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Tempting the devil episode 20 – 21

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( Bounded With You )

By, Cisca. H.

Chapter 20

Writer ✓


Draco occupied th£ entire d!nn!ng room with h¡s friends. Th£y were celebrat!ng on th£ir victory for De Conto’s arrest.

It’s almost th£ sixth time th£y had ch£ered th£ir gla$$ of wh¡skey to each oth£r, and it’s all like th£y were j√$t hav!ng a toast for th£ first time that night.

Th£y were used to drugs and dr!nk, so gett!ng drunk was th£ least th!ng ever expected to th£m.

” I can’t believe you let th£ cops have h¡m.” one of th£m said. ” How did you f!nd ©vt ab©vt h¡s hide ©vt? ”

” I’ve got spies, remember? ” h£ gulped h¡s alcohol. ” Th£ night of th£ bait, I s£nt two of my guards after h¡m. h£’s pretty smart to have made th£ wrong turn, but someone else still had an eye on h¡m. ”

” h£ isn’t smart after all. ” said anoth£r, and th£y all laugh£d. ” I was th!nk!ng h£ was way too smart like you or your fath£r but no, ” shook h¡s h£ad. ” h£’s j√$t th£ dumbest th!ng I’ve ever seen. ”

Th£ atmosph£re of th£ d!nn!ng was covered with th£ purg!ng smell of th£ alcohol with th£ smokes from th£ cigarette almost all of th£m had !n th£ir [email protected]

Draco has stopped dr!nk!ng, h£ was now smok!ng on h¡s weed.

” What ab©vt Jackson?” Asked anoth£r.

” Jackson is a forgotten property. It’s almost like four months s!nce I killed h¡m. ”

” Why didn’t anyone tell me? ”

” You never asked. ” Charles chipped !n with a chuckle.

Th£ door to th£ d!nn!ng room open, a young man !n h¡s early thirties walked !n. ” Boss.” h£ called for Draco’s attention.

” How is it? ” h£ asked, know!ng why h£ had shown up.

” Th£y’re all !n th£ warehouse.” Th£ young man answered.

” And th£ money? ”

” Th£ men are count!ng it. ”

” How much is it? ”

” We aren’t sure yet but we have ab©vt an estimate of two hundred million dollars. ”

h£ smirked victoriously.

” Oh my goodness! What did I j√$t h£ar? Two hundred f*ck!ng what?! ” Th£ first speaker said !n amazement. ” Damn, that’s th£ high£st hit so far.”

Th£y rose !n applaud, while Draco !nhaled a h*g£ amount of h¡s Cigar, puff!ng it like eternity.

After anoth£r toast, while th£y drank. Someone asked. ” h£y, Luciano, what ab©vt your pet?”

h£ rose an eyebrow at h¡m. ” What pet? ” h£ asked [email protected]¢k.

” Th£ beautiful lady your fath£r brought to th£ club five months ago.”

” $h£ isn’t my pet.” h£ said, sound!ng a bit pissed off.

” Why don’t you sell h£r to me, I th!nk $h£’ll be of a great benefits to me. ”

” Th£re’s no need trad!ng, you can have h£r if you want. ” h£ said, less concerned.

” h£y, d**k,” referr!ng to Charles, ” go call me that little angel upstairs.”

” You’re th£ one who wants h£r, maybe you should go yourself. ”

” h£y, you f*ck!ng listen to me, okay? I said, go call h£r for me. ”

” And I said, go do that yourself. ”

Th£ man ignored Charles rude attitude, h£ad!ng ©vt of th£ d!nn!ng. On reach!ng to th£ door, h£ paused, turn!ng to Draco.

” Wh£re’s h£r room?” h£ asked.

” Upstairs, by th£ right. Ch£ck for th£ door with a Barbie colour, that’s h£r room. ”

” A Barbie coloured door? ”

h£ shrugged.

Everywh£re got quiet as th£y listened to what might happen next. Draco knew th¡s won’t end up well, but h£ wasn’t !nterested !n anyth!ng.

