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Tempting the devil episode 19

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( Bounded With You )

By, Cisca. H.

Chapter 19:


I woke up to see myself [email protected]!ng !n th£ bathtub. Thankfvlly I didn’t drown !n th£ process.

Star!ng at th£ cloud, I knew I have woken up earlier than I should. I tied my towel @r0vnd my [email protected]¡$t, brush!ng my teeth.

I spent th£ rest of my time press!ng th£ cloth£s I’d used for th£ rest of th£ days while I waited for th£ time to turn 6am.

I went d©wΠ to make myself coffee. After dr!nk!ng th£ coffee, I laid on th£ couch. I didn’t know wh£n I dozed off.

I woke up aga!n, thank goodness th£ cloud isn’t cleared yet. I went [email protected]¢k to my room, chang!ng to my work!ng dress.

I picked my car key from th£ lamb stand, trail!ng d©wΠ to th£ garage. I hoped !n, started th£ eng!ne before zoom!ng ©vt of th£ compound.




Ruthie was j√$t leav!ng Mr Thompson’s office wh£n I got to my desk. For th£ first time s!nce I know Ruthie $h£ was com!ng to work th¡s early.

Not that $h£ doesn’t come early, don’t get me wrong. I meant so early like today. $h£ was ab©vt go!ng to h£r desk, but as soon as $h£ saw me, $h£ h£aded to my direction.

” And f!nally, $h£ came to work.” $h£ said, hang!ng h£r [email protected] !n h£r [email protected]¡$t. ” You weren’t answer!ng my calls, any explanation for that? ”

” Ruthie.. it’s complicated. ”

” I don’t ¢ar£ how complicated it is that I called you ten good times but you didn’t pick any. Okay, f!ne you didn’t answer dur!ng th£ day, I understand how busy you must have been.

But you not pick!ng up dur!ng th£ night means someth!ng isn’t right. ”

” Honestly, Ruthie, I’m not even with my cellphone right now. So, I honestly didn’t know you called. ”

” What happened to your cellphone? ” $h£ asked.

” I was kidnapped th£ night I dropped you off. I was return!ng from wh£re I had bought snacks for d!nner, th£n I saw th¡s group of guys… six of ’em.

Th£y drugged me and took me to nowh£re. j√$t yesterday, th£y had me for a bait. Fortunately, someone bailed me ©vt, that’s why I’m h£re today.

Luckily th£y didn’t do anyth!ng to my car but, I don’t have a phone anym©r£. I’m plann!ng on buy!ng a new one today, but that’d be after work. ”

” Or you can j√$t purchase it onl!ne. ” $h£ suggested.

” I don’t fancy onl!ne bus!nesses. ”

” What happened to your ch£ek? ” I quickly dressed th£ hair which I had used to cover up th£ scars. ” Did th£y hurt you?”

I nodded my h£ad at h£r. ” Does it still hurt? ”

” Not like th£ one on my [email protected]¡$t. ”

” Can I take a look at it? ” I slightly rose my shirt up for h£r to see th£ scar on my [email protected]¡$t.

” Ouch! That looks pretty bad. I th!nk you should report to th£ police. ”

” I can’t. ”

” Why? ”

” You know th£ man those gunmen were look!ng for at th£ beach?”

$h£ nodded. ” De Conto? ”

” h£’s th£ man who did th¡s to me. And I doubt h£ stays @r0vnd h£re. ”

” Why do you say so? ”

” h£’s a Mexicana. It will be a lot difficult to f!nd h¡m.”

” I th!nk we’ll both have to purchase d!nner togeth£r and as soon as you drop me off, you’ll h£ad straight home. Okay?” I nod at h£r. ” I don’t want th¡s to repeat itself aga!n.”

I forced a smile on my face. ” Don’t force it ©vt, I understand.”


I had purchased both my phone and d!nner j√$t as Ruthie !nstructed before driv!ng h£r [email protected]¢k home. I didn’t stop, so I h£aded straight to th£ Luciano’s mansion.

I ma$$aged th£ new gel relief cream on my [email protected]¡$t, [email protected]!ng at th£ !nch!ng pa!ns I felt. ” F*ck!” After, I drank th£ pa!n relief tablet to ease th£ pa!n.

I couldn’t sleep as th£ pa!n burnt on my sk!n. [email protected]!ng d©wΠ was th£ biggest issue I was hav!ng th£n to talk of shutt!ng my eyes close.

I felt like tak!ng a soft dr!nk, so I left my room h£ad!ng d©wΠ to th£ fridge. From th£ staircase I could h£ar sound of punch£s and b!0ws.

