Tempting The Devil

Tempting the devil episode 24 – 25

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( Bounded With You )

By, Cisca. H.

Chapter 24&25:

Natalie ✓


I was ready to go to th£ pizza store !n town wh£n Tony called me. h£ was runn!ng to my direction with someth!ng !n h¡s [email protected]

” Natalie!” I stopped with my [email protected] !n my pockets. ” You look like you’re go!ng some wh£re.” h£ said.

” Yeah, I want to buy some th!ng to eat for d!nner. ”

” Well, I brought us th¡s. ” h£ said, rais!ng th£ packaged bag to me.

” You brought us pizza?” I asked to my amazement.

” I know it’s not up to your taste but I… ”

” Come on, Tony, wh£n will you learn that I don’t ¢ar£ ab©vt all those stuffs. Though every rich girls would be like that but I’m different.

Come on, let’s get th¡s done with. ” We sat by th£ staircase, with one slice of th£ pizza !n our [email protected], we broke d©wΠ th£ pizza !n our m©vth.

” Mmm… you know my special k!nd of pizza.” I hummed at its delicious taste. ” We need some th!ng chilled to gulp it d©wΠ.” I said, stand!ng to my feet.

” I’ll go get us someth!ng to dr!nk.” I went to th£ freezer, pick!ng two gla$$ of coke, h£ad!ng [email protected]¢k ©vtside.

” h£re.” I gave Tony one while I took th£ oth£r. We are and drank to our [email protected]!$faction.

Lean!ng by th£ both edge of th£ stairs, we started an unend!ng discussion. I’d admit, I really love hav!ng a conversation with Tony.

h£ was good to talk to, unlike Draco who kept th¡s stone coded face almost all th£ time.

” So how did you get to know ab©vt Mr Luciano?” I asked.

” At first, I was a taxi driver. Until one day, h¡s car broke d©wΠ by th£ road side, h£ stopped me and asked me to take h¡m home.

I never knew who h£ was, though from h¡s appearance, one can guess h£ was pretty wealthy. I was miles away wh£n I discovered h£ had left th£ car with©vt h¡s case.

So, I had to drive [email protected]¢k to th£ mansion to give it [email protected]¢k to h¡m. I never expected anyth!ng !n return, I j√$t loved my job that’s all.

Two days later, I got a call from an unknown number which turns ©vt to be one of th£ agent of Mr Luciano. I was called to h¡s office and boom.. h£ hired me to be h¡s driver. ”

” Wow. You know, th£y always say, good works pays. You deserved it. ”

We went on with m©r£ and m©r£ conversations, ch£ck!ng on th£ time it was some m!nutes to n!ne.

We h£ard th£ sound of th£ gate open, and th£ car light which shun from th£ far distance of th£ gate to our side.

” I th!nk h£’s [email protected]¢k.” h£ said.

h£ stepped ©vt of th£ car after a brief moment th£ car had halted.

With h¡s case !n one [email protected] and th£ oth£r !n h¡s pocket, h£ walked towards our direction.

h¡s eyes m©v£d from me to Tony th£n [email protected]¢k at me, say!ng no word, h£ walked past us to th£ build!ng.

I looked at Tony who bit h¡s l¡ps from say!ng anyth!ng, but I couldn’t hold m!ne so I bursted ©vt laugh!ng, th£n h£ followed after.

” h£’s gonna torture us for th¡s, you know. ”

” h£’s do!ng shit noth!ng to us. Don’t worry ab©vt h¡m, let’s get [email protected]¢k to our discussion. ”


Writer ✓


Th£y had spent an extra hour ©vtside. $h£ yawned h£avily, stretch!ng [email protected]

$h£ was feel!ng so tired, h£r eyes feel!ng so h£avy and dizzy that $h£ wanted to get some sleep.

Th£ sitt!ng room was dark wh£n $h£ entered. $h£ search£d for th£ switch, wh£n $h£ found it, $h£ turned it on.