” h£y, pretty lady, open up.” Th£y h£ard h¡s voice, th£n th£ sound of an opened door. ” h£y, an… ”

” Who th£ f*ck are you? And how th£ h£ck did you get up h£re?” Natalie stormed with©vt lett!ng h¡m f!nish h¡s statement.

” C’mon, take it easy, girl. It’s j√$t th£ two of us, okay?”

” Excuse me, did I j√$t h£ar you say th£ two of us? ”

” Yes, that’s exactly what I said. ”

” Now, I’m gonna make th¡s quick and nice with you, a$$h0l£. I want you ©vt of my room and you get you a$$ [email protected]¢k to wh£re you came from! If you’re look!ng for some naughty girl who you’re gonna f*ck with, th£n you’ve got th£ wrong girl. ”

” h£y, babe, I… ”

” You better shut th£ f*ck up or I’ll be cutt!ng off your d*ck, and shove it so far off your a$$ that it comes ©vt of your m©vth. F*ck… Off! ” $h£ banged th£ door on h¡s face, not m!nd!ng if it had hit h¡s nose.

h£ walked [email protected]¢k to th£ d!nn!ng like a disowned son, th£n with a loud laughter, th£y welcomed h¡m [email protected]¢k.

” If you’re look!ng for some naughty girl to f*ck with, th£n you’ve got th£ wrong girl. ” Charles happily repeated th£ words to h¡m.

” Now you shut th£ f*ck up, okay!” h£ said angrily as h£ went to h¡s seat.

Charles seemed to be th£ one laugh!ng th£ most at h¡m, and th¡s got h¡m angry th£ m©r£.

Draco’s l¡ps has been with th£ same smile on h¡s face, with a scoff which broader it th£ m©r£.


It was weekend, and it’s me sitt!ng my a$$ on my favourite couch, hop!ng for Ruthie to call me that $h£ was f!nally go!ng to come over.

I’ve tried h£r number several times but $h£ isn’t pick!ng. Th£re’s no one to talk to. Every th!ng ab©vt th¡s place seems bor!ng to me.

Speak!ng of bor!ng, h£’s only mak!ng it worst.

Not quiet long of th!nk!ng ab©vt Ruthie, $h£ called.

📞 h£y, Ruth, I’ve been wait!ng for ages for your call. So wa$$up today? ”

📞 I’m sorry, Nat, I won’t make it today.” $h£ said.

📞 Is th£re a problem?” I asked.

📞 Yes. And it’s my aunt. $h£ got admitted to th£ hospital th¡s morn!ng, I’m on my way to see h£r. ”

📞 Was $h£ !nvolved !n an accident?”

📞 No. $h£’s terribly sick and h£r fever is so high. Look, Nat, I wish I can come over b… ”

📞 No, don’t worry. Go take ¢ar£ of your aunt first. ”

📞 Thanks for understand!ng. I’ll make it up to you by tomorrow, I promise. ”

📞 Okay, until th£n. Have a nice day, and s£nd my greet!ngs to your aunt.”

📞 I will. Have a nice day too. Bye.”

📞 Bye. ” I hung th£ call.

Star!ng at my phone, th£ time was a m!nute past eleven. It feels like eternity to embrace tomorrow.

I wish noth!ng ever happened to h£r aunt. $h£ would have been h£re by now.

h£ walked to th£ w!ne bar, tak!ng a bottle of red w!ne with two gla$$ cups with h¡m.

” h£y,” I said as h£ was h£ad!ng [email protected]¢k to h¡s room.

h£ turned to look at me, with an angry look which told that I was actually disturb!ng h¡m. But I don’t ¢ar£ ab©vt that.

” Did you j√$t say ‘h£y? ‘” h£ asked, a bit annoyed.

” Yes, I did.”

h£ made no comment.

” Are you gonna keep act!ng like th¡s forever? Like you don’t even notice I live h£re too. ”

” So, what are you try!ng to say? ”

” We should at least get to know each oth£r m©r£ better and not pretend!ng like we haven’t met at all. ”

” So, what’s so special ab©vt you that you want me to know, huh? You’re Miss Natalie Bradeson, daughter to my fath£r’s best friend, what else? ”

” Th£y’re oth£r th!ngs we can still talk ab©vt. ”

” Like th£ fact that you’re a journalist? Tsk, I don’t deal with journalists, th£y aren’t my type. ”

” It’s not ab©vt be!ng a journalist. ” I tried to expla!n.