I was wonder!ng who it might be that was receiv!ng th£ [email protected] hits. Surprised, I saw Draco stepp!ng from th£ b©dy of th£ victim [email protected]!ng h£lpless on th£ floor.

Someone [email protected] h¡m a white [email protected] which h£ had used to clean off th£ blood sta!ns on h¡s [email protected]

Look!ng at Charles, h£ said. ” F!nish h¡m.” h£ ordered.


Writer ✓


Charles had got th£ bullet ready, almost ab©vt to ₱v|| th£ trigger wh£n h¡s eyes met Natalie as $h£ was stand!ng mutely watch!ng th£m.

Draco noticed th£ [email protected], ” I said f*ck!ng shoot h¡m!!” h£ yelled.

h£ followed th£ direction of Charles gaze only to see Natalie stand!ng. Natalie rem©v£d h£r eyes, walk!ng to th£ kitch£n, pretend!ng like $h£ hadn’t seen a th!ng.

But it was obviously clear that $h£ did see some th!ng.

$h£ had lost th£ appetite to dr!nk soft dr!nks so $h£ dr!nk water !nstead.

” Don’t say a word ab©vt what you saw.” $h£ fl!nch£d at h¡s voice, h£ was stand!ng by th£ door.

” I don’t know what you’re talk!ng ab©vt. ” $h£ said.

” Don’t try ₱|@y!ng games with me, Miss Bradeson. I know you saw what happened, and I know you saw it all. ”

” I didn’t see anyth!ng. ”

h£ chuckled, walk!ng close to h£r. ” If you wanna stay on th£ safe side, don’t even th!nk ab©vt writ!ng an article on th¡s or I’m gonna have you dead myself. ”

Natalie felt a [email protected] hit on h£r ch£st. Did h£ j√$t threatened to kill h£r??

Th£ deepness and seriousness of h¡s voice frightened h£r as if someone was po!nt!ng a sniper 3d right on h£r foreh£ad.

” Take h¡m to th£ basement, you know what next to do.” Natalie could h£ar h¡s voice from th£ kitch£n.

” Please. Please, don’t kill me, I swear I didn’t steal your money. Believe me, I swear. ” h£ begged but h¡s pleas all went to dead ears.

Natalie shut h£r ears from h£ar!ng anyth!ng. h£ was turn!ng !nto some th!ng dangerous than j√$t a Drug Lord.


~ Th£ Next Day ~

I kept fl¡pp!ng th£ pages of my article, I can’t believe I spent th£ wh0l£ night writ!ng ab©vt noth!ng. I was read!ng through th£ story only to f!nd ©vt that it doesn’t make any s£nse at all.

I kept it aside, tak!ng a few new pages from my drawer. I started with th£ title, it’s always th£ Mafia’s aga!n.

I was grow!ng sick and tired of th£ story, and my bra!n was completely empty to write a th!ng ab©vt th£m th¡s time.

Mr Thompson always talk of me to have th£ best Mafia article, but I th!nk th¡s time, h£’s gonna have me as th£ worst.

Ruthie sat on my table, dropp!ng h£rs on my desk. ” I can’t believe I’m done with my story. What ab©vt yours?”

I po!nted at th£ blank pages [email protected]!ng on my desk. ” That’s m!ne.”

” Seriously? A wh0l£ Natalie Bradeson hasn’t written anyth!ng yet?” $h£ exclaimed, surprised.

” I have, last night. But wh£n I read it th¡s morn!ng, it doesn’t make any s£nse. I can’t give it to Mr Thompson, h£’s gonna spank on me for th¡s.” I picked th£ annoy!ng story up, dropp!ng it angrily [email protected]¢k on th£ table.

” Maybe I’ll j√$t have to give h¡m some crazy excuses and have it submitted tommorow. I th!nk that’s th£ only option now.”

” What’s go!ng on?” Ruthie asked, star!ng ©vt as everywh£re walked to th£ same direction.

I turned to look, ” Let’s go ch£ck it ©vt.” We left my desk to wh£re th£y hung th£ big television.

” De Conto has been arrested.” Ruthie said excitedly. ” F!nally, th£ police has h¡m under custody.”

But that wasn’t th£ problem |ns!de my h£ad, I was a bit happy I didn’t say a word ab©vt Draco to h¡m. If not, th£y’d have been com!ng for h¡m too.

h¡s case was someth!ng th£ president will [email protected], for h£ was one of th£ deadliest Mafia Lord !n th£ state.

One by one th£ police are hav!ng th£m all. And very soon, j√$t very soon, Draco Luciano will be next.


To Be Cont!nued…

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