For th£ second time, $h£ was walk!ng !n to see h¡m sitt!ng on th£ three sized chair. And $h£ keeps wonder!ng what was so special ab©vt th£ dark.

$h£ walked past h¡m, but was halted by th£ sound of h¡s voice. ” I need your h£lp.”

Natalie didn’t want to believe th£ fact that h£ had said a word to h£r and of all, h£ was actually ask!ng for h£r h£lp.

” What h£lp?” $h£ turned to h¡m.

” Th£re’s a club at th£ complex d©wΠtown, I need your h£lp with some stuffs which are very important to me. ” h£ said.

” What stuffs? ” $h£ asked, fuss!ng h£r [email protected] !n h£r [email protected]¢k pocket.

” It doesn’t matter what it is, what matters is gett!ng !n and ©vt of that build!ng. ”

” Excuse me, if I tried digg!ng !nto your bus!ness but I’m sorry I can’t let you borrow me for some bus!ness I can’t know ab©vt. If you don’t wanna talk, th£n you better let me go to my room… !n peace. ”

$h£ turned to leave, ” Wait. ” h£ stopped h£r on h£e track. ” F!ne. h¡s name is Gennaro Lutor, h£’s th£ owner of th£ complex hall.

I need to get !n th£re and take [email protected]¢k what belongs to me and th£ only way to do that is create a distraction. ”

” You want me to distract th£ so-called Gennaro Lutor j√$t to get !n?”

” Yes.”

” What’s so precious ab©vt th¡s stuff of yours h£ has? ”

” It’s a treasure worth 3.5 million USD. h£’s gonna trade on it tomorrow night and I need to have it [email protected]¢k before th£ auction. ”

” So? ”

” So, all you have to do is to get me h¡s cell phone. ” $h£ rose an eye at h¡m. ” It conta!ns th£ code to th£ chamber th£ treasures are kept and it conta!ns a detector.

So if we have it, h£ won’t know wh£n we go !n and ©vt of th£ chamber. Are you !n or not? ”

” I’ll try. ” h£ rose h¡s eyebrow, ” I’m not so good at distraction so don’t get high hopes yet. But f!ne, I’ll h£lp you get th£ treasure. j√$t give me a m!nute to change. ”

h£ was dressed up, impatiently wait!ng for Natalie to show up. h£ was on a conversation wh£n $h£ f!nally appeared.

$h£ wasn’t putt!ng on a hat th¡s time, j√$t dressed on h£r black sleeveless gown with a V shaped neck, expos!ng some parts of h£r milky br£@sts.

h£r brown long hair rested d©wΠ to h£r shoulders, h£r long la$h£s flapped each second $h£ bl!nked. h£r red l¡pstick dark as blood,

h£r f!ng£rs are as lotus flower. Butts fvll, [email protected]¡$t narrow and th£ b©dy hugged gown had only made it all worst.

” Okay.” h£ ended th£ call. Feel!ng impatient at Natalie’s [email protected], h£ turned only to f!nd th£ elegant figure star!ng at h¡m. Th£ glance of h£r eyes is gorgeous.

h¡s gaze journeyed from h£ad to toe, as if h£ was see!ng h£r for th£ first time. Natalie felt uncomfortable under h¡s gaze, look!ng away.

” Let’s get go!ng.” h£ said and th£y trailed ©vt of th£ mansion to th£ car, zoom!ng ©vt of th£ compound.



Th£y got d©wΠ from th£ car, th¡s was th£ biggest club $h£ has ever seen. h£ waited until $h£ got to wh£re h£ stood.

Curv!ng h¡s arm, $h£ h£sitated to take hold of it. Th£y trailed !n to th£ build!ng.

Stand!ng at a corner, Draco’s eyes search£d @r0vnd for Gennaro. ” Th£re h£ is.” h£ said, giv!ng h£r an eye sign to h¡s direction.

” Remember what I told you, you distract h¡m for h¡s cell phone. It’s right at h¡s right pocket, you know what you have to do. Meet me at th£ second floor, but try to keep your h£ad safe from th£ cameras. Th£y’re everywh£re. ”

$h£ !nhaled, exhal!ng h£avily.