” Th£n it’s ab©vt be!ng what? ”

” You’ve never talked to me. ” $h£ muttered but h£ could h£ar it.

” Well, I th!nk I j√$t did now.”

” Why do you so much hate me?” $h£ asked !n a wh¡sper. ” You see me as your enemy, why? ”

h£ chuckled. ” If you were my enemy, what makes you th!nk you’ll be breath!ng by now? And talk!ng ab©vt hatred, I don’t hate you, you’re j√$t not my type. ” h£ left th£ sitt!ng room, and I hated myself for ever ask!ng h¡m that.

I should be th£ one hat!ng h¡m th£ most because of th£ k!nd of job h£ does. But it seems like h£’s th£ one who hates me th£ most.

And… I keep wonder!ng why…


( Bounded With You )

By, Cisca. H.

Chapter 21:

As I drove ruthie [email protected]¢k home, we were on th£ highway wh£n my car broke d©wΠ.

“ fv¢k!” I cursed, “ Damn it.”

I hit th£ steer!ng wh£el as I angrily opened th£ door. I opened th£ burnette, h°t smokes evaporat!ng ©vt of it.

“ What are we go!ng to do?” Ruthie asked, stepp!ng ©vt of th£ car.

“ I don’t know. Guess we have to wait for a little while.”

We sat !n th£ car for hours before th£ eng!ne could get cold.

“ What’s th£ time?” I asked Ruthie who ch£cked on h£r phone.

“ Few m!nutes to one. It’s almost like two hours we’ve been sitt!ng h£re. Ch£ck th£ car aga!n”

I went to ch£c on th£ eng!ne, it was a bit cold now. I asked ruthie to h£lp me start th£ car, it made some annoy!ng noise which took for ab©vt two m!nutes before it could f!nally start.

“ I’ll drop you home first, th£n I’ll take it to th£ ma!ntenance shop.”

“ What ab©vt you, how are you gonna go home?” $h£ asked, worried.

“ Don’t worry ab©vt me, my driver will come pick me up.”

I drove h£r [email protected]¢k home, before mak!ng a turn to th£ ma!ntenace shop. I phoned Tony, tell!ng h¡m my location.

Not ab©vt ten m!nutes, h£ showed up to th£ shop. “ What happened to your car?” h£ asked while we h£aded [email protected]¢k to th£ mansion.

“ It broke d©wΠ.”

“ What are you gonna do ab©vt tomorrow?” h£ asked.

I shrugged. “ I don’t know. I’m still th!nk!ng of borrow!ng you for tomorrow.”

“ I wish I can…”

“ Is th£re a problem?” I asked.

“ Th£ Boss will be leav!ng to th£ airport tomorrow. Or else you have to !nform ab©vt it tonight.”

“ I hope h£ accepts.” I said, almost like a wh¡sper.

Tony let ©vt a smile, I’m sure h£ knows what I am talk!ng ab©vt. I mean, who doesn’t know th£ rude Draco Luciano.

Th¡s got me th!nk!ng. Will h£ even listen to me?? Will h£ let Tony drive me to work?? I never thought ab©vt th¡s until now Tony had said it.

Later !n th£ night, I walked ©vt of my room after h£ar!ng Draco’s voice from d©wΠstairs.

Before I could get to th£ d!nn!ng room, h£ was done with h¡s phone call. And h£ wasn’t even !n th£ d!nn!ng room, h£ was !n th£ second d!nn!ng which was seperated by a tall golden door.

I took countless breath before open!ng th£ door. h£ stared at me with th£ same emotionless expression which never change each time it was me.

“ Sorry for disturb!ng. I uhm… I… My car broke d©wΠ th¡s afternoon, and it’s at th£ ma!ntenance shop right now. I was… I was wonder!ng if you’d let me borrow Tony for tommorow.”

“ I’ll see what I can do ab©vt that.” h£ said with ©vt mak!ng any argument.

No high hopes yet, still hop!ng for what tommorow will be.


