h£ad was ©vtside th£ water. Be!ng th¡s way h£lped eas!ng th£ pa!ns I felt.

I know Ruthie is gonna throw me a lot of questions tomorrow. I don’t even know what to tell h£r. And now I’m not with my cell phone, I can’t call h£r to expla!n it all.

I j√$t hope $h£’s gonna listen to me. And I have decided never to tell dad ab©vt today.


To Be Cont!nued…

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