$h£ walked pa$$ed Gennaro who was busy with h¡s group of friends. $h£ sat by th£ bar jo!nt, h£r eyes glar!ng at h¡m.

Wh£n th£ir eyes f!nally made eye contact, $h£ took it off pretend!ng to be request!ng for a dr!nk. ” I need a gla$$, please.” $h£ said.

” Make it two.” Said a voice from beh!nd. ” Don’t worry ab©vt th£ payment, I’ll [email protected] it.” h£ w!nked at h£r.

” Do you have a company?” h£ asked after a sip.

” No. I came alone.”

” Well, I’m gonna keep you company for tonight.” Natalie tried not to look so surprised.

$h£ turned to look at h¡m, fak!ng a smile on h£r face. Wh£n th£ waiter served th£m, $h£ adj√$ted h£rself that th£y were face to face.

Natalie’s eyes had already sighted th£ phone !n h¡s pocket.

$h£ was s¢ar£d not to make a mistake or Draco will possibly have h£r dead.

” Would you m!nd for a dance?” h£ asked,

” Sure.” $h£ didn’t h£sitate.

All h£ was say!ng ended up !n deaf eyes. Natalie’s attention was at th£ phone.

$h£ was th!nk!ng on how to go with sneak!ng h£r [email protected] !nto h¡s pocket and tak!ng it off like $h£ did noth!ng.

$h£ wasn’t good at th£ crim!nal tactics, and Draco might be wait!ng for h£r to show up.

$h£ sighted a waitress walk!ng towards th£ir direction, $h£ turned !n a way th£ dr!nk will spill on h£r.

$h£ purposely stretch£d h£r leg to th£ waitress caus!ng h£r to [email protected]|| but luckily, it didn’t spill on h£r aga!n.

” Oh, I am so sorry.” $h£ pretended, h£lp!ng h£r get to h£r feet.

Th£ waitress left and th£y cont!nued danc!ng. Th£ dance was becom!ng bor!ng and $h£ was tired of it already.

h£ ₱v||ed h£r to h¡s ch£st, graz!ng h¡s l¡ps on h£r ear. $h£ sneaked h£r [email protected] to th£ [email protected]¢k of h¡s pocket, s1©wly but gently tak!ng h¡s phone ©vt.

$h£ sigh£d h£avily at h£r victory. Wh£n h£ was now star!ng at h£r, $h£ faked a gr!n. ” My ₱1ea$vre.”

” Mr Lutor.” Someone called.

Th£y stopped danc!ng, turn!ng to who had called. ” What is it?” h£ asked th£ person.

” You’ve got a visitor. ” h£ !nformed.

Turns to h£r, ” I’m sorry th¡s have to come up. See you @r0vnd. ”

” Of course. ”

$h£ waited for h¡m to go before $h£ diverted h£r way to th£ second floor us!ng th£ elevator.

Wh£n $h£ got th£re, h£r eyes were up !n order to avoid th£ cameras.

Th£re were rooms everywh£re that $h£ couldn’t tell wh£re Draco could be.

$h£ felt a [email protected] hold h£r, dragg!ng h£r to a corner. $h£ almost s¢r**m!ng but th£ [email protected] was too quick to cover h£r m©vth.

$h£ calmed d©wΠ wh£n $h£ discovered it was Draco. ” You were followed.” h£ said.

” What?” $h£ yelled !n a wh¡sper.

” Did you…” $h£ didn’t let h¡m f!nish h¡s statement, $h£ stretch£d th£ phone at h¡m.

” Th¡s is it, right?”

h£ was surprised $h£ was able to get it from h¡m with©vt gett!ng caught.

h£ didn’t let th£ thoughts trouble h¡m, so h£ went ah£ad hack!ng Gennaro’s cellphone to get th£ code.

Natalie was desperate to see what it is that was !n th£re. Wh£n th£ door f!nally opened after a h£ll of two m!nutes, th£y entered th£ room.


To Be Cont!nued…

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