Th£ next morn!ng, Tony was wait!ng for while th£ car was still warm!ng. I was so happy h£ kept to h¡s words with©vt a case !nvolved.

“ By what time should I come to pick you up?” h£ asked.

“ 3pm.” I said.

” 3pm.” h£ repeated, before zoom!ng off.

It’s Ruthie and I aga!n, !n our free time. j√$t us, gossip!ng ab©vt one staff or th£ oth£r. Be!ng less busy gets you do!ng what you don’t want to do.

“ I have th£ worst cous!n ever.” I said, sipp!ng on th£ h°t coffee Ruthie bought for me.

“ You never told me you live with your cous!n.” $h£ said.

“ You never asked.”

“ So…”

“ h£’s th£ worst cous!n ever. h£ never gives a damn ab©vt me.” I said, referr!ng to Draco. “ h£ never talked to me on a normal conversation.

h£’s always mean like we had a fight years ago. Like, I never even exist to h¡m.”

“ And you two live under th£ roof?”

“ Worst cous!ns ever.”


Writer *


$h£ stood ©vtside th£ build!ng impatiently wait!ng for Tony to show up. h£ was tak!ng longer than h£ should.

Three pm, that was th£ir deal and it’s almost past three, h£ hasn’t show up yet.

“ You need to start go!ng, I diont th!nk you can wait any longer for h¡m to show up.” $h£ said, concerned.

“ Don’t worry, I can wait.”

“ Ruthie, you have to go home. I’ll pay for your transport, don’t wory ab©vt it.”

“ I didn’t say I don’t have th£ money.”

“ As a pay [email protected]¢k for th£ coffe.”

“ F*ck me.” Th£y boarded a taxi which Ruthie entered, “ Call me wh£n you get home.”

“ I will. Bye.” $h£ waved at h£r until $h£ was ©vt of sight.

Nat had to wait for an extra ten m!nutes before tony showed up. $h£ opened th£ door, stepp!ng !n. “ What took you so…” $h£ was ab©vt to ask but th£n saw that it wasn’t Tony but… Draco.

“ Put on your seat belt.” h£ said, eyes focused on th£ steer!ng.

Th£ ride [email protected]¢k home was quiet one as none of th£m talked to each oth£r. As soon as th£y got [email protected]¢k home, h£ stepped ©vt of th£ car, Natalie sat [email protected]¢k.

“ Are you gonna keep sitt!ng !n th£re?” h£ slammed th£ door [email protected], caus!ng h£r to fl!nch.

Every action h£ took made h£r s¢ar£d. It made h£r miss home th£ m©r£. If $h£ was liv!ng !n h£r home, all th¡s wouldn’t have been happen!ng.

$h£ had j√$t f!ni$h£d tak!ng h£r bath, so $h£ went d©wΠ to th£ kitch£n to make h£rself oat.

$h£ sigh£d, lean!ng h£r [email protected] on th£ counter. Remember!ng th£ fact that $h£ still have a long months to go with h¡m…

It’s like d!nn!ng with th£ devil.

$h£ was go!ng to turn on th£ cooker wh£n $h£ saw h¡m com!ng.

With th£ expression on h¡s face, one may th!nk h£ was go!ng to kill at th£ moment.

Natalie m©v£d [email protected]¢k until h£ b©dy made contact with th£ counter, h£r [email protected] on th£ counter for support.

h¡s gaze was fixed to h£rs. And if eyes can kill, Natalie could have been long dead by now.

h£r h£art was b**t!ng [email protected] aga!nst h£r ch£st at every close step h£ made.

h£ was an !nch close to h£r, and immediately $h£ shut h£r eyes close.

h£ stretch£d to take th£ knife j√$t above h£r h£ad. Wh£n $h£ saw h£ wasn’t do!ng anyth!ng to h£r, $h£ opened it aga!n.

h£ was already few metres away from h£r, left like noth!ng happened. Of course, noth!ng did happen.

$h£ exhaled h£avily, like $h£ had j√$t escaped a fire ©vtbreak.

Th£ urge to eat th£ oat disappeared !nstantly, so, $h£ left to b£d with an empty stomach.


To Be Cont!nued…

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